Surprise Book Summary By Tania Luna and LeeAnn Renninger

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Surprise (2015) is a great read for those who are looking to explore the concept of surprise and how it can enhance your life.

The book examines how surprise works, how it can be embraced and created, and how you can use it to improve your relationships and live life to its fullest potential.

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Surprise Book

Book Name: Surprise (Embrace the Unpredictable and Engineer the Unexpected)

Author(s): Tania Luna and LeeAnn Renninger

Rating: 4/5

Reading Time: 16 Minutes

Categories: Motivation & Inspiration

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Author Bio

Tania Luna is an innovative thinker who loves to explore the power of surprise.

She is an authority on the topic and has given a TED talk where she discussed her ideas about 'surprisology'.

Luna is also a co-founder and CEO of Surprise Industries.

The company is the first of its kind, as it specializes in creating memorable surprise experiences for people.

In addition to her work with Surprise Industries, Luna is one of the leaders of LifeLabs New York.

Her mission there is to help people gain knowledge and skills from ongoing self-exploration classes led by experts from around the world.

Overall, Tania Luna's work reveals her passion for transforming mundane moments into exciting, meaningful experiences through surprise.

The Power Of Surprise: Exploring The Inner Workings Of Unpredictability


Surprise is something that many of us avoid but can offer a lot of unexpected benefits.

If you are more open to surprising experiences, you may find that it leads to greater happiness, growth, and even closer connections with others.

In this book, you’ll learn all about the power of surprise and how to make the most out of unpredictable contexts.

Discovering how surprise works can help you take advantage of it and even create surprises for yourself or those around you!

You’ll see why embracing surprise can be so beneficial – from the “duh face” moment when we suddenly understand something to improving relationships through moments of awe in looking at the starry sky above.

You’ll also explore why people contact psychics and what potential benefits there are in doing so.

Get ready to tap into the power surprise brings by understanding its inner workings!

Start uncovering thrilling possibilities with Surprise Book Summary today.

How Surprise Affects Our Brain And Changes The Way We View The World

Surprise is a unique feeling that is triggered when the brain doesn’t expect what will happen next.

This sensation can be evoked when something unexpected or unpredictable occurs and immediately shifts the brain into action.

This has an evolutionary advantage for humans as it enables us to react quickly to threatening or dangerous situations, like a hungry predator.

When surprise occurs, the brain goes through several stages known as the “surprise sequence” which consists of freezing, finding, shifting and sharing phases.

In the freeze phase, your cognitive resources are depleted and all attention is focused on the surprise object while expressions such as “duh face” may appear.

In the finding phase the brain assimilates information to figure out what just happened.

The shift phase changes your perception of reality in regards to that situation.

Lastly in share phase, you communicate this experience with others by talking about it so your brain can lighten its workload.

Overall, surprise is a powerful emotion that’s triggered when our brains don’t expect what will come next; an evolutionary response which enabled us to survive since prehistoric times.

The Need For Balance: Striking A Chord Between Predictability And Surprise

In today’s world, we thrive when presented with both surprise and predictability.

On a daily basis, the world is full of uncertainty, but also has certain structures in place that create a sense of security.

While this contradiction can create anxiety as we attempt to make predictions about the future, it can also lead to boredom when things become too predictable.

One survey found that nearly 70% of women and 39% of men had contacted psychics in an effort to regain some control over their lives, seeking surprise while avoiding unpredictability.

We look for convenience and security from our smartphones when going somewhere new so that our routines are under control.

However, too much structure and predictability can cause us to feel bored or trapped, leaving us craving for unexpected experiences once more.

It’s clear then — people need both surprise and predictability in order to thrive spiritually and emotionally.

On the one hand, we require enough stability for everyday life; on the other hand, without any sense of danger or adventure, life wouldn’t be as fulfilling either.

The key is find the perfect balance between enjoying your daily routine while still embracing the unpredictability of what lies ahead.

How To Enhance Your Resilience For Unexpected Challenges

Unexpected Challenges

In a world where the unexpected can sometimes be too much to handle, building resilience is an essential part of embracing the unpredictable.

Being resilient means being better equipped to deal with unexpected events that life throws at us, as well as being able to cope with disappointment when things don’t go our way.

Research has shown that people who are more resilient tend to be happier and healthier.

So how do you build resilience? Start by forming a stable foundation – create support systems or communities with those around you so that if something negative happens, everyone can help out.

