The Dreamer And The Fantasy Relationship Book Summary By Natalie Lue

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The Dreamer and the Fantasy Relationship is a book about understanding why women, whether in a relationship or not, get too caught up in their fantasies of men.

It breaks down the lies that women believe and how these lies can lead to disappointment and frustration in relationships.

Written by Christine Hart, it's filled with advice on how to build healthier relationships with more realistic expectations.

This book examines the idea of daydreaming and how it can produce an unhealthy and unfulfilled outlook on potential partners as well as current relationships.

It goes on to provide information regarding trust issues for those who have been hurt before, re-establishing communication between couples and understanding one another’s needs.

At its core, The Dreamer and the Fantasy Relationship is meant to help women come to terms with their own expectations while teaching them the importance of authenticity within their relationships.

The Dreamer And The Fantasy Relationship Book

Book Name: The Dreamer and the Fantasy Relationship (How to have happier relationships and stop being drawn to unavailable men)

Author(s): Natalie Lue

Rating: 4.4/5

Reading Time: 19 Minutes

Categories: Sex & Relationships

Author Bio

Natalie Lue is the author of the hugely successful relationship blog Baggage Reclaim and best-selling books such as The No Contact Rule and Mr Unavailable & the Fallback Girl.

She draws upon her London upbringing combined with her Irish roots to bring a unique perspective to her work.

Her latest book, The Dreamer and the Fantasy, dives into real life situations that people may face in their romantic relationships and provides helpful strategies for getting out of them.

In it, Natalie brings an understanding of human dynamics to the table which helps readers to better recognize patterns of behavior so they can get out of an unhealthy relationship or break a negative cycle before it becomes too hard to handle.

Understanding Fantasy Relationships: Why Women Daydream About Unavailable Men And How To Find Something Real

Fantasy Relationships

In today’s world of fleeting relationships, it can sometimes be difficult to differentiate between fantasy and reality.

We often find ourselves imagining a perfect relationship with our own prince charming, or being drawn to unavailable men who we believe will eventually commit to us.

Unfortunately, these fantasies only lead to heartache and disappointment in the end.

The Dreamer and the Fantasy Relationship by Natures Nutrition explores this phenomenon in detail.

It uncovers why women are attracted to unreliable partners, how certain “hooks” keep us trapped in that situation, and why engaging in an affair is simply another form of a fantasy.

Through this book we can learn why chasing after what isn’t real can leave us romantically unfulfilled and how to break free from those fantasies once and for all.

No Matter What A Guy Says, If He’S Unavailable He’Ll Keep You Dreaming

When it comes to relationships, certain types of men can often give mixed messages that are confusing and leave women feeling uncertain.

This can lead to a lot of daydreaming and fantasizing about the future.

For starters, these kinds of men may take things quickly, rushing through the early stages – mainly over text – and wanting to make things sexual before truly getting to know the woman.

It creates this flattering impression that these dreams of commitment are so inspiring that he doesn’t want to wait around for them.

Unfortunately though, this is when men will use what the author calls “future faking” as a way of sustaining intimacy; offering grand plans for next week or next month in order to keep the woman interested even though none come true.

It’s all just talk with no intention or ability behind it.

It’s important to recognize this behavior from certain men in order not to get overly invested in fantasy and unrealistic expectations.

In reality they’re often tricks being used by these men simply because they want all the perks without ever having any real commitment towards a relationship.

Realizing When Your Relationship Fantasies Are Unhealthy And Unrealistic

It’s easy to get lost in the allure of a romantic fantasy, particularly when it comes to relationships.

Whether we daydream about owning the perfect home, having the ideal career, or just being fit and healthy, there is a certain appeal to letting our imaginations run wild from time to time.

However, it’s essential that we recognize where these fantasies are unhelpful—especially if they blind us to reality.

Fantasies often look similar on the surface and this can lead us into thinking they’re all one and the same.

But in truth, not all of our romantic dreams are alike, and not all of them are equally unrealistic.

Recognizing that fantasies come in various forms helps us realize when expectations don’t match reality.

For example, virtual relationships conducted through dating apps or over email may feel like something more but might never actually materialize beyond two people messaging each other online.

Likewise, crushes tend to be largely dreamy musings rather than active attempts at connection with another person which may not result in anything other than pleasant imaginings.

Lastly, infidelity fantasies bubble up with unrealistic hopes for a different love story- one void of pain and hurt; yet such hopes can truly be nothing more than a fantasy without actionable steps leading away from its ideas of grandeur.

