How To Be A Power Connector Book Summary By Judy Robinett

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How to Be a Power Connector is a must-read guidebook for those looking to make strategic personal connections.

It provides actionable advice, empowering readers to build relationships quickly and leverage them to their advantage in the world of business.

This book takes the guesswork out of networking by offering an introduction to the theory behind connecting with key people and demonstrating how readers can put it into practice.

With this comprehensive text, you'll be able to sharpen your networking skills, expand your professional connections, and reach your career goals in no time!

How To Be A Power Connector Book

Book Name: How to Be a Power Connector (The 5+50+100 Rule for Turning Your Business Network into Profits)

Author(s): Judy Robinett

Rating: 4.1/5

Reading Time: 18 Minutes

Categories: Communication Skills

Author Bio

Judy Robinett is the author of the highly acclaimed book How to Be a Power Connector.

She understands networking and strategic relationships like no other, earning her the nickname “The Yoda of Strategic Relationships” among those who know her best.

Before becoming an expert in venture capital, Judy had a background in social work – which ultimately led to her success with connecting people and bridging relationships.

Her extensive experience as CEO of several companies have provided her with the knowledge she needs to succeed in today’s competitive business world, and has earned her a reputation for helping others do so as well.

Judy’s mission is to share that knowledge with everyone through her thought-provoking books such as How to Be a Power Connector.

Become A Power Connector: How To Build A Professional Network That Works For Everyone

Professional Network

Are you looking to be more successful and reach your goals? Then networking is essential.

To really maximize the opportunity, you should aim to become a power connector.

This means that instead of just building networks with yourself in mind, you extend your connections in order to benefit everyone involved.

But how do you become an effective power connector? In this book, How To Be A Power Connector, you’ll learn the strategies and techniques needed to go from being a skilled networker to becoming a true power connector.

It demystifies why having a professional network is like joining a street gang -minus the illegal activities- plus how both Buddhists and Catholics can benefit their communities by connecting with each other.

Furthermore, it teaches how to be “relentlessly pleasant” with people, which will always lead to success in any situation.

The book is an easy guide for anyone who wants to make meaningful connections and build relationships with key influencers in their industry and anyone who aspires towards greatness.

If you’re serious about reaching your goal then discovering the tools of becoming a great networker is essential!

The Key To Success: Building And Leveraging A Strategic Network

Strategic relationships are essential to your personal success.

It is impossible to do business in isolation, so if you want to excel and reach the top, it is crucial that you recognize and take advantage of the unique opportunities strategic relationships offer.

Building a strong network means gaining access to people who can provide you with valuable contacts, resources, and advice.

Having a powerful network also sets you apart from other people and brings social status.

You may not have Mark Zuckerberg’s accomplishments, but it speaks for itself if he is part of your network.

Having a strong connection with different people provides easier access to information or favors that would otherwise be hard or time-consuming to obtain.

By leveraging these strategic relationships effectively, you can help achieve your goals more quickly and efficiently than before.

Are your relationships up to scratch? Make sure that at least half of your connections are strategic – rather than just superficial social interaction – and has the potential for mutual benefit.

Also ask yourself: how many meaningful conversations do I have each week? Do I have a list of people who I’d like to cultivate strong connections with? Do I have a strategy in place for building them?

If you answer these questions positively, then you’re well on the way towards having a powerful network that will work out in your favor!

Becoming A Power Connector Through Strategic Relationship Planning

When building a network, it’s important to be wise about figuring out who is the most important for your connections.

According to the 5+50+100-Rule from How to Be a Power Connector, you should separate your relations into three different categories: Inner Circle (Top 5), Key 50, and Vital 100.

Your Top 5 represents your closest friends and family.

These are typically the people who know you well and that you can Count on for help any time.

Try to stay in contact with them at least once or twice a week.

They could even be potential confidants or business partners in future situations.

The next category is your Key 50.

This includes acquaintances and those from whom you expect more than casual friendships.

It’s best if you remain engaged in these relationships by talking with them at least once a week, even if it’s an informal chat just to say hi every now and then so they don’t forget about you!

Finally, there are the Vital 100 – people you only reach out to occasionally but still have some sort of valuable connection actively running between each other.

You should maintain these relationships by reactivating conversations at least once a month so they won’t feel neglected – who knows when they might come in handy?

By following this simple rule when creating and maintaining networks, Power Connectors will have the foundation for strategic-relationship planning that could benefit them greatly in their personal lives as well as their business prospects.

The Benefits Of Building A Diverse Network For Sustainable Business Success

Business Success

When building your network, it’s important to be mindful of diversity and depth.

The key is to find connections that are different from yourself – unlike what you would expect from your close friends.

People who have a different background, industry experience, interests or age than yours can lend you a wider perspective on any given topic, which enriches the conversation and makes for more innovative ideas.

Having a deep network means that you have connections with people on multiple levels, so even if your goal is a lofty one such as reaching your city’s mayor, you can easily do so with a little help from different contacts in your network.

Finally, having a robust network means that everyone will be willing to help each other out.

Everyone should want to return calls and favor while happily answering any questions they may receive.

You want people who are sociable and personable like this because it will lead to mutual support and stability in the bridge of connections you make.

Making sure that your network is wide, deep and robust might sound intimidating at first but staying open minded towards people of diverse backgrounds helps immensely in this journey.

Think outside the box- after all, even two seemingly contrasting folks such as conservative Catholics and Buddhists can find common ground in charity work or even their love for sports!

