The Big Lie Book Summary By Dinesh D’Souza

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The Big Lie, written by Dinesh D'Souza in 2017, is a book outlining the current political climate in the United States.

It's an attempt to show the unfair attacks against President Trump from the Left.

This book argues that progressive Left has falsely accused Trump of being a fascist and Nazi-like dictator.

They suggest he is a racist and therefore unfit for his office.

However, The Big Lie strongly refutes these accusations, believing them to be false and misleading.

Instead, it argues that it is Democrats who are responsible for perpetuating what they refer to as ‘one big lie’ - namely, Antifa and other leftist groups' claims that Trump is a modern-day Nazi or fascist.

Ultimately, this book seeks to reveal the true nature of current events and defend the administration from unfounded allegations.

The Big Lie Book Summary

Book Name: The Big Lie (Exposing the Nazi Roots of the American Left)

Author(s): Dinesh D’Souza

Rating: 3.1/5

Reading Time: 22 Minutes

Categories: Politics

Author Bio

Dinesh D’Souza is a leading figure in the conservative circle.

He is well-known for his work as an author, speaker, and filmmaker.

Three of his films—Hillary’s America, America and 2016—garnered great success and won the hearts of many.

In addition to those works, D’Souza is also the author of two books: Obama’s America and America: Imagine a World Without Her.

With these accomplishments in mind, it's no surprise that The Big Lie has become one of his most popular books yet.


Dinesh D’Souza’s book, The Big Lie, is full of conservative truth.

It reveals the facts that Democrats, progressives, socialists and Marxists have too much in common with Nazis and fascists than they would like to admit.

You’ll be able to take a look into history and hear how Mussolini had impeccable socialist credentials, how the German concentration camps are a Democratic legacy and how Franklin D.

Roosevelt set the American Left on the path to fascism.

By understanding this conservative truth, you will get answers to why so many don’t see eye to eye, particularly when it comes to discussions about widespread accusations against Trump and his supporters being labeled as fascists by those on the left.

With The Big Lie book as your compass, you’ll be sure to navigate these choppy waters more confidently.

D’Souza Calls Out Big Lies About The Left’S Relationship To Fascism And Racism In Politics

In The Big Lie, author D’Souza makes it clear that the Left is spinning their own big lie – the notion that President Trump and the Republican party are actually racists and Nazis.

But D’Souza argues that this isn’t the case, and even points out some of the people pushing this idea, like left-wing author Chris Hedges claiming that Trump’s presidency was a “dress rehearsal for fascism” or Hollywood actor Ashley Judd saying “Hitler is in these streets”.

The Democratic presidential candidate Martin O’Malley also accused Trump of bringing “fascist appeal right into the White House.” To D’Souza, these accusations are unfounded and are simply a way to demonize conservatives.

He believes that racism and Nazism have nothing to do with Republicans or conservatives.

D’Souza wants to call out what he calls a gross exaggeration by progressives of Republican strategies as being akin to fascism or Nazism.

His book explains how, when it comes to civil rights movements and emancipation, it was actually Democrats (or those on the political Left) who were proponents of injustices such as slavery and Native American extermination.

The Origins Of Right-Wing And Left-Wing In Politics And How It Relates To President Trump’S Policies

The Big Lie book Summary tells us that President Trump is no fascist, Nazi or racist.

In the book, author delves into the origins of the terms ‘right wing’ and ‘left wing.’ These terms originated during the 1789 French Revolution where revolutionary partisans on the left of the National Assembly were pitted against conservatives on the right who were defending the king.

When it comes to American conservatism, it is about defending traditional principles like economic freedom (in capitalism form), political freedom and democracy, as well as freedoms of speech and religion.

The Left, by contrast distrusts free-market system and seeks greater control from federal government.

As far as fascism goes, this term originates from Italian word fasci which referred to 20th century Italy’s political agitators.

Simply put, fascism is collectivism; groups being stronger than individuals.

Regarding Trump’s stance on racism – although some white supremacists have endorsed him, he hasn’t advocated their opinions when it comes to immigration policies or other matters.

Moreover, authoritarianism isn’t necessarily synonymous with fascism; fascism implies a nationalist movement which is something different from traditional American patriotism symbolized by flags like Stars and Stripes being waved by US citizens across the country.

The Legacy Of Fascism: Is Socialism To Blame For Its Rise?


According to D’Souza, fascism is not solely a product of the right-wing political spectrum.