The message here is simple: Fantasies have many similarities yet remain distinct from one another at the same time-so don’t allow them to be confused for your real life stuggles despite their common surface level traits!

Why We Keep Chasing Bad Relationships: The Power Of Exaggeration, Projection, And Hooks

Bad Relationships

If you find yourself constantly chasing after relationships that never really work out for you, then it’s likely due to exaggeration, projection, and hooks.

In this section of The Dreamer and the Fantasy Relationship Book Summary, the author explains how these traits are at play in bad relationships.

Exaggeration looks at a partner’s good points and amplifies them beyond rational levels.

This stops people from weighing their options objectively and keeps them interested in a relationship even when there are obvious flaws to be seen.

Projection involves attributing unrealistic expectations onto someone else.

People project their individual hopes and dreams onto a potential partner in hopes of making them the “perfect” match for themselves.

However, this kind of thinking is often misguided and can lead to disappointment if things don’t work out as planned.

Finally, hooks can be easy prey for dreamers looking for another chance at love.

Hooks refer to desirable qualities in a potential partner such as good looks, wealth, power, or kindness – all factors which should not be given priority over true compatibility when looking for a suitable relationship partner.

It is important to remember that these qualities alone do not make up for an unfulfilling relationship!

The Secret Reason You’re Drawn To Unavailable Men: Fear Of Intimacy

For those of us who find ourselves frequently drawn to flimsy relationships with unavailable men, there might be an answer that is more deeply rooted than knowledge.

It turns out that dreaming about these types of relationships can actually act as a shield for our own insecurities.

What happens when we choose to chase after these elusive partners is that we know deep down the relationship won’t work out and this distances us from real emotions.

We are attracted to these ‘Mr Unavailable’ types because it gives us a chance to protect ourselves from getting too close or too intimate with someone else.

By opting for Mr Unavailable, we opt for a distant, fantasy relationship which frees us from any risk of emotional vulnerability.

Truly seeking true commitment may have its benefits, but it can also open up the possibility of being hurt – something that many of us try to avoid when possible.

Ditching The Fear Of Rejection: Stop Viewing Breakups As Reflections Of Your Worth

The Dreamer and the Fantasy Relationship encourages readers to rethink the idea of a “rejection” when it comes to failed relationships.

When a date or relationship doesn’t work out, it doesn’t mean you have been rejected- far from it.

It just means that two people weren’t right for each other at that time.

It’s important to recognize that this doesn’t necessarily mean anything negative about your worthiness as an individual.

It’s just a reflection of incompatible personalities, or timing issues – something that you can’t control.

The first step is accepting disappointment (if there is any), and moving on without using negative words like “rejected.” This will help reduce your fear of vulnerability and ultimately give you the strength to stay open to genuine connections with others despite potential heartache in the future.

By understanding this concept, we can overcome our fear of intimacy and emotional honesty, making us more resilient for times of heartbreak but also more receptive of connections leading towards happily ever afters!

Don’t Rely On Fantasies: Take Things Slowly And Pay Attention To What You Notice About The Person You’Re Dating

Pay Attention

If you’re struggling to break bad patterns of fantasizing in relationships then remember that it is possible to stay grounded.

This can be done by taking the time to form a realistic and accurate picture of the person you are with.

The best way to do this is to adopt an attitude of ‘wait and see’ and think of your date as a Lego figure.

That way, as you spend more time together, you are constructing an honest picture of them – brick by brick.

Don’t rush into anything and make sure not to overlook or downplay any red flags when they appear.

Additionally, don’t fall in love with assumptions; instead take the time to get to know the person for who they actually are and not the idealized version of them that may occupy your daydreams.

This won’t be easy at first but it will help keep perceptions realistic and give you the clarity necessary for laying foundations for healthy relationships.

In short, remembering simple things like these can help prevent unrealistic expectations from surfacing in future relationships encouraging a return from fantasy into reality.

Wrap Up

The Dreamer and the Fantasy Relationship is a book that brings readers to a valuable insight.

The message of this book is clear – relying on pipe dreams prevents us from getting in touch with our emotions, leading us to make wrong choices when it comes to selecting partners.

In order to build lasting relationships, we should take things slow and base decisions on reality rather than fantasies.

Embrace our emotional vulnerability while taking chances with reliable men, as they are more likely to satisfy our needs and ensure happy relationships.

This is the summary of The Dreamer and the Fantasy Relationship – embracing your emotions, taking chances on steady men, and growing those loving relationships bit by bit.

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