The Art Of Non-Conformity Book Summary By Chris Guillebeau

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The Art of Non-Conformity, written by Chris Guillebeau, is a book about living an unconventional life and creating one's own unique pathway for success.

Drawing from both his blog and online manifesto, “A Brief Guide to World Domination,” the author presents readers with powerful tools for setting their own rules, getting the most out of their passions, and leaving behind a legacy.

By looking at real-world examples from people who have ventured into unknown territory and made their dreams come true, readers will be motivated to break free from convention and make their own paths in life.

This essential guide offers unique insight into how to stand out from the crowd and live an extraordinary life.

The Art Of Non-Conformity Book

Book Name: The Art Of Non-Conformity (Set your own rules, live the life you want and change the world)

Author(s): Chris Guillebeau

Rating: 4/5

Reading Time: 18 Minutes

Categories: Creativity

Author Bio

Chris Guillebeau is an experienced and accomplished author, with a specialization in creative self-employment, international travel, The $100 Startup and The Art of Non-Conformity.

His New York Times bestseller book has influenced millions of people around the world to discover their hidden potential.

He has also been featured as a contributor by numerous outlets like Business Week,, and The Huffington Post.

No one knows better how to encourage people to unleash their true potential than Chris Guillebeau who himself was able to accomplish the extraordinary goal of visiting all countries in the world!

How To Live An Autonomous And Fulfilling Life: A Guide From The Art Of Non-Conformity

Fulfilling Life

Do you want to break away from the average and mundane path life takes many of us on? Or do you seek to take control and create a life full of adventure, fulfilment, and accomplishment? If so, The Art of Non-Conformity is here to guide you towards that goal.

This book delves into the most common obstacles and fears that prevent us from creating our own paths.

It also provides useful tips on how to beat authority figures, stop being stuck in society‘s expectations and structures, as well as how to discover your autonomy – ultimately allowing you to live a unique and liberated lifestyle.

If you’re looking for real self empowerment,this is the book for you!

Through The Art of Non-Conformity you will have the necessary tools available to create an environment where only your limits can be what stops you from reaching greatness.

So why wait when this book provides everything for you succeed?

Don’T Let Fear Hold You Back From Achieving Greatness In Life

The Art Of Non-Conformity discusses the unfortunate reality that many people don’t know what they want from life.

This can lead to an unremarkable existence filled with mediocrity, a desk job and a 30-year mortgage.

However, it is possible to break free from this unfulfilled state when you decide what you want out of life and commit to it.

Just look at Bernard Lopez who quit his comfortable job to ride across the United States despite warnings and discouragement from others around him.

His adventure gave him an unforgettable experience and a great deal of satisfaction which emboldened him to pursue an exciting new career as well as travel every summer!

It just goes to show that when you make a conscious decision about what you really want in life and act on it, then you can achieve true fulfillment and greatness.

If you often find yourself asking “Is this all there is?” Then The Art Of Non-Conformity is a must read for you – it will provide insight into finding out exactly what you want from life and how to go about realising your ambitions!

Conquering Fear To Achieve Life Transformation: Sloane Berrent’s Story

Fear can very quickly become an impediment to living a fulfilling life.

We often find ourself overwhelmed by doubts and apprehensions, telling us that we are not good enough or will not succeed in achieving anything significant.

But you don’t have to live your life feeling restrained by this fear; there is a way out.

Take Sloane Berrent for example- she faced her fear, acknowledged it and decided to take the initiative anyway.

Eventually, this led to her working with a volunteer organization in the Philippines, doing something that truely gave her meaning and purpose in life.

It all starts with recognising your fear and embracing it – use it as an opportunity to zone in on your own intuition and trust yourself.

To really take the plunge into a meaningful existence make sure you mentally prepare: challenge your uncertainties, consider worst-case scenarios, come up with rewards for yourself – these are great motivators!

With perseverance and determination fear can be overcome; don’t let it keep you stuck in an unfulfilling lifestyle.

Gain Job Security By Investing In Your Own Competence

Job Security

Contrary to what most people think, the best job security is your own competence.

Taking control of your career and gaining a sense of security from your own abilities can be far less risky than entrusting someone else to look after it.

That way, you know that no one cares more about your well-being than yourself.

One person who put this concept into action was a former newscaster who was fired but managed to start her own “Yoga at Work” business with just $9 and within six months was making $2,000 per month – still having greater job security than before.

Then there’s Allen Bacon who held a “good job” with great salary and benefits but wasn’t happy with his work environment so he decided to make small changes in order to gain more responsibility and even a higher salary and still remaining in the same company.

As these examples demonstrate, by relying on your own competence instead of relying on others for job security, you’ll have increased power over your career and be able to take control of how secure it is.

Challenging Gatekeepers To Live Your Best Life: How Tim Dechristopher Stood Up To The Bureau Of Land Management And Won

If you are looking for ways to lead a fulfilled, unconventional life, it’s important to challenge any authority figures that may seek to limit your choices and stand in your way.

This is exactly what environmental activist Tim DeChristopher did when he encountered a gatekeeper from the Bureau of Land Management that was preventing him from taking action to protect the land from big oil companies.

Tim realized that these auctions were anything but fair or democratic, so he decided to take matters into his own hands in order to challenge the system.

