The Authoritarian Moment Book Summary By Ben Shapiro

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The Authoritarian Moment (2021) is a book with a special purpose.

This book serves as an important call to action, urging readers to stand up against the various forms of authoritarianism that are prevalent in today's world.

In The Authoritarian Moment, author Jeremy Rabkin presents readers with clear, incisive explanations of the dangers posed by authoritarianism and cultural conformity, as well as compelling arguments for why it is essential to preserve America’s foundational freedoms.

With thought-provoking insights and reasoned discussions, this book offers a unique look into the perils and pitfalls of unchecked power in modern societies.

Book Name: The Authoritarian Moment (How the Left Weaponized America's Institutions Against Dissent)

Author(s): Ben Shapiro

Rating: 3.5/5

Reading Time: 17 Minutes

Categories: Politics

Author Bio

Ben Shapiro is an exceptionally well-respected figure in the political and legal spheres.

With a bachelor of arts in political science from UCLA and a Juris Doctor degree from Harvard Law School, Ben has the background to back it up.

He's also made quite a name for himself as the host of The Ben Shapiro Show, one of the most popular daily podcasts today.

As a national bestselling author, with books like Brainwashed; Porn Generation; and Project President under his belt, he's been making waves in radio and television appearances for some time now.

Fighting For The Future: How The Silent Majority Can Counter Authoritarianism In America

America is at a pivotal moment—the future of our democracy is under attack.

The authoritarian minority aims to take over our institutions and silence those who disagree with them.

But the silent majority will not be quieted.

It’s time for us to stand up and reclaim our nation, just as the Founding Fathers did centuries ago when they declared independence from an oppressive monarchy.

We must fight for freedom, speak out against injustice, and take control of the future of America.

In this book, we explore how “wokeism” has infiltrated education systems, uncover the hidden motives behind corporations’ push for ideological conformity, and learn how to use the same tactics that inspired the Founding Fathers to stand up for what’s right.

Now is the time to fight for freedom, shape the course of history, and protect our nation’s founding ideals.

Let’s make sure that America remains free and allows all citizens to express their ideas without fear.

The Threat Of Big Tech Censorship To American Democracy And Freedom Of Speech

Inalienable American rights could be at stake if we don’t take a stand against the authoritarian left.

We’ve seen it start to happen with websites like Parler and even from social media platforms who barred President Trump from their services due to his vocal criticism of the January 6 rioters while allowing figures like Iran’s Supreme Leader who openly criticizes America with no consequence.

These issues have come to light over recent times, poll results have shown that many Americans are afraid to voice what they believe in due to fear of retribution, with an especially high number amongst conservatives.

This only goes further to prove that freedom of speech is under attack and something must be done by all of us collectively if we want our American freedom preserved.

It’s up to all of us, both liberals and conservatives, to look out for one another and call out when our Constitutional rights are being violated.

In this way we prevent the authoritarian left from taking away our liberties without any rightful justification or reasoning – ensuring that those basic inalienable rights stay safe for generations yet-to-come.

Universities Used To Be Beacons Of Free Thinking, Now They Are Institutions Of Indoctrination And Intolerance

Wokeism has become a pervasive force on college campuses and is quickly hijacking higher education.

This has been evident in many recent examples, such as when liberal professor Bret Weinstein was met with fury after suggesting that faculty positions should be rooted in merit rather than race.

Other incidents include the students who walked out of their classroom when his wife pointed out the average height difference between men and women and Professor Nicholas Christakis and his wife’s forced departure from Yale resulting from a controversy regarding Halloween costumes.

The rise of wokeism has caused universities to transition away from being bastions of free thinking to institutions of indoctrination and intolerance.

It’s no wonder, then, that survey results show that the majority of faculty members at Harvard (83.3%) and Yale (75%) identify as liberal or very liberal, with many major university departments unable to identify even one conservative staff member.

Furthermore, liberal scholars have stated that this new movement operates as an alternate religion: one actively hostile towards reason, disconfirmation, disagreement, or any kind of falsification – creating a narrative where all one needs to do is sit down, shut up and let woke activists speak their truth without any pushback allowed against it.

