Goals Book Summary By Zig Ziglar

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Goals (2019) provides helpful and comprehensive advice on setting goals and achieving them.

This book can be your guide to forming a plan, staying motivated and accountable, and building the personal skills you need to pursue the dreams that you hold dear.

Through the insightful guidance in Goals (2019), readers have the opportunity to increase their chances at success.

Goals Book

Book Name: Goals (How to Get the Most Out of Your Life)

Author(s): Zig Ziglar

Rating: 4.5/5

Reading Time: 18 Minutes

Categories: Personal Development

Author Bio

Zig Ziglar was a renowned author and motivational speaker who motivated countless individuals to reach their full potential.

Out of the 28 books he published throughout his lifetime, 10 were sold out as bestsellers.

The scope of his works is quite extensive, with translations in almost 40 languages.

Even after years since they first came out, people still widely appreciate his ‘Goals’ book because its concepts are timeless!

Unlock Your Full Potential: The Power Of Effective Goal-Setting

Effective Goal

Are you feeling frustrated because it seems like your dreams are always out of reach? Perhaps you have big aspirations for your career, or maybe you’re looking to improve your personal life and relationships.

If this sounds like you, then it may be because you haven’t yet learned how to set effective goals.

It’s time to unlock your full potential and learn how to live the life that you really want by setting and achieving your dreams through goal-setting.

Not only will you discover the transformative power of goals, but also harness a more positive outlook, increased motivation and a plan to reach all of your long-term goals!

Goals Book Summary explains important lessons we can learn from caterpillars; why one degree Fahrenheit can make all the difference in achieving success; and methods of pacing yourself just like record-breaking runners do.

Through these sections, learn how to devise an effective goal-setting strategy that will help propel your ambitions into fruition!

Clear Goals Lead To Direction, Focus And Happiness

Inspired by Jean Henri Fabre’s experiment with caterpillars, it’s easy to see why clear goals are so important in the pursuit of success.

He conducted an experiment with a species called Pine Processionary that would unerringly follow one other – hopelessly confused, they circled a flowerpot for seven days, every inch away from their meal of pine needles.

This analogy speaks volumes about how we should never take our focus off our goals or else risk getting lost and distracted – ending up with nothing to show for all our efforts.

By having clearly defined goals, we provide ourselves with the pathway needed to reach our full potential.

In fact, only 3 percent of Americans have ever written down their goals; yet this is precisely those who make their dreams come true!

Having well-refined objectives allows you to stay motivated and focused on what you aim to achieve while preventing yourself from becoming resentful or distracted by activities that don’t lead closer to your end goal.

Furthermore, taking out the time spent on goal setting saves up to ten hours each week which can then be dedicated elsewhere in life.

In conclusion, clear goals create a pathway to your full potential by providing direction and motivating you towards meaningful action.

It takes time but is worth the investment if you’re looking to live a fulfilling life true to your desires!

How To Set Realistic And Achievable Goals In Life

When it comes to setting goals, don’t be fooled into thinking that you can just rush through the process.

Setting realistic and achievable goals requires time and reflection.

You have to deeply contemplate why you actually want to achieve each goal, and ask yourself whether it’s worth your time and effort to pursue.

The author recommends starting by writing down all of your dreams on paper, wild or realistic – it doesn’t matter, list them all!

After a few days of deep reflection, you should look back at your list and determine which ones are prompted by whim rather than genuine ambition.

It’s also important that your list contains a good balance of goals from different categories such as career, relationships, well-being and finances, otherwise you risk neglecting certain aspects of your life.

Additionally, consider the benefits each goal will bring and the resources needed to make them happen – if necessary resources aren’t currently available then it might be wise to delay working on that specific goal for now.

Finally select four goals that you can begin tackling immediately – any more than this and it will become too overwhelming.

So if you’re serious about achieving success in life then take some time to really think about what matters most so that you know where best to channel your energies.

Setting goals requires time and reflection but if done correctly will lead to wonderful rewards!

Set Up Daily Goals And Combat Negativity To Achieve Your Dreams

Your Dreams

In order to be successful in reaching your goals, you need to make sure to dedicate yourself every single day.

This means taking small, manageable steps that are achievable each day.

If you can break down your larger goal into smaller tasks, it won’t seem so daunting and will make it easier to accomplish any tasks necessary to achieve the goal.

But that’s just the first step – you also need to set aside time each day to work on whatever is associated with the larger goal.

For instance, if you want to lose 37 pounds over a 10 month period, then breaking it down would mean losing less than one pound per week and making sure that you dedicate time towards this every day – whether it’s going for a walk, jogging or even following healthy eating habits.

But having goals isn’t enough; you have to hold yourself accountable for achieving them by tracking your performance with a handy goal planner.

