High Performance Habits Book Summary By Brendon Burchard

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High Performance Habits by Brendon Burchard is an exploration into the six habits that will help ordinary individuals become extraordinarily productive people.

In this book, Brendon draws on data and statistics from one of the largest studies on high performers to find out what makes them successful.

From a detailed overview of each habit to practical advice on how readers can apply them to their own lives, High Performance Habits gives readers the necessary information they need to be as successful as possible.

It has actionable tips that readers can use right away, making it an exceptional step-by-step guide for anyone wanting to reach their highest potential.

High Performance Habits Book

Book Name: High Performance Habits (How Extraordinary People Become That Way)

Author(s): Brendon Burchard

Rating: 4.6/5

Reading Time: 18 Minutes

Categories: Money & Investments

Author Bio

Brendon Burchard is a renowned high-performance coach and the founder of the Experts Academy and High Performance Academy.

He is also an acclaimed author, having penned books such as The Motivation Manifesto, The Millionaire Messenger and The Charge.

His latest book, High Performance Habits: How Extraordinary People Become That Way, promises to give readers an inside look into his guidance on taking charge of their lives by improving habits to become their best selves.

Six Habits Of Highly Successful People: A Guide To Achieving Extraordinary Results

Successful People

Do you ever feel overwhelmed and stuck in the daily grind? You might be an average performer, but that doesn’t mean it has to stay this way.

A new body of research has found that the highest performing people don’t have some extraordinary ability or special personality – instead, they’ve developed certain habits.

Named High Performance Habits, these six habits are your key to long-term success.

When practiced regularly, they will propel you to extraordinary achievements.

Clarity and energy, necessity and productivity, influence and courage will help you perform your way to the top and reach the stars!

Learn what separates top CEOs from regular professionals, why a person is more likely to succeed when those they care about depend on them, and howto take control of emails – all important elements that’ll help you reach optimal performance.

The Power Of Habits: How High Performers Overcome Challenges To Achieve Long-Term Success

The key to high performance isn’t about who you are or what inherent gifts you possess; it’s about developing good habits and having high confidence.

According to Brendon Burchard, who studied people from over 190 countries, this is true no matter your gender, race, age or personality traits.

Burchard discovered that these habits don’t just happen – they’re cultivated through effort and practice.

For example, keeping yourself physically fit is a habit that high performers have learned to do deliberately.

That same continuous learning pattern applies when mastering difficult tasks, like big new projects at work or learning new languages – the more you practice and learn, the more confident you become.

And with that comes the ability to keep making progress and improving yourself, which is an essential part of being a high performer.

So take away this important fact: High performance isn’t based upon innate gifts or raw talent; it’s determined by how well you cultivate certain habit patterns and remain confident in your abilities.

High Performers Understand The Importance Of Seeking Clarity And Being Goal Oriented

High performance habits begin with self-awareness.

High performers are focused on becoming the best version of themselves and knowing precisely what kind of person they want to be remembered as.

They are intentional about their interactions with other people by shaping their meetings in positive ways and when it comes to building their skill set, they focus on a primary profession or field of interest in order to give themselves time to practice and receive feedback.

Last but not least, they find ways to serve others, as this helps them stay motivated while also endowing them with a passionate drive and meaning in their life’s work.

In short, high performers have self-awareness, clarity and a clear purpose as to where they’re going in life – all helping them reach their goals quicker and more efficiently.

High Performers Stick To Exercise And A Positive Outlook For Maximum Success

Maximum Success

High performers don’t just excel professionally and mentally; they also take care of their physical wellbeing.

Data suggests that high performing CEOs are just as physically fit as professional athletes, with an energy level to match.

This is key to successful leadership performance as exercise has been found to increase the production of new neurons, improve alertness and reduce stress.

What really sets high performers apart from the rest is how committed they are to making regular exercise a habit – something that the underperforming crowd can never quite seem to get right.

High performers have another secret weapon in achieving success: a positive outlook on life.

While their personal and professional lives may be equally challenging, high performers stay cheerful and intentional in seeking out the positives while avoiding negative thinking patterns.

