The Happiness Of Pursuit Book Summary By Chris Guillebeau

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In The Happiness of Pursuit, author Chris Guillebeau shares the inspiring stories of people who have embarked on their own personal journey of pursuit.

Readers learn how embarking on a quest to fill your life with purpose can be deeply rewarding and life-affirming.

Throughout the pages, they'll come across fascinating case studies that involve people from all walks of life – a young environmentalist living in a Tasmanian tree, an Oklahoma woman cooking a meal from every country in the world, and many more!

You'll learn to question what you thought was important and find true joy through your pursuits.

This book is sure to captivate your imagination and leave you inspired to take on your own quests in life.

The Happiness Of Pursuit Book

Book Name: The Happiness of Pursuit (Find the Quest that Will Bring Purpose to Your Life)

Author(s): Chris Guillebeau

Rating: 4.6/5

Reading Time: 18 Minutes

Categories: Health & Nutrition

Author Bio

The Happiness of Pursuit is an inspirational book by Chris Guillebeau, a traveler, entrepreneur and New York Times-bestselling author.

His personal story is just as compelling as the writing within his book – he visited every country in the world before he even turned 35!

Chris has a unique perspective on life and understands the importance of setting and achieving goals.

He believes that pursuing a goal can provide genuine happiness, creativity and contentment, which is something that's explored heavily in The Happiness of Pursuit.

For those looking for motivation to pursue their own goals or dreams, this book is an ideal read!

The Happiness Of Pursuit: Finding And Achieving Your Life’s True Calling

True Calling

The Happiness of Pursuit by Chris Guillebeau is a book that speaks to the timeless human instinct of self-discovery.

In today’s world, it is becoming ever more important for people to make their own decisions and follow their dreams in order to achieve true happiness.

The author encourages readers to discover what brings them true passion and joy, and follow that dream no matter where it may lead them.

Through this book, you will learn how someone spent 100 days seeking out rejection in order to challenge themselves and unlock untapped potential; why cooking meals from around the world could be better for discovery than just visiting a single country; and what resources might be needed in order to travel around the entire globe.

All these stories will encourage you to find your true passion and pursue it with confidence.

The Life-Affirming Power Of Going On A Quest

Many people are driven by an inner desire to go on a life-affirming journey – a quest that will lead them towards the fulfillment of their dreams.

Whether it’s traveling around the world, documenting your journey on Route 66, or sailing around the world as Laura Dekker did – when this inner impulse arises, it’s often hard to ignore.

It can be a response to external factors, such as being laid off from your job like Sandi Wheaton, or a craving for self-discovery and affirmation like Dekker had.

It can even be used as a way to take a stand, like Miranda Gibson who lived in a tree for more than year to protest illegal logging.

Whatever its origin is, quests help individuals push their boundaries and reach beyond what they thought possible.

A Triggering Event Can Bring An Inner Calling To Action And Inspire A Life Quest

As Bob Dylan so famously said in a Rolling Stone interview, everyone has an inner calling – something that motivates them and leads them on their own personal quest.

And while this call can come from anything – it could be fishing for tuna like Jiro Ono or admiring vintage trains – sometimes we need an outside factor to get the adventure going.

The author explains this with a simple equation: dissatisfaction + big idea + willingness to take action new adventure.

Take Juno Kim for example.

Even though she had a steady job, she was unhappy and felt that something was missing from her life.

She harnessed her dissatisfaction, thought of the big idea of leaving everything behind and traveling around the world, and took the plunge.

Now she’s an advocate for Asian female travelers!

Other times, quests are motivated by an awareness of mortality.

Once you start thinking about death and your time left on Earth, you live each day as if it were your last.

This is exactly what happened when bird enthusiast Phoebe Snetsinger was diagnosed with melanoma and told she only had 12 months left – rather than retreating into fear or sadness, she organized trips all over the world in order to fulfill her lifelong ambition of bird watching and eventually ended up with a world record!

Ultimately, outside factors play a huge role in activating our inner calling – our own personal quest – enabling us to take steps towards living our best lives.

Believe In Yourself And Look For Ways To Stay Motivated When Pursuing Your Quest

Believe In Yourself

Maximizing your success on a complex quest begins with believing in yourself.

Gary Thorpe, for example, was determined to produce the longest symphony ever written – Havergal Brian’s Gothic Symphony – which few people saw value in.

But through his strong sense of self-confidence and will to never give up, he eventually found success in organizing the concert.

And it was a hit, with one review calling it ‘a triumph beyond all expectations.’

Another way to keep yourself motivated is by dividing your quest into smaller tasks, achievable goals that can lead you towards achieving something truly remarkable.

Steve Kamb chose to do this when he wanted to completely change his life; incorporating a video game called ‘His Epic Quest of Awesome’ into his routine enabled him to take manageable steps towards accomplishing difficult tasks like piloting a stunt plane and learning Portuguese.

Rejection can also be used as an empowering motivator; Jia Jiang demonstrated this by spending 100 days seeking rejection and facing each challenge head-on.

By accepting failure as a possibility instead of fearing it, he was able to attempt incredible feats and come out stronger as a result.

It’s evident that if you believe in yourself and embrace rejection, you’ll stay motivated throughout your journey and complete any quest successfully!

Don’T Let Money Or Time Hold You Back From Achieving Your Quest

No matter who you are or what your budget of time and money is, you can go on a quest to pursue your passions.

That is one of the main teachings of The Happiness of Pursuit by Chris Guillebeau.

No matter what your circumstances are, there’s a quest for you!

