The Greatest Secret Book Summary By Rhonda Byrne

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The Greatest Secret (2020) is a book that gives readers insight into the true nature of their being.

It's a sequel to the bestselling self-help classic, The Secret - which spread like wildfire, showing millions of people how they can use the laws of attraction to better their lives.

This extension dives even deeper and reveals an even greater secret: who we really are and how understanding this can bring us real, lasting happiness.

It is truly a remarkable book that has been transforming the lives of so many worldwide.

The Greatest Secret Book

Book Name: The Greatest Secret (Revelations and practices to end suffering and discover lasting happiness)

Author(s): Rhonda Byrne

Rating: 4.4/5

Reading Time: 23 Minutes

Categories: Mindfulness & Happiness

Author Bio

Rhonda Byrne is the author behind the wildly successful book and documentary film known as The Secret.

Time Magazine placed her among its list of the world's most influential people, and Mind Body Spirit Magazine named her as one of their 100 most spiritually influential people.

Byrne has had several other books published in addition to The Secret, including The Power, The Magic, and Hero.

She has made it her mission to help others unlock their true potential and uncover their own inner wisdom through the power of positive thinking and the law of attraction.

Discover The Secret To Lasting Happiness: Erase Negativity And Unlock Your True Self

Lasting Happiness

Have you ever wondered why, no matter how hard you try, it can be so difficult to find inner peace and joy? It’s actually because of a well-kept secret that has been hiding in plain sight for eons.

This secret is known by many prophets, sages, and religious leaders, but their wisdom has been drowned out by the chaos of the modern world.

That is until now.

With The Greatest Secret book summary, you can finally explore this ultimate truth and gain the knowledge to live life free from all negative emotions.

Through this layman’s guide to spirituality by author Patañjali Lanka, you’ll learn about your true self – separate from both body and mind – as well as how to erase any negative feelings once and for all!

So if you’re ready to discover how to unlock everlasting peace and joy within yourself, then dive into The Greatest Secret today!

The Real You Is Much More Than Who We Think: Discover The Secret Of True Identity

Have you ever stopped to ask yourself, who am I? It’s easy to assume that your identity is a combination of your name, age, ethnicity, profession and memories.

However, the truth is that this is merely an illusion.

Your true self does not lay in these details, but rather something much greater.

The Greatest Secret by Nes Varda reveals that real ‘you’ isnot a person.

Think of your body like a car–a way for you to move around from place to place.

While thoughts may be churning in and referring themselves as “I”, they do not belong to ‘you’ and will come and go freely with time.

Likewise, personality traits also change constantly over time and cannot constitute your entire being either.

So then what or who are you? That is the greatest secret which the book endeavours to reveal.

Knowing who you really are can provide the answer to living a life of complete happiness without any pain or suffering whatsoever.

The Real You Is Awareness: Discovering The Power Of Your True Nature

The real you – the one inside of you that remains unchanged and ever-present – is Awareness itself.

In other words, the real you is not your body, mind, name, or life story.

It’s the one experiencing all these things – it’s Awareness.

To understand this better let us look at it through a thought experiment: take away all of your possessions, thoughts and beliefs.

When you’re done what remains? Only Awareness.

It’s amazing to realize that we all are made up of this exact same thing, Awareness.

With each person only being a localized funnel for it; we are unable to experience the entirety of Awareness at once but still have access to its mighty power if we choose too.

Furthermore, this pure and infinite form is immortal; existing before our thoughts and bodies ever did.

Living with the knowledge and understanding that we are indeed made up of something much larger than ourselves can help us tap into its immense power allowing us to no longer feel suffering but instead pure bliss and contentment!

Stay As Awareness With The Three-Step Practice: Ask, Notice, And Stay


If you’re looking to cultivate an awareness of yourself and your surroundings, the three-step Awareness Practice is something you should definitely try.

The first step is to simply ask yourself, “Am I aware?” But don’t think too hard—simply feel the presence of Awareness when you ask the question.

Don’t attempt to find an answer using your mind or try to hold onto Awareness forcefully.

Instead, enjoy any peacefulness or relief that comes with it and allow it to just be.

Once your mind starts to naturally quiet down, move on to the second step: noticing Awareness.

Get into the habit of focusing on the feeling of Awareness throughout each day as often as possible; this should help deepen your peace and relaxation.

Finally, work on staying as Awareness through training your attention in a specific way.

