The Coffee Bean Book Summary By Jon Gordon and Damon West

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The Coffee Bean is a modern-day story that follows the journey of Abe, an ordinary American boy whose life is impacted by an important lesson he learns from his science teacher, Mr.


This life-altering lesson stays with him through adulthood and helps him to persevere through all difficulties and make a positive impact on the world around him.

By reading The Coffee Bean, readers will be reminded of the power of being persistent and staying positive, even in difficult times.

Through Abe's journey we can not only understand his story but learn the crucial lesson behind it, which serves as a great tool for tackling all aspects of our lives.

The Coffee Bean Book Summary

Book Name: The Coffee Bean (A Simple Lesson to Create Positive Change)

Author(s): Jon Gordon and Damon West

Rating: 4.4/5

Reading Time: 20 Minutes

Categories: Career & Success

Author Bio

Jon Gordon is a highly respected motivational speaker and successful author.

He has written an amazing eighteen books during his illustrious career - six of which made the top lists of The Wall Street Journal, as well as The Washington Post!

These incredible works include "The Energy Bus", "You Win in the Locker Room First" and "The Power of Positive Leadership.

His inspiring words have helped to further motivate and shape individuals around the world.

How To Harness The Power Of The Coffee Bean: A Fable About Overcoming Adversity

Power Of The Coffee Bean

Every coffee lover knows the power of a hot cup of joe.

It can jolt us back into full consciousness and fill us with energy to take on the day.

But did you know that there’s a much more powerful, hidden lesson inside the humble coffee bean?

The Coffee Bean Book reveals this hidden power through its engaging narrative and memorable metaphors.

In these sections, readers will learn how to escape feelings of resignation, stay positive, and overcome any form of adversity using lessons from the coffee bean.

So go ahead and pour yourself a cup of coffee and get ready to start your day off by learning about the amazing potential for transformation in even the smallest things in life!

Overcoming Stress In The Face Of Family Troubles And Pressure To Perform: Mr

The life of a teenage high schooler can be tough.

The main character of our story, Abe, is faced with the difficult challenge of navigating through his senior year with heightened feelings of stress and anxiety.

He’s got pressure from home as well as from school, both academically and athletically.

On top of that, he must act up to other people’s expectations for being a star player on the football team.

It goes without saying that this can be a lot for anyone to deal with, not just Abe.

So many of us can relate to having too much pressure on our shoulders at once – whether it be in the form of important presentations, during meetings or when interviewing for something you really want.

These challenging times can easily become overwhelming if we don’t take the time out to face them head-on and find an inside way to manage our stress levels.

Thankfully Mr Jackson had some great advice for Abe, and they can help us understand how we’re able to overcome sources of stress in our own lives as well.

The Power Of Reframing Adversity: How We Respond To Difficult Situations Is In Our Control

When life throws us a curveball, our first reaction is often an overwhelming emotion – like fear or hopelessness.

We may feel like we are in boiling hot water, surrounded by stress and pressure without having the capacity to handle it all.

The problem with this reaction is that it’s easy for us to become weak – much like a carrot exposed to too much heat.

When things get difficult, it’s tempting to go into our shell and give up on trying.

This might mean giving up on a job that is difficult or running away from a relationship that isn’t working out for us.

Or maybe it means withdrawing emotionally from the people and activities that used to bring us joy.

For instance, a partner who’s suffering through financial difficulties might turn away from their family as they try to cope with this stressor in their lives.

This kind of response may seem natural in times of hardship, but as Mr.

Jackson told Abe while they discussed his struggles, succumbing to weakness doesn’t have to be inevitable.

Our response is rooted in our own belief that external forces can overpower us – when really, we have the power within us all along.

To develop resilience in tough situations, we need mindset adjustments so that we know our strength and can resist slipping into despair and dejection when adversity hits our doorsteps.

The Moral Of Mr. Jackson’s Carrot And Egg Analogy: Don’t Harden Your Heart

Egg Analogy


Jackson has a lesson for all of us: the difficulties of life can have an effect on our emotions and cause us to become hard-hearted.

He started by illustrating this idea with an experiment involving a carrot and boiling water.

If we all act like the carrot, then it won’t change its outcome; it’ll still get boiled and die.

At the same time, if we act like the egg in his experiment and react to adversity by hardening ourselves, then it’s as if our hearts are closed off to love and instead seethe with anger and hatred influenced by the negativity we perceive from the world around us.

As Abe experienced firsthand, negative content is plentiful online these days – understandably providing opportunities for hard-heartedness in abundance.

But what Mr.

Jackson wants Abe (and all of us) to recognize is that ultimately it’s not really external forces that cause us to become hardened — it’s our mindset about them which does.

It follows that when confronted with difficult times, it may help to shift our perspective from one of cynicism and defeatism towards optimism and resilience.

Abe Learns The Power Of Knowing Yourself As A Coffee Bean To Transform The Environment Around You

The Coffee Bean by Bob Jackson is an inspiring story of how Abe turns adversity into an opportunity.

