How To Destroy America In Three Easy Steps Book Summary By Ben Shapiro

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How To Destroy America in Three Easy Steps is an analytical look at how political forces are threatening the American union.

Drawing on philosophy, history, and politics past and present, this book provides an account of modern-day dynamics which will cause civil unrest if Americans do not come together to withstand these attacks.

The author argues that by understanding what it is that unites us all, we can find a way to prevent the country from being completely torn apart.

With insightful and knowledgeable arguments, this book gives readers the opportunity to contemplate potential remedies for our current political climate.

How To Destroy America In Three Easy Steps Book

Book Name: How To Destroy America in Three Easy Steps (An account of the political forces threatening to tear America in two)

Author(s): Ben Shapiro

Rating: 3.9/5

Reading Time: 9 Minutes

Categories: Politics

Author Bio

Ben Shapiro is an American political journalist, broadcaster and editor in chief of The Daily Wire.

His articles and commentaries have been highly praised for their insight and wit, often turning normative American values on their heads.

He also hosts the popular Ben Shapiro Show and has authored the book The Right Side of History.

His newest book, How To Destroy America In Three Easy Steps looks to be a chilling exploration of how modern American politics can divide us - and what we must do to hold our nation together.

With his profound insight into history, politics and ideology - that only someone as experienced as Mr.

Shapiro could possess - this book should make for a captivating read!

Reclaiming Traditional American Values: The Key To Unifying The Us

Traditional American Values

The United States is in danger of being torn apart by its differences.

We are so focussed on what separates us that we have forgotten how to come together as one nation.

In this book, the authors provide a solution – to look back to the original American values of liberty, rights and equality that brought us together in the first place.

Our salvation lies in these traditional principles which are being challenged more and more each day.

In these pages you will discover just how our current political debates revolve around rights, and why certain interpretations of history can be used for political gain.

Even humanity’s very nature is causing division between fellow citizens.

Get enlightened on what forces are threatening to divide the United States, and how we can all move forward to a bright future through re-discovering our common heritage.

Americans Need To Return To The Three Founding Principles To Reunite As A Nation

For centuries, American unity has been based on three core values.

According to the Unionists of America, the Declaration of Independence enshrines these beliefs: the right to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness; the assertion that all men are created equal; and the belief that government should protect our rights and leave citizens alone unless they interfere with someone else’s rights.

The first is an unwavering focus on individual rights.

We are all innately entitled to certain freedoms simply by virtue of being human beings.

The second belief expresses this intrinsic value in a way that emphasizes impartiality— that no one is above or below anyone else when it comes to adherence to law.

Lastly, the belief that government ought only perform basic duties relating to protecting rights affirms the idea of individual autonomy– yet another acknowledgement of a particular citizen’s innate worthiness and capability for self-governance.

Therefore, Americans have long been united by three simple & fundamental beliefs which have served as cornerstones for American unity since before our nation’s independence.

As long as these principles remain unaltered and uncontested, Americans will remain unified despite social media arguments or political disagreements.

Disintegrationists Reject Traditional American Philosophy And Advocate For Government Interference To Create Equality Of Outcome

Disintegrationists reject the traditional American philosophy of rights, equality and limited government.

They view humans as malleable beings who can always be “improved” – a notion that flies in the face of the idea of natural rights based on human nature.

Instead, Disintegrationists have invented a whole new set of “rights” that are meant to guarantee goods and services like healthcare and education.

Furthermore, they’ve tarnished the concept of equality by demanding equality of outcome rather than just equal rights and treatment before the law.

To them, every difference in outcome is evidence of discrimination, regardless of circumstances or current societal norms.

As a result, they believe that it is the job of the government to correct these injustices – severely limiting citizens’ self-determination and freedom in the process.

The Preservation Of An American Culture Of Rights, Private Virtue, And Liberty Is What Unites The United States

American Culture

The United States of America is held together by more than just the laws and governments, it is also united by its culture of rights, private virtue, and liberty.

These values are ingrained in American society and can be seen in examples from throughout American history.

Rights are deeply embedded in Unionist philosophy which form the foundation of US democracy.

Just take a look at the American insistence on their rights – citizens will fight for what they believe to be rightfully theirs!

From Lincoln’s case against slavery to Martin Luther King’s fight for civil rights, these are clear indicators of this culture of rights so integral to the nation’s identity.