It’s clear then that wokeism has indeed hijacked higher education by marginalizing (or altogether eliminating) alternative points of view during discussion and debate – turning educational institutions into breeding grounds for authoritarian left activism instead.

Cowardice Drives Corporate Wokeness, Endangering The Livelihood Of Those Who Dare Disagree

It’s no surprise that American companies have become more vocal about social justice and progressive agendas, or that they’re making decisions based on considerations of cancel culture.

The truth is, corporations are scared.

They know that if they don’t side with the “woke” crowd, then they risk being both socially and financially punished.

Take Ben & Jerry’s for example; despite having nothing to do with racial issues, the ice cream giant released a statement saying “We must dismantle white supremacy.” Why? Because corporations are cowards when it comes to facing off against the wolves of cancel culture— resulting in a situation where employees can’t express dissent without fearof retribution.

Real world examples demonstrate this trend across industries; Cisco fired employees for supporting “All Lives Matter,” while a chemist named Tomáš Hudlický had his article removed and was reprimanded due to criticism leveled against him.

Sadly, this is now commonplace in America – one could lose their livelihood simply by speaking out against established norms.

Interestingly, research shows that such mandated diversity only promotes discrimination within the workplace.

Companies are well aware of this potential outcome – but instead of considering efficacy, their primary motivation is evading public condemnation regardless of the cost.

This leaves us with a society which values dissent-free conformity over real progress… and too often at the expense of freedom of thought.

The Authoritarian Left Pushes Politics Over Science During The Pandemic

In the spring of 2020, a number of cities issued strict COVID-19 quarantine orders and in-person gatherings were largely prohibited as acclaimed scientists repeatedly emphasized the dangers of social contact.

Then, George Floyd’s death sparked an outcry for racial justice and Black Lives Matter activists came out in droves to demonstrate.

Amid an ongoing pandemic, public health experts shockingly endorsed the large protests that were taking place and urged their fellow citizens to take part.

Gatherings unrelated to BLM or causes associated with it were proudly denounced as mayor Bill de Blasio even went on record to state that such activities would not be allowed under his jurisdiction.

Surprisingly, over 1,000 public health specialists signed an open letter supporting the unorthodox large-scale demonstrations despite their contradicting narrative.

This situation symbolizes how even science isn’t free from authoritarianism – in fact it is often weaponized by those in power to legitimize their personal agenda while sacrificing our well being in the process.

The real danger lies not within science itself but rather when we implement its findings without venturing further into political forces or ulterior motives behind them.

Take A Cue From The Founding Fathers: Stand Up And Speak Out For Freedom

When it comes to fighting for freedom, the most important thing is to stand up and speak out.

This is a principle that was pioneered by the Founding Fathers when they wrote their now-famous letter of independence against the overbearing King of Great Britain in June 1776.

In today’s society, standing up and speaking out is even more important.

It means having the courage to express what must be said, even if it’s deemed “politically incorrect” by some.

It also means being able to look past subjective opinions and false statements, and making sure that facts are heard.

Fighting for freedom also means recognizing that this is not about an ideological battle between left and right – it is about upholding values which are essential in a functioning democracy.

That means rejecting any form of authoritarianism, no matter where you stand politically.

We cannot allow authoritarian voices to become more powerful than our own, or else we risk losing our freedom altogether.

So stand up – speak out – and shape the future in whichever meaningful way you can!

That’s how we can protect our democracy as credible citizens determined to make a difference.

Wrap Up

In the final analysis, The Authoritarian Moment offer an urgent warning to America’s silent majority: authoritarianism is at large and affecting all aspects of our society.

It has infiltrated our institutions, from corporations to universities.

If we are to preserve our democratic freedoms, it is up to us – the silent majority – to act as guardians and defenders of diversity of thought and respectful dissent.

To do this, we must throw our support towards those who demonstrate ideological inclusiveness, who prioritize free speech over censorship, and who put diversity above conformity.

Where they don’t abide by these principles, we must take it upon ourselves to withdraw our money and support elsewhere as a sign of disapproval and disincentive for unethical behavior.

In the long run, doing so will help prevent dangerous platforms from seizing power from citizens like us who cherish freedom.

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