The Hero Code Book Summary By William H. McRaven

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Admiral McRaven's The Hero Code is the must-read book of 2021.

It provides a four-star Admiral's guide to modern-day heroism, drawing from both his experiences in the field and civilian life.

This powerful book interweaves stirring life advice with gripping and dramatic anecdotes from the Admiral's unique perspective, making it an invaluable companion for anyone looking for genuine guidance on how to become a true hero.

The Hero Code Book

Book Name: The Hero Code (Lessons Learned from Lives Well Lived)

Author(s): William H. McRaven

Rating: 3.9/5

Reading Time: 19 Minutes

Categories: Motivation & Inspiration

Author Bio

William H.

McRaven is an impressive individual.

He is a four-star admiral that served in the United States Navy and also commanded all US Special Operations Forces.

An accomplished author, McRaven has been recognized for his two popular books: Make Your Bed and Sea Stories.

His latest piece of work, The Hero Code, is the perfect example of his talent and experience.

How To Become A Hero: Drawing Inspiration From Real Life And Military Tales

Drawing Inspiration

We all want to be heroes when we’re young, and many of us set out with ambition to make a difference in the world.

But, as we grow older it can be easy to lose touch with that ambition.

That’s where Admiral McRaven comes in.

In his book The Hero Code he combines his first-hand military experiences with inspiring accounts from civilian life to demonstrate the key virtues needed for anyone to become a hero.

Throughout the sections you’ll discover why integrity is important, how Afghanistan was changed by female soldiers and learn about how a failed rescue mission turned into a success story.

Most importantly however, you’ll learn how to live like a hero!

By applying the characteristic traits described in The Hero Code, anyone can tap into their heroic potential and strive towards making positive changes in their own lives and in society.

It Takes Courage To Face Life’S Challenges: A Salute To The Bravery Of Lieutenant Ashley White

Admiral William H.

McRaven’s The Hero Code implores us to be brave, pointing to Lieutenant Ashley White as a prime example of courage in the face of danger.

She was part of a team of female Cultural Support Teams in Afghanistan, tasked with gathering crucial intelligence from Afghan women who were often wary of relaying information to male soldiers – an act that required immense bravery in a live combat situation.

Though her life was tragically cut short, LT White left behind a shining example for all who strive to find bravery inside themselves.

Whether you’re facing internal struggles or standing up for what you believe is right, Admiral McRaven reminds us that the bravest thing we can do is take the first step forward – and that’s the most difficult part.

So be courageous and take those steps; don’t let your fears hold you back.

Honoring The Heroism Of Ralph H. Johnson: The Valor Of Sacrificing For Others

The Hero Code, taught to us by Private First Class Ralph H.

Johnson and his astounding sacrifice on Hill 146, reminds us that heroes make sacrifices for others.

In 1968, Johnson faced a barrage of grenades, rockets, and explosives during a Vietcong attack.

Knowing that his only chance of surviving the attack was to throw himself onto a grenade before it could harm his fellow Marines, he voluntarily did so with no regard for his own safety.

His selfless act of courage took away the full force of the blast and shielded the other members of his unit from its effects; as a result, he was posthumously awarded the Medal of Honor for his bravery.

More significantly though, Johnson’s actions served as an example – not just of heroism – but of social equality.

His willingness to put aside racial prejudices to save all those around him set him up as an icon in American culture who showed us all that regardless of color or class we can still put our differences aside to act heroically when needed without fear or judgement.

Private First Class Ralph H.

Johnson is remembered not just through awards and memorials but also through what we choose to do every day – through small acts of kindness and compassion, we embody Johnson’s heroic legacy by sacrificing ourselves in order to help those around us.

The Truth Of Integrity: Why Heroes Choose The Difficult Path

Truth Of Integrity

The Hero Code, by John Grogan, highlights a key lesson that all heroes must learn: always act with integrity.

This is the message the book conveys through the story of Navy SEAL Captain Ted Grabowsky.

During a budget presentation to Vice Admiral Joe Metcalf, he presented the truth without backing down on his numbers – but then did something unexpected.

