The End Of Marketing Book Summary By Carlos Gil

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"The End of Marketing" is an invaluable guidebook for businesses to learn how best to leverage social media platforms to capture the attention of other users and increase their brand visibility.

Written by industry experts in 2020, the book explains exactly how traditional marketing as we know it has come to an end - and what needs to be done in order to give a brand a human face on social media platforms.

With techniques, strategies and case studies covering topics such as influencer marketing, content creation, public relations and more, this book is an essential guide for anyone looking to take their business’s digital presence to the next level.

The End Of Marketing Book

Book Name: The End of Marketing (Humanizing Your Brand in the Age of Social Media and AI)

Author(s): Carlos Gil

Rating: 4.2/5

Reading Time: 21 Minutes

Categories: Marketing & Sales

Author Bio

Carlos Gil is the author of The End of Marketing, a book which provides an insight into the power of digital storytelling.

As CEO and founder of LA-based Gil Media Co., Carlos has gained tremendous experience creating social media strategies for major brands such as LinkedIn, Winn-Dixie, Save-A-lot and BMC Software.

He believes in using digital story-telling techniques to engage customers on an emotional level, which he argues is vital for success in the marketing industry.

With a unique perspective informed by his years of experience, readers will benefit from perusing his book and getting some valuable tips on how to better their marketing efforts.

How To Humanize Your Brand On Social Media

Social Media

Do you want to learn how to build a strong and engaging presence on social media? The answer lies in learning how to humanize your brand.

Thanks to the power of social media, businesses now have unprecedented access to customers.

But people are naturally resistant to pushing faceless brands which are just looking for an avenue to make profit.

That’s why it’s important to be more human on social media if you’re looking for more sales.

You can employ indirect tactics without being too obvious about wanting sale conversions from your followers.

But there are also still plenty of helpful techniques available which can help you get ahead with marketing your business or product on social media.

The End of Marketing book provides insight into how effective it can be when building a dynamic profile on social media without cheating or using unethical practices – tapping into the power of influencers and ambassadors, as well as getting your employees involved can go a long way in growing your online reach.

Social Media Marketing: From Talking To Connecting For Real Results

It’s clear that in the new era of social media, traditional marketing is no longer effective.

Billboards and TV ads can still be appealing, but what really resonates with consumers today is a personal touch.

That means more than just having millions of followers on social media platforms, it’s about engaging people, getting them talking and connecting to them on a deeper level.

As Carlos Gil said in The End of Marketing: “Some of the best marketers he’s (Carlos) come across are people who follow him on multiple social media platforms, from LinkedIn to Twitter to Facebook.

These marketers interact with him, get to know him, become a part of his life – and they only try to sell him stuff when they know the time is right.”

That approach allows brands to connect with their target audiences and create genuine relationships that result in lasting loyalty.

Companies have much greater potential when they focus on listening rather than talking—that requires looking beyond traditional strategies that rely solely on generating buzz through advertisement.

While technology has opened up immense opportunities for companies in terms of reaching potential buyers and gaining market influence, taking an old-school approach often fails to deliver desired results these days.

Social media must be used strategically and thoughtfully if one wants to achieve success in 2020’s economy.

Make Your Social Media Presence Stand Out By Being Human And Engaging With Followers

If you want to make your voice stand out in the world of marketing, you have to ditch the robot-sounding corporate jargon, and focus on being human instead.

That means reaching out and engaging with people directly, in a way that’s genuine and not scripted.

One quick win is to ask your followers questions – something as simple as “What’s the best thing you’ve bought recently?” or “What’s your favorite emoji?” These aren’t elaborate questions, but they still engage people and spark conversation.

You can also share interesting facts or tips related to your product – educating your audience while keeping them entertained.

It’s important to follow up on these posts too – thank people for their replies, answer their questions and be social!

But don’t forget about going under the radar at the same time.

As soon as you post something, it’s a great idea to spread the word via direct message too.

You can also establish engagement pods with people who appreciate your work, further circulating your post organically.

Finally, take an analytical approach to optimizing the whole process.

Measure which platforms are actually effective for reaching your target demographic and generating engagement – this will save you from wasting time on networks that don’t get any traction.

If done correctly, taking this route should help you stand out from others in the industry!

How To Build Your Brand Through Social Media — Letting Your Personality Shine Through

Social Media

We all know that having an online presence is key to success, but what many people don’t realize is that the key to success in this arena is personality.

According to “The End of Marketing” by Alexander Fedotoff, having a genuine and relatable online presence is the most powerful way for a brand or individual to achieve success.

IHOP learned this lesson first-hand when they attempted to rebrand themselves as IHOB – only for a rival competitor, Wendy’s, to deliver a perfect tweet that managed to be entertaining yet still promote their own brand: “Can’t wait to try a burger from the place that decided pancakes were too hard.” This subtle dig at IHOP shows us how we can be entertaining and build up our brand at the same time.

To take advantage of opportunities on social media platforms like Twitter or Instagram and make sure our message resonates with people, it’s important to search through these sites even if we’re not tagged in them and find out what people are saying about our company or brand – and those of our competitors.

Brands wanting to stay more serious should remember the power of using education – sharing useful knowledge in an interesting manner – as well creating fresh content tailored to the target audience.

