The Brain’S Way Of Healing Book Summary By Norman Doidge

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The Brain's Way of Healing (2015) is an eye-opening look into the incredible power of the human brain when given the right circumstances and tools.

In this book, psychiatrist Norman Doidge explores how the brain can rewire itself and develop new ways of coping with various disorders, using techniques such as repetitive exercises to heal itself.

He also explains why certain treatments don't always work and outlines how our lifestyle choices can influence our brains' ability to repair themselves.

With this book, you'll come to understand just how powerful your brain truly is..and all that it’s capable of achieving.

The Brain’S Way Of Healing Book

Book Name: The Brain’s Way of Healing (Stories of Remarkable Recoveries and Discoveries)

Author(s): Norman Doidge

Rating: 4.4/5

Reading Time: 18 Minutes

Categories: Psychology

Author Bio

Norman Doidge is a highly respected psychiatrist who specializes in the area of neuroscience and alternative methods for stimulating the brain.

He holds a degree from the University of Toronto and was once a resident at Columbia University’s Department of Psychiatry.

His book, The Brain That Changes Itself, has been featured on the New York Times best-selling list meaning it was incredibly well-received among readers.

Norman's expertise in the field make him one of the leading authors on neuroscience topics, making his book both informative and reliable.

Unlocking The Power Of Alternative Medicine: Simple Techniques For Treating Chronic Ailments

Alternative Medicine

The Brain’s Way of Healing is full of incredible stories about miraculous cures to neurological disorders.

This book contains information about alternative treatments for neurological ailments that have confounded conventional medicine.

You can read first-hand accounts from people who have experienced miraculous healing through simple techniques such as physical exercises, tongue stimulation and vocalization.

For example, learn about Ron Husmann, the Broadway singer who regained his voice after years of voicelessness.

Or hear about those who have been able to rewire their brains by stimulating their tongues.

These are just some of the amazing stories you’ll find in this book – and there are plenty more that may help you find relief from a range of neurological disorders.

Can Chronic Pain Be Treated Through Visualization Techniques?

Chronic pain is a neurological disease that can be difficult to treat.

Its source can sometimes remain unclear, which leads to a patient’s concerns being dismissed by doctors.

Usually, chronic pain results from the body sending unnecessary pain signals to the brain due to nerve cells being damaged.

Studying neuroscience, psychiatrist Michael Moskowitz found that the areas of the brain that processed pain could be stimulated by visual information and set out to see if he could replace his own chronic pain through visualization exercises.

After three weeks of this exercise, Moskowitz started feeling relief and after a year he was practically free of pain.

This has since been validated time and time again – indicating that chronic pain is indeed a neurological disease that can be reversed with proper visualization exercises.

Therefore, it is an effective way to manage this type of pain without resorting to medicines or other treatments proposed by medical professionals which may come with side effects.

By Thinking Consciously, John Pepper Used Mind Over Matter To Overcome The Symptoms Of Parkinson’S Disease

Parkinson’s disease can be effectively combated through moderate walking and conscious movement.

John Pepper was diagnosed with Parkinson’s, but he wasn’t willing to accept it as an immutable fate.

He believed that based on his activity level, he could reverse the effects of his Parkinson’s – however, rigorous exercise proved to be too great a burden for him.

Thankfully, John found a program called Walk for Life which was tailored towards individuals who struggle with Parkinson’s.

This program allowed John to build up his strength gradually over several months by exerting himself moderately and steadily increasing the distance and pace of his walks.

Because Parkinson’s primarily affects the basal ganglia – an area of the brain responsible for our automatic functions – conscious movement is an especially good technique to fight against it.

By consciously thinking about how he was moving while going through these walks, John was able to shift control from his malfunctioning basal ganglia over to areas in the brain associated with conscious actions like the prefrontal cortex.

Through this method of training himself through focused attention and moderate exercise, John eventually overcome many of his symptoms related to Parkinson’s disease.

The Feldenkrais Technique: Rewiring Our Brains Through Gentle Movement And Conscious Attention

Feldenkrais Technique

Moshé Feldenkrais was a physicist who escaped Nazi-occupied Paris in 1940, and since then has gone on to develop a therapeutic practice called the Feldenkrais technique.

This technique is all about slow, conscious movementrepeating specific patterns of movement which can help to rewire the brain.

One example of an exercise associated with the Feldenkrais technique is lying flat on your back and making subtle moves with your head while mentally focusing on one side of your body at a time.

By doing this, connections between the brain and nerves in these parts of the body are stimulated – allowing for our muscles to relax as tension is released.

This practice even has proven success when it comes to overcoming serious ailments caused by stroke.

In Switzerland during the 1970s, Feldenkrain worked intensively with Nora, who had experienced a stroke that hindered her from differentiating between left and right.

Incorporating his gentle repetition exercises back into Nora’s life allowed for her brain to ultimately heal itself and be able to differentiate once again successfully between left and right!

The fact that the Feldenkrain techniques can cure stroke instances serves as strong evidence that it can also be used when dealing with other forms of physical injuries or illness.

By slowly rewiring our brains through minimal effort movements, we can focus our energy to healing ourselves inside out!

