The Emotion Code Book Summary By Bradley Nelson

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The Emotion Code book offers an inspiring and insightful way to heal ourselves and others.

This groundbreaking book incorporates science, firsthand knowledge, and admiration for the spiritual forces that unite us all.

In this book, you will learn a method that allows you to identify and release trapped emotions.

Once these are released, there will be no limitation set on your path to personal growth and success.

The Emotion Code Book

Book Name: The Emotion Code (How to Release Your Trapped Emotions for Abundant Health, Love, and Happiness)

Author(s): Bradley Nelson

Rating: 4/5

Reading Time: 25 Minutes

Categories: Health & Nutrition

Author Bio


Bradley Nelson is an established holistic practitioner and lecturer in the field of energy healing and applied kinesiology, who has been successfully helping thousands of patients since his practice first began.

He is highly respected for his pioneering work in bioenergetic medicine, energy psychology and magnet therapy.

Dr Nelson is the leading expert in these new fields and his book, The Emotion Code, has helped shape the direction of their development.

Unlocking The Healing Power Of The Emotion Code: How To Free Yourself From Negative Emotions

Negative Emotions

Learning to listen to your subconscious is the key to emotional well-being.

The Emotion Code book teaches you how to do just that.

This new and powerful method allows you to identify and release trapped emotions, clearing out all the negative energy that gets stuck in us.

You can think of it as an ultimate life hack – by releasing the old emotional baggage, it forms a clean slate for creating a happier and healthier future.

The Emotion Code teaches the simple yet profound step of learning to locate and ultimately let go of negative energy.

Once you understand how this works, it won’t be long before positive emotions start taking their place, bringing about healing on both physical and mental levels.

With this valuable knowledge, you’ll be able to experience long-term improvements in your wellbeing that are sustainable over time.

Understanding Trapped Emotions And How They Can Sabotage Our Lives

We often think of emotions as just momentary reactions, such as anger when someone cuts you off in traffic or pride when your child scores the winning basket.

But it’s important to recognize that emotions can actually get trapped within us and have a lasting impact on our thoughts, feelings, and even health without us being aware of them.

It helps to understand the three steps of the emotional life cycle: body creates an emotional vibration (i.e., happiness, sadnes), feeling emotion (accompanying thoughts and physical sensations), then finally letting go of the emotion and moving on.

If any one of these steps don’t occur, or doesn’t finish fully, an emotion can be trapped inside us which we may not know until much later.

For example, let’s take Julia who failed her qualifying exams multiple times despite being a hard-working student in class.

After a single session, she discovered that she had been harboring a trapped emotion from the age of fifteen when her parents got divorced.

It was only through releasing thistrapped emotion that Julia was able to ace her next test!

This story illustrates how trapped emotions can have long-term effects without our awareness and emphasizes the importance of recognizing not just the reality of emotions getting trapped within us but also how important it is to properly work through them in order to move past them.

Understand Trapped Emotions For Optimal Mind And Body Health With The Emotion Code

The Emotion Code teaches us that everything is, in fact, energy.

This understanding is backed up by recent research and quantum physics which proves, at the subatomic level, that atoms are actually 99.99% empty space – all of which is just vibrating energy!

This knowledge has huge implications on how we interact with our bodies and mind as it demonstrates how energy is stored, released, and interconnected.

This was demonstrated in a recent scientific experiment, wherein two particles were split apart and sent in opposite directions nearly at the speed of light; when one particle passed through a strong magnetic field causing it to shift direction, its sister particle shifted to match – without ever passing through the field itself!

Moreover, this understanding helps explain why negative energies can spread so quickly; Masaru Emoto’s experiments perfectly captured this concept by showing how water droplets literally transform depending on what they are told.

Those said with “I love you” formed into symmetrical shapes while those with “I hate you” formed asymmetrical figures.

It proclaims that very same negative energy can become trapped inside of us if not addressed properly; making The Emotion Code an invaluable tool for finding inner peace.

The Power Of Trapped Emotions And How The Emotion Code Can Help Free Us From Their Grip


We often find ourselves feeling or reacting in ways that we don’t understand.

We may think that our reactions are perfectly rational and make sense, but really these reactions are being influenced by trapped emotions we carry within us – energy blocks from our past that remain lodged in our system and hold power over how we experience the present moment.

Take Debbie for example; a client of the author who was feverishly convinced she was having heart attack symptoms.

