The Da Vinci Curse Book Summary By Leonardo Lospennato

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The Da Vinci Curse is a book that was published in 2012 and examines the problem of people who are plagued with having too many talents and interests.

It discusses how this can lead to difficulty focusing on one thing, which can lead to constant changing of jobs, hobbies and even homes without ever developing a strong engagement in any particular domain.

This book goes deeper into the root causes of the curse, then presents an effective methodology for tackling it.

It clearly explains how individuals affected by this curse are often unhappy and unfulfilled due to their inability to focus and make meaningful progress in any field or passion.

It distills the main aspects of such an issue and provides insights into resolving it while staying true to oneself.

It helps readers bring out their unique individual potentials so they can live life in fullness and clarity.

The Da Vinci Curse Book

Book Name: The Da Vinci Curse (Life Design for People With Too Many Interests and Talents)

Author(s): Leonardo Lospennato

Rating: 4.2/5

Reading Time: 12 Minutes

Categories: Career & Success

Author Bio

Leonardo Lospennato is an incredible Renaissance spirit who has dedicated much of his time to engineering, technology and writing.

He has worked with the likes of eBay and IBM, showing great skill within the tech industry.

Alongside this, he has also contributed to numerous articles as a journalist.

Now, however, he is pursuing his true passion by crafting custom electric guitars and basses - absolutely nailing what it means to be a modern-day luthier.

A perfect example of an aspiring individual that never let go of his dreams despite having excellent success as a technology analyst, Leonardo Lospennato should leave everyone motivated after reading The Da Vinci Curse.

Overcoming The Curse Of The Da Vinci People: How To Find Focus In A World That Favors Specialization

Favors Specialization

If you feel like you’re not quite mastering and specializing in a field, don’t worry because you may just be displaying a Da Vinci curse!

In today’s complex knowledge society, Renaissance men and women are often forgotten or overlooked.

That said, all hope for overcoming the curse is not lost.

In The Da Vinci Curse written by author Dandy Salinas, learn what it takes to overcome your Da Vinci curse.

You’ll explore topics like why competition can suddenly strip away any desire of mastering one field, how to identify an activity that can help lift the curse, and more importantly distinguish between cow, dog and star activities.

Take the steps today to undo your blessed Da Vinci Curse – dive into this book for maximum insight!

The Struggle Of The Multi-Talented: How To Harness Your Talents Amidst Rapidly Growing Knowledge

In a world focused on specialization, multi-talented people often feel like they don’t fit in.

They want to be able to follow all of their passions and talents, but the reality is that it’s just not possible to master highly complex skills in multiple areas at the same time.

This is something that the author of The Da Vinci Curse can relate to.

He fell in love with classical music when he was 18, and began learning the violin as a result.

But after only a few months he found his interest waning and eventually stopped going to classes altogether.

This is typical for many multi-talented people; they get so excited by a new field that they dive right into it but lose interest once they’ve mastered the basics.

The truth is, if you want to develop expertise in something, you need to commit yourself fully or else you will never make it far enough for mastery.

It requires dedication and years of practice in order to acquire the necessary precision and skill required for success; this is why specialists have never been as important as they are today due to rapidly growing knowledge.

Therefore, if you possess an array of talents, take a long hard look at them and decide what fits best for you before investing too much time into another one – otherwise you may be wasting your hard-earned efforts.

Da Vinci People Lack Direction Due To Fear Of Competition And Criticism

Da Vinci people often struggle to find the field in which they can truly thrive, and an important reason why is their fear of competition.

Rather than push themselves to succeed with something that may bring contention and criticism, they shift their focus, moving on when they’ve developed a basic understanding of what they’re doing.

This lack of direction has a significant impact on the lives of Da Vinci people.

They miss out on developing depth in any one subject, leaving them feeling like “Jacks of all trades, masters of none.” The ensuing years are spent jumping from field to field, but it leads only to frustration and despair as they grow older – still unsure of what their true vocation is and the time left for them to uncover it rapidly ticking away.

Take A Rational Approach To Finding Your Calling: How To Break The Da Vinci Curse

Da Vinci Curse

Lifting the Da Vinci Curse is all about finding something that taps into your many talents and creatively expressing them.

