The Customer Service Revolution Book Summary By John R. DiJulius III

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The Customer Service Revolution (2015) features detailed insights and secrets on how to take your customer service to the highest level.

Reading it will provide you with an in-depth overview of how to create an extraordinary experience for your customers, as well as forge an enthusiastic vision-driven workforce.

Inside, you'll learn how to adapt your customer service process so that everyone involved benefits from it---from employees, managers and customers!

This book is a must-read for anyone interested in taking their customer service up a notch and ensuring maximum satisfaction for everyone.

The Customer Service Revolution Book

Book Name: The Customer Service Revolution (Overthrow Conventional Business, Inspire Employees, and Change the World)

Author(s): John R. DiJulius III

Rating: 4.2/5

Reading Time: 11 Minutes

Categories: Marketing & Sales

Author Bio

John DiJulius is a real titan in the customer service industry.

He's the founder and owner of John Robert's Spa, one of America's top 20 spa salons.

On top of that, he is the president of The DiJulius Group, a customer service consulting firm that has helped many well-known companies become successful.

His vast understanding and insight into what makes good customer service have earned him respect from businesses all around the world.

His latest book "The Customer Service Revolution" provides readers with an impressive compilation of his lifetime achievements and experiences on how to perfect good customer service.

With actionable steps backed by hard data and strategies from top companies absolutely packed between its pages, this book will undoubtedly get you closer to your dreams of providing extraordinary customer service!

Joining The Customer Service Revolution: Tips And Tricks For Treating Your Customers Right

Customer Service

If you want to make sure your business stands out from the rest, you need to become one of the best customer service providers.

The Customer Service Revolution by author Richard Brodeur can help you do just that.

He provides sound advice on how to turn a good customer experience into an extraordinary one.

The book covers a range of topics including why it’s important to create a customer service vision statement and how to instruct employees so they can provide exceptional customer service.

By learning these techniques, you can ensure that your business is able to provide outstanding customer service and exceed expectations.

To be the best of the best customer service providers, start reading The Customer Service Revolution today!

How To Cultivate Employee’S Service Aptitude For Exceptional Customer Service

Providing exceptional customer service requires more than just the ability to anticipate a customer’s needs.

It means giving them what they need before they even realize that they need it.

This is where the concept of Service Aptitude comes into play: it’s the art of identifying what your customers need before they can articulate it themselves.

To be able to provide great customer service, a good starting point is to ensure that all your employees have experience in delivering hospitality services.

Create an environment where employees can learn through observing experienced coworkers and develop their Service Aptitude as well.

At the end of the day, it’s up to you to provide outlines for the features of good customer service that you expect from your staff.

Ultimately, this is how you will “rock a customer’s world.” The better you understand their needs and exceed their expectations, the better chances are that customers will be satisfied with their experience.

Creating An Epiphany Experience: How Steve Jobs And Zappos Fulfill Customers Needs

If you want to revolutionize the customer service experience, then you need to aim for an epiphany for your customers.

An epiphany is when a customer experiences a new product or service and discovers a previously unknown need that has been fulfilled.

Steve Jobs did this with the iPhone – he created a completely new way of using phones and set technological expectations higher than anyone could have imagined before.

Once you’ve got your customers, it’s important not to let them leave; offer them exceptional customer service at all times, and invite them to rate your performance.

Companies like Zappos have invested in great customer service agents who can help their customers find exactly what they are looking for – and then get rated on their efforts according to a 100-point scale based off questions like “Did the agent try twice to make a personal emotional connection?” The importance of getting feedback from customers is paramount: if agents don’t reach the 50 point mark, they must attend extra training sessions in order to refund back up again.

Giving your customers an opportunity to have an epiphany while evaluating your performance gives you invaluable data and allows you to constantly refine your products, services and team members – which will in turn drive more customers!

Be Mindful Of Negative Cues In Business And Personal Interactions For A Better Customer Experience

Customer Experience

If you’re serious about delivering a great customer experience, then it’s essential to spare your customers and employees from negative cues.

It begins with body language – if you want to make someone feel appreciated, don’t just cross your arms while they’re telling a joke!

For example, a receptionist could have simply asked to confirm or update some information rather than making the customer feel suspicious.

On the flip side, a negative tone or condescending attitude from an employer will also have a bad impact on customers.

Furthermore, consider signs in places like bathrooms that are meant to remind employees of hygiene habits.

A message like “we love cleanliness; that’s why we always wash our hands before going back to work” will leave customers with an impression of care and attention towards health and safety, instead of one that ensures doubt on the part of their employees.

Remember – when it comes to customer service, spurring negative cues from both sides is not beneficial.

Make sure that you understand this concept and apply it effectively so you can maintain positive impressions across the board!

Create A Vision Statement And Supporting Pillars To Enhance Your Customer Service

Creating a vision statement for your customer service is one of the best ways to motivate your team.

A good vision statement should be easy to understand and memorable, while also inspiring your employees to deliver great service.

At Starbucks, they created a powerful vision statement that reads: “We create inspired moments in each customer’s day.

ANTICIPATE – CONNECT – PERSONALIZE – OWN.” This statement is printed on the inside of every employee’s apron, so it’s always with them!

The best way to ensure that your company’s mission statement can be realized is by defining three supporting pillars: 1)the quality of service provided, 2)the treatment of the customer, and 3)exceeding the customer’s expectations.

Each pillar should have different functions so as to better understand how customers should be served.

For an example, the author’s business has a vision statement that readings: “To be the best decision our clients make.

Expertise – World-Class – Whatever/Whenever.” To realize this statement, Pillar 1 provides innovative solutions for great service; Pillar 2 builds long lasting relationships with customers through personalized experiences; and Pillar 3 offers flexible and global collaboration when need be!

In summary, creating a vision statement for your customer service is an essential part of helping motivate your team.

By making sure that your Statement is easy to remember as well as having supporting pillars will allow you to provide exceptional service no matter what circumstances come up!

Creating A Never And Always List Is Key To Providing Stellar Service For Your Employees


Making sure your customers receive consistent and exceptional service is key for ensuring that your business thrives.

To keep the high standards of customer service up, it’s important to provide employees with clear guidelines and to give them a designated time and place away from customers where they can unwind.

Having a “never and always list” sets the ground rules for employee conduct so your team members know how to respond in any situation.

For example, if customers need help finding the restroom, instead of just pointing in the general direction, your staff will remember never to point – but rather lead people towards it.

Additionally, they should always answer requests with an “I would be happy to” or “Certainly” instead of just saying “All right” or “Okay, sure.” This means that customers will always know their needs are taken seriously.

At the same time, employees shouldn’t feel like they have to constantly perform – let them know when they’re on stage or not so that they can take breaks away from customers to step back and re-energize themselves.

Giving them this designated space for resting and unwinding lets them come back fresh ready to provide top-notch customer service again when needed.

Wrap Up

The Customer Service Revolution book has left us with a few memorable lessons.

To offer truly outstanding customer service, you must surprise your customers by going above and beyond their expectations.

Additionally, be sure to make use of customer feedback; it will help you leave lasting impressions in their minds.

Lastly, set an example and instruct your employees on how to go about providing the customer service they aim for in order to keep them motivated and inspired.

Combined, these elements make up a winning recipe for superior customer service – something that The Customer Service Revolution book reminds us is still within reach today.

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