The Fifth Trimester Book Summary By Lauren Smith Brody

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The Fifth Trimester is a self-help guide for new mothers who need to make the transition back to work after maternity leave.

Written by lecturer and mother of two, Lauren Smith Brody, it provides relevant advice and tips on how to manage this tricky situation with confidence.

The book takes what might appear as daunting at first and breaks it down into achievable steps.

From deciding what clothes best fit the 'corporate pregnancy', to picking out the right daycare option, or learning how to breastfeed while away from baby - there's something in here of value for every parent trying to find their feet again in their professional life after enjoying the fifth trimester at home with their child.

It draws from Brody's own personal experiences as well as interviews with other women who have gone through this experience - adding a unique touch of practicality and authenticity.

The Fifth Trimester Book

Book Name: The Fifth Trimester (The Working Mom’s Guide To Style, Sanity, and Big Success After Baby)

Author(s): Lauren Smith Brody

Rating: 3.3/5

Reading Time: 14 Minutes

Categories: Career & Success

Author Bio

Lauren Smith Brody is the driving force behind The Fifth Trimester movement.

She was formerly the executive editor of Glamour magazine, but more recently has shifted her focus to helping new parents and businesses create family-friendly workplaces.

Her movement affirms the importance of working parents being able to participate in the workplace without sacrificing their family commitments.

In her book, she discusses how it is possible for both parents and employers to rise together through thoughtful planning and inclusive policies that support a better balance between career and family.

How To Become A Working Mom Superwoman: Prepare For The Fifth Trimester

Mom Superwoman

The Fifth Trimester is designed to help you transition into your new role as a mother while keeping a satisfying job.

This practical guide will give you the tools and ideas on how to enter the workplace with postpartum clout.

It covers everything from breast pumping hacks to dealing with workplace jealousy and how to remain happy in both areas.

You’ll learn valuable advice on how not become a “mom-perior” so that you don’t alienate yourself in the office or lose out on opportunities for progression.

The book also offers tips on how to minimize postpartum pooch in order to help you feel comfortable and confident at work, as well as outlines why relinquishing responsibility to your partner is important so that everyone involved can take care of what’s most important – raising your family.

With The Fifth Trimester, you can feel empowered and supported throughout one of life’s biggest changes!

Take Time To Take Care Of Yourself After Having A Baby And Feel More Confident

New motherhood can be an overwhelming, taxing time.

Many moms experience feelings of depression and anxiety as they attempt to adjust to their new life with a baby.

To help minimize postpartum depression, the author of The Fifth Trimester, Lauren Smith Brody, recommends making extra efforts to take care of yourself and your appearance.

Research has shown that practicing self-compassion can reduce toxic levels of self-criticism which is comforting to many new mothers.

To remind yourself to be kinder to yourself, you could even put a positive message on your bathroom mirror as a reminder!

Another way to boost your confidence and make taking care of yourself easier is by wearing clothes that make you feel good.

Wear clothing that you feel reflects how you want to look and feel – not clothing that looks ill-fitted or “postpartum slouchy”.

Finally, even if you don’t have much time in the mornings, there are still ways for you to improve your appearance quickly.

Staying hydrated will diminish dark circles under the eyes caused by sleep deprivation and there are plenty of eye creams that can do wonders for those bags!

You may even be able to master makeup in around 1 minute with some practice!

Trust Your Partner To Step Up: Letting Go Of Doubts For New Moms

As a new mom, sometimes it may feel like you have to do all the work when it comes to parenting.

But research shows that the majority of fathers are more than capable of rising to the challenge and taking on their share of parenting responsibilities!

In fact, a survey found that partners typically proved themselves ready, willing and able immediately – up to 76 percent of the time.

So instead of underestimating your partner’s abilities due to feelings of guilt or lack of trust, remind yourself that you don’t have to take on everything by yourself.

Carolyn Pirak from Bringing Baby Home Program believes this doubt is often due unresolved guilt about not being able to do it all alone.

Learning new baby care skills with your partner can also be beneficial for both of you!

Studies suggest it strengthens relationships and teaches valuable lessons as you watch each other learn together.

Additionally, having a support system in with someone who knows what they’re doing can give you extra reassurance when it’s time for you to go back work.

Sometimes giving up control is all we can do in an emergency situation.

Don’t let doubt prevent you from trusting your partner to rise o the challenge and do their part…

because chances are they already are!

Finding A Good Day Care Facility Is Essential To Providing Your Child With The Right Start In Life

Start In Life

When you are beginning to transition into the fifth trimester, it is important to make sure that you find a quality day-care service for your precious little one.