Record what achieved at the end of every day and then plan out what activities you should do the next day in order to move closer towards your ultimate end-goal.

And finally, if ever one day there is no progress made towards own goal, mark down “nothing” on your planner as an acknowledgement of that lack of work put in for yourself.

If you can get a group of friends or family together who share similar goals as yours, then utilize this support system; Teamwork works wonders when attempting ambitious feats!

Take Roger Bannister for example; He wanted to become the first person ever run a mile under four minutes’ time and he had three men who served as pacers while he ran — they kept track of how fast was running and with such support and determination on his part, he succeeded.

Finally, don’t succumb nor listen any negative voices telling you’re incapable of achieving your ambitions – both externally or internally (it’s said we are exposed 90% negative messages everyday).

To combat such pessimism: visualize having achieved triumphantly all throughout this process – which should keep yourself motivated in these trying times.

The Key To Transforming Potential Into Power Is Determination

For those with ambitious goals, drive is essential for success.

Without it, you may never take that final step from potential to power.

This means finding the motivation to leave mediocrity behind and create an intense desire to reach your goal.

In other words: Drive fuels goals.

Take Bernie Lofchick’s son, for example.

When he was born with cerebral palsy and was told he wouldn’t walk or talk by a specialist, his parents chose not to accept defeat in the face of difficulty.

Determined to help their son, they implemented an intensive daily therapy program that persisted even when progress was slow or nonexistent.

Thanks to their tenacity, David eventually became a happily married father and real estate agent.

When people don’t achieve their goals, they often blame themselves and lack of talent or skill set – when in reality, it often comes down to not fostering the natural gifts they already have!

Instead of feeling discouraged each time something stands between them and their goal, it’s important to remain driven and determined no matter what, allowing yourself to transform adversity into opportunity while keeping focusing on what you can do instead of what you can’t do.

Hard Work Is The Only Path To Success: Teach Young People To Take Pride In Their Work

The key to success is hard work – not an expensive education.

Studies done by the US Education Department found that the best way to predict educational achievement wasn’t based on school fees or class size – it was based on who did their homework.

Those who completed quality assignments earned the best grades, no matter what school they attended.

That means each of us can reach our goals, regardless of our existing education.

Hard work is paramount in achieving success and this message should be passed down to the new generation through teaching good work ethics from an early age.

In some cases, lack of hard work could contribute to economic issues such as an import deficit – which Americans are currently facing against the Japanese population.

This is because students in Japan are used to having a significantly higher workload than their American counterparts- with three hours studying outside school daily compared to Americans only having half an hour of homework a day.

They also find it easier to focus on long term goals and aspirations, while many teenagers in the US are more familiar with current entertainment news than plans for their future.

It’s important for adults to instill respect for hard work even in smaller roles such as waiting tables at a local steakhouse; you never know when your job skills might come into play later in life!

By showing young people that opportunity awaits them if they put in the effort, they are more likely to excel and reach their full potential.

Hard work really is the only path to success and it has been proven time and time again!

It Takes Grit And Determination To Achieve Long-Term Goals

Long-Term Goals

If you want to achieve your goals, it takes time and commitment.

It’s rarely a sudden process of success, but one made up of hard work and dedication over an extended period of time.

Take Thomas Edison for example – he conducted 10,000 failed experiments before coming up with successful way to build the light bulb.

These experiments weren’t failures though; they helped him discover 10,000 ways that incandescent bulbs didn’t work.

That’s why President Calvin Coolidge said that persistence is more important than talent when it comes to attaining success.

To confirm this point, a study was conducted on executives making over 200k a year revealed that most were in the same job for 15+ years and all said their accomplishments were due to their efforts.

This proves that you need long-term goals and ambitions with regular assessments along the way in order to reach them.

Consistent actions will show progress that can help motivate you further towards your destination; this idea outlined by Edison’s trial and error approach, finding what works through a series of attempts and keeping on trying without giving up too soon; as each effort brings new knowledge and understanding closer to your dream outcome or solution which may take days or years perhaps even more if working within science!

Ultimately, even with talented staff or yourself playing the long game is paramount to reaching desired objectives – no goal can be reached if quitting has become an option in the mind; remembering self-accountability only makes progress easier while never doubt your capability however difficult moments may seem!

Wrap Up

In summary, putting in the effort to carefully select and plan your goals is essential for achieving them.

And even if you do have a clear roadmap, that’s not enough–you still need to put in consistent effort each day by monitoring your progress and holding yourself accountable.

Ultimately, it requires a committed mindset combined with unwavering determination to turn dreams into reality.

And one more piece of actionable advice: take the time to write a book about what truly matters to you.

You don’t have to publish it, but writing will help you articulate and explore your deepest values and goals, providing clarity on why they matter so much—and how you can get there.

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