Super Attractor Book Summary By Gabrielle Bernstein

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Super Attractor: A Practical Guide to Becoming a Spiritually Aligned Being (2019) is a must-read for anyone wanting to tap into the power that surrounds us all.

Written by Gabrielle Bernstein, this book offers lessons and guidance on how to find inner purpose, conquer any fear and start living your most desired life.

Whether you’re an experienced spiritual practitioner or just at the beginning of your journey, this book will help you to explore deeper realms of consciousness and discover the courage and focus needed for spiritual alignment.

Bernstein's insights will help guide you towards creating positive habits which will lead you in the direction of your intention.

Get ready to transform your perspective through her spiritual teachings and start living the life that's been calling out to you.

Super Attractor Book

Book Name: Super Attractor (Methods for Manifesting a Life Beyond Your Wildest Dreams)

Author(s): Gabrielle Bernstein

Rating: 4.6/5

Reading Time: 34 Minutes

Categories: Motivation & Inspiration

Author Bio

Gabrielle Bernstein is a well-known figure in the spiritual world, renowned as a New York Times best-selling author and next-generation thought leader by Oprah.

She's been helping people unlock their higher potential for over ten years, through her books, lectures, and group meditations retreats.

Her latest masterpiece is called Super Attractor.

It's a book that will help you understand how to attract what you desire in life with the power of spirituality and self-belief.

Bernstein provides wise advice on how to manifest love and abundance in all aspects of your life, so that you can finally make it happen!

How To Unlock Your Super Attractor Power: A Guide To Harnessing Your Inner Ability To Manifest Your Dreams

Manifest Your Dreams

If you’re looking for a spiritual guide to help you better align your life with the Universe, Gabrielle Bernstein’s Super Attractor is the perfect book to pick up.

With over fifteen years of experience helping thousands around the world tap into the invisible power that surrounds us, Bernstein provides an illuminating guide on how to cultivate a happier and more fulfilling way of life.

In her three-step method, she outlines how to awaken your Super Attractor power – that is, how to manifest your dreams in reality – as well as recognize signs from the Universe in everyday life.

Further still, she teaches readers how to adopt a short mantra that can change their entire worldview.

This empowering book can be truly transformative if you take the time to follow her advice and live your best life according to its teachings!

How To Realign Your Energy With The Universe By Becoming A Super Attractor

We’ve all had negative thoughts that cloud our minds and create a negative outlook on life.

This is normal, but with one major problem– each of these negative thoughts sends a message to the Universe.

We can’t ignore these messages, because the Universe always returns energy in kind.

That’s why it’s so important for us to be careful about what we think.

No thought is “idle,” as clinical psychologist Helen Schucman’s text A Course in Miracles states, and we should monitor our thoughts and make sure they are sending positive messages out into the universe.

That way, instead of creating more difficulty in our lives, we will be able to create a more peaceful and happy experience for ourselves.

Gabrielle Bernstein offers three steps for getting back on course with positivity: Notice your feelings behind your thoughts, forgive your thoughts, and choose again.

Start by noticing your feelings; ask yourself “how do I feel right now?” After that, thank yourself for recognizing where you’re coming from before forgiving yourself and accepting the thought as something that provides valuable insight into what needs to be addressed first.

Last but not least, you have the option to choose again by asking the Universe to guide you towards more joyful thoughts rather than ruminating over the same worries.

By doing this regularly, we ensure that every single thought we have is transmitting positive energy out into the Universe rather than negative fear-based vibes.

Remember– every single thought has meaning!

So make sure each one counts when it comes to aligning your energy with the Universe.

How To Become A Super Attractor By Allowing Yourself To Feel Good

Becoming a Super Attractor starts with acknowledging the truth that it’s good to feel good.

We’ve been trained to believe that happiness is something we must work hard for and suffer through in order to acquire it – which stops us from recognizing that we already deserve to be in a state of contentment.

In order to start feeling good, you need to open yourself up to receive Universal energy.

To do this, try the “think it to feel it” method: imagine an event or situation where you have felt that emotion before, be it calmness or control – whatever emotion you desire – and let this guide your next steps.

Affirm the feeling that you want by saying the mantra aloud when you notice negative thoughts appearing, such as “I’m truly taken care of” or “I respect my body”.

Meditate on and write down these positive feelings each day so they become ingrained in your thinking.

It’s essential to also recognize the bad habits holding us back from feeling good such as jealousy and competitiveness, and learn positive ways to replace these roadblocks instead.

With daily practice and gradually taking control of our perception of reality, we will become Super Attractors and experience positive responses from the Universe – because it’s good to feel good!

How To Cultivate An Abundance Mindset And Overcome Fear-Based Obstacles To Attracting Your Desires

Attracting Your Desires

In Gabrielle Bernstein’s book Super Attractor, she discusses the importance of leaving jealousy behind and recognizing that the Universe provides for everyone.