As Mr.

Jackson instructed him through two conversations, Abe learned that it’s not enough to simply be the carrot and egg in life; he found a healthier, more proactive approach to adversity when he realized the power inside of him was greater than the circumstances outside of him.

Looking to illustrate this lesson, Mr.

Jackson gave Abe the homework assignment to boil some coffee beans for an hour and report back tomorrow.

After doing so, Abe was surprised (maybe you will be too!) to find they had produced not just flavored water — but actual coffee!

This showed that while carrots and eggs will get transformed by their environment, Abes’ beans actually transformed the environment around them.

The message here is clear: know yourself as a coffee bean and you are capable of transforming your surroundings for the better.

With plenty of practice — such as setting goals and actively working toward them — we can choose how we react in any circumstance or situation.

The Power Of The Coffee Bean: How Abe’S Perseverance Led To Unimaginable Change

Abe took the metaphorical lessons of the coffee bean to heart and applied it to his everyday life.

No matter his circumstance, Abe showed what the power of one could do.

He first shared the lesson with his football team and inspired them so much that they not only won their game, but went on to reach the state championship.

As he healed from his injury, Abe used this time to start a coffee bean club with other students whose mission was to positively transform their school environment by performing good deeds and random acts of kindness – like reading to young children and writing encouraging notes for students going through tough times.

His effort did make a noticeable difference in the atmosphere of their community as everyone saw positivity become cool-down-right desirable!

Abe left high school with ambitious dreams and continued cultivating more physical adventures when he joined the military academy.

As an army officer, he was devotedly instrumental in leading multiple platoons into war zones.

Not even retirement could stop him — upon settling back home, Abe was a well-known figure in volunteering at his alma mater’s football team while pursuing a Career in sales.

Wherever Abe went, he carried Mr Jackson’s coffee beans message with him – emphasizing its broad appeal as it echoed in everyone’s odysseys that we can impact our environments no matter how big or small they are!

Abe’s Story Teaches Us Two Important Lessons: Adaptability And Resilience In The Face Of Adversity

Adaptability And Resilience

At his office job, Abe was facing an incredibly tough market.

He and his coworkers were struggling to reach their sales goals and revenue targets, no matter how hard they worked.

Even though Abe put in all the effort he could, his sales numbers still kept going down week after week – a discouraging situation for anyone.

The pressure of this difficult circumstance mixed with the ever-increasing stress from having a family to support made it so that Abe found himself at a breaking point.

He felt like he had nowhere left to turn, which caused him to lose hope and think about quitting or running away from his life entirely.

He felt like even he was transforming into an egg or carrot himself!

It was only when Abe wandered over to his coffee mug in the morning that he remembered the lesson of Mr.

Jackson’s coffee bean – that even in our most extreme situations, we can find inner strength and ultimately benefit from changes if we approach them with an open mind and positive attitude.

Taking a cue from this profound lesson in resilience, Abe went back to work and rolled up his sleeves to develop new relationships and propel the business out of its slump.

Through determination and creative problem solving rather than resignation, Abe was able lead the company through its crisis by streamlining operations, adopting innovative ideas, adding new products/services and capitalizing on opportunities presented by challenging external factors — taking what seemed liked complete defeat into ultimate triumph!

The Power Of Being A Coffee Bean: How To Use Transformation To Make A Difference In Our Lives And Our World

Abe’s story in ‘The Coffee Bean’ highlights a powerful lesson: We have the choice to be a carrot, an egg or a coffee bean, but that choice is not something we make once and then are done with it.

The power to choose remains within us and we must remember that we can always become a coffee bean again no matter if we’ve chosen the wrong option first.

Abe doesn’t only highlight this idea in his story though; he also motivates others to join him and transform their environment together.

As individuals, organizations, and even society as a whole, we all have the ability to choose how we will react when facing difficulty.

By working together for the greater good, everyone can contribute towards making things better for everyone instead of succumbing to what fate has given us.

At the end of Abe’s story, he embarks on a mission to spread the message of this lesson to people around the world.

He wanted people of all ages and from all backgrounds to know that they too could use this power within them in order to be successful and live a life full of happiness.

The takeaway here is clear—the choice to be a coffee bean is always ours; we just have to remember our inner strength and use it whenever needed!

Wrap Up

The Coffee Bean by Mel Robbins is all about making the most of adversity, rather than merely surviving it.

The core message behind the book is that how you react to a difficult situation can make all the difference in determining your long-term success or failure.

Robbins compares these reactions to three metaphors: a carrot, which collapses under pressure; an egg, which becomes hard-hearted; and a coffee bean, which transforms its surroundings.

With this metaphor in mind, Robbins encourages readers to take an active approach in tackling the problems they come across — rather than passive resignation.

Ultimately, she concludes that resilience and optimism lead to not only happiness but also success when facing hardship.

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