Take Sasha Martin from Oklahoma as an example.

She didn’t have the means to travel the world, but she was still able to bring the world to her dinner table by embarking on a mission to cook dishes from every country in the world.

It just goes to show that no quest is too big or too expensive if you’re willing to adjust your life and set achievable goals.

For some people, simply adjusting their lives becomes their own personal journey!

Take Allan Bacon, who made it his mission to improve his life with small experiments like spending his lunch hour visiting a museum or enrolling in a photography class.

The author himself learned this when he realized that although his dream quest, visiting all 197 countries in the world, would be impossible expensive and time consuming, breaking down these costs into small components could actually make it an achievable goal that only took five to seven years and around $30,000!

So remember: whatever your passions or personal circumstances may be, no quest is too big or too expensive for you!

The Joy Of The Quest: Finding Pleasure In The Journey As Well As The Destination

The reward of pursuing something you love is incomparable.

Stephen Kellogg knew this when he grew up listening to Bon Jovi and playing air guitar in his room.

He wanted to become a real musician, and although things were tough, he was glad to be on his way to achieving it.

This feeling was echoed by Jerry Seinfeld whose stand-up routines have earned him millions.

However, he hasn’t stopped there – he knows that for something to remain your passion you can’t stop working at the craft which requires practice everyday – even if that means performing in small venues.

Pursuing something you’re truly passionate about provides an incredible feeling of accomplishment during the journey and not just at the end of it.

After all, a quest where you care deeply about what you do and strive to continually refine it gives you immense satisfaction that eclipses any material reward or fame associated with the completed mission.

A Quest Can Give Your Life A Sense Of Purpose And Fuel Self-Discovery, Even If You Fail


Do you feel like your life is lacking purpose? If so, the best thing you can do is to find yourself a quest.

A personal journey that contributes to something bigger than just yourself can often give your life a much needed sense of fulfillment and direction.

This was exactly what Stephanie Zito experienced when she started her own project called #Give10.

She committed to donating $10 a day to causes of her choosing, as well as an extra $600 three times a year recommended by other people.

Her quest was not only about giving, but also about discovering inspiring stories, such as Liter of Light or the project initiated by the five-year-old boy mentioned earlier.

Failure is yet another part of embarking on a quest: It provides us with information about ourselves and will act as an indicator whether we’re going in the right direction or not.

Mark Boyle had been walking to India until he lost motivation due to language problems on the French coast and came back disappointingly empty handed.

After some soul searching, he realized his true quest lay elsewhere: To live a life without money.

He then spent an entire year bartering and working for sustenance, which allowed him ultimately to lead others down that same path through his annual Freeconomy Festival.

If your life lacks purpose, finding yourself a fulfilling and meaningful quest might be the way forward!

Embarking On A Quest Can Transform Us And Empower Us To Enter The World With Confidence

Quests can be life-changing for those who go on them.

Just look at the transformation Nate Damm underwent after walking across the US: before his quest, he used to be shy and timid in social situations, but by having to regularly knock on strangers’ doors to ask permission to sleep on their properties, he built up a level of self-confidence that stayed with him afterwards.

Not only will quests make you feel more empowered and confident in yourself, they will also transform your perspective and open up new possibilities.

For example, when author Chris Guillebeau completed his quest to visit all the countries in the world, he came out of it feeling invincible – there was nothing he thought he couldn’t do!

Similarly, Sasha Martin went on her culinary adventure with the simple goal of cooking meals from all around the world.

However, it eventually grew into something much larger than that – she started sharing her knowledge with others and spreading a message of peace via her blog.

Quests are not just about improving ourselves – they provide us with an opportunity to make a positive change in the wider world too.

They can help us become better people while making everyone else’s lives a little brighter too.

After Finishing A Quest, It’s Important To Reflect And Then Find Another To Avoid Empty Feelings

Empty Feelings

Once you’ve completed a quest, finding another is the best way to restore a sense of purpose in your life.

This was the experience of Scott Young, who had dedicated one year to learning the four-year MIT computer science curriculum.

After he finished his quest, he found a new goal when he decided to learn Spanish from scratch while living in Spain for one year.

Likewise, Alicia Ostarello also struggled with feelings of drift and emptiness at the end of her quest to go on 50 dates – one in every US state.

She wanted to find something meaningful to do next that would keep up the momentum she’d gained during her quest.

Instead of taking time off, she chose to go back into the world of work and found a great job…

but it wasn’t quite right.

It took some time before she caught onto what she’d learned during her travel: that only by beginning another quest could she get back into feeling excited about life!

So don’t let yourself slip into an aimless existence after completing a quest; take it from Scott and Alicia – give yourself some time for reflection, then embark on another journey full of excitement and new purpose!

Wrap Up

The Happiness of Pursuit by Chris Guillebeau is an inspiring book that encourages readers to find purpose and joy in pursuit of a quest.

As it explains, a life without direction and purpose can be unsatisfactory, leading people to feel bored, frustrated and even depressed.

But when you get caught up in the pursuit of something meaningful, something transformational happens – Suddenly you are eager to learn new skills, accumulate experiences and see new things.

So if you’re feeling uninspired or unmotivated in your life right now, this book will give you the push you need to take action!

The final summary offered by The Happiness of Pursuit is simple – make small changes that lead to big results.

Get rid of your TV, speak to strangers more, spend an hour at a museum instead of sitting idle on the sofa – these seemingly little adjustments in life might help kickstart an epic adventure that could provide an abundance of reward and fulfilment for years to come.

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