The Art Of Living Alone And Loving It Book Summary By Jane Mathews

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The Art of Living Alone and Loving It (2018) is a comprehensive guide for taking on life solo.

Through this book, author Jane Mathews provides readers with invaluable guidance on how to approach living alone in a constructive, positive light.

This insightful publication explores the upside of independence, empowering individuals to embrace their circumstances by focusing on the opportunities for self-growth and development.

Jane Mathews encourages readers to confront their situation head-on, offering practical advice on everything from tackling finances and making connections with friends and family to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

The Art of Living Alone and Loving It arms readers with the tools they need to transform a one-person household into a source of joy, abundance and fulfillment!

The Art Of Living Alone And Loving It

Book Name: The Art of Living Alone and Loving It (Your inspirational toolkit for a whole and happy life)

Author(s): Jane Mathews

Rating: 4.1/5

Reading Time: 22 Minutes

Categories: Motivation & Inspiration

Author Bio

Jane Mathews is a renowned author and marketing expert who hails from Sydney.

Her book, The Art of Living Alone and Loving It, provides practical advice on how to make the most out of living solo.

Preceding it was her acclaimed title Midlife Manifesto: A Woman’s Guide to Thriving After Forty; this time she offers tips on loving one's loneliness and turning moments of aloneness into solace and comfort.

Jane enjoys spending quality time with her canine companion Rory while writing in coffee shops or lounging in the park.

As a seasoned author with a knack for inspiring stories, she wants her readers to create beautiful lives even when they are alone.

How To Overcome Negative Stereotypes And Thrive As A Solo Woman

Negative Stereotypes

Discover the many ways in which it can be a great experience to live alone.

Even though society seems to be set up for people who are part of couples or have families, it is possible to make living alone into something special and enriching.

All you need is the right attitude and plans to overcome challenges as they come.

This book will show you how important it is to take control over your own life and develop strong positive thinking skills while owning your solo status.

Learning from the wisdom of Tolstoy can do wonders for happiness levels, as well as having self-confidence when lonely periods arise.

You will also discover how doing your own finances can give you an incredible feeling of independence that comes with being a successful “soloist.”

So don’t let social pressures prevent you from enjoying everything that comes with living on your own!

Embrace Living Alone And Uncover Unexpected Joys In The Solo Life

Don’t let the stigma around living alone stop you from taking control of your situation and making it into something positive.

For many people who live alone, it can feel like they’re doing something wrong – or that they should be living differently.

But single households are becoming more and more prevalent in today’s society.

In Australia, for example, by 2026 there are predicted to be more single person households than traditional families.

This means that you’re not alone; instead, you’re part of an ever-growing demographic made up of nearly 300 million people globally who are also living solo.

Even still, being on your own can affect how friends and family interact with you, as they may have trouble knowing how to treat the new “single” version of yourself.

Jane Mathews experienced this herself – but through proper mindset shifts, she was able to make her solo lifestyle something joyful and fulfilling.

What’s important is that each of us recognizes our individual situation for what it is: An opportunity for growth, learning about ourselves better so that we can take full ownership over our lives.

Don’t let the social stigma around living alone stop you from making the most out of your unique circumstances!

Enjoying Life Alone Takes Mental Strength And Purpose

Living alone is not for the faint of heart – it requires tremendous mental strength.

That’s why Mathews’ book The Art of Living Alone and Loving It has become so popular.

He emphasizes that, while having the right attitude helps you in life, it’s not enough on its own to guarantee a happy experience.

The way to truly thrive while living alone is to be proactive and possess planning skills, self-confidence, and an ironclad mental fortitude.

You must also strive to make positive changes in your life.

Start by defining who you want to be and being that person.

For example, write down three adjectives that describe yourself and live your life by them.

But don’t forget that everyone who lives alone will experience loneliness from time to time – the key is to figure out what triggers those feelings, either avoiding those situations or thinking positively about it and reframing it as solitude instead of loneliness.

Finally, find activities that give your life a sense of purpose – this is known in Japan as an “ikigai”.

This involves seeking out something you’re good at, something you enjoy doing, what you want your life to stand for – when all these things align together then you have found yourself a healthy passion.

So don’t forget: If you want to be happy when living alone then having strong mental strength is the means to achieving true contentment!

Despite What People Might Say, Living Alone Can Be Healthy – If You Prioritize The Relationship With Yourself

Relationship With Yourself

When you make the choice to live alone, you’ll quickly find that all your relationships will change – including the one with yourself.

It’s important to understand that this is an incredibly important relationship and it should be nurtured.

One suggestion for improving this relationship is to create what the author calls a “self-esteem scrapbook”.

This is essentially a collection of things that brighten up your day – like messages from friends, postcards, photos or even positive affirmations – anything that makes you feel good.

Looking at this book when negative thoughts start to creep in can be very comforting.

Another important relationship while living alone is family.

Even if both of you have baggage, try not to forget how valuable this connection can be and strive to maintain it through phone calls, emails or visits if possible.

On the other hand, don’t forget about making new friends!

Finding people who also live alone could help you form some great friendships when support is needed most.

And don’t be discouraged if some of your prior friendships start to drift away – acknowledge it as part of life and prioritize those who are there for you unconditionally when needed.

Finally, Mathew suggests de-prioritizing romantic relationships while living on your own and instead focusing on cultivating happiness within yourself without depending on another person’s presence.

