The Element Book Summary By Ken Robinson, with Lou Aronica

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The Element (2009) is a book about personal growth and understanding what sparks joy for its readers.

It takes a unique spin on discovering one’s natural edge by helping them get in the zone and exploring what it is that drives their creativity.

By reading The Element, readers will be able to unearth their special talent or element and how they can use it to achieve success in all aspects of their life.

The book provides clear instructions on how to identify your element, as well as insight into the positive results that come with it.

Moreover, it speaks to the power of combining passion and skills to reach your highest potential.

The Element Book Summary

Book Name: The Element (How Finding Your Passion Changes Everything)

Author(s): Ken Robinson, with Lou Aronica

Rating: 4.1/5

Reading Time: 13 Minutes

Categories: Career & Success

Author Bio

Ken Robinson is an authoritative name in education, creativity, and innovation.

His expertise has made him Professor Emeritus of the University of Warwick and a highly sought-after speaker and author.

Notable books he has written include Creative Schools and Out of Our Minds: Learning to be Creative, both of which have won critical acclaim.

Finding Your Element: How To Unleash Your True Potential And Create A Life You Love

Life You Love

Finding your element can make a huge difference in life, and it’s not too late to start creating or learning something totally new.

Your aptitude may not be the same as your passion and you should explore what truly excites you and drives you in order to discover your true element.

Once you find it, forming a tribe around that element is also important since achieving success requires more than just a clever Instagram caption.

It involves finding people who also share your passions and interests, and using each of your individual strengths to fuel one another’s success.

It’s all about the energy you create together and how it can push each of you to reach new levels of greatness.

The Element Book is perfect for anyone looking to find their place in the world.

It offers key insight into discovering one’s element – unlocking true potential by finding an activity or craft that truly brings joy instead of relying on mere admiration or halfway dedication.

Finding Your Element: A Combination Of Aptitude And Passion Leads To Fulfillment

If you want to find a sense of fulfillment and connection with your true identity and purpose, it is important to understand the two features that define ‘the element’: aptitude and passion.

Aptitude can be thought of as a natural and intuitive ability to accomplish something—often referred to as ‘talent’.

You might be talented in lots of areas, such as software development, poetry or playing the violin – that’s aptitude.

But aptitude on its own won’t take you very far.

For a feeling of true fulfillment, you need passion too – the kind of feeling that will keep you practicing and loving every minute of it.

As Charles from the author’s brother’s former band demonstrated, this involves not only enjoying what you do but wanting to do it for hours on end.

In his case, playing keyboard was clearly his passion!

So to be in your element requires having both aptitude and passion; only then can you start on your journey towards realizing your goals and finding true satisfaction in life.

The Power Of Attitude And Opportunity In Achieving Success

Finding your element in life requires the right attitude and proper opportunities.

As evidenced by the story of John Wilson, people who have had to battle odds against them throughout their lives can still succeed through sheer drive.

Despite an accident leading to his partial blindness at age twelve, John managed to learn Braille and excel at a college for the blind and later at Oxford.

This was only possible due to his determination and an opportunity extended by a visiting public official who noticed his potential.

Even if you possess immense talent, you need the right opportunities in order to apply it properly.

Someone with impressive pearl diving abilities, living in a desert environment without access to water, won’t find their element despite possessing such skill.

Furthermore, mentors can help provide the push needed to take advantage of such opportunities when they arise.

The author of this book can attest to that; he was provided with a chance due to the recognition given to him by Mr Stafford during his school days, which led him down a fruitful path paved with support from then on.

Recognize The Nuances Of Intelligence To Find Your Element

Nuances Of Intelligence

It’s important to remember that intelligence is diverse, dynamic and distinctive.

Everyone’s intelligence is different and unique, like a fingerprint.

It cannot be defined simply by standardized tests or grades in school – it is an infinite source of potential which must be recognized if one wants to find their true passion.

Gordon Parks and Albert Einstein are perfect examples of this.

Gordon Parks didn’t have a high school education, but he taught himself multiple skills which eventually made him into a highly acclaimed photographer, filmmaker and composer.

