Notorious RBG Book Summary By Irin Carmon and Shana Knizhnik

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Notorious RBG

Book Name: Notorious RBG (The Life and Times of Ruth Bader Ginsburg)

Author(s): Irin Carmon and Shana Knizhnik

Rating: 4.6/5

Reading Time: 38 Minutes

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Author Bio

Irin Carmon is an award-winning journalist and commentator whose work has appeared in the New York Times, CNN and MSNBC.

She's highly-regarded for her writings about gender, politics and law.

In addition to that, she is a senior correspondent at New York Magazine and a former national reporter at MSNBC.

Her latest book, Notorious RBG: Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s Life and Times, provides readers with an in-depth look into the life and legacy of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

Irin Carmon is well-versed on the subject matter of gender inequality, making her the perfect person to write this important read.

Biography: Ruth Bader Ginsburg – A Story Of Dedication, Perseverance, And Empowerment

Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Notrious RBG: A Biography is your one-stop shop to learn about Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the US Supreme Court Justice, modern feminist icon and unlikely pop star.

In this biography of her life, we’ll delve into Ruth’s Brooklyn childhood and trace her journey all the way through to capturing the public attention with her dissents.

You’ll learn how she dedicated her life to fight for equal rights for American women and men, as well as gain insight into how she navigated life’s trials with a combination of hard work, empathy and love.

So get ready – this book promises to be an inspirational and uplifting experience!

Ruth Bader Ginsburg Overcame Obstacles To Become A Champion Of Equality

The first chapter of Notorious RBG takes the reader back to the origin of Ruth Bader Ginsburg and her upbringing in Brooklyn’s Flatbush neighborhood in 1933.

Ruth, affectionately known as Kiki, is introduced to us as a sharp young girl from a Jewish family that faced discrimination due to their religious background.

Despite this adversity, her mother Celia instilled a sense of independence in her – something she hoped to pass on by saving up $8,000 for Ruth’s college tuition.

Throughout high school, Kiki was involved in many activities such as being part of the honor society and playing the cello while truggling with personal tragedies such as her sister Marilyn’s death to meningitis at a young age and Celia’s diagnosis of cervical cancer when Kiki was 13.

Celia never saw how far Kiki went; she passed away before her daughter’s high school graduation ceremony.

But even her death couldn’t eviscerate celia’s teachings and inspiration – Kiki kept them close throughout college and afterwards into law school where she met Martin D.

Ginsburg who soon became her husband.

A Mother Of Two, Rbg Pushed Forward To Uphold Women’S Rights And Take Up The Challenge Of Her Career

Women'S Rights

In Chapter 2 of the Notorious RBG book, the reader is introduced to Ruth Bader Ginsburg and her husband Marty as they embark on their joint journey through Harvard Law School.

They had both been accepted and were ready to advance their professions, but before RBG could enroll, the couple was called to serve at Fort Sills Army Base in Oklahoma.

While there, RBG took a civil service exam, where she mentioned she was pregnant during a trip to the Social Security office.

This resulted in her being assigned a lower-level position due to discriminatory workplace regulations.

Upon finally arriving at Harvard Law School, RBG faced even more challenges due to gender discrimination.

For example, she wasn’t allowed access into Lamont Library like the men in her class.

Additionally, she had her first child Jane while studying and soon after faced the dire news that Marty had been diagnosed with testicular cancer.

Despite these obstacles she persevered with resilience; taking on extra duties such as helping Marty catch up with his studies after his diagnosis and still managing to excel academically with distinction by making it onto the Law Review – something even Marty hadn’t achieved!

RBG’s success continued beyond Harvard when Smit offered her an intriguing opportunity – a chance to travel abroad and become an author by coauthoring a book about Sweden’s judicial system.

With Marty remaining behind in order to care for Jane while RBG got settled into her new surroundings alone, this chapter serves as an example of how dedication and an unwavering commitment can lead one down unexpected paths despite any trials or tribulations they may face on their journey”

The Enduring Story Of Marty And Ruth Bader Ginsburg’S Partnership: A Love That Shaped History

Story Of Marty And Ruth Bader

Chapter 3 of Notorious RBG focuses on how Ruth Bader Ginsburg was eventually appointed to the United States Court of Appeals for the DC Circuit by President Jimmy Carter in 1980.

During her time as a judge, she became known as a moderate who focused on compromise over controversy.

But despite her impressive credentials, she wasn’t considered one of the strongest candidates when President Bill Clinton was looking to appoint a justice to the Supreme Court in 1993.

That’s when Marty steps in and encourages President Clinton to give his wife an interview, which ultimately leads to her nomination.

At her nomination ceremony, RBG gives tribute to her mother and her lifelong mission of trying to achieve equal rights for women.

She also begins her career at the Supreme Court with a focus on finding compromises rather than seeking out controversy.

As always, Marty stands by his wife; this time offering support during grueling work days and even driving RBG to court whenever she needed it.

Even after Marty passes away due to cancer in 2010, his love for RBG is still evident from a handwritten letter he left near her bedside on his last trip to the hospital – proving that their 56-year marriage was truly built upon mutual respect and understanding.

The Rise And Impact Of The Notorious Rbg – How Ruth Bader Ginsburg Became An Unexpected Pop Icon

In Chapter 4 of Notorious RBG: The Life and Times of Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the author takes a look at how RBG unleashed her dissent in the 2000s.

Prior to this, she had only argued when it was absolutely necessary.

However, as politics shifted to the right, her voice became increasingly important.

The first example of RBG’s dissent came in Bush v.

Gore (2000), when she was one of four judges to challenge the Supreme Court’s decision that basically handed the presidency to George W.


Then there were two other cases she took strong stands on.

In Gonzales v.

Carhart (2007), she believed that a woman had the right to decide over her reproductive life and criticized fellow justices for pretending their ruling would protect women.

Additionally, in Ledbetter v Goodyear (2007), RBG dissented against pay discrimination based on gender and urged people to stand up for their rights.

The biggest case where RBG was able to make an impact was Shelby County v Holder (2013).

She strongly disagreed with the ruling which dismantled a key provision of the Voting Rights Act – legislation from 1965 which prohibited racial discrimination in voting – with her disagreement inspiring people around her court room and beyond with her fiery dissent.

People across America started paying attention and began making imageries and memes involving them such as “Can’t spell truth without Ruth”.

With millennials rallying behind her charismatic attitude towards justice, it wasn’t long before this 80 year old judge become an icon whose name everyone knew.

If you’re heading off to bed, I wish for your restful sleep and sweet dreams!

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