This mindset is crucial if we want to manifest our desires and attract what we are seeking in life.

One major obstacle to manifesting our goals is fear – fear of not being good enough or not having enough skills or resources.

And too often, this fear manifests itself as jealousy and competition between others; it can make us view the world as a zero-sum game in which someone else’s success is our loss.

To overcome this fear-based mindset, Bernstein encourages us to recognize the sneaky ways in which fear blocks progress and instead cultivate a mindset of abundance.

We have to be protective of our desires and avoid conversations with known pessimists; accept that the Universe has better plans for you and everyone else; remember to give back wherever possible; and let go of comparisons, rivalries, and judgment.

By following these practices, we can shift away from fear into love and recognize that life isn’t a race for success – there is enough successes for everyone in life if we embrace oneness instead of competition.

How To Find Joy In Life And Let It Take You Where You Want To Go

Finding joy in every situation is the key to staying on the high end of the Emotional Guidance Scale.

Abraham-Hicks says that this 22-point scale goes from low-vibration emotions such as fear and grief to high-vibration emotions like joy passion.

It’s not easy to go straight from a low emotion to a high one, but with practice it is possible to move up the scale gradually by focusing on enjoying small, everyday events or activities.

Super Attractor author Gabrielle Bernstein emphasizes that recognizing and appreciating even the mundane things in life can help you find happiness and joy.

Focusing on these activities can also create positive energy which will bring more good vibes into your life.

She calls this “carrying a flashlight” as you keep searching for joy – eventually, it will lead you to growth opportunities and new connections.

By keeping yourself at a high vibration, you’re always moving towards your desired outcome and closer to achieving your goals!

Reconnect With The Spiritual World And Find Freedom With The Power Beyond Our Worldly Concerns

In her book, Super Attractor, Gabrielle Bernstein guides readers on a journey to lift the veil that separates the physical and spiritual worlds.

According to A Course in Miracles, this veil is created when we choose to believe in the tiny mad idea that we are somehow separate from the Universe.

To reconnect with our true source of power–the energy and love of the Universe–we must choose to see beyond this physical world and be proud that we made that choice.

Bernstein encourages readers to remind themselves of their connection to the spiritual realm through practices like loving what they have rather than focusing on what they don’t or helping others who may be struggling.

In addition, she suggests using guided meditations available on her website in order to quiet one’s mind and ward off distracting negative thoughts.

This can also aid in releasing energetic blocks that may prevent us from connecting with the ethereal realm.

Ultimately, when we are able to lift this veil between ourselves and the Universe, we can appreciate a more profound connection with its infinite capacity for love and strength.

As readers work hard to accept this reminiscence of their original spiritual self by recognizing these energies around them at all times should help them stay connected in an uplifted state no matter where they go.

How You Can Find Strength In A Spiritual Guide

Spiritual Guide

When facing difficult problems, it might be helpful to turn towards the advice of a compassionate spiritual guide.

But first, you must open yourself up to connecting with one.

Your guide can come in many forms, such as an inner voice, higher power from the Universe, angels and archangels, or even relatives and teachers who have passed away.

Once you’ve lifted the veil and your mind is open to their teachings and guidance, listen carefully for their advice.

Meditation is one way of doing this – clear your mind and think through your request or write it down in a journal.

Then be patient; when the time is right, you’ll begin to get sensitive to hearing what they have to say.

It’s important to remember that if you put effort into deepening the relationship with your spiritual guide, the greater rewards will come.

And by tapping into their wisdom and strength when facing tough times, you’ll gradually learn how to surrender yourself – everything else will follow naturally over time!

How To Let Go Of Control And Receive Support From The Universe

It’s understandable that many of us want to take control of our own lives, especially when it comes to tackling difficult tasks.

But in order to be truly successful, we must allow the Universe to take some control as well.

This is something that Gabrielle Bernstein knows all too well.

Take her experience at the Oprah SuperSoul Sessions for example: she was offered a chance to speak there about spiritual matters, but the thought of a large audience and big stars made her anxious.

Rather than powering through it alone however, she asked for help by ceding some control of the event to another spiritual leader’s calming presence—and it worked!

She delivered her message effortlessly.

Clearly, life can get a lot easier if we accept help from the Universe instead of assuming our fate is entirely in our hands.

When we let go and realise that each day is a collaboration between us and the spiritual world, this burden will be lifted off our shoulders!

As a Super Attractor then, you need to get into the habit of seeking power and energy outside yourself—connect with your spiritual guide and be led by their energy.

Doing this through meditation and prayer—even if it’s just asking for guidance says “Thank you, guide of highest truth and compassion, for revealing your presence to me.

I welcome you now”—can help realign your thoughts with what’s best for you and provide solutions or insights which wouldn’t have come otherwise.

Then you’ll realize just how powerful your holiness can be with the Universe on your side!