In fact, their happiness appears to directly influence their degree of mental energy- a quality compounded by anticipating positive events which releases dopamine- aiding good moods!

To follow this example, every morning ask yourself something you’re looking forward to throughout your day, whether it be lunch with an old friend or celebrating a colleague’s birthday.

Raising The Stakes To Enhance Performance: The Third Habit Of High Performers

High performers are aware that part of the key to reaching their goals is staying motivated, and they do this by raising their expectations.

On the inner level, they set a high standard for themselves and hold themselves accountable through personal goals and standards.

But they also use outer expectations or external obligations that don’t just benefit them but other people in their life too.

For example, if achieving a goal would benefit a local charity with a massive windfall of donations then the incentive to succeed is even greater than just personal glory.

High performers also use social pressure in more tangible ways too – telling other people about their goals creates outside expectations and motivates them even further not to fail publicly.

By combining these inner and outer motivations, high performance habits can be cultivated, increasing their likelihood of success in all areas of life.

Learn To Separate The Important From The Unimportant For Increased Productivity

High performers understand the importance of avoiding distractions and being smart with their deadlines in order to boost productivity.

Unproductive people tend to focus on small tasks that give them a false sense of accomplishment, such as answering emails which can take up more than twenty-eight percent of their week.

However, this won’t yield any real results.

High performers instead plan ahead with clear and challenging goals and deadlines, so they have a visible finish line to push themselves towards.

When taking on long-term projects or goals, these people break it down into smaller steps to help them stay focused.

This way, they’ll be able to stay motivated no matter how lengthy the task may seem.

Overall, high performers understand the importance of making smart decisions with their time and not letting themselves get distracted by irrelevant tasks.

They know that setting clear goals is an effective way to maintain focus and keep their energy levels up – something that will surely benefit them in terms of reaching success!

High Performers Create Meaningful And Lasting Connections With Peers

High Performers

High performers understand that success often depends on the collective effort of their team and they are appreciative of those who help them reach their goals.

They are generous with their recognition and praise and strive to ensure everyone is celebrated for a job well done.

High performers also have a giving mind-set; they’re acutely aware of both the struggles and desires of others, lending support in whatever form it may take.

They give people the trust and freedom to make their own decisions, knowing that this empowers individuals to take charge and improve performance.

Additionally, perceptive high performers can assign tasks to appropriate team members in order to foster growth.

Also, they know when it’s time to ask for favors without hesitation, as statistics show that they can expect a positive response more often then not.

But most importantly, high performers understand the importance of encouragement from their peers which can make all the difference in achieving success.

How To Be Bold And Conquer Fears: Tips From High Performers

High performers have a knack for taking risks and being open about their ambitions.

It’s not something that comes naturally to them, but rather, something they have worked hard to develop.

That’s why courage is the sixth and final habit highlighted in the High Performance Habits book.

By taking bold action, high performers know full-well that it involves a higher risk of failure.

However, they have learned how to overcome their fear and take the leap anyway!

The more these moves are practiced, the easier they become – this is true just like any other skill or activity.

This could mean executing a risky business decision or being forthright with colleagues or friends about one’s dreams or goals.

While some may feel uneasy doing so due to potential criticism or even ridicule – high performers accept this as part of life’s precious struggle.

They refuse to miss out on an opportunity for growth; rather than remaining in their comfort zone and complaining when things get difficult, these individuals embrace challenges head-on with enthusiasm and strength of spirit.

So start taking those leaps of faith today and become the type of high performer never afraid of making bold moves!

Wrap Up

The ultimate goal of High Performance Habits is to help people attain success through mastering certain habits.

These include having a clear purpose in their work, staying energetic and productive, using external motivators, connecting with others and taking risks.

By exploring these habits in depth and providing actionable advice, the book serves as a powerful reminder that success doesn’t come solely from being born extraordinary but rather from consistent effort and dedication to growth.

The final summary of High Performance Habits is that it’s possible to acquire greater levels of success through actively engaging with the habits highlighted in the book.

By developing clarity in social interactions, consciously creating a desired mood or energy in any situation and consistently looking for ways to give back to others, people can make great strides towards achieving their goals.

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