On top of this, individuals should also strive towards building up a solid personal brand.

Take Alex Fedotoff as an example – back around 2014 while he was unemployed, he used platforms such as LinkedIn and YouTube to share his experiences in order create highly personal content which resonated with viewers and went onto established him as a social media expert.

Ultimately, whether you’re an individual looking for work or a large company wanting more attention online it all comes down one thing: showing some personality!

Stop Cheating: Focus On Engagement Instead Of Vanity Metrics To Grow Your Business

If you’re looking to grow your brand, don’t be tempted by the quick-fix of buying followers or likes.

Ultimately, those people won’t actually engage with your product, and it won’t help you reach your end goal.

Rather, you should focus on what really matters: increasing your engagement and creating a genuine connection with an audience that’s interested in what you do.

This is known as growth hacking – where you explore all avenues open to build up engagement.

Facebook Groups are a great tool for this – set up something just for fans of your product and get them talking about it!

If that doesn’t work for you, another option is exploring Facebook Watch Parties to potentially viralize content right away.

Of course metrics are important, but don’t just opt for the ones on the surface – such as follower count – that may look impressive on paper but add zero value when it comes down to it.

Instead prioritize metrics linked to engagement and ROE (Return on Engagement), which when done well can build relationships with potential customers and help take your business to the next level!

How To Harness The Power Of Storytelling On Social Media To Promote Your Brand

When it comes to marketing online, social media personalities have the potential to have a great impact on brands.

The key to success is finding personalities who can expertly tell stories that the audience will relate to and be deeply engaged by.

DJ Khaled was stranded at sea one night in 2015, and rather than panic he got his phone out and used Snapchat to document everything – leading to millions of views.

Why did it go so viral? Because DJ Khaled has storytelling chops and a natural charm that allows him captivate his viewers, making them pay attention when he promotes something.

Similarly, Kim Kardashian West has nailed the code for social media success – showing her followers an honest look at her life which entices them no matter how wealthy or famous she is.

Her strategy with product promotion reflects this candid image – using real people such as herself or members of her family in limited time offers to attract the attention of the loyal fan base.

Of course, not all influencers are created equally – many use techniques or buy followers that won’t actually result in sales.

That’s why it’s important when hiring someone for brand recognition that they become an ambassador – somebody who looks, sounds and truly understand your products value proposition ideal customer.

Harness The Humans Who Know Your Brand: Use Employee And Customer Advocates To Humanize Your Content On Social Media


When it comes to humanizing your brand content on social media, you don’t need to look too far.

Your biggest and most powerful advocates are often the ones who already know (and love!) your brand – those that work for you, and those that buy from you.

It would be wise then to create an employee advocate program.

Invite interested staff members and customers to join, and in no time you will have built a legion of passionate advocates – all of whom are familiar with your brand and what it stands for.

Create a content hub as well, such as one found on Dynamic Signal, Sprinklr, or Bambu by Sprout Social in order to provide talking points and guidelines.

But flexibly allow each advocate freedom of speech so they can offer their own creative insight and stories while accurately representing your brand.

Furthermore, celebrate those that demonstrate success stories online by rewarding them with additional opportunities.

That could even include allowing them to take over the main account at times!

Lastly, seek out expressions of support from customers that demonstrate loyalty towards your brand; communicate with them; foster a sense of community among them: In short—involve yourself with every aspect of your loyal patrons’ experience in order to ensure maximum results.

In The Fast-Changing World Of Social Media, Brands Must Focus On The Human Touch To Survive

The speed of technological advancement can be overwhelming, but its impact on social media cannot be overstated.

Automated tools now streamline many tasks, from follow and unfollow functions to automated Direct Messages.

Even Messenger bots on Facebook are becoming commonplace – although the technology is not yet perfect.

But one thing we must never forget is that the human touch is irreplaceable when it comes to social media.

Technology has changed how we interact with each other and created platforms like never before, including some more obscure ones such as Reddit, Twitch, TikTok and more – yet no matter how advancing tech evolves, one thing remains unchanged: people will always prefer genuine interactions and conversations over anything else.

No matter how good AI’s capabilities become, people will always respond positively to a brand that knows how to inject a bit of humanity into its messages – after all, those engaging forms of marketing have existed for decades!

This applies even if Facebook itself should ever go out of fashion in light of the Cambridge Analytica scandal: its huge importance in our lives cannot be denied in terms of influencing human connection around the world.

In order to get ahead in today’s market as an enterprise or brand (and stay ahead!), you need to understand not only the latest trends but also what makes humans tick so that you can capitalize on it through authentic content routes.

Humanize your presence online – there’s nothing quite like taking the time out to show appreciation or interact with consumers personally – and watch long-term success follow soon after!

Wrap Up

Marketing in the era of social media has changed drastically.

Brands now have an unprecedented opportunity to build relationships with their customers, but the challenge is how to authentically engage with them without coming across as too corporate.

The key message in this section of “The End Of Marketing” can be summarized as: Audit your brand’s social media use, consider who you’re talking to and what kind of content you are posting.

This means ensuring that your target customer is using the platform and that you are connecting with them as a person rather than just another corporate logo.

By following these simple steps, marketers can effectively maximize the potential of their brands on social media platforms.

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