The Energy Bus Book Summary By Jon Gordon

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The Energy Bus (2007) is a life-changing book that provides powerful insights on how to achieve both personal and professional success.

It's essentially an actionable guide full of practical advice to help you jumpstart your journey towards positive energy and long-term prosperity.

The Energy Bus gives readers the tools they need to cut out negative feelings, replace them with positive tones, while also teaching how to surround yourself with motivated and committed people who share the same outlook in life.

At the heart of this book are its principles; commit to your goals, be kind and forgiving even when things don't go according to plan, believe in yourself, explore new possibilities among other tips.

The Energy Bus Book

Book Name: The Energy Bus (10 Rules to Fuel Your Life, Work, and Team with Positive Energy)

Author(s): Jon Gordon

Rating: 4.2/5

Reading Time: 18 Minutes

Categories: Career & Success

Author Bio

Jon Gordon is a renowned authority on leadership and teamwork, not to mention a bestselling author.

He regularly speaks at corporations, companies and conferences about the best way to motivate teams.

In addition, he has worked with some hugely successful organizations including The Los Angeles Dodgers, Dell, Southwest Airlines and BB&T Bank.

With this type of background, there's no denying Jon's knowledge when it comes to top-notch leadership strategies.

His book 'The Energy Bus' is one of the most well-known books in the area of motivating teams and leading effective businesses.

How To Get Out Of A Slump: Take A Ride On The Energy Bus

Energy Bus

Have you ever been in a deep slump in your life where you felt like you’d never get out of it? If so, then the best advice I can give you is to take a ride on the energy bus!

This incredible bus provides an eye-opening allegorical ride that will help you think more positively and work towards transforming both your personal and professional life.

There’s even a set of ten rules that will help you bring positive energy into your life!

The energy bus also has its own equation – E + P O, which stands for Energy + Passion Outcome.

This formula is designed to show how much impact having both positive energy and passion for what you do will have in improving the outcomes of your life.

Furthermore, by getting rid of negative energy from your bus ride, you’ll find it easier to transition into becoming a CEO (of Change, Energy and Optimism!).

So if you’re looking for a boost to get back on track and make some positive changes in your life, then take a ride on the Energy Bus today!

Take The Energy Bus To Reach A State Of Positive Energy

The Energy Bus Book Summary shows that a lack of control over your own life can lead to feelings of unhappiness.

We follow George, who appears to have it all but he is stuck in a rut and is desperate for meaning.

Even the littlest of things seem to go wrong for him, and his life feels like it’s spiraling out of control.

George’s story mirrors that of many people, who feel overwhelmed and powerless as they get hit with constant stress and unattainable expectations both professionally and personally.

On one fateful Monday morning, George experiences this first-hand when his car has a flat tire and he has an argument with his wife – all while running late to an important meeting.

But then, on the bus ride to work one day, Joy the bus driver intervenes with her brimming smile and understanding demeanor – convincing George that happiness could be just within reach.

A study found that 9 am on Mondays is the most common time for people in crisis to commit suicide because it is when they feel their life is completely out of their hands.

For George specifically, it was clear that he needed help taking back control over his own life if he was ever going to find real joy again.

It Takes A Vision, Focus And The Law Of Attraction To Take Control Of Your Life: George’S Story

Joy offered George an opportunity to take control of his life and focus on the vision he desires.

To do that he needed to follow Joy’s Ten Rules for a new life and become the driver of his own bus.

George began his journey with understanding that people often find themselves unhappy due conflicting expectations from their boss, their spouse, or other people.

Not only that, but also dealing with external events beyond anyone’s control, like a car breaking down.

However, by taking back control of your own life and deciding who you want to be and where you’re going, it was possible to change your life.

In order to do this Joy taught George the law of attraction; all thoughts are magnetic and those things one thinks about will begin showing up in their lives – just look at athletes visualizing their best performance before entering a competition which sometimes results in them winning gold medals!

Consequently, George made a commitment to spend 10 minutes each day thinking about his goals and how he wanted his personal life (e.g.

happy wife), job (successful product launch) or family (positive influence on kids) to go.

By following these rules it was possible for anyone to take control of their lives and achieve great success focusing on the vision they desire.

Fuel Your Journey With Positive Energy: Learn To Appreciate The Good Things In Life

Positive Energy

In The Energy Bus, it’s clear that you can choose how you perceive events and transform any negative energy into positive energy.

This is exemplified by the formula E + P O which stands for Events + Perception/Positive Energy Outcome.

By understanding that your perception of events is completely within your control, you will be able to focus on positive thoughts instead of negative ones, ultimately leading to more favorable outcomes.

To promote a sense of positivity in one’s life, George suggests to actively practice gratitude throughout the day.

Spend 10 minutes walking around the office and remember all the blessings and advantages one has in their life.

Once this is done, it forms an immediate *transition* between feeling down or overwhelmed to reenergized and ready to tackle new obstacles.

No matter what comes your way, you always have the power to choose how you will react and transform negative energy into something positive – all with a grateful perspective as suggested by The Energy Bus!

Realize Your Vision With Teamwork – Unite People To Share Your Journey On The Energy Bus

When people want to achieve success both in their personal and professional lives, teamwork is essential.

George was able to understand this himself, but he wasn’t sure how to get others on board with his vision.

That’s when Joy came up with rule number four: tell the people around you about your plans and ask them to join you.