How To Leverage Your Network To Find The Right Ecosystem For Professional Success

Having a strong network is essential, but having the right environment for it to flourish within is just as important.

That’s why you need to make sure that you find the perfect ecosystem for your professional life and what you want to achieve.

It could be an area of business or industry, but no matter where it is, it should be characterized by high activity and influence.

When seeking out such an environment, figure out who you want to meet (maybe a publishing agent) and what strengths you have to offer (like having a script about butterflies if the publishing agent is also a lepidopterist).

Also ask yourself if you are suited for being part of this particular ecosystem—do you look and act the part? Answering these questions will make it much easier to find the right one.

Don’t forget that each person has different poential ecosystems too—your family and friends, personal interests, and even your local community all provide potential opportunities that shouldn’t be overlooked.

For example, consider doing some volunteer work; besides being naturally rewarding in itself, it introduces new people who could lead interesting paths for professional development.

Steve Jobs famously advised giving money or time to charities related to those individuals someone might want to meet with—you never know who’ll show up at that annual Christmas party!

Once your network is established in the proper environment, taking advantage of it should come more easily—just remember how far reaching it might prove!

The Key To Networking: Be A Good Power Connector

The Power Connecting system is a great way to make the most out of your network.

In order to get the best results, it’s important to know the four phases which divide up the process: preparation, targeting, reconnecting, and connecting your connections.

The first two steps are key for ensuring that you make an impact with your connections and get great results from your networking efforts.

The preparation phase is all about recognizing where you stand at this point in time and then deciding upon where you’d like to go – once that has been established, a plan needs to be drawn up in order to reach those goals.

This begins with writing down every accomplishment that’s been achieved in life so far; both business wise and personally, categorizing them into relevant ‘ecosystems’ such as academia or business.

Following this step many contacts should be gathered possible; these can come from a variety of sources such as Facebook, LinkedIn or even your address book!

Then comes the targeting stage; this involves picking someone from your list of contacts whom you would like to connect with – in order for initial contact between yourself and them too take place authentically, dress appropriately depending on who they are (business people vs sports trainers).

Compliments can also act as helpful icebreakers when trying to make contact.

Following this rule any meeting/interaction will ultimately adhere can adhere to the Marriott 15/5 rule – within 15 feet eye contact should acknowledge her according t othe Marriott Hotel company rulebook; within 5 feet a smile must be given and ‘hello’ offered accordingly.

Therefore one should always bear in mind that Preparation and Targeting are two crucial first-steps towards successful power-connecting!

How To Solidify New Connections Using Power Connecting Strategies


Following up and creating value for your connection by introducing them to the right people in your network are two of the key steps to becoming a power connector.

Reaching out within 24 hours after meeting someone shows that you’re interested and helpful, while nurturing those relationships by caring about the little things can mean even more than business contacts.

The final aspect is bringing added value to your connection’s networks.

You can do this by acting as a go-between, linking people who may need each other’s skills or resources.

An example of this is if Marie meets Claudia at a tech conference, and Claudia introduces her to Annette.

Marie then thinks of her friend Eric and sets him up with Annette – benefiting the parties involved by giving them access to each other’s networking opportunities.

By following these steps you too can become a powerful connector in no time – follow up quickly, nurture relationships and connect other people for mutual benefit!

Strengthen Your Power Circle With Careful Social Media And Email Connections

Power connectors have harnessed the power of social media to increase their network connections and multiply their influence.

By taking advantage of LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and other available platforms, they are able to reach out to people whom they would never be in contact with in real life.

Using a platform like LinkedIn for example, power connectors can strengthen their connections by making carefully planned introductions that add value for both parties.

It goes beyond simply finding a connection; it’s about finding a strong match between the two parties so that their connection provides tangible benefits.

In addition, each platform offers its own strengths that should not be overlooked.

For instance, email requires good subject lines as well as careful attention to proper grammar and friendly language; twitter on the other hand is great way to connect with experts who offer useful advice and specialized knowledge on topics relevant to you.

Whichever social media platform you decide to use, it’s important not to forget: when it comes down to genuine connections, nothing beats face-to-face contact.

Power connectors often use social media as an effective tool for both personal and professional growth but make sure not to rely too heavily on digital communication alone.

Three Strategies For Women To Enhance Networking Power In Business: Connect Strategically, Speak Up For Yourself, And Support Other Women

Networking Power

For female power connectors, strategically connecting and speaking up for yourself, as well as supporting other women, are essential strategies.

Unfortunately, it can be difficult to find support when you’re a young female leader.

As such, it’s important to build relationships with people in positions of authority and offer your assistance to create a long-lasting relationship that benefits both parties.

Speaking up for yourself doesn’t mean you should be loud or aggressive; instead it requires an approach of “relentless pleasantness,” where making nice is the key to success.

Applying this strategy can help inform others of your goals and further your career in the right direction.

Finally, being a female power connector means encouraging the success of other women and providing help where possible.

Offering assistance and good reputation back to those who have helped you can go far in strengthening your network.

Who knows? You could even start your own stiletto network at some point!

Wrap Up

In a nutshell, the How to Be a Power Connector book is all about developing and maintaining strong networks of people in order for you to reach your goals.

It’s about getting out of your comfort zone, being confident in yourself and engaging with others even if you’re shy.

The book teaches readers how to make meaningful connections and encourages them to come out of their shell by acting as though they are super-confident individuals.

Remember, everyone is the same regardless of your background or level of confidence; so be brave, get out there and start connecting!

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