The Game Book Summary By Neil Strauss

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The Game by Neil Strauss is a groundbreaking book that provides a gripping insight into the 'pickup community' populated by men desperate to attract women.

Through vivid anecdotes and stories, readers gain an understanding of the strategies used by successful seduction gurus, as well as the often less than desirable repercussions that come with their success.

This book dives deep into the techniques employed by these men seeking relationships, and offers advice to those who might be considering this path.

The author also delves into his own personal experiences, describing what he learned during his time in this world and urging readers to take caution if they themselves wish to explore it.

Ultimately, The Game is an interesting read packed with information about the dating industry and its darker side.

Book Name: The Game (Penetrating the Secret Society of Pickup Artists)

Author(s): Neil Strauss

Rating: 3.1/5

Reading Time: 16 Minutes

Categories: Sex & Relationships

Author Bio

Neil Strauss, the author of The Game: Penetrating the Secret Society of Pickup Artists, is an accomplished journalist, author and pickup artist.

He is widely known for his riveting writing style that draws readers in and captivates their attention.

His background includes co-authoring powerful books such as Marilyn Manson’s The Long Hard Road Out of Hell and Jenna Jameson’s How to Make Love Like a Porn Star.

Strauss' work also extends to numerous articles written for The New York Times, Rolling Stone and other reputable publications.

The Rise Of The Pick-Up Community In The 1980S: The Problem With Pickup Lines, Getting Paid For Sex, And Convinced Women To Sleep With Him

One of the best ways to learn how to get laid is to study the tactics and techniques used by successful pick-up artists.

And if you want a real insight into what works when it comes to seduction, then you should read “The Game.” This book provides an in-depth look into the rise of the seduction community in the United States in the 1980s and has many tales of success from gurus and their controversial methods.

You’ll discover why pickup lines often don’t work, as well as how some gurus managed to get paid for having sex.

There’s also evidence which shows how another leader of the community convinced women that it was a privilege for them to have sex with him.

By learning these controversial techniques, you can significantly increase your chances of getting laid – just make sure you use them responsibly!

Learn The Secrets Of Pickup Artists To Become Irresistible To Women

For decades, men have been trying to pick up women with tactics and techniques.

It started when Eric Weber published his best-selling book “How to Pick Up Girls” in 1970, setting off a chain reaction that has continued for the past 50 years.

The early 2000s saw the rise of an entire online community dedicated to helping men around the world trade tips on becoming pickup artists or PUAs.

Through blogs, websites, and chatrooms, individuals shared their knowledge about seduction with other members of this virtual community.

By the time the author joined it, there had already been over 3,000 posts – amounting to more than 2,500 pages of advice!

This quickly grew even further as people began hosting physical workshops in order to teach more people how to successfully flirt and hit it off with girls they’d meet in real life.

This ever-growing online community devoted to exchanging pickup advice has consistently evolved since its beginnings back in the 1980s – making it easier than ever before for anyone looking for tips and tricks on how to become more successful with women.

How Hypnosis Is Used To Seduce Women – From Ross Jeffries To Steve P

Hypnosis is an incredibly powerful seduction technique that has been used in the pickup community for over 30 years.

Ross Jeffries, the founder of this community, even dubbed a special technique called Speed Seduction – which uses a mix of hypnosis and psychology to make women feel aroused without having to use physical touches.

The basic concept of this method is rooted in the idea that emotions can be imagined and manipulated through word patterns and body language.

During one demonstration, Jeffries asked a waitress to remember the last time she felt attracted to someone and notice how the emotion was created in her body; he then lifted his hand upward as a sign – prompting her to feel the same feeling whenever he did so.

In result, by using hypnosis alone, Jeffries received her phone number at the end of it.

Others have followed suit as well such as Steve P.

and “Rasputin” who managed to go above and beyond by coming up with more sophisticated ways of using hypnosis.

Steve P., for example, started getting paid just to sleep with women because his approach made them experience orgasm on command!

Further, Rasputin worked on increasing his self-confidence until it reached a point where women wanted him in bed with them too!

Overall, Hypnosis should not be underestimated – it’s clearly an incredibly powerful tool when it comes to seducing partners successfully!

The Art Of Social Dynamics: Using Fmac To Win At The Pickup Game

The concept of using social dynamics to aid seduction is an invaluable tool for those who know how to use it.

Take Canadian pickup artist, Mystery, for example – his method was often used with great results.

He found success through a four-step process: Find, Meet, Attract and Close (FMAC).

First he found a woman he was attracted to by using the sights and sounds around him.

Then he joined her group and used clever one-liners or his charming personality to win over the whole group’s attention.

Next, he intentionally ignored the object of his attention while simultaneously making jokes and captivating accessories in order to increase her insecurity.

By taking the woman away from the group – while still paying her compliments – Mystery increased her attraction to him even further.

