Stress Less, Accomplish More Book Summary By Emily Fletcher

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Stress Less, Accomplish More is a book that dives into the power of meditation.

Written by renowned meditation expert, Ed Halliwell, it demonstrates how this ancient practice can be successfully applied in the modern setting to help reduce stress and unlock our ability to get more done without sacrificing our mental or physical well-being.

Emerging research in neuroscience proves that with consistent practice we can experience heightened clarity of thinking and presence, leading to greater productivity throughout all areas of life.

Through his inspiring story and practical techniques, Ed Halliwell shares an invaluable resource for those looking for peace amidst chaos—and more success effortlessly than ever before.

Stress Less, Accomplish More Book

Book Name: Stress Less, Accomplish More (Meditation for Extraordinary Performance)

Author(s): Emily Fletcher

Rating: 4.5/5

Reading Time: 22 Minutes

Categories: Mindfulness & Happiness

Author Bio

Emily Fletcher is an expert in meditation and high performance.

She created the Ziva Technique, a revolutionary form of meditation, and founded Ziva Meditation.

Her work has been featured extensively, from the New York Times and Vogue all the way to the Today Show and ABC News.

Additionally, she has provided lectures and seminars at prestigious institutions like Google, Harvard Business School, and Ziacom about how meditation affects productivity.

With years of experience helping others improve their mental well-being as part of her craft, Emily is truly one of the most sought after figures in her field.

Learn To Meditate The Ziva Way: Unlock Mental Clarity, Stress Reduction, And Improved Well-Being

Mental Clarity

If you’re looking to add meditation into your daily routine but can’t seem to find the time in your busy schedule, you should look into Ziva Meditation.

It is a practice specifically designed for busy people who want to experience all of the benefits that come with meditating, without having to dedicate hours of their day to it.

The Ziva Technique is made up of three mental tools: mindfulness, meditation and manifesting.

Through this technique, you can reduce stress and sharpen cognitive abilities while improving your mental and physical health.

And trust us when we say that it’s much easier than you think!

You’ll also learn other important elements of meditation such as understanding why it is different from sleep or exercise and why there is no such thing as a failed meditation session.

Furthermore, you’ll explore why reducing stress is beneficial for things like orgasms and how it can have a positive effect on all aspects of your life.

So if you’re ready to take the leap and adopt a meditation practice designed for busy people, try out Ziva Meditation!

Meditation Can Bring Calm And Confidence – Even In High Pressure Situations

It’s true – meditation can truly transform your life.

Just ask the author of Stress Less, Accomplish More, who experienced such dramatic changes in her life after taking up a meditation practice.

At first, she was living out her childhood dream – performing on Broadway as an understudy – but she was suffering from anxiety, insomnia, and constant illness.

At only 27 years old, she even began to go gray!

That all changed when she realized that her fellow understudies were meditating to stay calm in spite of their pressures.

Intrigued by what she learned, the author started attending meditation sessions led by a teacher – and saw firsthand how even one session could make all the difference.

She found herself sleeping deeply for the first time in over a year!

With newfound confidence and peace instilled by her practice, not only did the author’s hair color come back naturally, but she also became a better performer on stage!

In this light it’s not hard to see why so many people need little convincing that meditation can be transformative.

Sure enough, the author left Broadway to become a meditation teacher herself after realizing that there are many more people who could benefit from this practice – despite feeling like they don’t have enough time or lack proficiency at meditating in traditional ways.

Notably for busy people who are turned off by other forms of mediation requiring focused concentration is her technique known as nishkam karma yoga which requires no effort whatsoever yet yields effective results.

After 10 years of practice via this type of meditation the author felt completely at ease with giving keynote presentations about biohacking in Greece – leading to standing ovations and becoming a career highlight!

Indeed there’s no doubt that if you take up meditation you may experience similar life-changing transformations too!

Meditation: Rewiring Your Brain To Reclaim Your Intuition And Eliminate Stress

When it comes to stress, experts agree that it’s not helpful for tackling the problems we face in our lives today.

Stress increases heart rate, cortisol production and adrenaline levels, weakening our nervous system and immune system over time.

That’s why its important to reduce stress whenever we can – which is why meditation is so beneficial!

Meditation has been used for centuries to reduce stress and improve wellbeing, but now modern science has shown that it actually alters your brain’s biology too.

Recent research conducted at UCLA’s Lab of Neuromodulation and Neuroimaging revealed that regular meditators have a thicker corpus callosum – the white matter bridge between the left and right hemispheres of the brain.

This increased connection between halves of the brain helps us to become more efficient problem-solvers by combining creativity and analytical thinking to tackle our problems with a newfound ‘sixth sense.

But even more importantly, meditation also helps to rid our bodies of stored up stress from past experiences – providing a deep healing restorative process.

This makes it easier for us to de-excite our nervous systems temporarily, helping us expel built up tension and improve energy levels whilst gaining clarity and focus.

The Benefits Of Meditation: Deep Bodily Rest, Improved Health, And Enhanced Productivity

Benefits Of Meditation

When it comes to improving your health, meditation is one of the best ways to do it.

It’s a deep bodily rest that goes much deeper than just sleeping, and research has shown that it can provide benefits for your overall wellbeing.

Researchers believe that meditating helps you reach a higher state of consciousness, which some people call ‘the bliss field’.