This is where comes into play – it’s a great website that lets you print bus tickets for your family members, friends, and colleagues and give them a physical invitation to join you on your journey.

Of course, it’s not enough just to have tickets – potential passengers need to know what the journey or vision entails first before they agree, which is why George thought it was important to meet individually with each of his employees and share his expectations for the project launch.

He asked everyone if they would be willing to commit themselves to making his vision possible, giving them the whole weekend to think about their decision and inform him by Monday.

Clearly there were anxieties on Georges part as he had no guarantee that others would accept his offer!

That’s why it is so important for us all; we must ensure that we have clear goals outlined and a powerful inspiring vision if we want people to hop onboard for our journey!

Rule Number Five Of Success: Don’T Waste Your Energy Trying To Convince People Who Don’T Want To Get On Board And Rule Number Six: Get Energy Vampires Off Of Your Bus

George learned the hard way that trying to convince people who don’t want to join your vision can be a waste of time and energy.

This was surprisingly applicable when one of his best employees, José, rejected his offer to join the bus.

This is an important lesson because according to Gallup, there are an estimated 22 million workers in the United States with a negative attitude toward work, which costs companies $300 billion per year in lost productivity.

That’s why Rule #5 of The Energy Bus by Joy advises George (and any readers) not to spend their time and energy trying to convince naysayers.

This rule applies directly when we encounter skeptics in our lives – whether it’s our colleagues or bosses- since instead of being able to focus on building positive results for our goals, we can get stuck in persuading people who simply don’t share our vision.

The next step from here outlined in Rule #6 is immediately dealing with negative individuals on your team – even if you cannot remove them completely from your life.

These people can drain our enthusiasm and prevent us from achieving what we want; so it’s best if we identify these ‘energy vampires’ and make decisions that will benefit the majority of positive professionals on board the bus!

The Power Of Positive Emotion: How Enthusiasm Is Contagious And Can Fuel Your Success

Positive Emotion

It’s true that other people can sense the emotions of those around them, and even be inspired by their enthusiasm.

Studies from the Institute of HeartMath have found that our hearts intuitively transmit emotions to those around us within a distance of up to 10 feet.

So if someone is genuinely passionate about something, others will benefit from the positive energy they give off.

This is why rule number seven in The Energy Bus book encourages us to bring enthusiasm into everything we do.

When we do this, it allows us to energize and unite our team or organization with a powerful source of positive energy – and makes it easier for others to join in on the ride.

By showing genuine passion for what we are doing, everyone around us will pick up on that feeling and be motivated accordingly.

This is essential for keeping your momentum going over the long haul.

Joy also emphasizes the importance of having a Chief Energy Officer, who not only fills their team and colleagues with enthusiasm but also customers too!

This allows them to generate more powerful positive energy which drives their efforts further than ever before.

Rule Number Eight: Show Your Appreciation And Love For Your Team By Listening, Recognizing Their Individuality, And Rewarding Their Efforts

If you want to make your passengers feel valued, it’s important to give them your time and recognition.

It’s essential to spend quality time with them and show empathy for their experience.

They should know that you care about their needs and ideas.

It’s also important to recognize each person as an individual with their own contributions.

That means not sending mass electronic birthday messages, but writing out real cards for each person on the team.

You can even take it one step further by recognizing accomplishments individually.

Show your workers that they’re more than just a part of the system – celebrate their successes!

This kind of appreciation can do wonders for motivating employees to follow you wherever you go.

Just look at what happened when George changed his approach: after thanking José for all of his hard work, José happily joined George on the Energy Bus and was rewarded with a raise!

Clearly, this is something everyone should strive for; showing your appreciation can be the difference between someone staying put or going above and beyond in their tasks!

Rule Number 10: Have Fun And Let Yourself Be Driven By A Higher Purpose To Achieve Success

Achieve Success

When it comes to getting the most out of your efforts, nothing is more effective than having a purpose and allowing yourself to have some fun.

That’s what George discovered when he was looking for ways to reinvigorate his team and their product launch.

He had heard about a study involving two teams tasked with designing a new airplane.

The first team was told that they were chosen to design the best airplane that ever existed, while the other was told to simply design components and denied any information about the mission behind the project.

The outcome? The team that was given a purpose worked much harder and completed their job in half the time!

This proves just how powerful it can be when everyone on a team feels like they’re working towards something meaningful and engaging.

Fun is another key ingredient in achieving great things, as demonstrated by George’s experience on his morning commute encountering someone who advised him to always have fun.

Success will be much easier to attain when you find joy in the task at hand, rather than stressing out over every little detail.

Ultimately, what this story boils down to is that having a clear purpose, combined with some well-deserved fun, will propel you to new heights.

That’s why following rules nine and ten of The Energy Bus book are so important—so don’t forget them if you want to ensure success!

Wrap Up

The Energy Bus by Jon Gordon is a great read for anyone looking for some motivation and a better understanding of how to find true happiness amidst the chaos in their lives.

In this book, the key message is that positive energy can help you take back control and lead to a happier life.

To do this, Gordon encourages readers to use actionable advice such as learning from their setbacks as well as reaching out for help when needed.

Additionally, he encourages productive thinking about roadblocks instead of negative or destructive thoughts.

Overall, The Energy Bus provides an effective strategy on how to live an energized and purposeful life.

So if you’re looking for guidance to reach your destination, hop on board and make sure you follow this book’s advice!

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