The Four Noble Truths Of Love Book Summary By Susan Piver

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"The Four Noble Truths of Love" (2018) is a book that brings ancient Buddhist wisdom and teachings from the past 2,500 years into present day love relationships.

By applying these timeless insights to modern romance, it provides clarity for those struggling in finding true love amongst the mess of chaotic emotions that come with it.

It is an accessible guide for individuals to use in order to look within themselves and discover how to forge healthier relationships full of authentic connection and understanding.

It guides readers in learning healthy communication, how to respond compassionately during conflicts, how to let go of attachments, and more.

The Four Noble Truths Of Love Book

Book Name: The Four Noble Truths of Love (Buddhist Wisdom for Modern Relationships)

Author(s): Susan Piver

Rating: 4.6/5

Reading Time: 23 Minutes

Categories: Mindfulness & Happiness

Author Bio

There is no one better to explain the Four Noble Truths of Love than Susan Piver.

She has been practicing Buddhism for many years and works hard to make ancient Buddhist ideas digestible for today's modern audience.

In fact, she has written nine books on topics ranging from How Not to Be Afraid of Your Own Life to Start Here Now: An Open-Hearted Guide to the Path and Practice of Meditation.

Aside from writing, Susan is also the founder of the global Open Heart Project which was launched in 2011 and serves as an online community for mindfulness.

Having such a longstanding passion for Buddhism, it’s no surprise that Susan has gone ahead and published The Four Noble Truths of Love - her latest book!

Discover Enlightenment In Ancient Buddhist Philosophy And Transform Your Love Life


Are you struggling to make your relationships work and looking for ways to improve them? If so, look no further than the ancient wisdom of Buddhism!

The Four Noble Truths of Love offer insight into how we can all benefit from being mindful about our relationships.

By applying these lessons, you’ll be able to enrich your love life, get closer to the people you care about, and achieve greater happiness in all your relationships.

The sections provide advice on how to challenge our own expectations when it comes to loving someone, as well as what it truly means to be in love.

It also offers tips on how modern couples can use meditation techniques in order to connect with each other better and strengthen their bond.

By tapping into this age-old knowledge, you too can create better expectations of yourself and your partner that could make all the difference when it comes to getting closer and experiencing more joy in your relationship.

Start applying the Four Noble Truths of Love today and watch as it helps you gain an entirely new perspective on life and love.

The Four Noble Truths Of Buddhism Are The Basis For A Life Of Peace And Happiness

The Four Noble Truths form the basis of Buddhist philosophy, and they were first taught by the Buddha over 2,500 years ago.

They explain that life is suffering, due to our attachment to transient things.

These Four Noble Truths can be traced back to Siddhartha Gautama – better known as the Buddha.

He was born a prince and experienced a sheltered upbringing, until he eventually encountered old age, illness and death at adulthood.

Disturbed by these realities of life, he renounced his royal duties in search of answers and underwent various forms of chastity before achieving enlightenment beneath the Bodhi tree after 49 days.

It was then he returned with his new knowledge, which we now refer to as The Four Noble Truths: Life is Suffering; the Cause of Suffering is Attachment; Suffering Can Be Ended; and There Is A Path To Transcend Suffering (the Noble Eightfold Path).

In summary, The Four Noble Truths are an integral part of Buddhist philosophy; providing profound insight into human suffering based on their formal inquiry into our inner experience and awareness amongst other ways.

Embrace The Problems In Your Relationship: They’Re All Part Of The Journey To Closeness

No matter how hard we try, relationships are never problem-free, and this is something that we must come to terms with.

The Four Noble Truths of Love explain this concept in depth – problems are an inherent part of any relationship and there’s no way around it.

They can present at any stage in a relationship, from the very first date to a 30-year marriage.

These issues may be big or small but they need to be addressed and worked through.

You cannot eliminate or avoid them; even after solving one issue, another will take its place.

It doesn’t matter how much effort you put in or how positive your outlook is – uncomfortable moments will exist within a loving relationship.

This does not mean that these partnerships are doomed for failure; instead, accepting difficulties as part of a relationship allows us to address issues honestly and create deeper intimacy between partners.

Every problem forces us to listen to each other, share perspectives, and come up with solutions.

It’s by dealing with these bumps along the way that we grow closer to our loved one(s).

