Talent Magnetism Book Summary By Roberta Chinsky Matuson

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Talent Magnetism is a powerful new book from author Roberta Chinsky Matuson which provides unique insight into how to attract and retain top talent in the 21st century.

It offers an array of practical advice and strategies employable to help organisations stay ahead of the competition by understanding how new technologies and workforce trends can positively impact business operations.

The book has been carefully crafted to include invaluable lessons on what attracts highly talented people, as well as how to manage them successfully in order to cultivate a creative, productive environment that encourages success.

It further outlines techniques for making employees part of corporate culture, building loyalty and inspiring driven individuals so that their contributions lead to long-term company growth.

Talent Magnetism Book

Book Name: Talent Magnetism (How to Build a Workplace That Attracts and Keeps the Best)

Author(s): Roberta Chinsky Matuson

Rating: 3.6/5

Reading Time: 10 Minutes

Categories: Corporate Culture

Author Bio

Roberta Chinsky Matuson is a highly respected professional in the field of consulting, recruiting talent and company growth.

As the president of Matuson Consulting, she has provided her expert advice to well-known companies such as Best Buy, Monster, and Staples.

She also has an impressive resume with contributions to popular publications such as Forbes and Fast Company.

Her knowledge and experience has made her a sought after expert in talent recruitment and business growth - it's no wonder why Talent Magnetism was such a hit book!

How To Attract The Best Talent Through Magnetic Recruiting Strategies

Best Talent

Finding the right employees has never been an easy task.

As technology advances and the job market evolves, it can often feel like you’ll never find that perfect candidate for the role.

This is where magnetism can really help.

You don’t have to just rely on personal contacts or social media networks – you can actually attract great people to your business without even having to reach out!

So what are the secrets to good recruiting in the 21st century? In Talent Magnetism by Andrew McAfee, he explains how Apple has mastered magnetism and used it as a successful recruiting strategy.

He also reveals how LinkedIn used rewards and social media strategies to draw in potential employees.

The key takeaway here is that, just like any relationship, good recruiting must be based on mutual love – not just having a great product or financial incentives.

If you’re looking for an effective way to recruit top talent and aren’t sure where to start, Talent Magnetism is a great place to begin.

Through understanding the secrets of magnetism and developing new ways of luring in potential hires, you’ll be able to ensure that you get exactly who you need for your company!

The Need For Companies To Invest In Attracting And Retaining Talent For The Future

Talent For The Future

In a world filled with countless job openings and countless eager workers, why is it so hard for CEOs and senior executives to find good talent today? The answer lies in the shortage of skilled talent – many positions remain vacant due to companies not having access to the right kind of skills they need.

If companies are going to attract and retain great talent, they must adapt and embrace a modern talent pool and be savvy to what they need and want too.

Statistics show that there will be 1.4 million tech-related job openings in the U.S.

by 2018, yet only 400,000 college graduates will able to fill these positions.

To tackle this issue, some companies have taken forward-thinking steps like sponsoring technology information centers for young adults or getting involved with clubs or programs at local universities.

Additionally, companies should think beyond just employees’ skills when considering new workers — it’s essential to understand their needs and wants too.

Failing to recognize these factors can hurt your company’s success in recruiting talented individuals for open roles.

Instead of just assuming people will settle for any job without expecting decent treatment, it’s vital get involved with promising candidates by catering towards their interests aswell as their skill set.

Doing so will ensure that you are able to attract future stars who are passionate about working at your organization!

How To Create An Irresistible Company By Rewarding Employees And Generating Positive Buzz

It’s one thing to recruit people, but it’s another to make your company an attractive catch.

It takes more than just a well-crafted job ad to make your business the top choice for potential employees – you have to actively recognize them, show your appreciation and create an environment that they want to be part of.

Take a cue from LinkedIn – their CEO gave all his employees iPads in appreciation for their efforts, and this single gesture sent positive ripples throughout social media networks as well as within the organization itself.

Employees felt appreciated, so much so that it generated more buzz than any recruiting advertisement could have ever achieved.

Even small gestures can go a long way – surprise them with a few hours of rest or tickets to a concert instead – anything meaningful enough that they feel appreciated yet not too expensive either!

Go beyond rewards and recognition however; make sure your company stands out unique benefits that offer more than just paychecks.

Employees today seek something greater from the corporate world such financial assurance but also challenges, experiences and the opportunity for personal growth too.

As for recruitment expenses, opt for something that creates a domino effect of employee satisfaction rather than spending 20-30% of annual revenue on pointless job boards or events with no return on investment whatsoever!

Look at Apple: walk into one of their stores and you’ll see happy employees energetically interacting with satisfied customers.

That’s because theirs is a workplace where enjoyment comes before anything else – thanks in part to its magnetic culture – which trips perfectly into why it isn’t difficult to hire good talent there.

Make sure you’re attractive enough as an employer without trying hard; let everything naturally fall into place by having an awesome team that exudes enthusiasm 24/7!

Developing A Strong Employment Brand To Attract Top Talent

Strong Employment

Do you want to maximize and bring to light the magnetism your company already has? Then it’s time to take a few steps.

First, assess how your current and past employees perceive your company.

Ask yourself questions like; what makes your organization attractive, what keeps the best talent at your company, why is it better than others, do you have a creative environment? Also ask people outside the company how they describe it: innovative? Intense? Rewarding?

The next step is to go online which means investing in resources like videographers, photographers and other creative people who can correctly represent your brand on social media outlets and through your website.

Create a recruitment page on Facebook where resumes can be uploaded directly and tailor advertising campaigns that target potential employees in the right places based on their location, education, and interests.

This will give you access to talented people at an affordable cost with minimal risk involved.

In short – get out there!

By communicating effectively what makes you unique, you can draw in the best talent for years to come.

Investing In Your Employees Now Pays Off Later: The Benefits Of A Sustainable Recruitment Strategy

Talent Magnetism, a book summarizing how recruiters can gain the upper hand over their competitors, emphasizes the importance of getting ahead of the game with regards to recruitment.

The goal should be to set up a sustainable work environment right away – this not only boosts long-term goals but also ensures that employees remain loyal and happy.

The book suggests focusing on finding talent with both knowledge and well-rounded skills.

Well-rounded skills are often easy to spot because they’re what allows customers and personnel to go above and beyond expectations.

To foster loyalty, employers can incentivize employees by giving them rewards for recognizing a job well done and making an effort in pleasing clients – such as the Ritz-Carlton hotel chain’s policy that allows staff members to spend up $2,000 on guests.

We don’t necessarily have to adopt such a lavish approach; on a smaller scale, employers may thank their employees with certificates or apologies if mistakes are made in food orders at restaurants.

It’s key that companies invest in their staff before bottoming out – show your team trust and respect so that you, as well as them, could benefit.

Get in front of rivals today rather than wait for them to take the lead; put your “plan B” into motion now so you won’t need one later!

Wrap Up

In Talent Magnetism, author James Kennedy covers a range of topics relating to how an employer can create an attractive, tailored benefit package to draw in the best talent.

He argues that by creating a “magnetic” company, recruiters can save cost and enjoy the constant influx of motivated and qualified young recruits who bring with them the experience and know-how necessary to succeed in this modern economy.

To sum up, Kennedy’s advice was simple: be honest.

Don’t make false promises or present lay-offs as something other than what it is – he reminds you that telling the truth will make it easier for employers to maintain a positive reputation.

Ultimately, Talent Magnetism is about understanding what employees are attracted to and using it to your advantage when crafting your recruitment strategy.

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