Give & Get Employer Branding Book Summary By Bryan Adams and Charlotte Marshall

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"Give & Get Employer Branding (2020)" is an incredibly useful book that introduces the reader to the world of employer branding.

It's a perfect read for those who want to make their organization more attractive and appealing to both potential candidates and current employees.

The book will give you all the necessary information you need in order to refresh your employer identity and help create loyal, eager ambassador for your brand.

With this guidebook, you'll also be able to gain insight on how to cultivate your talent pipeline, as well as develop effective recruitment tactics and strategies.

Overall, it's an informative read that covers all aspects of employer branding, from basic understanding of the principles up to real-life implementation tactics!

Give & Get Employer Branding Book

Book Name: Give & Get Employer Branding (Repel the Many and Compel the Few with Impact, Purpose and Belonging)

Author(s): Bryan Adams and Charlotte Marshall

Rating: 4.3/5

Reading Time: 20 Minutes

Categories: Corporate Culture

Author Bio

Bryan Adams is an established leader in the field of employer branding and has made quite a name for himself.

He is the CEO and founder of Ph.Creative, a renowned agency that has partnered with important global companies such as Apple and Virgin.

Bryan is also well-known for his literary work - he co-authored the successful book Getting Goosebumps back in 2015.

As an expert on employer branding, Bryan’s insights have been collected into a new book -- Give & Get Employer Branding -- which encourages organizations to build better relationships with employees in order to enhance company values and culture..

With his unique experience, knowledge and research, Bryan is prepared to provide you with all the tools necessary for developing a successful strategy for your organization towards better employer branding practices.

How Employer Branding Can Leverage The ‘Give And Get’ Approach To Attract The Best Candidates

Employer Branding

Do you want to attract the best talent to your organization and make your recruiting efforts more effective? The Give & Get approach to employer branding is a great way to do that.

It appeals directly to people’s fundamental desire to make a difference, rather than just getting something in return – be it money, validation or belonging.

Based on the Japanese principle ikigai, you can use Hero’s Journey stories as part of your recruitment process.

These stories tap into our need for purpose, creativity and autonomy within our work, which can help draw out the kind of employees who thrive on overcoming challenges and making the most of their skills.

You should also think about Jedis and Avengers when considering new candidates – these characters can help strengthen your brand message and give a clear idea of what type of individual would be successful at your company.

Finally, creating videos featuring inspiring figures such as Usain Bolt can be another useful tool for improving candidate satisfaction and engagement.

By following all these steps, you’ll be able to build a positive employer brand that stands out from the crowd – helping you draw in the best possible candidates for any role!

By Utilizing The Give And Get Approach, Attract Better Candidates And Cut Down On Unqualified Applications

If you’re looking for high-quality candidates for a vacant position, then it’s time to create a better employee value proposition (EVP).

In other words, you need to answer the question “Why should I apply for this job or want to work for this company?”.

The usual approach is to highlight the positives; such as benefits and perks.

While this may seem sensible, it often ends up bringing unqualified or unprepared candidates into your hiring process – resulting in a waste of time and money.

That’s why the ‘Give & Get’ approach recommended in the book is so effective.

It emphasizes both what the job will give to the candidate – such as experience, recognition and rewards – but also what they’ll have to give in return.

This might include hard work and dedication, an awareness of potential challenges, etc.

This way you can be sure that only those who really understand and accept these challenges will apply – leaving you with much better candidates from the start!

Attracting Purpose-Driven Jedis Through The Give And Get Approach: How To Establish A Strong Company Brand And Honest Evp

If you want your business to attract the most passionate, knowledgeable and committed workers to your organization, an important first step is to establish a strong purpose for your company.

This serves two main purposes: it acts as a beacon that will help the potential hires find their true calling and in turn this will let them know that your company cares about its employees’ moral compass and what drives them.

Knowing what kind of people you’re looking for is essential when trying to attract the right kind of employees – those who are truly dedicated, motivated and loyal to their work.

Crafting a clear message that outlines your organization’s goals, expectations, values and purpose can help you draw these ideal candidates in.

By emphasizing the harsh realities of a job while still highlighting how they can make an impact on others through their contribution at a deeper level, you’ll be more likely to attract ‘Jedis’ – people with laser focus, determination and dedication to succeeding at whatever they do.

Ensuring that these characteristics are conveyed throughout all recruitment channels such as website job postings, employee referrals, PR exposure or even internal communications can also give potential employees peace of mind before jumping ship from their current role.

Ultimately showing them how working for your organization can achieve ultimate fulfillment – one where fulfilling both personal dreams and long-term career goals come together harmoniously.

The Power Of Storytelling Helps Attract And Retain Top Talent By Establishing A Compelling Employer Brand

Employer Brand

When it comes to crafting an effective-employer brand that will attract the best talent, storytelling techniques can be incredibly helpful.

Just look at the example of George Lucas and Joseph Campbell’s successful use of the Hero’s Journey in Star Wars – a narrative arc that is still popular and relevant today.

The concept of employer branding began in 1996, with the goal of setting your company apart from others on the market.