Ditch The Fairytale Expectations: Accepting Fluctuation Is Key To A Healthy Relationship

Healthy Relationship

When it comes to relationships, we often hold them to unreasonable expectations.

We expect constant romance, and when the passion fades, we worry that something is wrong.

But the reality is, relationships ebb and flow.

Feelings come and go and we can adore our partners one day and be frustrated with them the next.

Unrealistic standards can cause us to harm our relationship because these expectations are impossible to achieve.

When things don’t go as planned, it can lead to frustration and hurt feelings.

The key is to accept that no relationship is perfect, that feeling both good times and bad times comes with the territory.

Personal growth in relationships comes from developing patience and understanding when things don’t feel so good, or when they don’t always meet your expectations.

Learn to cherish all of your partner’s ups-and-downs rather than fixating on only the good moments; this will make your relationship stronger in the long run!

Understand That Attachment Is Not Necessarily Bad, But Becoming Too Attached To Unfounded Stories Can Wreak Havoc In Relationships

When it comes to relationships, attachment is the root cause of dissatisfaction.

We become attached to feelings like excitement and euphoria and find ourselves trying desperately to cling onto these feelings even when they have already passed us by.

Furthermore, we become attached to the stages of relationships—even those that have already come and gone, expending so much energy in our attempt to recreate them.

However, this does not mean that attachment should be shied away from – after all, it’s what forms our loving relationship.

The key difference lies in understanding when it’s time to let go with grace when people move on or things naturally come to an end.

Furthermore, ruminating on why we feel a certain way due out of necessity is often unhelpful and can lead us down a path of blame towards our partner which only serves to fracture the bond between us further.

Instead, learning how to feel the feeling without assigning unnecessary stories and meanings can help us move through any momentary sadness or dissatisfaction without damaging our relationship.

Embrace The Instability Of Relationships: The Third Noble Truth Of Love

Relationships are complex and often unpredictable, but true love is about embracing the instability of a relationship together no matter what storms come along.

It’s about knowing full well that it may not be easy, but still committing to taking the journey with someone else in search of contentment and companionship.

In The Four Noble Truths of Love, one key message stands out: relationships are a wild ride!

Instead of looking for a partner to provide a protective cocoon with zero turbulence; you have to be prepared for your feelings to change, sometimes on short notice.

Love isn’t looking for safety and security – instead, it’s relying on each other as you go through tumultuous times.

This isn’t just limited to romantic relationships either – think best friends, family dynamics or even platonic friendships.

Embracing the instability of such relationships is an important part of making them last and nurturing their growth.

Cultivating Intimacy With Your Partner Through Meditative Conversation

Meditative Conversation

When it comes to relationships, direct communication is key for helping couples foster intimacy and understand one another.

With open dialogue, couples can share their feelings in a safe space, express their needs and wants, and work on any conflicts that arise between them.

It’s an effective way of offering support and understanding to your partner.

To practice direct communication with your partner, try meditative conversation.

This is a form of meditation which involves sitting face-to-face with your partner and having dialogues with each other while focusing on being present in the moment.

Before beginning the exercise, find a quiet area free from distractions such as phones or TVs.

Set up a timer for 15 minutes and start with two minutes of silent meditation before engaging in dialogue.

One partner should lead by asking the question, “How are you?” allow the other partner to speak for five minutes without interruption about whatever they feel necessary.

After another two minutes of silent meditation switch roles so that the other person to take control of the conversation.

Then conclude with two more minutes of silent meditation followed by a phrase expressing love for each other relationblossomingthe current state of relationship..

By actively engaging in honest conversations together, couples can build strong connections through direct communication – creating an atmosphere that promotes total acceptance and trust towards one another within their intimate relationship.

Wrap Up

The Four Noble Truths Of Love is a powerful reminder that love is more than just a feeling.

It’s about being together and facing the ups and downs of life with someone by your side.

The book offers some actionable advice to help you find more joy in this journey.

That advice is to initiate a meditation habit together or alone, as meditating can be powerful tool for reconnecting with your partner on a regular basis.

If you need further guidance, there are free weekly guided meditations available online via the author’s Open Heart Project.

All in all, this book provides an overview of profound but required insights into understanding what real love truly entails.

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