Finally, once she had given three indications that she was interested, like wanting his number or giving him a squeeze on the hand, he made his move., casually asking if she would like to kiss – either sealing the deal or leaving with her number.

The end goal is always slightly different but social dynamics exist everywhere and can be manipulated in various ways in order to aid seduction.

Uncovering The Secrets Of The Pickup Community: How To Easily Seduce Women

The author had a passion to learn everything he could in the pickup community, and so he attended every workshop and seminar that he could find.

To make sure he was able to get the most out of each event, he even invested in a $500 workshop organized by Mystery.

After attending this event and immersing himself in the world of picking up women, the author was completely hooked.

He wanted to learn from every guru out there and meet as many pickup artists as possible, so that’s exactly what he did.

With his newfound knowledge from all these different sources, the author developed his own personal routine when it came to seducing women: an opening, demonstrating value, building an emotional connection and establishing a physical connection.

More specifically- for example- an opening is designed to quickly engage a woman’s attention by initiating conversation with her- such as asking her how she feels about speaking with an ex.

For demonstration of value PUA would do something special like rune reading or magic tricks.

Then they would build an emotional connection by listening to her stories before eventually building physical connection – talking more until she is comfortable then complimenting her scent and sniffing at her neck.

All of this combined together helped him become one of the top achievement gurus that people look up too today!

The Great Idea Behind Project Hollywood That Led To Its Failure

Attempting to create a place where pickup artists could all live together and attract women to their lifestyle hub, the author of “The Game” tried his hand at building a shared living space in Los Angeles called Project Hollywood.

Unfortunately, it didn’t pan out quite as expected.

The attempt was put forth after the author celebrated his birthday, seeing for himself how easily and willingly women seemed to swarm around him.

He concluded that it’s possible to develop a lifestyle that draws in women without any effort.

To do this, he teamed up with Mystery, reaching out to two other PUAs named Papa and Herbal who joined the project and founded the villa.

Unfortunately, no one followed through on the house rules—the pre-determined expectations regarding visitor stays beyond two months or “hooking up with another person’s date”—and Project Hollywood soon became less of an envied oasis full of alpha males and more like a disgusting frat house that actually scared away women instead of attracting them.

As such, the project turned into an ultimate failure; similar ventures have been seen elsewhere since then but they have yet to prove successful either.

The Pickup Community: Where Egos Thrive And Respect For Women Is Lost

It may seem like the pickup/seduction community is all about men and women, but the reality is that it actually became much more focused on men than women.

This was a surprising twist, given that the initial focus of the community was centered on seducing women.

However, instead of developing relationships with their female conquests, many members formed close social bonds with other like-minded men.

The competitive nature of the pickup community amplified this male-centric dynamic even further.

There was an unspoken competition to be named ‘head guru’ amongst these alpha males and each guru felt obligated to promote his own ‘technique’ as the best one out there for attracting women.

Monetary gain was also a factor as people realised that pickup artistry could be a very lucrative business – so some weren’t afraid to engage in unsavoury activities to try and get ahead.

What resulted from all of this was a culture which slowly moved away from its supposed core belief system.

The focus shifted from ‘pickups done with class’ to sloppy drunk nights out, often resulting in fights rather than romance.

This subsequent behaviour had unhealthy implications for those in it, considering some individuals ended up dropping out of school or sacrificing jobs just to be in the scene full time.

Therefore, we can see how despite its aim being around helping men better relate to and seduce women; ironically, the end result became increasingly more about centering around themselves and less focussed on female companionship per se.

Relying Solely On Pua Techniques Will Never Lead To True Love

The Game by Neil Strauss has revealed that using routines to pick up women might seem like a great way to boost your confidence at the start and get noticed by others.

But, in the long run it’s not an effective way of finding real love.

While they may be effective in helping you join social groups, relying solely on these tried and tested tricks can have its drawbacks.

For instance, if you are trying to use lines to pick up women in a crowded club, chances are those around you have already heard them all before which can be embarrassing.

Furthermore, when trying to form relationships with people outside of just casual acquaintances relying on these routines will make it harder for someone to take your feelings genuinely as they will question your sincerity.

This was even an issue for the author himself!

He found himself almost losing his chance with Lisa whom he had strong feelings for because of the lines he used.

That’s when finally he realized that the only thing that would work was reverting back to his pre-pickup self; awkward yet genuine and sincere.

And guess what happened? It worked!

So, this book reveals that using lines or routines is not going help you find true love and meaningful relationships in the long run.

Wrap Up

The Game by Neil Strauss provides a detailed summary of the seduction community that emerged in the 1980s.

It gives readers an understanding of how these men exchanged advice about how to pick up women, although it is important to note that some of these methods can be highly effective but may not be beneficial in the long run.

Ultimately, The Game provides valuable insight into the dynamics of this unique subculture and serves as a warning against relying too heavily on short-term tactics when it comes to relationships.

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