It is normal to feel a little jealousy when someone else is caring for your child, but by picking the right facility and having a steady presence from the caregiver, you can help create an environment where your child feels calm and secure.

The National Institute of Child Health and Human Development provides helpful guidelines on finding quality day care for your baby.

This includes ensuring that there are no more than six children per group with at least three adult staff members present, and that all caregivers have either certificates in child development or university degrees in similar fields- not just high school diplomas.

Additionally, they should demonstrate positive caregiving through activities like singing and reading, and use positive reinforcement to praise good behavior.

It’s normal to feel jealous when someone else is taking care of your child so make sure you find the right service.

Pick one which has a consistent caregiver who will develop strong bonds with the children – this will help them feel calm and secure while in their care.

Preparing To Breastfeed And Work: The Tips And Tools Working Moms Need

If you’re planning on returning to work and continuing to breastfeed, it’s vital to ensure that you have the right preparation for breastfeeding and pumping.

As 83 percent of working mothers return to their jobs while still breastfeeding, it’s important to understand what equipment you need and the time and milk output your body can handle.

According to research done by the author of The Fifth Trimester, most moms can comfortably pump milk for about 11 months.

To do this properly, a setup of two breast pumps is ideal – one for home and one for work, as having both will help make sure your pumping needs are always met.

Furthermore, ice packs, storage bags, and clothes that allow easy access – such as button-down shirts and wrap dresses – will come in handy during this time.

It’s also advised that you always keep a two-day supply of milk in your freezer so any mishaps with feeding amount won’t leave you scrambling for more milk.

Additionally, familiarize your baby with bottles before going back to work so they are used to taking them too.

Overall, being prepared with the proper supplies and routine when it comes to returning to work while breastfeeding can prevent many issues from arising down the line – leaving you feeling confident about your choice and happy knowing that both yourself and baby will get all the nutrients necessary during this part of your journey together!

Enjoy The Benefits Of Working While Raising A Family: Tips For New Moms

When it comes to avoiding quitting your job after coming back from maternity leave, it might help to focus on the benefits of the job and the reasons why you chose it in the first place.

From a Harvard Business School study, studies show that children of working moms grow up to be kinder and more ambitious than those whose mothers are not.

That alone could be an exciting prospect that perks up your return to work!

Moreover, research shows that the largest predictor of whether a woman will stay with her previous job has nothing to do with her occupation or seniority: rather, how rewarding she finds her job is most likely what will determine how long she stays.

If you find yourself feeling resentful about going back to work, time-out for a moment and reflect on what motivated you initially when taking up this job.

Was it because of the challenging work? Maybe you enjoyed being around interesting people here? Or figure out certain ways by which this plays into establishing confidence or self-esteem for yourself?

Another great strategy would be to extend your maternity leave by returning part-time and having comfortable transition as you ease into full working hours – through this process, daily return regrets can be drastically reduced.

As a result, women are more likely inclined towards staying in their workplaces instead fo quitting right away.

Returning To Work After Having A Baby? Here Are Some Tips For Making Sure You Don’t Make Coworkers Jealous

Coworkers Jealous

Re-entering the workforce after having a baby can be an intimidating experience for many new moms.

One way to make sure that your transition back is as smooth as possible is to be sympathetic and honest with your colleagues.

When polled, 30% of working mothers admitted to feeling resentful towards coworkers who returned to work after having a baby.

This means that other colleagues may think you’re getting special treatment, so it’s important to prove them wrong by establishing yourself as trustworthy and committed.

Show them you care by being willing to return any favors they may need due to family emergencies and don’t act superior about your situation.

Remember that everyone has responsibilities that are just as important to them, too.

Be emotionally transparent with the struggles involved in motherhood, even if those struggles don’t match the cute pictures online.

Share stories of sleepless nights, messy changing stations and stained clothes – talking honestly about these experiences will help create understanding among your teammates who might not know better otherwise!

With open communication and trust between you and your colleagues, returning to work doesn’t have to be so scary!

Wrap Up

The Fifth Trimester is a must-read book for new mothers who are considering returning to work after giving birth.

The book provides actionable advice on how to reduce stress and make the transition easier.

It covers essential topics such as preparing your breast pumping routine, finding the right daycare, managing your colleagues’ expectations and taking time for yourself to offload postpartum depression.

Finally, the authors present an innovative 60-second escape plan which outlines how you can put on makeup in just one minute before going off to work.

This plan includes steps like applying under eye concealer, blending tinted moisturizer onto nose and cheeks, brushing mascara onto upper lashes only and rubbing in a lip gloss on the lower lip for a finished look – all within just 60 seconds!

This book provides invaluable advice that every working mom should read to properly prepare for a successful transition from parenting to work.

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