The Spiritually Aligned Action Method: Unlocking The Power Of Appreciation To Manifest Desires

When it comes to making your desires a reality, it’s important to take action from a place of spiritual alignment.

The Spiritually Aligned Action Method developed by Gabrielle Bernstein can help.

It is a powerful four-step technique that utilizes the invisible energy of the Universe to co-create the world you want.

The steps include: 1) making sure your desire is backed by inspiration and service; 2) believing that the Universe will deliver; 3) taking action from a place of spiritual alignment; and 4) having patience.

Taking action from this perspective ensures that you are staying true to yourself and not forcing your desires into manifestation – but rather allowing them to manifest in their own due time with ease and grace.

By following Bernstein’s advice, you can trust in the power of the Universe and create an incredible life for yourself.

Manifestation requires one thing above all else – faith.

If you are willing to trust in the process and take action, there is no limit as to what you can achieve.

Appreciation Is The Key To Harnessing The Power Of Super Attraction


Gabrielle Bernstein’s book, Super Attractor, opens with a simple but powerful concept: The best way to get what you want is to appreciate what you have.

This teaching comes from spiritual guru Abraham-Hicks and it goes like this – if we are constantly focusing on what we don’t have or don’t like in our lives, then that negative energy will be returned to us as more of the same.

However, if we practice appreciation in all aspects of our lives – even when things don’t seem great – then that positivity will be reflected back to us exponentially!

Jessica and Gabrielle learned this lesson long ago after meeting each other and realizing how much they appreciated each other’s strengths and energy.

Similarly, Alex was able to move ahead after making a bad business decision when he decided to appreciate the mistake for what it taught him instead of dwelling on it.

The key to taking advantage of appreciation is consistency.

Each morning, take some time to jot down a few things in your life that make you grateful or happy – whether big or small.

Look for the good moments throughout your day instead of staying stuck in negativity.

Finally, share those appreciations with others around you when the opportunity arises so that the positive moments multiply!

When done regularly, appreciation has the power to realign us with the Universe which makes achieving our dreams easier than ever before!

So remember – practice appreciation frequently and soon you’ll find that everything falls into place naturally!

Trust In The Universe: How To Surrender Your Control And Let It Guide You

When it comes to life’s greatest desires, sometimes you have to be patient and trust that the Universe will eventually catch up with your dreams.

This is something Gabrielle Bernstein knows firsthand as she experienced this for herself during a three-year infertility journey.

Throughout this time, she followed the best practices such as monitoring her diet and ovulation.

However, what worked most was learning to let go of trying to control the process and instead trusting in her faith that her time would come.

The lesson Bernstein learned was that with patience, anything is possible.

To help others reach a point where they too can open themselves up to having faith that their wishes will come true one day soon, Bernstein has outlined simple practices.

Clarity of intention (through prayer or meditation) is top of the list: once you have a clear understanding of what you are asking for then the Universe may give signposts or hints as to how and when it’s coming – be ready for these!

Remember also that progress is often slow but deliberate; don’t give up if it doesn’t happen quickly and stay focused on remaining spiritually aligned with your deepest desires – all will unfold in perfect timing according to plan from Source.

As long as you keep believing in yourself, good things will show up even if it takes longer than expected.

Choose Love Instead: How To Use The “Choose Again” Method To Stay Aligned With Your Super Attractor Powers

Choose Love Instead

When you begin to unlock the power of being a Super Attractor, it can seem like nothing is too good to be true.

It’s easy to get swept away with your successes, but it’s important to remain grounded and aware of the fact that things could change in an instant.

Gabby Bernstein faced this problem herself when she entered her third trimester–everything was going perfectly in both her business and personal life.

However, a comment from a friend made her emotions spiral into fear.

Luckily, she managed to stay focused on returning to love through the ‘I choose love instead’ mantra; pushing aside fear and moving towards positivity.

If you find yourself feeling fearful, there are some tools you can use as well.

First, try accepting that some fear is normal – turn it into motivation rather than allowing it to pull you out of alignment.

Second, practice ‘choosing again’–accepting your fears before forgiving them and redirecting that energy towards something positive.

Thirdly, embrace high-vibration emotions which will attract more positive energy down the line!

Make sure you check in with yourself every day too- take a minute each morning for Gabby’s ‘Daily Design’, by asking yourself a few questions such as ‘what do I want to give today?’ Answering these simple but effective questions will keep your flow strong

and manifest all your dreams truly..

A life filled with joy and grace IS possible if you commit to becoming a Super Attractor!

Wrap Up

The final message of Super Attractor is simple: align your energy with the energy of the Universe, and you can manifest what you want.

The book provides actionable advice to help you do this, such as choosing your thoughts carefully and being patient with the Universe.

Ultimately, it boils down to controlling your own energy.

Remember, the only thing you can control is your own attitude and outlook; emotion and thoughts shape how quickly or slowly that happens.

Always be mindful of maintaining positive frequencies so that you can ultimately attract more of what you want!

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