That Sounds Fun Book Summary By Annie F. Downs

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That Sounds Fun (2021) is a book that aims to bring more joy into our lives.

Written by author Annie F.

Downs, the book explores how love and fun can help counterbalance our pain and disappointment by outlining the spiritual benefits of simple pleasures.

Through stories, examples and encouragement, readers are invited to embrace a life that is filled with openness, lightness and joy regardless of circumstance or season.

With humor, humility and honesty, Annie encourages readers to live a life full of purpose and flourish.

Whether you're looking for inspiration or motivation in life - That Sounds Fun (2021) will help you rediscover the path to joy in everyday moments.

That Sounds Fun Book

Book Name: That Sounds Fun (The Joys of Being an Amateur, the Power of Falling in Love, and Why You Need a Hobby)

Author(s): Annie F. Downs

Rating: 3.8/5

Reading Time: 17 Minutes

Categories: Mindfulness & Happiness

Author Bio

Annie F.

Downs is an amazing author, speaker, and host of the popular podcast That Sounds Fun.

She first gained fame for her best-selling book 100 Days to Fun, which was filled with uplifting stories and inspiring advice.

Her other works include Remember God, where Annie encourages readers to remember who they are in Christ and not just in the world.

From speaking engagements to online discussions on faith and life issues, Annie truly lives out what she teaches; to listen with intention, engage with joy, and speak up courageously.

With her writing as well as her open and honest conversations about difficult topics such as depression and anxiety, she encourages readers to find healthy ways of expressing their feelings while still looking towards their heavenly Father.

Unlocking The Hidden Value Of Fun: A Meditation On Love, Hobbies, And Enjoyment


Finding joy in the small things can make a huge difference, and That Sounds Fun is here to help you find it.

Through this book, learn just how valuable fun can be and uncover the hidden value in experiences that bring us simple pleasure.

From vacations to moving house to playing chess, these sections will help you rediscover the joy of life, connecting you with God in more meaningful ways.

It’s time to let go of the pressure of achieving our goals and start embracing the joy of daily life.

Find out why we shouldn’t delay our gratification too long, how to prepare for an amazing vacation, and what we can learn from green beans about the Garden of Eden.

Get back into finding your inner happiness by learning and experiencing something new – get That Sounds Fun today!

We Can All Find Fun In The Simplest Of Moments

Even with the effects of the pandemic on our lives, it is still possible to experience simple joys and have fun.

The author’s weekly podcast, That Sounds Fun, often explores this idea through her conversations about what people find fun or enjoyable.

Most guests answer by naming exciting plans or grand visions but every so often she would be presented a different response; something smaller like “reading a book” or “eating something fried”.

It is these kinds of answers that bring her attention to the kind of joy found in small everyday moments.

But even beyond podcasts and lifewide talks, the author’s own personal experiences draw out this message.

Reminiscing on time spent with her mother and grandmother as a child chopping beans on their Georgia farm porch brings to light just how much joy can be found in moments like that.

And though it has been difficult to access it during our current situation, we can still enjoy such simple pleasures even when our lives are shrunken..

Fun doesn’t necessarily have to agree with bells and whistles.

In its purest sense, it can be found simply in a blank mind — freedom from responsibility, pressure and care.

These glimpses of an untroubled life remind us just how close we are truly able to get to experiencing Paradise.

So seek these moments out in your day – because although the environment around us may feel far from Eden-like, joy still glistens beneath the surface if you know where to look for it!

Embrace Your “Amateur” Status And Find Joy In The Process Of Learning And Growing

When the author of That Sounds Fun delved into the dictionary meaning of amateur, she realized that it can be seen in a more positive light.

An amateur is someone who has not embraced their activity to the point of becoming a professional yet and instead do it for pleasure.

This started her thinking on why they often feel judged and why people think embracing an amateur status is so wrong.

At the heart of this idea is that being an amateur gives us a chance to become better at something as well as enjoy it for its own sake.

Going about an activity as an amateur opens the door for learning, growth, and progress as there are no set expectations or restrictions from professionals.