Rather, fascism has its roots firmly planted in socialism and thus is very much a product of the Left.

This argument is supported by looking at the history of Italy’s Prime Minister Benito Mussolini who was born into and wrote for socialists publications before assuming control.

Mussolini wasn’t alone in this shift towards fascism either; Adolf Hitler also had socialist credentials.

He even named his party ‘The National Socialist German Workers’ Party’.

Neither Mussolini or Hitler switched from socialism to fascism, rather they took what already worked with socialist policies and further adapted them.

At its core, fascism arose as a result of Marxism’s failings–Karl Marx had incorrectly predicted that capitalism’s maturation would lead to the working class overthrowing their bourgeois oppressors, something which never happened and instead only led to improved living conditions for all involved.

Mussolini’s next move was then to create a new form of socialism, known as fascism.

The Dark History Of The Democratic Party: How America’S Racism And Nazi Genocide Policies Influenced Hitler

D’Souza’s book Summary of The Big Lie makes one thing clear – the dark secrets of the Democratic Party are responsible for black slavery and the uprooting of Native Americans; they even inspired the Holocaust.

It’s no secret that Hitler admired America’s racism and in particular, he took note of the way the Democrats had handled their “Indian problem” through Jackson’s Indian Removal Act of 1830.

Even California’s Democratic Governor Peter Burnett openly called for a “war of extermination.” Clearly, this deeply imposing figure saw something he could use in history and implemented it to further his plans against Jews, Russians, and Eastern Europeans – all under a notion of ‘inferiority.’

Moreover, D’Souza states Republican Party was founded as an anti-slavery party prior to the Civil War while no Republican owned any slave at the time in 1860.

It’s thus fair to conclude that both American plantations under Democrats and Nazi concentration camps were similarly based on an ideology that sought inferiority – slaves to Untermenschen (subhumans).

What’s more, work routines were almost identical in both cases with long hours spent laboring together from early sunrise till nightfall.

In conclusion, these are surely ugly pieces of history but The Big Lie puts them together into an indictment on Democrats and their legacy on atrocity that is beyond belief but sadly validated by fact.

The Source Of Nazi Anti-Semitism: From American Segregation Laws To Hiters Anti-Capitalism

It’s no secret that the Nazi party’s Nuremberg Laws were created by the Ministry of Justice in order to oppress German Jews.

What many don’t know is the source of the laws.

According to this book, Heinrich Krieger – a young lawyer who had studied US race law at the University of Arkansas – was their main source.

He realized how Democratic segregation laws could be adapted for these oppressive means.

That’s because Democrats passed and enforced segregation laws that limited interracial marriage, segregated accommodations like bathrooms, and even drinking fountains.

Nazis ultimately adopted and used similar concepts to create two classes of citizenship – one first-class, one second-class – with Jews falling in the latter group.

Author D’Souza argues that the roots of anti-Semitism can be found in both Nazi ideology and leftist movements that oppose capitalism.

He believes Hitler saw capitalism as an effect of Jewish immorality so his anti-Semitism was in part inspired by anti-capitalism beliefs shared with today’s ‘Democratic Left’.

Similarly, Marx thought capitalism was a Jewish phenomenon too; if only society could embrace socialism then we’d all be free from what he called ‘Jewish capitalism.

If there’s anything to take away from The Big Lie, it is certainly this: both Nazism and modern-day ‘leftist’ ideas are fundamentally anti-Semitic and they draw much of their hate from an inherent opposition to capitalist enterprises.

D’Souza Contends That Leftism Is Connected To The Ideology Of Eugenics Through Planned Parenthood And Late-Term Abortions

Ideology Of Eugenics

The horrific actions of Nazi eugenicist Dr.

Josef Mengele have long been a symbol of the worst types of inhumanity.

And while there may not be any literal Nazis in the United States, echoes of the same kind of damaged thought can be found through the actions and rhetoric of many American progressives on issues such as abortion, birth control and sterilization.

Kermit Gosnell was an American Mengele, an abortion doctor who performed late-term abortions and even killed infants born alive in his clinic.

Despite this, modern-day progressives deny any linkage to him.

D’Souza sees otherwise – allowing for Gosnell’s abhorrent practices, he believes that Nazi eugenics, Gosnell and progressive causes are all linked together by a common thread – eugenics.

Through Indiana’s law in 1907 which forced sterilization upon those considered ‘unfit’, over 65,000 people were absolutely robbed of choice when it comes to matters regarding their reproductive future – a clear parallel to Nazi Germany’s sterilization policies during WWII.