Imagining a camera zoom lens can be helpful here—focus up close on a particular thing so that all attention is taken up by it (basically like taking a close-up picture), then zoom out very wide so that nothing is given particular focus (as if taking in a wide landscape).

Doing this gives a sense of immediate relief since there’s less energy being expended while still remaining conscious and aware.

With practice, consciously choosing to stay as Awareness will help make difficult tasks easier, calming your nerves and allowing you to handle negative emotions better than ever before since no external source can affect Awareness itself.

Jumpstart this practice right away and take control over your own mental wellbeing!

Stop The Negative Thought-Feeling Cycle And Unlock Your Inner Power With Awareness

In life, our thoughts and feelings can sometimes be very negative.

All too often, we let our negative thoughts control us, causing us to become blind to reality.

Our minds accept everything that it sees, and this material gets stored in the subconscious.

The thoughts which are created from these experiences then become beliefs, which unfortunately may not always be accurate.

We often have trouble identifying these hidden negative feelings – the ones we’ve been suppressing ever since childhood- that can have an impact on our lives and health.

As a result of this misplaced negativity, we tend to draw more negativity towards us.

We create a vicious cycle of limiting thoughts about ourselves such as not having enough money or believing that others don’t approve of us.

Negative feelings and activities can cause difficulties in several areas of life including relationships, health and even career success.

But by understanding how to overcome any existing negativity once and for all with the power of awareness, anyone can improve their situation so they can get rid of their limitations and truly enjoy life!

How To Transform Negative Feelings And Thoughts Into Positivity

The Greatest Secret book states that positive feelings are effortless, while negative feelings require a lot of energy to maintain.

To make sure that the energy you have is used positively, it’s important to be aware of your negative feelings and not identify yourself with the thoughts that produce them.

When you experience a negative feeling, be mindful of it.

Don’t resist but accept it and let it flow through you.

In many cases, this will cause the feeling to drop away and disappear.

You can also use the technique of welcoming which means opening your attention to your negative emotions.

By doing this, along with allowing yourself to detach from your negative thoughts, you can begin manifesting more positivity in your life rather than wasting energy on negativity.

Use Awareness To Overcome Limiting And Disempowering Beliefs


Ridding yourself of false and limiting beliefs starts with Awareness.

By becoming aware of the thoughts you have, and the reactions that follow them, it’s easier to identify which of your beliefs are beliefs and not facts.

Start by giving your subconscious mind an instruction: “Show me all of my beliefs, one by one.” Be on the lookout for any statement beginning with “I think” “I don’t think” “I believe” or “I don’t believe” as these usually indicate a belief rather than an observed fact.

Once you become aware of these beliefs, they will start to lose their power over you.

They merely become stories you’ve told yourself and once accepted, those stories will start to dissolve–along with the limiting thoughts attached to them that come from your subconscious mind.

As you continue to use your Awareness to dissolve these beliefs, it’s common to begin feeling lighter and less burdened by them.

It becomes easier to achieve whatever it is that you want because there are no longer limits in place created by false or negative thinking!

Discovering The Infinite Power And Illusive Nature Of Consciousness

The world is constantly changing and evolving, but beneath the surface of what we experience daily lies an illusion that keeps us unaware of our true power.

This illusion has been created by our own minds, creating a boundary between ourselves and reality.

In truth, everything around us that exists in definite, concrete forms isn’t actually the reality it appears to be.

Science tells us that what we hear are just vibrations content converted into sound by our brains, while quantum physics believes that when we leave the room or area what is inside returns to a wave of probability.

This means that if you look up at night and see the seemingly endless stars it’s just because light particles have hit your retinas and your brain has interpreted them as there being something outside of you.

Really you are observing something within yourself – effectively meaning everyone is made up of the same infinite Consciousness from which universe itself was created from.

The key message here is: Everything we perceive is an illusion created by our own minds.

This infinity never judged anything but accepted everything for how it really was.

So now it’s time for us to break through this myth and unlock our full potential contained within this consciousness!

Wrap Up

The final message of The Greatest Secret is that true and everlasting happiness is available to everyone, but many people are unable to achieve it because they mistake their body and mind as ‘self’.

This can be avoided by staying as Awareness and allowing yourself to feel all of the emotions without judgment.

As an actionable advice, we are encouraged by this book to question our negative feelings.

By recognizing that we are Awareness and not only feeling one emotion, it gives us power to move beyond those negative emotions with ease.

In conclusion, we have access to peace and joy within ourselves at any moment – if we just remember who we really are: Awareness!

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