There were no physical signs of cardiac distress, but her chest pain, inability to breathe, and numbness in left arm & face pointed towards something else.

Tests revealed she had been carrying a Heartache emotion with her for 3 years since her husband’s affair.

For Debbie, it seemed like she had already processed her feelings surrounding the divorce, attending therapy and leaning on a support network – yet her trapped emotion still remained until released through the Emotion Code session and subsequently alleviated all of Debbie’s disconcerting symptoms.

Other cases like this emphasize how trapped emotions can lead to phobias – a client of the docotor endured fear of flying due to helplessness felt after reading about an airplane crash all those years ago.

These traumas remain inactive within us until they block our current thoughts and emotions without us knowing…

By using the Emotion Code practice, we can begin recognise these blocks and release them so they no longer control how we feel and act today.

Without taking these obstructions away from ourselves, they can manifest into larger problems such as physical ailments overtime making such method invaluable if quick action is taken before it’s too late!

The Emotion Code: A Proven Tool For Treating Physical Pain By Releasing Trapped Emotions

Trapped emotions that are left unaddressed can become troublesome, and can even cause physical symptoms if they’re neglected long enough.

In the last section of The Emotion Code book we read about a case where neglected negative emotions that had been stored in the body lead to a physical reaction so intense it mimicked having a heart attack.

Ancient physicians understood the relationship between emotions and physical health, observing that people who experienced more anger tended to have problems with the liver or gallbladder, while those overwhelmed by grief were more prone to lung or colon problems.

We now understand how our brain gets physically activated when we experience emotion but further research has shown that these trapped emotions can actually be located in specific areas of the body – something modern Western medicine doesn’t yet fully comprehend.

The Emotion Code puts this knowledge into practice, providing a chart which shows where different kinds of trapped emotions sit within the body and demonstrating how releasing them can lead to immediate relief from chronic pain for many individuals.

Take for example one client who had been suffering from severe knee pain, back issues and arthritis: his condition cleared up significantly after working to release emotion-related pent-up resentment and fear!

We mustn’t forget that no matter what kind of pain we may be experiencing, at its root is some kind of feeling or emotion waiting to be acknowledged – it’s only once we face up to this unpleasantness within ourselves will true healing occur.

Unlocking The Power Of Muscle Testing To Access Hidden Emotions

If you feel like something is holding you back and keeping you from achieving your goals in life, you may be right!

That’s because the body holds onto negative emotions which can be doing more harm than good.

But luckily there’s a simple way to identify and release those trapped emotions – muscle testing!

Developed by Dr.

George Goodheart in the 1960s, muscle testing has many uses beyond structural misalignment; it offers us a window into our subconscious mind for insights into our true feelings about various things.

The process typically involves asking someone a question and then gauging their response via their body language and physical reaction.

One of the most common methods is through the arm test: the practitioner will ask permission to work with the client, get them to affirm certain truths that they know, and then apply gentle force to the wrist – if the arm stays strong, then it indicates truth; if it falls weakly then it is untrue.

The Emotion Code Book explains how this powerful yet simple method can accurately locate thousands of clients’ stored emotions and allow them to be acknowledged, released, and ultimately healed.

We’re fortunate that we now have an effective way of dealing with these trapped emotions so that we can move on with our lives free of hindrances!

Unlock The Secrets Of Your Subconscious Through Muscle Testing

Muscle Testing

The Emotion Code Book explains that the sway of your body can be used as a powerful tool to unlock the subconscious truths that are hidden within us.

By using a sway test, which requires you to simply stand up and relax with your feet shoulder-width apart and say your name, you start to understand how our bodies instinctively move towards what is good and true, while moving away from what is bad or false.

You can also use this method with positive versus negative statements.

If you say “unconditional love” for example, your body will likely sway forward in response to the positive emotion.

Alternatively, if you state something like “hate” then your body will naturally want to move away from the energy that comes along with those words.

Once you understand how this works, it’s time to dive deeper into understanding how you can use this phenomenon to get insight into your subconscious mind.

You’ll be able to discover if there are negative emotions trapped inside of you by asking questions such as “Do I have a trapped emotion?” If so, then through detailed yes or no questions (and following the Emotion Code Chart), you’ll be able to pinpoint when that emotion was captured and ways on how release it so it doesn’t cause anymore harm in your life.

With the power of muscle testing and sway testing unlocked, study up on The Emotion Code book – it might just change everything!