Taking Responsibility For Your Health: The Keys To Avoiding The Hazards Of Living Alone

As a soloist, you know that your health lies solidly in your own hands.

Studies have revealed that living alone increases the risk of death by as much as 32 percent – just as much as obesity – and it’s thought that this is due to individuals not taking adequate personal responsibility for their health.

But you can put an end to these statistics!

It’s entirely possible to stay healthy when you live alone, but it requires some focused effort on your part.

Start with eating well and become familiar with recipes that suit one person, because takeout and ready-made meals don’t always make ideal health choices.

To keep fit, choose an exercise program that works for you – like walking or cycling – and stick to a strict routine so you can ensure maximum benefit from every workout.

Reward yourself when you reach your goals and make time for a full check-up now and then too.

It’s time to prove that living alone doesn’t mean sacrificing health or wellness.

You have the power to maintain great physical and mental health – all it takes is some positive thinking, planning ahead, and dedication to keeping on track with all aspects of self-care.

As a soloist, taking complete responsibility for your own health is one of the most empowering things you can do.

Take Control Of Your Finances And Feel Empowered

Being in charge of your own finances can be an incredibly liberating experience.

You no longer have to depend on anyone else to take care of your finances or make decisions that will affect you financially.

You can create a blueprint and set goals to reach the financial freedom you desire.

This is exactly what Mathews did after her divorce, when she realized that she had not understood her own financial status until then!

With newfound confidence, Mathews took control of her bank account and felt empowered.

Similarly, many single women need to proactively manage their money for retirement or other investments without relying on someone else.

In order to understand how to make the most of your financial situation, it’s important to analyze what financial security really means to you- this might include covering bills and having extra money for extras or saving for bigger goals such as retirement.

Once you are aware of what you want out of your finances, it’s time to get realistic about spending and earning; evaluate your gap between needs and available money.

Once you have created a plan for yourself it will be easier for you to identify steps towards achieving financial freedom and taking full responsibility for it – something those in relationships rarely experience full control over!

All in all, the power is yours to enjoy the incredible feeling that comes with being solely responsible for filling up your own wallet!

Transform Your Home Into A Place That Makes You Feel Happy And Secure

Happy And Secure

When you live alone, you have the opportunity to create a space that’s uniquely yours and make it into a place that truly makes you happy.

One great way to do this is by looking at your home with fresh eyes.

Pretend you’re giving a tour on TV – roam around and look at it differently, noting which areas of your home work well, and which need some extra love.

Remember that the decor doesn’t have to be majorly impressive – small details can transform an atmosphere in a flash.

Adding meaningful pieces like pictures, flowers, and bowls of fruit can help make it feel more like your own space.

And keep things tidy – there’s nothing worse than having too much mess!

Cleaning up here and there will not only make you happy but prepare you if ever someone were to pop in unannounced.

Finally, invest in yourself by getting a bed and pillows that are good quality so that you can get restful sleep every night – after all, you’re spending one third of your life lying there!

By taking the time to make sure your living environment is tailored specifically for YOU, you’ll take the first steps to creating a happy homelife even when living alone.

Embrace The Freedom Of Doing Things Alone

There’s no need to be afraid of doing things by yourself.

Whether you’re buying a slice of cake or booking the holiday of a lifetime, be proud and confident in your decision.

Don’t let being alone deter you from all the great things that can come from it!

Eating alone in a restaurant? No problem!

There are so many people out there who are too preoccupied with themselves, and each other, that they won’t really pay much attention to other diners.

Plus, solo travelers know how easy it is to get a table for one at restaurants and take advantage of their own personalized dream trips without having to plan around another person’s wants and needs.

Or why not stay closer to home? You could search meetup websites to find some company, sign up for a class, pick up a new hobby, explore some solitary pleasures like reading or listening to the radio…or just relax!

It’s totally okay for having days when all you want to do is stay in bed and watch Netflix – nobody has enough energy to be buzzing with excitement every single day anyway!

Embrace yourself by getting out there andreally living life on your own terms and loving every second of it!

Embracing Solitude: Finding Positivity In Living Alone


Living alone can be a daunting prospect, and having the right mindset is key to making it work.

That’s part of the message that Mathews gets across in his book ‘The Art of Living Alone and Loving It’.

Understanding life with a renewed appreciation, viewing opportunities instead of limitations and utilizing thoughts and words into actual, real actions are essential steps to make living alone enjoyable.

Focusing on developing small rituals like savoring the morning sunlight or eating healthy meals for yourself can be a great place to start.

To get the most out of living alone you should also strive to develop your spiritual side – this doesn’t necessarily mean converting to a new faith, but rather discovering internal balance through reconnecting with yourself.

At first, it might not seem easy – positivity won’t come automatically as soon as you move into your solo pad – but working hard will pay dividends.

The key message here is that cultivating the right attitude is an important part of taking control and enjoying life while living alone!

Wrap Up

The Art of Living Alone and Loving It is an inspiring read for soloists out there.

The key message of this book is that living alone doesn’t have to be a dreaded experience, instead it can actually be quite rewarding.

By taking control of your own life and being responsible for your own decisions – from handling your health and finances to forging meaningful connections – you can turn your single life into something much more enjoyable and satisfying.

And the best part is that you get to know yourself on a deeper level than ever before!

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