Go Pro Book Summary By Eric Worre

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Go Pro by Eric Worre is an essential guide for any aspiring network marketer.

It provides a comprehensive and practical crash course on the fundamentals of becoming a successful network marketer.

In it, you'll discover what it takes to develop the skills necessary to become a pro, as well as the mindset that will enable you to make it big in this industry.

It even offers valuable insights about assessing prospective top earners, finding mentors, and creating systems for success!

Get ready to take your network marketing career up to the next level with Go Pro!

Go Pro Book

Book Name: Go Pro (Seven Steps to Becoming a Network Marketing Professional)

Author(s): Eric Worre

Rating: 4.2/5

Reading Time: 12 Minutes

Categories: Marketing & Sales

Author Bio

Eric Worre has been a highly successful network marketing expert for the past quarter of a century.

His career has not only earned him fame, but also millions in revenue.

In 2009 he took his talents to the next level, launching NetworkMarketingPro.com, a popular training site that draws viewers from all around the world.

Go Pro is the first book written by Worre and has already become an international bestseller.

It's no wonder he's such a popular author — his work speaks volumes!

How To Become A Successful Network Marketer: The Path To Unlimited Income And Flexibility

Successful Network Marketer

Do you want to become a great network marketer? If so, then Go Pro is the book for you.

It outlines the steps needed to transform from an amateur to a professional and achieve success in this field.

It will teach you why it’s important to be a professional rather than just pretending, and how network marketing can take you all over the world.

Most importantly, it will show you why success starts with creating a big list of potential clients.

Go Pro is an essential guide for anyone who wants to make it as a network marketer.

With its help, you’ll learn how to set your own hours, maximize your income potential, work with whoever you choose and follow your own path to success!

Network Marketing: A Dream Job You Didn’t Know You Needed?

Most people never consider network marketing as a potential career choice, but it could be an absolute dream job!

As a network marketer, you call all the shots.

You determine your salary depending on how well you sell and recruit, and there’s no limit to what you can accomplish!

If you have the right skills and enthusiasm for the job, nothing can hold you back.

The upside? Not only do you get to lead a wonderful life and meet amazing people, but also get to help others achieve success.

Furthermore, as a network marketer, part of your role involves coaching and inspiring recruits to become successful themselves – every time they succeed, so do you!

So if you’re looking for an exciting career opportunity with lots of possibilities for growth (both personally and financially), then look no further than network marketing!

The Path To Becoming A Professional Network Marketer: The 1/3/5/7 Rule

To become a successful network marketer, you need more than just a willingness to work hard.

You must be professional and have an eagerness to learn that will help you develop the necessary skills in order to succeed.

It won’t come easy, as it requires a commitment to reaching each milestone of success.

For instance, after one year in the business, you should expect to have acquired the knowledge required for you to be deemed competent and professional.

After three more years of hard work, dedication, and unwavering commitment to learning, you can potentially switch over to being a full-time network marketer and take advantage of having released yourself from the obligations of conventional employment and shifted entirely over or part-time into this career trajectory available exclusively with network marketing.

Once five years pass by, you could potentially find yourself making six figures doing what most only think is impossible – becoming a great success as a network marketing expert!

And finally after seven years in this game as they say; “the cream rises to the top.” In this case, those seven years mean having achieved world-class status as an authority within the field.

The way there isn’t short nor simple but parsing key tools such as learning from experts already at that level are invaluable resources for insight on presentation skills, recruitment abilities, or even effective sales techniques.

Also recommended are informative appointments like seminars aimed at equipping all newbies through experts alike with updated practices for today’s marketplaces or speeches which focus on intentional marketing efforts.

But remember that this learning journey needs practical application beyond theoretical knowledge which is where your plans for progress come into fruition; engaging your learned skill sets into action in order to succeed!

Becoming a successful network marketer takes professionalism, an eagerness to learn and applying those learnings consistently while persevering when faced with challenges along your path ahead.