Then, identify any advantages that can come from negative surprises – for example, finding ways to make even bad situations into learning experiences.

Focus on positive goals and understand that struggle is part of success; often times we learn best through trial and error.

Finally, remember that negative surprises should never trap you in your comfort zone – they offer unique opportunities for change and growth.

Take Natalia Paruz’s story as inspiration: following her setback she turned what could have been a tragedy into success by picking up an entirely new set of skills!

The Benefit Of Being Vulnerable: Embracing Uncertainty To Live A Richer Life

When it comes to living life to the fullest, one key factor is being able to embrace uncertainty.

To do this, repositioning vulnerability as openness and resisting the urge to avoid or predict surprises can be a good start.

This concept was highlighted in the inspirational case of Raghava KK – a contemporary artist who had an amazing response from his TED talk audience, despite initially feeling terrible interactions with other speakers prior to going on stage.

By allowing himself to be vulnerable, he enabled access to his most personal feelings that ultimately resulted with positive attention and admiration from the audience.

If you learn to accept unpredictability and surrender some sense of control over your circumstances, it will lead you out of your comfort zone and open up new possibilities for more excitement and happiness in life.

So next time you approach something uncertain, keep in mind how reframing vulnerability as openness can bring you closer towards embracing uncertainty rather than avoiding it.

Surprise Someone And Spread Delight: How To Engineer Positive Experiences And Unexpected Joy

If you want to become a surprise engineer, the key is to design surprises that are delightful and create experiences for those around you.

Eva, a hotel manager, showed us just how powerful these types of surprises can be when she placed baskets of sweets into each of her hotel rooms – guests were delightfully surprised by her gesture and then shared this experience with their friends and family.

This type of positive word-of-mouth publicity can benefit any business!

Studies have shown that guests who experienced a “delightful surprise” at an accommodation are more likely to recommend it or return there.

That’s why designing experiences is the next step in becoming a successful surprise engineer.

When creating these experiences, it’s important to activate your receiver’s senses which can often be done through clever party themes.

Hannah Kane, one such surprise maker uses themes such as space travel and marshmallows that trigger people’s imaginations and allow them to explore new territory while being surprised by what they find!

Finding The Balance Between Unity And Surprise For Healthy Relationships

Healthy Relationships

If you want to strengthen your relationships, you need to let surprise in and be open to differences.

This could mean accepting different points of view on culture, politics, religion, or any other topics that tend to cause conflict.

Research by conflicts scholar Roi Ben-Yehuda shows that when people are willing to accept paradoxes and complexities in their relationships, they’re able to better manage conflicts and have healthier relationships.

At the same time though, you also need some degree of predictability in order for a relationship to flourish.

If two partners become too familiar with each other, their desire for each other can start fading due to a lack of surprise or ‘otherness’.

Psychologist Esther Perel argues that stability and unity are important elements in any relationship – but they should be balanced with elements of surprise, mystery and confidence coming from both partners.

In conclusion, if you can maintain an adequate balance between acceptance of differences along with a healthy level of surprise in your relationship – this will lead to mutually beneficial outcomes for both parties involved.

Surprise Yourself: Collect Novelty And Seek Awe For A More Rewarding Life

Do you want to surprise yourself? One of the best ways to do that is by collecting novelty – that is, gathering up experiences that you’ve never had before.

Research has proven that new experiences and novel stimuli stimulate a reward response in the brain – releasing dopamine and putting us in an excited state of anticipation and searching for answers.

You can easily boost your odds of getting surprised by expanding beyond your comfort zone.

Consider going out, meeting new people, listening to some music you normally wouldn’t, taking classes or seeking out awe-inspiring sights and activities like beautiful night skies, meteor craters and ballet performances.

The more effort you put into actively seeking novelty and being open to awe-inspiring things, the more likely it is that you’ll be rewarded with surprise!

Wrap Up

At the end of the day, being open to surprise doesn’t mean always expecting happy endings.

It means accepting that no matter what happens, you can learn something and become a better person for it.

We all have moments of fear, confusion and reluctance when presented with something new or unexpected, but if you take a moment to step back and consider your feelings objectively – not giving in to fear or self-doubt – then you may find that embracing surprises can actually lead to greater growth in life.

Don’t be afraid to take risks and challenge yourself; these moments of courage will stick longer than those of ‘cool.’ So next time you’re presented with something unexpected or strange, don’t shy away from it or run from it.

Instead, face it head-on and see where it takes you!

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