Me Book Summary By Elton John

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Me Book

Book Name: Me (The Autobiography)

Author(s): Elton John

Rating: 4.6/5

Reading Time: 32 Minutes

Categories: Book Summaries

Author Bio

Sir Elton John is one of the world's most talented and accomplished artists.

A Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire, he has sold over 300 million records and has been honored with five Grammy Awards, five Brit Awards and an Academy Award.

He is a celebrated English singer, songwriter and composer whose work continues to influence popular music around the globe.

Sir Elton John is truly an icon in every sense of the word!

Discover The Amazing, Hidden Life Of Elton John With Bedtime Biographies

Elton John

When it comes to music, Elton John is an iconic superstar who has taken the world by storm.

Constantly topping the charts, selling out stadiums and achieving success after success, it’s hard to believe that he’s just an ordinary working-class boy from England!

Me Book Summary takes you on a journey and introduces you to some of the stories and secrets of his fascinating life.

So get comfy and come with us as we uncover more about the hidden life of the Rocketman.

And if you really want to experience this incredible story in its fullest, don’t forget to check out the audio version too!

Elton John Overcame A Difficult Childhood To Become A Music Legend

Elton John experienced a troubled childhood growing up in a working-class suburb of north London.

His parents, Stanley and Sheila, were in constant fighting with each other.

Elton found solace in music as he was surrounded by it at a very early age.

Listening to Elvis Presley’s “Heartbreak Hotel” completely changed his life and he knew from then on that he wanted to pursue music as a career.

At the age of eleven, Elton was drafted into the Royal Academy of Music, much against his will, as the Academy only taught classical music which wasn’t what he wanted to do with his musical talent.

He soon deserted the academy and instead practiced his rock and roll songs during evenings or when travelling on the London underground.

At fifteen, Elton began performing professionally at a local pub where despite chaotic brawls occurring often around him, he could make good money for being a teen performer.

He also started taking on studio session work such as recording terrible covers of popular songs for some extra money to support himself financially.

It was obvious that Elton had great potential though it seemed difficult for him to rise above his humble beginnings.

Little did he know that soon after this period of striving would bring unprecedented success in the world of music – one that propelled him into global stardom!

How Elton John And Bernie Taupin’S Partnership Led To International Superstardom

Bernie Taupin

In Chapter 2 of Me, Elton John recounts his rise to fame after a fateful meeting with lyricist Bernie Taupin.

After auditioning for a record label and failing miserably, Elton received an envelope from a music executive with song lyrics by Taupin inside.

Intrigued by Taupin’s words, the two formed a partnership and moved in together in Elton’s mother’s house, trying to make it big.

Though the months of hard work didn’t yield any results at first, one day over breakfast changed everything.

While sitting at the table, Taupin got inspiration for some lyrics which he passed on to Elton who wrote music for them in only 15 minutes.

That song happened to be “Your Song”, and it got them their big break with a record label offering them £6,000.

The rest is history as we know it – rave reviews for their album, performances all over America and costumes that would become legendary (including one made of white marabou feathers).

In only a few years’ time Elton had gone from sleeping in bunk beds with Taupin to being unstoppable rock star!

Elton John Shows The Different Sides Of Fame: The Highs And The Lows

In Chapter 3 of Elton John’s autobiography, Me, he explores his sexuality and the impact of coming out.

When he asked a friend to be the best man for an engagement to Linda Woodrow, he received a shocking response: You’re gay!

Up until that point, he wasn’t sure exactly what it meant to be gay.

After that evening, Elton and Linda never saw each other again.

He soon came to understand his sexual orientation and told family members and close friends about it.

When Elton did an interview with Rolling Stone magazine in 1976 where he came out publicly as a gay man, there was initial concern by his manager and record label about how people would respond – specifically if it would affect his record sales or lose him fans.

But much to everyone’s surprise and relief, people simply didn’t care.

In October of that same year, Elton experienced the highest point of his career thus far when he played Dodger Stadium before fifty-five thousand screaming fans.

He had a realization that things couldn’t stay at such a pace forever.

Despite being successful and famous, Elton still felt like the same shy little boy who was afraid of his parents so he tried cocaine as an escape from anxiety.

The combination of drugs and alcohol ended up making him reckless and destructive, so much so that one morning after a night of heavy substance abuse all Elton could remember was trashing his assistant’s hotel room when asked what had happened!

Elton John’S Extraordinary Adventures – From Dancing With The Queen To Performing For Princess Diana

Princess Diana

In Chapter 4 of Me, Elton John shares some stories that illustrate his wild ride to fame.

From a strange lunch party featuring Michael Jackson to dancing with the Queen at Prince Andrew’s twenty-first birthday, Elton has had some unusual experiences.

One particularly surreal experience was when he attended Prince Andrew’s twenty-first birthday party at Windsor Castle.

To make sure they didn’t offend the Queen, Elton, who DJ’d the party, had to keep the music turned down as low as possible so it wouldn’t overpower her creaking floorboards.

His paranoia turned out to be worth it though; not only did he get to dance with the Queen, but he also got to experience an unforgettable moment as a ‘working class boy from the London suburbs’.

In 1994 there was another exciting opportunity for Elton; lyricist Tim Rice called him up and asked him if he would be interested in writing movie music.

After his previous film attempt had been unsuccessful and gained unfavorable reviews, Elton was hesitant.

Nevertheless, he eventually agreed and wrote soundtracks for Disney’s Lion King film – something that won him an Academy Award for ‘Can You Feel The Love Tonight’.

If you’re heading off to bed, I wish for your restful sleep and sweet dreams!

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