Hear Yourself Book Summary By Prem Rawat

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Hear Yourself (2021) offers readers a unique guide to achieve inner peace.

Packed with ancient wisdom and captivating stories, this book will help you find calm amidst the chaos of our modern world.

If you've been looking for ways to cut out distractions, get rid of mental noise, and have more connection with yourself, then Hear Yourself is the perfect book for you!

The book is filled with helpful tips that address issues such as mindfulness, stress management, emotional intelligence and much more.

Through thoughtful self-analysis and creative exercises, it will guide you on a journey to attaining harmony within yourself - something all of us could benefit from in these uncertain times!

Hear Yourself

Book Name: Hear Yourself (How to Find Peace in a Noisy World)

Author(s): Prem Rawat

Rating: 4.5/5

Reading Time: 23 Minutes

Categories: Mindfulness & Happiness

Author Bio

Prem Rawat is an exceptional individual who is known for spreading the message of peace throughout the world.

He has spoken to hundreds of millions of people over the past 50 years, holding events and courses that focus on his thought-provoking teachings.

He is also the founder of The Prem Rawat Foundation, which works to advance dignity, peace and prosperity through programs that help empower less fortunate communities.

Additionally, he has written a book titled Peace is Possible, expressing his views and experiences on achieving inner peace.

His other passions include photography, composing music, and being a pilot - activities he uses to further spread his message and leave lasting impressions.

Exploring Inner Peace And Reconnecting With The World Around You

Inner Peace

The modern world we live in is chaotic and full of distractions, often leaving us feeling overwhelmed and anxious.

We seem to have lost touch with the peace that has lived within us since birth.

But all is not lost!

Hear Yourself provides vital insight into obtaining a more peaceful way of life and reveals the methods you can use to access it.

This book sheds light on how our own actions can contribute to misery in our lives, reminds us to be present in the moment and encourages gratitude which can bring inner peace and joy.

Discover the peace that resides deep inside you by reading Hear Yourself!

You will learn how to become mindful of life’s distractions and remind yourself that true joy comes from within.

It’s time to reconnect with your deepest self and find happiness again!

How To Silence The Noise And Find Peace Within Yourself

No matter how chaotic, noisy, or overwhelming life can get, true inner peace is found by first silencing the noise.

This can be hard to do when we let trivial things control our agenda to the point where time passes us by without us even noticing.

In Hear Yourself, author Prem Rawat discusses the importance of reconnecting with one’s inner peace in order to maintain a steady grip on reality and stay on track.

He believes that the key to finding peace within yourself is first silencing the noise of external influences (namely technology).

Instead of continually scrolling through feeds and responding to messages, it’s important to take a step back from the constant disruption and focus instead on being present in your day-to-day experiences.

Rawat also argues that seeking peace externally — i.e., taking time away for vacations or running away up high mountains — won’t necessarily provide you with internal solace unless your foundation of calm and strength already exists within you.

In other words, true happiness comes from revisiting what resonates most authentically with you at this moment in time.

Finding Inner Peace Begins With Letting Go Of What Is Trivial And Unimportant

The key to finding inner peace is understanding that it comes from letting go of all the non-essential things in life.

Sure, having a cluttered and busy life can sometimes seem quite attractive, but too many commitments and tasks are only going to leave you feeling exhausted, overwhelmed and stressed.

It’s important to recognize that peace does not come from introducing something new into your life – it’s actually achieved when you start removing what isn’t needed.

You have the power to do this by making conscious decisions about how you spend your time and energy – prioritizing activities that provide you with fulfilment or must be done and avoiding anything else that distracts you or weighs down on you.

Take for example, the criticisms we often face at work: instead of focusing on what others are saying about us, it’s better to focus on honing our skills and becoming the best version of ourselves.

Or if we think about the hatred in the world, aiming instead for love will ultimately result in hatred fading away – just like dirt washes off when we immerse a shirt into water.

Overall, Living happily and consciously means recognizing that you have a choice – even if external forces may appear to control us at times.

The most important decision is bringing positivity into your life – taking control of what builds us up instead of letting fear or negativity rule our lives.

That’s where true peace lies!

Rediscovering The Freedom To Live In The Moment


Prem Rawat, from the city of Dehradun in India, remembers spending clear autumn days as a child sitting in his front yard under two magnolia trees.

He recalls the sweet smell of dew on the lawn and the beauty of blooming pea plants along the walls.

In this peaceful environment, an important lesson revealed itself to him: learning to live in the now and recognize that you have everything you need in this moment is essential for a fulfilling life.

It can be hard to remain focused on the present—we’re always rushing off to our next appointment or checking off things on our to-do lists.

This decision not only makes us lose sight of what matters but also feel regretful when we see how quickly time passes.

If you find yourself stuck in chaotic moments, Prem Rawat suggests pausing and reflecting on two questions: “What is the value of time if we don’t understand the value of each breath?” and “If now is not important to me, how can yesterday or tomorrow be important?” These inquiries should help you recalibrate your mind towards living in the now.

You can also begin to view time differently — internally feeling its infinite quality rather than functioning by it like an external clock ticking away with finite steps.

In a timeless today, no matter what we do there’s no rush; everything has significance because it happens within your own present moment.

Embracing these approaches will help you capture that same experience Prem Rawat had beneath his magnolia tree—allowing you to just breathe and appreciate all that lies within this one fleeting moment.