To do this, you must create a unique story that emphasizes your brand’s message, mission and purpose.

This will also pose interesting challenges for job-seekers to consider and put their skills to use.

In other words, through a strong employer brand, you can cultivate an environment for potential employees to envision themselves as real-life ‘heroes’ overcoming obstacles – with all the rewards and achievements associated with it.

An engaging storyline featuring difficult but attainable goals ultimately leads candidates to believe in your company’s mission and values.

To stand out from other employers on offer, take time to develop a compelling story that paints an appealing picture for prospective hires and encourages them to find out more about your organisation.

With storytelling techniques playing such an integral role here, it’s vital that you invest time into being creative and crafting something memorable – that way prospective candidates really get a sense of what makes your business so unique!

How To Find The Right Stories To Attract Your Ideal Talent: Leveraging Personas And The Hero’S Journey

If you’re looking to create engaging stories for your audience, researching is going to be essential.

By reaching out and asking the right kind of questions, you can uncover the unique stories that will make your business stand out from others.

Natures Nutrition‘s Employer Branding Book provides great advice on how to find tales that can really captivate your target audience.

It begins by pointing out that workplaces often have microcultures within them; say a marketing team may have different personas than IT.

After identifying these personas, it’s important to tap into what makes them special by asking questions like: What do they want? Or What are their priorities? And ultimately learn about the Give & Get dynamics to form a Hero’s Journey.

By interviewing multiple people from each team, even slight differences and similarities can come to light – allowing you to craft those individual stories that you need to appeal different individuals.

As an example, highlighting qualities like engineers having access to the latest tech with brainstorming amongst bright minds but also having challenging travel schedules may attract more of that type of employee!

So if you’re looking for ways to reach new recruits, then remember: research will help uncover the perfect stories for your audience!

Using The Give And Get Approach To Redefine Your Employer Brand Through Employee Stories

When it comes time to activate your new employer brand, you have the opportunity to “re-recruit” your workforce and turn them into brand ambassadors.

This process should involve creating plans tailored to each of your different audiences, that touch upon their desires and challenges.

Your new employer brand should capture the essence of your company brand while emphasizing personal stories within the workforce.

By talking to people within different departments and locations, you can identify those individuals who truly respond well to the activation process – they may be perfect for being highlighted during launch.

It’s these individuals that can generate high value referrals, making everyone’s job easier in the long run.

Ultimately, activating your brand is a great way of motivating and inspiring everyone in your organization through their individual stories.

By highlighting employees’ successes and accomplishments you can certainly spark loyalty and motivation from them – something which is essential for any successful organization!

Creating A Successful Employer Brand Through See, Think, Do, Delight Content And Video

Successful Employer

Having a secure, reliable career page is essential in conveying your employer brand and product message.

Make sure visitors to your website’s career page have the perfect view of what your company has to offer!

Using the See, Think, Do, Delight approach helps you create persuasive content that speaks to employers’ needs.

The most effective way of doing this is creating shareable content such as videos.

They should portray teams tackling projects and employees being proud of their achievements.

Keeping these videos concise also allows for easy sharing across social media sites.

It’s also important to respond quickly to messages and communications from applicants – don’t leave them hanging.

It’s all part of making sure their experience with you is a positive one that leaves them feeling valued; not just rejected.

Showing respect and offering advice on future applications will go far in terms of referrals for potential candidates for the job!

The Benefits Of The Give And Get Approach: How To Measure The Success Of Your Employer Brand Campaign

When you embark on an employer branding campaign with the Give and Get approach, it’s important to keep track of objective metrics.

This will ensure that your bosses are aware of the success of your work and have a greater appreciation for what you’re doing.

The Return on Investment (ROI) is one of the most important metrics that needs to be monitored when launching a Give and Get campaign.

Even though there is an initial investment required – like setting up an employee brand team, conducting interviews, researching and testing – this will pay off in the long run.

Plus, since your candidates will be better informed prior to application and interview process, you’ll be spending less time and money per hire!

Some other measurable improvements can also be seen with the Give and Get approach: more referrals than before; a visible brand in marketplace; decreased employee turnover rate; fewer unwanted applications; better candidate experience; increased employee happiness; higher website/social media stats among others.

Keeping a monthly scorecard which tracks all these metrics can help you easily share the good news about Give and Get employer branding campaigns!

Wrap Up

The Give and Get approach to employer branding has been designed to help businesses reduce the number of undesirable candidates and attract higher quality, motivated employees.

You can accomplish this by asserting your purpose honestly, discussing the challenges that the employee may face in their role, and using compelling stories from within your company to make them come alive on recruitment materials and your career website.

A good way to ensure potential employees stay keen is by crafting a powerful slogan which sums up your brand.

Remember, fewer words are better here!

Catchy slogans such as Blizzard Entertainment’s “Find Your People” or VF Corporation’s “Limit Less: Blur the line between a career and a calling” not only capture what Give and Get is about but also tap into our desires for belonging and purposeful work.

Ultimately, this helps employers build relationships with employees that last long-term.

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