The Desire Map Book Summary By Danielle LaPorte

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The Desire Map (2014) is a book that everyone should have in their collection!

It's an essential guide to harnessing the positive force of desire and provides the reader with the motivation and creativity needed to reach their goals and find fulfillment.

It offers insight into who you truly are and what makes you feel alive.

Desire is an unstoppable energy within us, it can empower us if we focus our attention on what matters most.

Through self-awareness exercises, this book will help you identify your core desires so that you can use them as fuel to create meaningful changes and experiences in your life.

The Desire Map (2014) is required reading for anyone wishing to live with idea of abundance and positivity, backed up with real practical tools that you can start using today.

The Desire Map Book

Book Name: The Desire Map (A Guide to Creating Goals with Soul)

Author(s): Danielle LaPorte

Rating: 3.9/5

Reading Time: 10 Minutes

Categories: Motivation & Inspiration

Author Bio

Danielle LaPorte is an incredibly successful writer and entrepreneur.

She decided to forgo traditional schooling and instead, choose to learn everything herself from the ground up.

This gave her a deep insight into the concept of success which has certainly served her well over the years.

Her commitment to self-improvement led Danielle to write the amazing The Fire Starter Sessions in which she shares her knowledge passionately and encourages readers to start their own journeys of self-discovery.

She also authored The Desire Map which summarizes the lessons she teaches in The Fire Starter Sessions and provides readers with simple tips on how they can be more mindful in life.

The Power Of Desires: Learning To Recognize And Follow Your Deepest Yearnings

Learning To Recognize

The Desire Map by Danielle Wood provides readers with a priceless insight into the character of their desires.

It shows us why it’s important to pay attention to them, why they can lead us to a more authentic life, and even how they can be true even though they may not be facts.

It’s essential to recognize our deepest desires so that they can guide us towards our ultimate goals.

The Desire Map explains why it’s important to take note of those hankerings after someone or something – even if you don’t get what you want in the end – and also why we should think twice before dismissing somebody because of his or her appearance.

Ultimately, this book can help readers understand their desires better, meet them, and allow them to lead the way on their journey through life.

The Power Of Desire: A Catalyst For Creativity, Evolution And Fulfillment

Desire is ultimately what keeps us alive and pushing forward in life.

Without our desire for food, love, sex, companionship and achievement, we’d have little reason to get up out of bed in the morning.

It’s this powerful force of wanting that drives us to be creative and look for ways to make our desires a reality.

Take for example remembering a high school crush – if you really wanted to kiss someone you sat behind in science class, you eventually find yourself coming up with all sorts of creative ways in order to make them notice – dropping hints and writing notes are just some examples.

Desire is also such a powerful tool that it can push us towards further evolution as individuals by forcing us to confront our fears so we can achieve those things we desire most.

Ultimately desire fuels our lives; it gives us something to strive for by helping us confront our current realities while also enabling us to reach for our dreams of the future – it’s what keeps the will to live burning inside of each one of us every day!

Don’T Ignore Your Feelings: Use Them To Guide Your Life Decisions

We all have to make life-altering decisions throughout our lives that can be difficult to navigate, especially if we don’t always have clarity about the path ahead.

But there is one thing that should guide you: your feelings.

It’s easy to get wrapped up in rational thinking when trying to decide what is true and what isn’t; however, feelings can be so much more powerful than facts.

Your feelings are unique to you and provide an invaluable insight into your personal truths—wisdom that no one else can guide you with.

In The Desire Map by Danielle LaPorte, she describes core desired feelings as being part of our inner compass for navigating those tricky life decisions.

These are the things like freedom, belongingness, contentment—things you desires deeply and consistently through different times of your life.

If something isn’t making you feel the way you want deep down inside, then it’s almost certainly not the right course of action for you.

Sometimes it may not seem reasonable at first to follow your heart or ignore logical advice in favor of a feeling—like leaving a job that pays well but doesn’t make us feel fulfilled or happy—but in many cases it will end up being the best decision to make.