Discover Your Inner Peace By Ignoring The Opinions Of Others

Prem Rawat’s message of peace is something that we should all be embracing, and part of that message is to focus on ourselves – not on what others think.

He learned this while speaking with hundreds of inmates in Pune prison when one inmate asked him a question: What would people think of him once he was released?

Rawat recognized the importance of self-acceptance and knowing our own worth.

He believed that if we can start seeing our own strengths, resources, and capabilities, then we can gain more confidence and shift away from seeking approval and validation from others.

Rather than exhaust ourselves worrying about other people’s opinions and judgments, it’s better to learn how to nurture ourselves first and foremost.

Doing so will help reduce the noise coming from outside sources so that the clarity, joy, serenity, and love within us can shine through.

So don’t forget; embrace what you know and focus on yourself – not on what other people think!

Don’T Let Unrealistic Expectations Rob You Of Enjoying The Present Moment

Letting go of expectations that don’t match reality is an important way to reframe our lives.

All too often, we set ourselves up for disappointment by expecting the world to live up to our expectations instead of accepting things as they are.

The “Hear Yourself” book summary reminds us that when we let go of unrealistic expectations, we can unearth a deep peace and satisfaction in the present moment–one free from worry or anxiety about the future.

This can be difficult for many people who tend to cling tightly to their expectations, but it’s an important step towards contentment and joy.

Many of us have experienced false starts or disappointments due to setting expectations that don’t mesh with reality.

It’s usually only after these experiences that we gain the wisdom needed to accept the unpredictable nature of life and embrace what’s actually happening in each moment–regardless of whether it meets our expectations or not.

The importance of letting go becomes clear when we remember how futile it is to try and control every outcome in life, especially when it so often falls short of our desires.

By recognizing this truth and learning to trust uncertainty, we move closer towards true serenity and discover the beauty hidden within each experience.

The Power Of Gratitude: Appreciate The Gift Of Life Every Breath You Take

Power Of Gratitude

Do you know that trees have a heartbeat? Recent studies have revealed that trees actually move their branches up and down in the night, creating a pulse of water inside them.

This reminds us that we have to learn survival skills from trees and use it to live our life in whatever situation we are in.

That’s why it’s important for us to find clarity, peace and understanding through appreciation – because the most important thing we all have isexistence itself.

It is only by being grateful for every breath we take can make us understand what true gratitude feels like.

It means feeling alive and fully aware of the passing of day into night – truly noticing your existence.

Gratitude should come from within, not something you force yourself into thinking so by saying “I’m glad it’s not me.”

When feeling gratitude, one should be able to focus on how complex parts and processes inside our bodies sustain us with oxygen flowing from our lungs wherever they’re needed.

Every time you breathe deeply, it powers your own existence right here on planet Earth.

Gratitude is a choice, so don’t wait for some events or circumstances before you start appreciating what you already have.

When you show gratitude for every breath taken, you will also experience genuine inner peace and joy that can never be measured by anything else.

The Power Of Choice: How Prisoners Find Freedom From Within The Walls Of A Jail

Despite the dark and gloomy surroundings of a prison, inmates can still experience freedom—by connecting with the peace, love and self-respect that lies within them.

The key to this? Inner peace.

Rawat discovered this after going into prisons to speak and finding prisoners who had positive energy even in such a depressing setting.

They were able to recognize that even though they were locked up, they still had a choice – and by tapping into their inner peace, could feel free despite their circumstances.

The power of choice is incredibly liberating—it’s what gives us back control over our lives and helps us to overcome our struggles.

While we can’t change others or our environment, we can change ourselves – when we take responsibility for our lives instead of blaming others, it gives us greater control over our destinies.

Inner peace allows us to move beyond fear and worry and be truly free.

It will never offer an easy way out but it does provide hope that whatever situation you’re in, you can find freedom from within – if you choose to look for it.

We Are All Pixels In The Big Picture Of Building A Peaceful And Kind Society


The message of Hear Yourself is simple: a peaceful world starts with each and every one of us.

It’s an empowering thought that reminds us that we have the power to create positive change in the world, no matter how small or insignificant we feel our individual efforts may be.

Imagine zooming in on a picture of the world from space and eventually coming down to three blobs of color – one red, one blue, and one green – representing each individual person.

Each blob of color is considered a pixel in this grand picture, and if enough people join together to take action on their own peace initiatives, it can start a ripple effect that will result in a brighter, more peaceful society overall.

It all begins with self-reflection and understanding what it truly means to show love and kindness to others.

If we can develop a strong inner peace within ourselves, then our actions will combine with those around us to create lasting peace on an even larger scale.

We mustn’t forget that finding peace starts first within ourselves; only then can we build something beautiful and impactful outside.

A peaceful world starts with you – at the level of one single pixel!

Wrap Up

The Hear Yourself book is an exploration of the power of forgiveness.

Its ultimate message: find peace within yourself by focusing on what you have, rather than striving for perfection or chasing after the things you don’t have.

It encourages us to let go of the past and embark on a new journey that is filled with potential.

As a final summary, we must remember to forgive others – and ourselves – in order to free ourselves from the negative links in our past and create space for joy and growth.

In practicing this, we can find true inner peace, regardless of our circumstances.

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