Instead of relying on conventional methods, he decided to register as a bidder – something usually reserved for company executives – and beat out all other bidders for the land even though his budget was nowhere near what company executives typically use ($1.7 million).

His unconventional approach worked, and the decision to auction off 22,000 acres was rescinded and the results of the sale declared invalid—leaving the land protected by a federal mandate.

Ultimately, it’s important not just to identify when you’re faced with limiting authority figures who are blocking you from achieving your goals; it also helps to understand that there can be alternative approaches, like Tim found in this case.

You’re never completely powerless if you become creative with how you decide to challenge gatekeepers who serve as obstacles in standing up for yourself and getting what you want out of life.

Recruiting Your Small Army Of Followers: How To Attract Support For Your Life Goals

If you have big goals in life that you want to accomplish, then you need to recruit your own small army of followers.

This is true of international charities, musicians, small businesses and even individuals!

After all, it won’t be possible to achieve great things if nobody is there on this journey with you.

In order to get people to follow you, it is important that they get something out of it – some sort of benefit or fulfillment.

If your work helps them in some way, they’ll be more likely to pay attention and follow your lead.

The author of The Art Of Non-Conformity took this into consideration when he created his website outlining his travels around the world; not only did he include travel essays but also topics focused on achieving big goals and creating a life of personal freedom so as to meet other people’s needs.

This drew massive attentions and support for his project, allowing him to make a living from it.

When Zen Habits Blog was launched, its content shaped around simplicity and setting goals enabled its author to gain over 100 thousand subscribers in under a year.

Uplifting self-presentation assisted him in attaining such remarkable results as well, proving that inspiring and motivating an audience is the key in gathering populatiry and credibility across any platform.

Although the road may seem hard at first glance, all one has got to do if they seek success is figure out what their audience needs and how they can be helped – because only then will one ever have the opportunity to accomplish their own dreams by forming a strong network of loyal followers!

Discover Your Values To Align Spending And Attain True Happiness

True Happiness

If you want to get the most of out of your money, it’s essential you align your spending habits with your own values.

This means taking some time to figure out what truly matters to you and then making sure that your spending reflects that—otherwise, you could end up deeply in debt without ever getting anything in return.

Take the story of a young couple, for example.

When they started their careers, this couple hadn’t taken stock of their values and subsequently incurred massive debts through student loans, two car loans, a loan from their parents, and several credit cards.

But once they had their first child, they stopped and seriously considered their real values and began adjusting their expenditures accordingly.

As a result, they were able to control their spending, pay off all of those looming debts, start investing more in unique life experiences than material things—and ultimately be much better off for it.

No matter what your financial goals may be, it’s important to recognize that determining your values as soon as possible sets you up for long-term success—and makes achieving those goals easier.

Taking an honest look at yourself will allow you to spend money on only what is important to you; budgeting flexibly within this framework can help make achieving these goals much more feasible .

Take Control Of Your Time And Make Room To Live Life To The Fullest

We often feel that there isn’t enough time in the day to do the things we love.

However, with a little bit of planning and determination, it is possible to make room for everything you’ve always wanted to do in life!

To start, carefully assess your current obligations and determine which are necessary and which aren’t.

Some obligations are easier to let go of than others – take Seth Godin, who manages to write the most popular business blog on the planet by not watching TV or going to meetings, giving him four or five extra hours a day.

Once you’ve eliminated some of your everyday responsibilities without consequence, you’ll be able to focus more time on those activities that enrich your life!

Haruki Murakami is an example of this, who was able to order his life around writing and curating meaningful relationships with readers instead of personal relationships with family and friends.

By making tough decisions about time commitments and relentlessly pursuing what one loves, it’s possible to make room for everything you’ve always wanted to do while still living an enjoyable life.

Are You Ready To Make A Lasting Impact Through Your Legacy Work?

Legacy Work

If you want to make sure that the work you do has a lasting impact, then legacy work is essential.

Legacy work is the kind of work that will outlive you and help make the world a better place for others.

That could mean doing something like Dr.

Gary Parker did — providing free reconstructive surgery to those who lack adequate medical care — or it could mean something totally different like creating a product or service that helps people in some way.

To stay focused on producing legacy work, there are several things you can do.

Creating a consistent metric for your most important tasks — for example, writing 1000 words a day if your legacy project consists mainly of writing — is one way to ensure that your best work gets done.

Another method is the Jim Collins approach: carry timers with three distinct settings – 50 percent research and writing; 30 percent teaching; 20 percent other tasks – to keep yourself strictly accountable for your 50/30/20 goals.

At the end of the day, whatever type of legacy work you choose to do should be based on how it will actually help people in some meaningful way.

By staying focused and producing time-lasting work, you’ll have made valuable contributions that continue to benefit those around you even after you’re gone!

Wrap Up

The key message of “The Art Of Non-Conformity” is simple: you don’t have to live your life as other people expect.

Find security in your own competence and strive to break free of a dull and unfulfilling existence.

Learn to figure out what you really want out of life by crafting a “life list” of goals, then take action by creating a “to-stop-doing list” for distractions that waste time and energy and don’t bring any sort of fulfillment or help anyone.

At the end of the day, the takeaway from this book is that living an unconventional life starts with having clarity of purpose and the courage to take risks.

Once you find out what fulfills you, you can use that knowledge to make sure you are taking meaningful steps towards achieving it.

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