The Easy Way To Stop Smoking Book Summary By Allen Carr

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The Easy Way to Stop Smoking is a groundbreaking book written by Allen Carr.

This book dives into the psychology behind quitting smoking, and provides an easy and straightforward way to quit once and for all.

Rather than looking at quitting smoking as a habit, this book looks at it as an addiction and provides the necessary steps to break free from cigarettes.

Readers of this revolutionary book will learn how to confront their own personal challenges, answer difficult questions they may have on their journey, and most importantly, be able to quit smoking in an easy way with lasting results.

The Easy Way To Stop Smoking Book Summary By Allen Carr

Book Name: The Easy Way to Stop Smoking (Join the Millions Who Have Become Non-Smokers Using Allen Carr's Easyway Method)

Author(s): Allen Carr

Rating: 4.1/5

Reading Time: 12 Minutes

Categories: Health & Nutrition

Author Bio

Allen Carr was a British author who used his own experiences to create self-help books that could help people overcome some of their toughest problems, such as smoking and alcoholism.

Allen was a heavy smoker himself until he managed to quit after 33 years of chain-smoking, during which time he shocked himself by consuming up to 100 cigarettes per day.

Realizing the power of his method – which he titled EASYWAY – he opened an entire chain of clinics devoted solely to helping people stop smoking for good, with the provision that everyone who came there must receive a money-back guarantee.

Unfortunately, Allen passed away 2006 from lung cancer but his legacy lives on in his work.

The Easyway Method: How To Quit Smoking And Take Control Of Your Life

Quit Smoking

If you’re looking for an easier way to quit smoking, look no further than the EASYWAY method.

This revolutionary approach to ending your addiction has been proven to be the most successful and satisfying way to put down cigarettes for good.

You’ll learn what addiction really is, and how cigarettes don’t actually offer any real benefits when it comes to stress relief or other reasons we think smoking helps us.

By reading these sections, you’ll understand why willpower alone won’t help you quit smoking and take your journey step-by-step on the path to quitting.

Discover how the EASYWAY method can provide you with all of the empowering knowledge and tools that you need in order to break free from your addiction once and for all.

Start your journey today with The Easy Way To Stop Smokingand get ready to turn over a new leaf!

The Easyway To Quit Smoking: A Method Without Suffering Or Withdrawal Symptoms

Do you smoke because you think it relaxes or helps you concentrate? We’ve all heard the theories on how to permanently quit smoking, but they often don’t work.

That’s why The EASYWAY to quit smoking is here.

This method doesn’t require willpower or withdrawal symptoms, and instead focuses on teaching smokers to question why they pick up the habit in the first place.

Instead of looking for substitutes such as nicotine gum, smokers need to ask themselves why they find themselves reaching for a cigarette when times get tough.

With the EASYWAY method, smokers can reevaluate their perception of smoking and gain an understanding of why other quitting methods don’t work or have failed them in the past.

When used rigorously and followed to a T, this method encourages smokers to look within and recognize what they gain by smoking that causes them to persistently engage with it.

Through questioning their cigarette habits, smokers can acquire insight into why traditional methods may not be working for them and take back control of quitting cigarettes for good.

Overcome Cultural Brainwashing To Quit Smoking Easily And Effectively

People sometimes think that if they can go long enough without smoking a cigarette, then they will lose the desire to do so.

However, this only makes quitting a sacrifice, making it much harder than it needs to be.

When we try to quit through sheer willpower, all we see is that we’re giving up something.

But when we go about quitting differently and focus on the positive aspects such as saving money or improving our health, even that doesn’t seem to be enough.

We still find ourselves wanting a cigarette and thus have the high risk of relapsing into addiction again.

Cutting back smoking may seem like a better idea but what happens is that you are still stuck with an addiction and all it does is add more stress rather than make you want cigarettes less due to limiting yourself to special moments.

Hence why using sheer willpower won’t work if you see quitting as sacrifice instead of opportunity – which is why Easyway is there for making quitting easier!

It’s not about restricting yourself from smoking but rather about defeating the brainwashing effect of our society culture for us craving for another cigarette.

The Real Challenge Of Quitting Smoking: Breaking Free From Brainwashing


Brainwashing is one of the biggest obstacles to overcoming a smoking addiction.

While nicotine itself is extremely addictive, it’s not nearly as severe an addiction as many think.

Withdrawals usually aren’t accompanied by physical pain, only the feeling of something missing.

But what makes quitting much more difficult isn’t the physical addiction to nicotine, but rather the mental brainwashing that smokers are subjected to.