In this state, not only do you feel great, but your body also heals on a deeper level than sleep ever could.

It even releases hormones like serotonin and dopamine throughout your body which make you more energetic and productive.

Moreover, when done right, meditation can have an amazing effect on your quality of sleep as well.

Studies have demonstrated how students who took classes at Ziva Meditation experienced improved sleeping patterns after only 1-2 weeks!

Lastly, the healing powers of meditation extend even further; by calming the nervous system and boosting immunity, it can help treat conditions such as infertility, IBS and migraines – though medication should still be sought in such cases too.

In short: Meditation has lots of health benefits and should definitely be included in any wellness routine!

Learn How To Meditate In Just 15 Minutes With The Ziva Technique

If you’re looking for a way to reduce stress and maximize your productivity, then the Ziva Technique is for you.

It’s an incredible meditation method designed specifically for busy working people, and you can do it anytime and any place – except when you’re driving, of course!

All you need is 15 minutes two times a day.

The key message here is to enter your meditation from a place of mindfulness.

Mindfulness is about bringing your attention to the present moment, which helps to stop ruminating on the past or worrying about the future.

To practice mindfulness, start by finding a comfortable position and then closing your eyes.

Bring your attention to your senses – hearing, smelling, sight (even through closed eyelids), taste and tactile feeling (such as sore knees).

Now try simultaneous attention – all five senses together at once.

This entire process should take two minutes or less.

After that, it’s time to gently transition into the meditative phase of the practice with a mantra: repeating the word “one” over and over again in order to focus on mind and de-excite your nervous system.

A good target for length of meditation is 13-14 minutes before ending with one last step that will help reap maximum benefit from this technique.

How To Use The Z Technique In Meditation: Take Time To Manifest And Give Gratitude

The Z Technique is an effective way to practice meditation, but it’s essential to end your meditation properly in order to reap its full benefits.

The final step of the Z Technique is to come out of your meditation by manifesting.

Manifesting is a process of mentally visualizing and clarifying your desired goals or outcomes in life.

It involves taking the time to imagine a life that you love and actively mapping out steps that you can take to achieve it.

You’ll want to start by acknowledging all the things that you’re grateful for in the present moment, even if times are tough.

This helps rewire the chemistry of your brain so that you can see the positive aspects of life instead of dwelling too much on failures and setbacks.

Once you’ve done this, then pick one personal goal and imagine as if it was already a reality – this will help lay out a mental path towards eventually achieving it.

Practicing manifesting doesn’t guarantee success in any endeavor, but it can definitely play an important role in helping you find clarity and direction in life so that you know where to focus your energies on achieving those goals.

Embrace The Challenges Of Meditation – Prepare For An Emotional Detox


As anyone who has tried to meditate before is well aware, it’s often easier said than done.

Even after ten years of practice, the author never managed to meditate without at least one thought popping up in her head.

So if you’re just starting out, don’t expect your meditation sessions to be easy breezy – it’s actually quite normal to feel like you’re failing as you attempt to clear your mind and focus on the task at hand.

But be assured that this doesn’t mean that your efforts are wasted – the goal of meditation should not be seen as being able to completely clear your mind each time you do it.

Rather, its main objective should be improving your life overall and providing a sense of inner peace, relaxation and wellbeing.

Therefore, whether a session that feels like it lasts an eternity or one that goes by with complete ease will have no bearing on the outcome; both are equally successful!

That being said, it is inevitable that during your first few weeks of meditating, you might experience some uncomfortable side effects such as increased anxiety levels, sudden cravings for change in life direction or even physical symptoms like nausea or brain fog.

This could make things challenging so it is best not to make any major decisions during this time.

It would also beneficial to communicate these expectations beforehand with those close to you so they can offer their support when times get tough.

Meditation: A Selfless Tool For Attaining Lasting Success

Meditation is not just a tool to benefit you personally – it can have positive ripple effects across your life and influence the lives of those around you.

From increasing productivity in the corporate world, to enhancing sexual desire, to revolutionising orgasms, meditation has been challenging outdated ideas about sexuality and relationships.

The power of meditation lies in its ability to put us back in touch with our bodies and reduce stress, paving the way for better communication throughout our lives – with ourselves, others and even nature.

It’s not just about relieving stress either; mediation can lead to creative problem solving in the workplace.

By easing tensions and allowing us to stay present during difficult conversations, we are able to provide meaningful solutions that can positively impact company relationships.

Moreover, when we invest in ourselves via meditation, others become inspired by our calmer more intuitive behaviour.

This leads them to start meditating too – leading them into a journey of self-discovery which helps them experience deeper connections with themselves and their environment.

This proves that meditation can have far reaching effects beyond its practitioner; it can cause a ripple effect that touches the lives of many people around us.

Wrap Up

The Stress Less, Accomplish More book is a great way to introduce meditation into your life and reap the benefits it offers.

It starts by advising readers to identify how stress is impacting their performance, and then provides detailed instructions on the Z Technique of meditation, which can be completed in two 15-minute sessions per day.

By using this technique, you’ll be able to increase your productivity, boost your intuition, improve your health, have better sex and foster positive relationships with those around you.

Your time meditating will help release negative thoughts and emotions and give you the power to tackle challenges more effectively.

After a few weeks of practice, comparing your pre-meditation stress levels to your current results will show just how much this practice has helped you overcome them.

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