The Power Of Eye Exercises: How David Webber Regained His Sight Through The Work Of William Bates And Moshé Feldenkrais

It is amazing to think that simple eye exercises can improve vision, but before they can be attempted, the eyes must first be relaxed.

This was a key factor in IT consultant David Webber’s journey to restoring 50 percent of the normal vision in his left eye and improving blurry vision in his right eye after seven years of struggle.

At first, his eyes were too irritated to attempt any of William Bates’ training exercises developed by a controversial nineteenth-century ophthalmologist.

So David began with relaxation exercises developed by Moshé Feldenkrais.

Using gentle head and eye movements while lying down helped to focus and release the tension from the eyes.

Once relaxed, he was able to move forward with some of Bates’s exercises: lie on one’s back with palms over eyes to rest and block out light, then perform focusing exercises on different objects at varying distances.

Miraculously, after 13 hours per day of these visual treatments, Meir Schneider – born blind – managed to regain 70 percent of his full vision!

The lesson here is clear: when you want your eyesight to improve, it is essential that you start by relaxing your eyes first – only then will you get the benefits from other trainings that aim for improved vision.

The Healing Power Of Light: How Sun Rays And Laser Therapy Are Helping Heal Brain Injuries

Light therapy and laser acupuncture are powerful treatment methods for recovering from a variety of ailments, particularly those related to brain injury or stroke paralysis.

A Canadian professor is one notable example of the healing power of light after she sustained a serious brain injury in a car crash that caused significant symptoms including speech impediment and the loss of two different foreign languages, as well as the ability to focus on tasks.

After treatments involving low-impact laser treatments with Anita Saltmarche, a brain-injury specialist in Ontario, this professor was able to regain her cognitive skills and returned to her job.

Additionally, the light energy of lasers has also been found to be just as effective as traditional needles when it comes to the practice of acupuncture.


Margaret Naser, a neurology professor from the Boston University School of Medicine studied this new technique in China and brought it back for further study.

Her research uncovered remarkable progress in recovering motor functions with laser acupuncture for patients suffering from stroke paralysis, provided that at least 50 percent of their neurons were functioning correctly.

Considering how powerful these two light therapies can be when it comes to treating various physical ailments ranging from brain injuries to stroke paralysis, it can prove invaluable for anyone looking for natural ways to recover from their condition or illness .

The Tongue Stimulator: A Revolutionary New Way To Heal The Brain

Heal The Brain

A high-tech tongue stimulator is revolutionizing the way we treat multiple sclerosis (MS) and other neurological diseases.

Ron Husmann, a celebrated Broadway singer, experienced vocal problems due to MS in his 40s.

Disappointed with traditional treatments, he found relief with an innovative gadget made by neuroscientists at a Wisconsin University research lab.

It featured 144 electrodes on a small device that he placed on his tongue to activate its many nerve sensors with low-frequency stimulation.

After just 20 minutes of treatment, Ron could hum a tune again and after a week he was back to belting out Broadway tunes!

Interestingly, this device activates the entire brain through tongue stimulation – it’s like a direct pathway to the brain as it has 48 different types of sensory receptors alone.

It even connects up to different parts of the brain associated with movement, thoughts, feelings and sensation which make it extremely useful for diagnosing which part of the brain has been damaged after an accident or injury.

The amazing results achieved by Ron Husmann have shown that this method may prove groundbreaking for curing various neurologically-related diseases too.

Music’S Healing Powers: How High And Low Frequencies Help Rewire The Brain Of Autistic And Dyslexic Children

Dyslexia is a learning disorder that can cause difficulty in reading, writing and understanding language.

Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be permanent – studies have shown that this disorder can be treated by filtered music that helps rewire the brain.

Child therapist Paul Madaule had great success in treating dyslexia with music therapy.

His method was simple: he played special music featuring his patient’s mother’s voice mixed at a higher frequency than normal.

When Simon, one of his patients, was able to listen and communicate with others after just five years, it was clear that using music as a therapy could work wonders for those suffering from dyslexia.

At the heart of Madaule’s method lies Dr.

Alfred Tomatis’ invention of the Electronic Ear – which works by switching between high and low frequencies at unpredictable times to activate and stimulate the communication centers of the brain.

This process allows autistic and dyslexic children’s ears and brains to be trained to pick up on normal communication signals, ultimately leading them to respond more naturally to everyday situations.

Thanks to such innovative treatments based around music therapy, many previously incurable disorders are being unlocked – proving there is still much more science has yet to reveal about how powerful sound waves can prove in treating various conditions that affect us today!

Wrap Up

The final summary of Norman Doidge’s “The Brain’s Way of Healing” is that the brain is an organic and ever-changing organ, which means that even diseases such as Alzheimer’s can be prevented or cured.

The method to do so involves finding specific methods for activating the brain’s own healing processes, and having patience to allow it to heal itself.

This book offers practical steps for activating these healing powers and provides guidance on how to take a holistic approach towards lifelong improvements in mental health.

Despite being a challenging task, undergoing this process is incredibly rewarding and will ultimately benefit you in more ways than one.

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