It’s important to trust ourselves enough to follow what we feel instinctively and allow it be our guidepost for making big decisions along the way.

Embrace Unexpected Encounters And Follow Your Core Desires To Reach New Levels Of Awareness


Do you feel pressure from others to attain certain goals and chase what they desire for you? It’s time to liberate yourself from these expectations, and figure out what your true desires are.

Once you come to terms with what you truly want in life, it will be easier for you to make decisions that bring fulfillment and joy.

Sometimes, a long hard think about our deepest yearnings isn’t enough for us to reach total awareness.

Unexpected chances can also help guide us towards discovering our real desires.

For instance, if you’re aiming for a romantic connection filled with adventure, don’t miss the opportunity of when a guy who doesn’t fit the mold comes around.

Instead of running away because he’s not in great shape or doesn’t have fancy degrees (or has a large nose!), be open to exploring where your desires take you – even when it feels intimidating!

By approaching all cases of chance encounters with confidence and allowing yourself to treasure every moment, these instances can propel you into higher levels of awareness while providing plenty of new experiences.

Setting Goals Should Bring Excitement And Happiness; They Shouldn’T Stress Us Out

It can be very tempting to set goals that push us out of our comfort zone, but it’s important to remember that if the goal feels daunting or like too much hard work, it’s probably best avoided.

Goals that you dread chasing aren’t worth pursuing – they’ll only create stress for you and won’t be in line with your true desires.

The Desire Map encourages us to drop the uninspiring, traditional goals and replace them with ones that feel achievable and capture our core values and desires.

This doesn’t mean lowering expectations or taking the easy route; rather, it’s about being realistic with ourselves by setting attainable goals that we’re also excited about achieving.

You may find that once you’ve achieved one of these manageable goals, such as publishing your first poem or winning a runner up position in a competition, you have more ideas than ever before and become hungry for further opportunities to grow and develop.

That’s totally natural, but it’s important to note that our goals shouldn’t come at the expense of other things we care about – such as relationships or lifestyles – nor should they involve pushing others aside so we can succeed.

By creating meaningful goals based on our true passions, The Desire Map aims to help readers find success ethically while encouraging growth without sacrificing happiness along the way.

Don’t Criticize Your Goals — Embrace Them And Find Ways To Make Them Happen

 Your Goals

It’s time to make peace with your weaknesses and rise above them.

We all have limitations, whether they be financial constraints, family responsibilities or physical ailments.

Don’t let these stop you from achieving the goals that bring you joy – instead, embrace them and find ways to work around them.

The Desire Map book speaks to these challenges and reinforces the message that everyone should be allowed to pursue their dreams without criticism or ridicule – whatever those dreams may be.

Don’t criticize yourself for wanting something, even if it seems fantastical or out of reach.

You also shouldn’t judge the dreams of others or make fun of them; we all deserve freedom to do what we desire.

Sometimes our desires can become conflicting; a person who craves solitude might also be a mother!

But this tension is not necessarily a bad thing – rather it allows us an opportunity to recognize that sometimes in order to fulfill one dream, another must be let go of.

And when this happens there’s a chance you’ll uncover unexpected sources of happiness and new paths forward.

Ultimately, don’t limit yourself because of weaknesses or lack of resources – have faith in yourself and don’t give up.

As long as you use your knowledge and work strategically with what you already have, anything is possible.

Wrap Up

The main takeaway from The Desire Map Book is that desire can be a powerful force in someone’s life.

It can foster creativity, growth, and opportunities beyond what we could have imagined.

To make the most of it, we need to learn to work with our own goals and weaknesses instead of being held captive by expectations put upon us by others.

To do this, the book provides helpful exercises and diagrams to create your “desire map,” and suggests focusing on the things you can trust when nervousness or pessimism creeps in.

By taking control of your desires and trusting yourself, you access their positive power and thrive.

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