The Global Code Book Summary By Clotaire Rapaille

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The Global Code (2015) is an exploration of a global unconsciousness, or code, that comprises a new system of values and beliefs.

This code has been steadily forming within a global tribe of highly mobile and cross-cultural individuals who are setting trends and disrupting the established order.

As such, this advanced group of people has become the target market for numerous international luxury brands.

The book provides insights into this phenomenon as well as how individuals can use the knowledge to join this trendsetting global tribe.

Furthermore, it outlines how brands can best connect with and influence this influential demographic in their products and services.

Captivating descriptions and stories are used to bring these ideas to life so readers can experience what the Global Tribe is all about.

The Global Code Book

Book Name: The Global Code (How a New Culture of Universal Values Is Reshaping Business and Marketing)

Author(s): Clotaire Rapaille

Rating: 2.9/5

Reading Time: 15 Minutes

Categories: Marketing & Sales

Author Bio


Clotaire Rapaille is a highly influential marketing expert, renowned for founding Archetype Discoveries Worldwide and providing invaluable insights into the marketing plans of major corporations around the world.

He's also an accomplished author on topics such as sociology, psychology, and cultural anthropology, with his most well-known book being The Culture Code: An Ingenious Way to Understand Why People Around the World Live and Buy as They Do.

With his vast understanding of different cultures across the globe and how their attitudes affect consumer behavior, Dr.

Rapaille provides invaluable insights that are essential for anyone in the business of marketing and selling worldwide.

Exploring The Global Tribe: How Bill Gates And Mark Zuckerberg Have Formed A New Society

Bill Gates And Mark Zuckerberg

Are you familiar with the Global Tribe and its ability to influence our world? If not, you should definitely read more about it!

The Global Tribe is a group of people that have no nationality or state.

It’s a society which has evolved outside of official government control and self-sustained their own way of life.

It is unique in terms of modern societies since its primary goal is to have a major impact on the global environment.

In this book summary, you will learn how two leaders in tech – Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg – are related to this tribe, how you might be an unwitting member, and why hand-made products are perceived as superior over those manufactured elsewhere.

It’s clear that the Global Tribe has had a huge influence on our lives, so it’s vitally important to know all the facts that surround it.

Get started today by reading this overview!

The Emergence Of The Global Code And The Power Of The Global Tribe

These days, a new Global Tribe has emerged – one that isn’t bound to any set society or culture.

Technology and cheap travel have made it easier than ever to stay connected with people around the world and this has created an unprecedented level of international interconnectedness.

The members of this Global Tribe follow a cross-cultural code that is derived from shared global values and dreams.

They’re highly mobile influencers who have access to all sorts of information, cultures, and products, which they are quick to absorb into their own style and way of life.

Through their own choices, they become trendsetters that others in the global community strive to follow.

If the tribe decides that one particular brand or product is superior, the rest of the world will follow suit – making these items become some of the hottest items on the market in no time!

Because of how influential this Global Tribe is, companies now create and market their products with an eye on them specifically.

After all, if you want success in today’s world, you need to tap into what these trendsetters are looking for!

The Global Tribe: Understanding The Hierarchy Of Wealth And Influence

The Global Tribe has a unique, sophisticated hierarchy composed of six tiers.

At the very top is the court, which consists of the individuals that represent success, money and fame.

It’s these members of the court who set trends in fashion and music and dictate what is considered “cool”.

Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, members of the Lauder family and the Koch brothers all belong to this exclusive group.

The second layer is made up of courtesans who desire to join the court, whether that means marrying a prince or simply following in their footsteps by attending prestigious universities and attending charity events.

These people are seeking recognition and public approval.

At third level we find suppliers who provide luxurious items – like jewellery or cars – to those at the court level.

Brands like Cartier, Rolex, Chanel and Rolls-Royce are examples of well-known suppliers while realtors have also gotten involved to assist in buying or selling properties for members of the Global Tribe.

The Global Tribe And Its Hierarchy: From Oscar Niemeyer To Third Culture Individuals To Aspiring Social Climbers

Oscar Niemeyer

The bottom half of the Global Tribe’s hierarchy is made up of three types of people: symbolic creators, third culture individuals and aspirants.