What’s more is that Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger defended sterilization and demanded parents obtain permits “to protect society against the propagation and increase of the unfit”-such ideology was remarkably similar to the mindset behind Nazi policies rooted in eugenics.

Thus D’Souza claims that American Progressives share guilt with their counterparts from Nazi Germany since both promote similar eugenicist ideas – linking abortion, birth control and sterlization all together under one banner.

The Author Claims Fdr Was The First American Führer Who Set The Left On A Fascist Path By Propagating State-Run Capitalism

In The Big Lie, the author makes the claim that American Presidents Franklin D.

Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson were the first American führer and proto-fascist leaders respectively.

According to the book, FDR’s New Deal policies championed state-run capitalism, just like the Nazis and Italian fascists.

It also claims that FDR did not defeat Hitler as it was in fact the Soviet Union who toppled Hitler’s regime.

In addition, Mussolini and Hitler saw FDR as a fellow dictator which was evidenced by Nazi newspaper Völkischer Beobachter labeling New Deal policies as fascist in tone.

The book also argues that America’s proto-fascist leader was Woodrow Wilson who served as a Navy Secretary from 1913 to 1921 and predated fascism proper.

Moreover, this is said to be backed up by evidence suggesting Wilson’s role in revitalizing Ku Klux Klan due to his screening of ‘The Birth of a Nation’ movie which depicted KKK with heroic intentions in protecting South.

Overall, The Big Lie sheds new light on both Roosevelt’s and Woodrow Wilson’s involvement in activities resembling those of fascists which are a far cry from the American Left narrative that lauds them for rescuing US after Great Depression and defeating Nazi Germany.

The Power Of The Left Lies In Its Domination Of Academia, Media And Hollywood

The American Left wields a strong grip across academia, the media, and Hollywood.

What this means is that any opposing viewpoints can quickly be silenced or misrepresented.

In American universities, there is evidence of conservative professors being “weeded out” and refused a job in the first place.

Similarly, TV and cable networks such as CNN and HBO, as well as newspapers like The New York Times and Washington Post are all left-leaning.

To top it off, Hollywood’s television sitcoms and motion pictures are only serving to further add fuel to the fire with progressive propaganda.

This intolerance from the left follows an ideology propounded by Herbert Marcuse – “no toleration of the intolerant” – which implies that conservatives, Republicans, patriots, capitalists, and Christians are all looked down upon by their liberal counterparts.

How To Stop Progressive Left Fascism From Within: A Conservative Agenda For Perpetual Political Supremacy


Conservatives must face the hard, difficult reality that if they don’t fight the fascist tendencies of the American Left, there will be a repeat of history.

The European fascist regimes showed what could happen when people didn’t have the courage to stand up to dictatorships from within.

The Right must take it upon themselves to prove that those on the Left are indeed fascists, otherwise, who knows what could happen?

This is why it is so essential for conservatives around America to band together and create a strong Republican Party that can truly unite them in one force against this foe.

It means speaking out about policies like Obamacare and dismantling the Dodd-Frank Act which only hold back economic growth.

Likewise, welfare should only be given to those who actually need it and not be used as a political tool to ensure votes.

The Republican Party also needs comprehensive and lasting tax reforms; corporate taxes should be massively reduced while privatizing government functions wherever possible.

At the same time, conservative judges should fill up the places on the Supreme Court in order to keep these policies in place when challenged by Democratic judges.

Lastly, when violent protests such as those led by Antifa or Black Lives Matter turn into riots or domestic terrorism -strategically aimed at undermining conservative ideas -it is important that law enforcement doesn’t hesitate to act decisively.

The message here is crystal clear: conservatives must not be intimidated into obeying fascism from within but instead make their movements visible at every juncture and defeat it before it starts.

Wrap Up

The Big Lie Book Summary offers readers a powerful and eye-opening conclusion.

It serves as a reminder that the American Left has been spinning a story to make us believe that conservatives are Nazis, fascists and racists instead of themselves, however this is an inversion of the truth.

The Big Lie goes on to explain how it was actually the left who had more in common with Nazism and fascism than any right-wing beliefs.

Furthermore, it even looks at how the German Nazis learned from America’s Democratic Left.

The book closes by providing readers with one final reminder that this big lie needs to be fought and unmasked with all of our efforts before lies become facts, so that those on the Right can stand up for their values without fear of retribution or misinterpretation by their opponents.

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