Tolerance is also a key factor in upholding this culture – Americans should accept that not everyone shares the same views and allow them their opinion as long as they do not break the law.

The freedom of speech exemplifies this perfectly – people may disagree but they must respect each other’s right to express themselves freely.

Finally, private virtue was highly valued by the Founding Fathers who believed that institutions like family or church were better placed to foster morality rather than coercion from government officials.

This concept of liberty is also based on human equality as written out in both Declaration of Independence and US Constitution; all humans have an equal share in liberty despite any difference between them including gender or race.

Disintegrationism Is Weakening America’S Traditional Foundations Of Unity And Tolerance

Disintegrationism is dangerously threatening the values that have been key to American unity and strong political culture.

This destructive force is inverting traditional principles, advocating for safety and constraint rather than rights and tolerance, and emphasizing dependence on the government.

A distinct shift can be observed in how citizens rights are understood, illustrating this reversal of traditional values – previously it would be asked what gives the government the right to stop you from doing something, while now the question increasingly becomes What gives you the right to behave in a certain way?

The erosion of freedom of speech is another consequence caused by Disintegrationists; with 59 percent of people aged 18 to 34 wanting the First Amendment changed to restrict “hate speech” and “reflect the cultural norms of today”.

The Second Amendment has also come under threat, as illustrated when former Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens called for its repeal in 2018.

These examples showcase how Disintegrationists are weakening America’s culture of rights and their actions could lead to further destabilization if continued unchecked.

We Should Acknowledge The Faults Of Us History While Also Giving Credit To America For Its Achievements

When it comes to judging American history, the most accurate verdict is that “American history contains more good than bad”.

This doesn’t mean that the bad should be ignored or downplayed in any way, but it’s important to assess US history in an open-minded way.

The Founding Fathers, though imperfect and flawed individuals, laid the groundwork for a nation built on ideals of freedom and justice – principles that have served as a beacon of hope for people around the world.

Of course, not all of these ideals were immediately realized – slavery was still prevalent in the early days of the new republic, and Native Americans were subject to systemic persecution and dispossession.

However, over time things changed drastically – while slavery was abolished throughout Europe in earlier decades of the 19th century, but wasn’t removed from America until later on.

This just highlights how much America has improved over time!

Moreover, through two World Wars and inter-continental reconstruction projects afterward (among many other international contributions!), America has emerged as one of the world’s most influential nations for positive change.

The 20th century alone saw the twenty states become a crucial player in preserving global peace and advancement – something which can never be overlooked!

In light of all these facts, it’s undeniable that American history contains more good than bad; indeed, on balance its contributions to fostering progress across continents is uncontested.

Thus we must celebrate our heritage as well as recognize where we faltered before so that progress may be carried forward into future generations.

How Disintegrationist Historians Reimagine The Past To Divide Us In The Present

Disintegrationist Historians

Disintegrationists are coming up with new ways to portray American history in a negative light.

Their goal is to paint it as a catalog of injustices and abuses, tarnishing our present-day nation in the process.

To do this, they reinterpret our country’s past by identifying segments of society — such as class, race, and sex — that were previously overlooked or ignored.

The idea here is that injustices of the past, such as racism and oppression, were never adequately addressed but instead morphed into covert forms that still exist today.

As a result, Disintegrationists claim that America lacks any real social glue — only a false sense of unity that hides underlying hierarchies based on these same forms of discrimination.

An example of this can be seen in Howard Zinn’s book “A People’s History of the United States” which has sold millions of copies.

This book splices the past along lines in order to divide us today and emphasizes how focusing on what unites us distracts from existing injustices.

Disintegrationist history distorts the truth about American history regardless if it was correct in its premises (even though it often isn’t).

Its main purpose is to create division between citizens which could have disastrous effects on our nation if left unchecked.

Wrap Up

The book “How To Destroy America in Three Easy Steps” is a timely reminder that the United States is facing a crisis of unity.

As divisions and factions threaten to drive citizens farther apart, Americans must remember the values they share in order to remain a strong and cohesive nation.

The ultimate message of this book is clear: if we want to preserve our country’s unity, then we must recognize and embrace the history, culture, and philosophy that have always bound us together.

This is the only way that America can remain great and resilient in times of unrest – by embodying its best values at every turn.

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