Symbolic creators are those who create an artistic or philosophical value for the tribe, such as architects and fashion designers like Oscar Niemeyer and Coco Chanel.

Third culture individuals come from parents with different cultural backgrounds who have then moved to a new country, resulting in them being exposed to several different cultures.

Though they may not have as much money, they tend to be more open-minded than monoculture families.

Aspirants are social climbers who desperately want to become part of the Global Tribe but don’t know how or fear that they don’t have permission to do so.

Despite having the necessary funds, these individuals can still learn about topics like art and opera as well as how to properly mingle at charity events if they wish to join this elite group.

The Global Tribe Is A Community Of International Individuals Living In Different Cities Around The World And Connected Through Language, Culture, And Heritage

Members of the Global Tribe have an international mindset and a large global network, which they attain by following the rule of three.

The rule of three requires that members own property in at least three different places, live in three different countries, speak three different languages, and are familiar with three different cultures.

Take Jean-Paul as an example; his mother is French and his father American, meaning he has two nationalities right away.

On top of that he lived in Toronto, Canada for university and worked in Madrid for four years – giving him yet another nationality!

As a result, he can communicate in English, French and Spanish; plus he knows a little bit of Italian due to his Italian girlfriend.

This means Jean-Paul has been able to build up a great network from all around the world – making him an official member of the Global Tribe.

Being part of this global network enables members like Jean-Paul to stay connected with their friends when travelling instead of staying at hotels – through mobile phones and various digital platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

They also tend to choose cities that support free trade and are well-connected via large airports offering direct flights all around the world.

Some examples include Hong Kong, Singapore, Dubai, Monaco and Luxembourg.

The Global Court Of Luxury: Setting Worldwide Standards For Unique, Handcrafted Items

The Global Tribe sets a very high standard of luxury that the rest of us follow.

In their world, luxury goes beyond simply purchasing expensive items – it means having something that is authentic and handmade.

The court’s tastes can be seen as the absolute finest, and because most have sufficient funds, these styles have become the global definition of luxury.

Instead of looking for labels like “Made in Italy” or “Made in France,” the Global Code now consists more of terms such as “tailor-made” and “bespoke.” The tribe values items that are one-of-a kind and handmade over disposable products or those made through mass production.

Because creating unique, handmade pieces involves skill, passion, commitment and patience to produce something special – there is an extra layer of luxury associated with them.

If you want an example then simply look at watches from Patek Philippe, they are highly desirable because they are all carefully crafted by hand with extreme precision and care.

Thanks to the Global Tribe’s outlook on luxury we all get to experience one-of-a kind products that come with artistry that can’t be found anywhere else.

Joining The Global Tribe Through A Successful Global Brand

Successful Global Brand

Successful worldwide brands understand that the key to success lies in adapting their products and services to the Global Code – a set of common values, ideas, and beliefs that make up the worldwide community.

By catering to what this Tribe desires, these brands are able to create an enduring luxury product.

Take Jeep for example.

They used a marketing campaign which resonated with people around the world by appealing to their subconscious need for independence and power.

The success it had shows us that creating something which resonates with the Tribe is key to creating a luxurious product.

Other examples include Laphroaig’s Friends of Laphroaig club membership which offers its customers exclusive access and a unique opportunity to buy a piece of land in Scotland, as well as Amex’s single international arrival system, making traveling easier for their customers – both hitting two elements of the Global Code.

In conclusion, successful worldwide brands follow the Global Code for luxury and use it to their advantage in order to create truly luxuriou sproducts that will last.

Wrap Up

The Global Code is all about having the right values and beliefs, shaped by the Global Tribe.

Through their position as cross-cultural tastemakers, they create today’s standards of luxury that set a trend around the world.

That being said, business people traveling abroad should always prepare for meetings to include learning about the country’s customs; such as how to address superiors, how deals are made and how to dress appropriately.

And ultimately, when in doubt – speak culture instead of language.

Ultimately, this is what the Global Code Book wants us to take away from its pages.

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