Albert Einstein was a renowned scientist and mathematician; but when he faced mathematical problems, he would switch activities by playing his violin, resulting in more creative solutions that would have been inaccessible otherwise.

If you don’t recognize the nuances by which people use their intelligence, you’ll severely limit your chances of success in discovering your passion.

There isn’t a single fixed state to intelligence; it’s constantly changing and evolving over time – making it all the more important to try new things and explore different forms of thinking!

The Key To Finding Your Element: Join A Tribe And Lose Yourself In The Moment

Have you ever found yourself trying to explain an idea to another person, only to be met with a lack of understanding? You’re not alone – and this is why it’s important to find your tribe in order to discover your true element.

Your tribe could consist of anyone – coworkers, friends, even competitors!

What makes it unique is the commitment to being who you naturally are, whatever that may be.

Just think about American actress Meg Ryan.

She was successful academically, a brilliant writer and superb student.

But it wasn’t until she joined on camera sets with fellow actors, cameramen and directors that she felt fully embracing her view of the world; something everyone needs from their tribe.

And while finding your element can require time and dedication, when you do find what that is there will be no doubt in your mind.

You’ll become consumed by the present moment without registering time or physical space around you- like Swedish pool player Ewa Laurance who sometimes plays for nine hours at a time feeling as if 30 minutes have passed by instead.

The elation experienced when immersed in your element should still be respected with concentration breaks in order to prevent burning out too quickly!

By seeking out people that share similar interests, values and outlooks on life as you, discovering your element becomes much more achievable.

The Power Of A Strong Will: Overcoming Personal And Social Barriers To Find Your Element

It’s not uncommon to face self-doubt or other personal and social barriers when you’re on the hunt for your Element.

Even the most successful people have gone through it, like American artist Chuck Close, who suffered from physical issues and a learning disability but never gave up on his art.

Even when he became paralyzed by a blood clot and lost the ability to hold a brush, he refused to give up; instead, he found an alternative way of holding his brush with his teeth!

Likewise, famed Brazilian author Paulo Coelho was discouraged by his family and friends when they insisted he become a lawyer instead of pursuing a career in arts.

So much that they had him sent off to a psychiatric asylum multiple times – yet Paulo still followed his heart’s desire despite all odds.

These examples illustrate just how important it is not to give up even if your closest ones don’t agree with or support your pursuits.

After all, only you know what will bring you true fulfillment and lead you to your Element.

So trust yourself – no matter how daunting the journey may seem at times – as personal and social barriers are par for the course along this path!

It’s Never Too Late To Pursue Your Dreams And Follow Your Element

Your Dreams

No matter our age, everyone can still find an activity that they enjoy and feel passionate about.

It’s never too late to pursue your dreams and be in your element.

You don’t have to be a professional– it’s perfectly alright to pursue activities or hobbies as an amateur!

Take Harriet Doerr for example.

She wrote some stories while taking care of her family, but she didn’t fully take advantage of her talents until she was 65 years old when she decided to take a course in creative writing at Stanford University.

And despite the fact that she was 72 when her first book came out, it certainly wasn’t too late for her!

Gabriel Trop is another example of this notion.

As he was studying for his PhD in German literature at UC Berkeley, he took up cello playing on the side and even became the lead cellist in the university’s orchestra after just a year.

But despite loving both music and literature, he chose the latter as his profession because pursuing either one of them without financial stress was the best decision for him.

It’s obvious that you don’t need to be a professional to still do what you enjoy; you just need to find your passion and go after it no matter how old you are—that’s how you can be in your element!

Wrap Up

The Element Book by Ken Robinson is an incredibly valuable read.

It offers readers a way to uncover their own potential, and encourages them to pursue the life they were truly meant to live.

The book’s key message explains that each person can find their element – that place where they feel completely absorbed and fulfilled.

Regardless of age, career status or personal barriers you face, Robinson believes that with the right combination of talent and passion, you can use these two qualities to help propel yourself towards success.

Overall, The Element once again proved that self-determination and hard work can make all the difference in our lives.

Through this book, readers were brought back to the idea that pursuing our true passions can lead us down the path of becoming our best selves.

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