When asked if he really needed all that money, Grabowsky responded “We can take some cuts” – and by doing so, showed true integrity.

Grabowsky’s response goes against what is usually done in these situations at the Pentagon – which is to fight for every penny and act like you need it all.

Yet Grabowsky acted differently because of his golden rule: never misrepresent the truth or lie.

By doing this, he was able to gain trust and respect from his superior, proving himself as a credible source for future funds and projects.

Serving as an example for all heroic individuals out there, this story in The Hero Code shows us that integrity isn’t just about doing the right thing.

It’s also about facing challenges head-on and showing courage when times are tough – every hero should be willing to tell the truth even when it’s difficult or unpopular!

The Heroism Of Perseverance: The Story Of Jim Allison’S Cancer Research

The story of James Patrick Allison and his quest to find a cure for cancer serves as an example of the power of perseverance.

At 11 years old, he had already lost his mother and two uncles to the same disease, but instead of wallowing in his grief, he chose to find a solution.

Even though he had no medical experience or training – and at times, little support – Allison still forged ahead because he believed in the potential of the research that he had done into T-cells.

After many years of hard work researching and developing a drug, he finally achieved success – an incredible feat all made possible through his sheer determination to never give up, even when faced with failure.

Heroism doesn’t just lie in extraordinary abilities; it lies in refusing to give up when faced with an obstacle.

This is certainly true for Dr.

Allison – if it weren’t for his sheer belief in himself and his work, the world may never have known of this incredible breakthrough in cancer treatments that has saved countless lives since 2011.

So remember: Heroes don’t give up – they persevere.

Heroes Always Choose Duty Over Comfort: The Story Of John Mccain

Senator John McCain proved the truth of the Hero Code: heroes always fulfill their duties, even when those duties require them to sacrifice personal needs and desires.

Even when offered his freedom after being taken captive in Vietnam, McCain knew he could not accept parole or special favors from the enemy- this was in direct violation of Article III of the military Code of Conduct.

McCain was willing to put everything on the line for his country.

It was through his resilience and fortitude that he never wavered in fulfilling his civic duty.

He yet again showed what it means to be a hero by staying true to his oaths despite difficult circumstances.

By taking advantage of no special favors as a POW and refusing to break his vows, he set an example for leaders around the world which reminds us once more- heroes always fulfill their duties!

You Don’T Have To Do Something Heroic To Inspire Hope In Others


The team of Green Berets that attempted to rescue 60 prisoners of war had, during their time in Vietnam, seen countless people suffer and lose all hope.

And they knew that they wanted to do something to help those people keep going.

So when they launched a daring raid to try and liberate the prisoners, the key message became: it’s heroic to give others hope.

The mission ultimately failed, with the prisoners having moved before the team arrived at Son Tay camp.

But even though it was too late for them, this raid still gave them something very important: hope that someone was out there doing what could be done for them, even if a success seemed seemingly impossible.

It showed these POWs that from such great distances and violence, their dedication devoted soldiers were still willing to risk their lives for them – and in a way, this was enough for many of these men just to keep going through those tough years.

Hope is an amazing thing; it might not bring about any tangible change today but ultimately promises a better tomorrow – and that relief can be powerful enough in itself sometimes.

Being able to look forward towards what could never be realised at this point provides courage and strength far beyond what anyone could imagine!

We are all unique heroes in our own ways; thus while not everyone can have the same physical efforts as the brave Green Berets did back then – play within your strengths and always aspire to instil some hope wherever you can!

Wrap Up

The Hero Code by Chris Lowney is a book that offers readers insight on how to become heroes in their everyday lives.

Through practicing key values such as courage, integrity, and perseverance, we are able to come closer to being heroic.

Additionally, Lowney discusses the power of humor as an effective tool in becoming a hero and offers the example of Abraham Lincoln and his use of humor throughout his presidency.

In summary, The Hero Code encourages us to practice certain values and take risks so that we can unlock the hero within us all.

It highlights the importance of humor in committing good deeds and reminds us of our responsibility to be role models for others.

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