Da Vinci people are multifaceted individuals, so it’s important for them to find a single activity that puts their talents to use and meets the challenge of integrating them all.

The author of The Da Vinci Curse experienced this struggle firsthand, bouncing from one involvement to another without ever feeling fulfilled.

His journey to finding his purpose ended with building electric guitars and basses, which perfectly merged together his knowledge of physics, electrical engineering, design, music passion and the desire to help others be creative.

Ultimately, lifting the Da Vinci Curse requires you to engage in an activity complex enough both mentally and emotionally – one that utilizes your multiple gifts while bringing a sense of satisfaction and fulfillment.

To help accomplish this goal, take a rational approach by exploring activities around what you already know and enjoy doing.

Finding A Calling: A Three-Step Approach To Lifting The Curse Of Da Vinci

Finding your personal calling starts with creating a long wish list, and then drawing up a short list.

The Da Vinci Curse Book by author suggests taking a creative inventory of all of the activities you would like to do if you had unlimited time and money.

This could include jobs, hobbies, one-time experiences, no matter how far-fetched they may seem – anything from becoming a pop-star or walking on the moon to getting a degree in psychology or learning the piano.

Once you’ve written down all of your wishes, you’ll need to narrow down your selection.

To pass through the preselection stage, an activity should meet three criteria: is it fun; do you have a talent for it; and is there potential for earning money? Read through your wish list and make sure that each item fulfils all three criteria before deciding to keep them in your shortlist.

The ones where you won’t make any money should remain as hobbies, and even if you can make money but it’s not fun – why bother? Going through this process will enable us to take one major step closer to finding our true calling.

Using The Bcg Matrix To Identify Activity-Specific Goals And Income Potential

The second step in the quest for our calling is to undertake a systematic evaluation of our creative inventory.

Before we can do that, we must first assess what activities bring us talent, money and fun.

With this assessment, we have the knowledge we need to refine our list further by answering two key questions: What income potential does each activity involve? and How fulfilling will each activity be?

To answer these questions in a systematic fashion, we can use the BCG matrix developed by the renowned Boston Consulting Group.

This matrix divides products into different categories including cows, dogs, stars and question marks.

The cows represent activities with high income potential but no fulfillment; whilst dogs are activities with low profit and low fulfillment.

On the other hand, stars represent those ‘dream jobs’ that provide both wealth and meaning to our lives – they are certainly worth pursuing!

Finally there are Question Marks; these are activities that offer us great enjoyment, yet may not generate any monetary reward as yet.

We should still continue doing them anyway just for pure self-fulfillment and explore ways of making them an income earner.

Who knows one day maybe it’ll become one of your Stars!

After this, head onto Step 3 – you are on the road to achieving your creative calling!

Step Three Of Launching A New Life Plan: Fear, Procrastination, Creative Blocks And Narcissism Must Be Managed Carefully

Managed Carefully

In order for our plans to come to fruition, we need to find a balance of fear.

Too much worry and anxiety can limit our ambition and make us unhappy, while too little will mean that aren’t living up to our full potential.

Finding that middle ground is essential.

It’s also important to guard against procrastination and stay focused on the goal.

A few lazy days are fine, but not if it becomes a habit.

Creative blocks can hold us back when we forget why we’re creating something in the first place.

We need to reconnect with the deeply rooted reasons for taking on this new project in order to break through these obstacles.

Finally, staying conscious of our own narcissism levels is key.

A bit of vanity helps keep up a healthy self-esteem, but too much makes us swing from manic highs to deep lows as our dreams clash with reality time and time again.

Wrap Up

The Da Vinci Curse provides valuable insight into the challenges faced by people with multiple skills and talents.

This book emphasizes that having multiple interests can be a great asset, however it is important to find an activity or career path that makes use of these many abilities while being both financially viable and satisfying.

By focusing their attention on one activity and making it their priority, DaVinci-type people can stop feeling frustrated, acquire financial success as well as a strong sense of fulfillment and accomplishment.

In short, the message of The Da Vinci Curse is one of hope for those who feel like they have too much potential to be stuck in one place or job forever.

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