How To Build Relationships And Invite People To Check Out Your Network Marketing Materials


If you want to become a successful network marketer, you’ll need to find people interested in your product and then show them what you have to offer.

The first step is to build a comprehensive contact list of everyone you know.

You can expand this list by networking through volunteer work and other activities.

Next, build relationships with those on the list.

Make sure to connect with them by calling, meeting up for drinks, or doing some other kind of activity together.

This will help increase their interest in your product and network marketing as a whole.

Then when it’s time to present them with your materials — like DVDs or online video tutorials — always do it in person or over the phone rather than text or emailing; this way it’s more personal and engaging which increases their likelihood of paying attention.

When talking to them about the materials utilize a formula such as first being in a rush, offering a compliment, asking questions such as ‘if I gave you a DVD would you watch it?’, allowing them to decide when they will view the materialthen finally confirming their contact details before finishing off the invitation process.

By following all these steps, finding prospects and showing them your product successfully should be an achievable goal!

Telling A Story To Persuade Prospects And Build Trust In Network Marketing Recruitment

In order to convince prospective customers to join your product team, you must present your product by telling a story.

This story should focus on how the customer’s life was before the introduction of the product, what it has meant for them since then and how their quality of life improved as a result.

Think about all those infomercials that talk about miracle diet pills – they effectively get people intrigued by sharing a powerful, inspiring story!

Once your prospects understand your product, it’s time to get them hooked with presentations and follow-ups.

Initially you will have to put in a couple more follow-ups than usual – four to six over a few weeks’ time.

You need to build trust with the prospects over repeatedly conversations.

As the presentation is over, you may educate them but without making yourself out as an expert – let their success story speak out loud instead!

By this point, you are now ready for the final step in recording prospective customers.

With well thought through presentations and persistent follow-ups, it won’t take long for the desired results to show up!

The Key To Successful Transformations: Ask Questions And Manage Expectations

Once your prospects are finally ready to choose either becoming customers or distributors of your products, you still have an important step to do.

You need to help them bridge the gap between prospect and loyal customer/distributor.

It’s something that doesn’t happen naturally.

Don’t pressure them into signing up – this never leads into good results.

Ensure they love the product and forge a connection to it, and that they feel confident with you as their contact person.

Let them come to their own conclusions – in the long term, that is the only way for success.

Make sure they appreciate you and keep a positive relationship.

Manage expectations as well: some may think that such business will make them rich fast, but lead them through a more realistic approach like 1/3/5/7 scheme so that they can understand how long success takes.

That completes the process in making a prospect into a long-term customer or distributor!

Successful Network Marketers Help Distributors Get Off The Ground And Attend Events To Develop Their Skills

Network Marketers

Once you have convinced your prospects to become distributors in your network marketing business, it’s time to help them get started.

It’s important for new distributors to understand that they are working with you, not for you – even though there may be financial benefits from their work.

To ensure success, these distributors must know and appreciate the value of the products they’re selling and why they should be proud of what they are doing.

To help with this transition, it’s important to teach your new distributors the ropes of how to successfully sell the product.

Establishing a personal connection with what they’re selling is just as important when building a lasting rapport with clients.

Once capable, help your distributors get to the point where continuing is easier than giving up – showing that you genuinely care about their success in business and at life.

Finally, taking them to destination events (such as Las Vegas or Moscow) exposes them to inspiring people, strategies and stories which will invigorate their lives and sales acumen – while raising your prestige within the network marketing industry.

Wrap Up

In conclusion, Go Pro by Eric Worre is an inspiring read that highlights the success that can be achieved in network marketing.

It reiterates that with dedication, anybody can become a successful professional in this field.

All it takes is learning and mastering the seven key skills that are necessary.

This investment of time and effort will ultimately lead to distributors working towards your fortune over several years.

Therefore, this book serves as a fantastic guide for those looking to get into Network Marketing.

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