Whether it’s through advertising, media coverage or influences from people around us who smoke, we are told that quitting is hard and that it requires a great sacrifice.

This thinking can make it much harder for us to quit than it would be otherwise and is why brainwashing is considered such an obstacle in trying to quit smoking.

We look to cigarettes when we feel stressed, bored or need relaxation or concentration but nicotine doesn’t truly provide relief from any of those things; these beliefs are just results of being brainwashed into believing this.

If someone wants to beat their smoking addiction, their first step needs to be recognizing and breaking down this mental barrier caused by brainwashing and believing that kick-starting your way towards smoke-free life isn’t as hard as you might think.

Smoking: An Addiction That Goes Beyond Relief And Comfort To A Place Of False Promises

When it comes to smoking, many of us think that it’s a source of relaxation and socialization.

But in reality, these positive associations are nothing more than illusions.

They’re only the result of us becoming addicted to nicotine, and our craving for it being relieved.

Nicotine itself is a chemical stimulant, so why do we believe its effects are calming? The sense of relaxation we get after smoking is simply due to feeding our body with nicotine; however, long-term smokers don’t experience this anymore.

The illusion continues – many people believe their concentration and boredom levels improve after smoking.

Again, this sensation is only felt because smokers become easily distracted when they aren’t getting their nicotine fix; cigarettes actually make them feel lethargic and bored.

So what exactly motivates people to quit? Well, saving money and better health are pretty good incentives!

But they arise gradually rather than immediately.

Plus, you won’t instantly feel young again after quitting.

So if you want to last on your path to giving up cigarettes for good, you need to think about the feeling of freedom quitting will give you – deep down you know that smoking doesn’t really benefit you at all!

How To Quit Smoking: Don’T Wait For The Right Time, Do It Now

If you are thinking about quitting smoking, there is no better time than right now.

Despite what your doubts and fears may tell you, when it comes to quitting, the timing most certainly does not matter; any time of day (or night) is potentially the perfect opportunity to break free from cigarettes.

Though you will probably be worried about the withdrawal symptoms – nicotine cravings, hunger pangs that can masquerade as nicotine cravings – rest assured that after roughly 30 days, nicotine will have been completely eliminated from your system and you’ll no longer feel such strong urges for cigarettes.

You should also acknowledge that weight-gain caused by replacing cigarettes with snacks is a legitimate fear but if you’re careful and aware of your body’s changes, this can be prevented.

Most of all though, know that just one cigarette won’t save you; just one puff can restart your addiction and begin the brainwashing process again.

Now more than ever before is the time to quit smoking: banish those old doubts and give yourself an fresh opportunity – make now the beginning of your smoke-free journey!

Quitting Smoking Doesn’t Have To Be A Sacrificial Act: Overcome Nicotine Addiction And Thrive As A Non-Smoker

Nicotine Addiction

When it comes to quitting smoking, the most freeing feeling isn’t necessarily at the end of your 30-day withdrawal period.

Instead, you can start to experience freedom as soon as you take that last drag off your cigarette.

Nicotine replacement therapy focuses on battling both addiction and the withdrawal pangs of nicotine.

But in reality, once you let go of the idea that quitting is a sacrifice and just smoke that final cigarette – inhaling deeply and asking yourself what it’s really giving you – then you can begin to feel liberated in that very moment!

You have to be mindful though – while the physical effects of nicotine will dissipate within days, nicotine cravings may still come up through various psychological triggers, like when around other smokers or even watching your friends light one up.

Around 10% of quitters who use the EASYWAY method may relapse for this reason.

That’s why it’s important to not ban thinking about cigarettes or make them a “taboo” as that could result in craving them more.

It’s easier (and healthier) to focus on how smoking affects our freedom – by reflecting honestly on it, we’re able to realize why it isn’t worth the effort to keep smoking.

So don’t forget – your freedom begins not after your withdrawal period is over, but instead from that very moment when you smoke your last cigarette!

Enjoy being a non-smoker, be proud of this decision and life without cigarettes will make absolute sense.

Wrap Up

The Easy Way to Stop Smoking provides a comprehensive approach to quitting smoking without sacrifice.

The goal is to gain freedom, which can be achieved by overcoming false beliefs about fearful withdrawals and reduced enjoyment of life.

It also contains helpful advice for smokers looking to quit: work out which cigarette you need the most and despise the most, and before quitting, ask yourself what the most important cigarette is for you.

Through this book, readers learn that cigarettes only give them help against their own addiction, not any other actual rewards or pleasure.

This understanding helps equip readers with the knowledge they need to quit with conviction and enjoy a new life without cigarettes.

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