Giving yourself permission to take on things you love but aren’t necessarily good at yet can lead to new opportunities or passions that ultimately bring joy and success.

Instead then of automatically assuming that being an amateur is bad and should be avoided, consider what great things you can learn through it and have fun exploring your new areas of interest!

Embrace your inner amateur, and you’ll open the door to progress in ways you never thought possible.

Stop Waiting And Start Harvesting The Joy In Life Today

Joy In Life

The author once felt like she was constantly sacrificing her present happiness for a future that may or may not arrive.

She was putting off big purchases and also small decisions, thinking that they were only meant to be enjoyed when she got married.

But in fact, this way of thinking held her back from experiencing joy in the present moment.

The key message here is – the future isn’t promised, but the present can be a gift.

It’s a reminder to cherish the things we have right now instead of waiting for some distant time to come when everything will finally be perfect.

The author realized that she deserved happiness now – not just in an imagined future once all the pieces of her life had come together.

So, she decided to take matters into her own hands by taking an emotional healing retreat and soon afterwards buying her first home (lustily named Harvest House) which represented the joy she had already started harvesting from seeds planted earlier in life.

By embracing this concept of appreciating the current moment, instead of wishing away this time for some uncertain tomorrow, you too can start collecting those ripe fruits!

Don’T Let Other People Define Your Fun: Rediscover The Joys Of A Well-Loved Hobby

In the book That Sounds Fun, author Shaunti Feldhahn emphasizes the importance of not giving up your hobbies in exchange for being an adult.

Often when we become adults and our responsibilities increase, we believe that there isn’t enough time to pursue our hobbies.

But she argues that hobbies can bring joy and connection to our lives and should not be so easily given up.

She gives as an example her father who loved playing chess as a child but gave it up when starting his career and family.

He only played again when the author was an adult herself – showing that this doesn’t have to be a rare occurrence.

Hobbies also provide a lifeline in difficult times – Feldhahn talks about her friend Tim who has Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) and can no longer do many activities with friends, but they are still able to play chess together, which nurtures their friendship despite his illness.

Finally, she stresses the importance of choosing things you actually like doing instead of following someone else’s definition of ‘cool.’ She regrets quitting French Horn because of peer pressure when she was in high school – something many adults today still sadly find themselves experiencing.

So take it from Feldhahn: keep those hobbies alive and don’t give them up in exchange for adulthood!

The Freedom Of Vulnerability: Learning To Embrace Our Real Emotions At Lone Valley Ranch

Real Emotions

The author of That Sounds Fun knows that it’s okay not to be happy all the time.

We’ve all experienced difficult moments and emotions at least once in our lives, but sometimes it feels like we’re expected to just brush them off and carry on with a smile on our face.

This isn’t healthy or realistic, which is why the author chose to go on a Christian retreat to Lone Valley ranch in Colorado.

At first, the author thought she could just pretend to be having fun, as if it was a Garbage Chute where she could get rid of her anxieties without anyone noticing.

But quickly Tony, the leader of the retreat, noticed her putting on an act and told her that wasn’t necessary.

He explained that this place was for embracing vulnerability and being your true self – even if it included sad feelings.

The author learnt that during this precious vacation which ultimately led her back home feeling more connected with God and herself – even though not all her problems had gone away.

This reminds us that while it may feel uncomfortable at first, it’s ok not to be ok sometimes – and only then can you lay the foundations for a more joyful tomorrow!

Wrap Up

The “That Sounds Fun” book is an inspiring look at how you can still find joy in even the toughest circumstances.

With a heartfelt message, the book encourages readers to embrace their inner amateur, be curious and enthusiastic, and cherish everyday life.

At its core, this book is about finding contentment from within and understanding that fun doesn’t always have to come from big costly experiences; it can come from simple and ordinary moments as well.

From playing with your kids to exploring new creative outlets, there are little things you can do everyday to bring yourself joy.

If there’s one thing to take away from “That Sounds Fun,” it’s that no matter where your journey takes you, continue to keep hope in your heart, enjoy the present moment and let yourself have fun!

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