Magnets Are The Perfect Tool To Release Trapped Emotions And Restore Well-Being

The Emotion Code is a powerful tool to relieve you of the emotional baggage that has been bogging you down, and it doesn’t have to be complicated.

In fact, one of the easiest ways to release trapped emotions is by using something incredibly simple: a refrigerator magnet!

Before we get into how magnets can help us with this process, let’s take a quick look at what trapped emotions are.

A Trapped emotion is a particular energy which is stored in our body due to our environment or experiences, and this energy can cause us discomfort and lead to all sorts of physical, mental and emotional issues.

Refrigerator magnets work wonders for releasing these stuck feelings because magnets offer an opposing energy wave which counters the trapped emotion’s own energy level.

It’s kind of like noise-canceling headphones—they sense outside sound waves and produce their own sound waves in reaction.

This same principle works with trapped emotions— your opposite energy wave needs to come into contact with them in order for them dissipate through our energetic channels.

Research lead by Jean-Claure Darras backs this up; he injected radioactive isotopes into acupoints (points along our bodily meridians) and non-acupoints, finding that only those injected into acupoints dispersed precisely as predicted according to Chinese acupuncture practices.

This points towards a real phenomenon known as the Grand Meridian – basically, energy must flow outwards from these points in order for us to have an increase wellbeing and harmony overall.

Magnets become incredibly useful here because they enhance our intentions — when we approach trapped emotions with positive intentions aiming for release, we can use magnets to magnify this effect even further and encourage those energies out along our grand meridian pathways.

All we need is three passes of the magnet along the meridian pathway while following the instructions set forth by The Emotion Code book — ask yourself if you released the emotion after each pass — if not keep going until you test strong!

Getting into the practice of using The Emotion Code can prove challenging in the beginning.

That’s why it’s important to be aware of certain potential roadblocks that may arise as you progress.

To ensure successful results, it’s important to remember a few key things and have tips towards addressing any issues that come up.

For starters, becoming familiar with muscle testing can take time and practice.

Clearing your conscious mind and focusing only on the question is the key to successful muscle testing.

It’s also best not to apply too much pressure when asking questions.

A light touch like that you’d use holding a ladybug safely between your fingertips should suffice as enough force.

If either you or the person you’re working with experiences constant weak results while muscle testing, overload is likely to blame.

This happens when too many trapped emotions are released at once, so it’s best just to take thirty seconds or up to a day break before continuing on back into practice sessions.

Additionally, if test results come up strong rather than weak, there could be two possible causes – dehydration or bone misalignment in the neck – both of which need addressing before continuing with The Emotion Code process.

Finally, when working on others (or yourself), its important to remember that projecting your own trapped emotions onto them (or yourself) is very possible; this is known as resonance.

Doing regular practices on yourself helps prevent resonation from occurring during sessions altogether; if encountering the same result from multiple people multiple times occurs then most likely resonance is happening instead and needs addressing.

The Emotion Code – How To Re-Route Negative Feelings For A Positive Outlook

Positive Outlook

The Emotion Code is an invaluable tool that allows us to reroute our current emotional experience in order to create a more positive outcome.

It helps us understand that our feelings come from within and not due to external forces, so we can be intentional with the emotions that we choose.

When we’re feeling overwhelmed by a negative emotion, the Emotion Code can provide us with the insight necessary to identify what those feelings are and why they are occurring.

By using muscle testing or consulting the Emotion Code chart, we can determine specifically what our emotion is triggered by so we can address it appropriately.

Once located, trapped emotions can be released with a magnet before choosing a new emotional resonance that is better suited for our needs.

This might include curiosity instead of rejection or confidence instead of low self-esteem.

Essentially, The Emotion Code allows us to take control of our emotional states in order to optimize our happiness and wellbeing.

By practicing this process regularly, it becomes easier to recognize how past traumas may still be influencing the present—and how to focus on selecting more appropriate emotions for difficult situations.

Wrap Up

The final summary of The Emotion Code by Dr.

Bradley Nelson is that it’s a simple and effective method of releasing the trapped emotions that are holding you back from living your best life.

This book provides an actionable framework for not only recognizing your feelings but also addressing them at their core.

And with practice, you can create a powerful energy of love and gratitude inside yourself that spreads throughout the space and brings positivity to everyone around you.

By releasing trapped emotions, you will take a significant step towards improving your emotional, psychological, spiritual, and physical health and wellbeing.

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