Girl, Wash Your Face Book Summary By Rachel Hollis

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Girl, Wash Your Face is a motivational and uplifting book written by Rachel Hollis.

Released in 2018, this book is all about empowering readers to take charge of their lives and happiness.

In it, Rachel provides practical advice on how to live an ambitious and productive life while still finding joy every day.

She encourages readers to be honest with themselves, recognizing their fears and using them as motivation to make positive changes.

She also provides guidance on everything from learning how to let go of guilt to becoming more organized.

Ultimately, Rachel shows her readers that they are responsible for the decisions they make in life and the ultimate outcome of their happiness.

Girl, Wash Your Face Book

Book Name: Girl, Wash Your Face (Stop Believing the Lies About Who You Are So You Can Become Who You Were Meant to Be)

Author(s): Rachel Hollis

Rating: 3.8/5

Reading Time: 19 Minutes

Categories: Motivation & Inspiration

Author Bio

Rachel Hollis is an inspiring name to many.

She is the founder of, a popular website dedicated to empowering women through lifestyle and boosting their self-esteem.

Rachel is a devoted mother of four wonderful children and a strong believer in Christianity.

Her work resonates with her readers - from real-life recipes shared in her book Real Life Dinners to her Girl series of novels that are based on the life of a young events planner in Los Angeles.

Rachel Hollis truly has something for everyone!

Believe In Yourself: Find The Strength And Motivation To Live The Life You Want Today


Do you ever tell yourself negative things about yourself? That your dream job isn’t possible so settling for something less is the way to go? That you should just accept your OK-but-not-great sex life? These lies that we tell ourselves have a way of creating a cycle of negativity, which can prevent us from achieving our goals and dreams.

However, Girl, Wash Your Face is here to remind us that no matter what we think or feel about ourselves or what life throws at us – we have the ultimate control over our lives.

We should never settle for anything less than what we believe in and strive for greatness every day.

The book draws inspiration from author’s own experience to show how it is possible to take action on our dreams and find strength, courage and motivation to live more confidently and gracefully.

Every step we take towards chasing our dreams will bring us closer to becoming the person we are meant to be.

So start today by believing in yourself and stop living with lies!

Never Break The Promises You Make To Yourself Or You Will Become Your Own Worst Enemy

Have you made promises to yourself that you haven’t kept? Maybe you said you’d go for a jog after work, only to go out drinking with friends instead.

Or that you’d learn a new language but put the books down never to pick them up again.

When we break promises we make to ourselves, it can take a toll mentally and emotionally.

Think about it from another perspective – what if it was your friend Pam who keeps changing your plans; promising to start a diet but always having that extra slice of pizza? You’d probably be frustrated and unimpressed with her inconsistency.

That’s exactly how you’re treating yourself when you don’t keep the promises that you make!

So stop breaking them and take action on your goals today!

Make realistic commitments like running one mile each day or attending French classes regularly, rather than over-promising yourself.

Once you’ve demonstrated that you can keep these goals, upping the ante becomes easier and gives the right impression – especially in front of those around you.

You’ll raise your standard of expectation and gain confidence knowing that not just Pam but also YOU can keep your word!

The Secret To Success: Don’t Take No For An Answer When It Comes To Pursuing Your Dreams

Julieanne Case, author of Girl, Wash Your Face, believes that it is essential to never give up when chasing your dreams.

There will be people who tell you that whatever you are trying to accomplish can’t be done—you might even have your own doubts—but you can achieve anything if you don’t take no for an answer.

Case cites examples such as Julia Child’s “Mastering the Art of French Cooking” and James Cameron’s hit movie Avatar as prime examples of how success stories are created by taking a long-term approach and not giving into negative feedback.

In her own life, Case faced opposition to publishing her novel ‘Party Girl’, but nonetheless pressed on until its release.

As a result, Party Girl has sold more than one hundred thousand copies worldwide!

The message is clear: don’t let anyone else manage or dictate your dreams.

When it comes time to decide whether or not something is achievable, remember that the power lies with you.

If you want something badly enough, then make sure your action reflects this by never taking no for an answer!

How To Transform Your Sex Life: 4 Steps For More Pleasure, Increased Self-Confidence, And A Lifelong Habit

Sex Life

Whoever you are, don’t let anyone lie to you and tell you that your sex life has to be boring.

The author of “Girl, Wash Your Face” found out the hard way – when she first got together with her husband, she had no sexual experience and so had terrible sex with him.

But then she decided to commit to creating an enjoyable and thrilling sex life, instead of settling for a boring one.

She embraced her body and her sexuality, using positive self-talk to remind herself of how beautiful she is; as well as committing to aiming for an orgasm in every encounter.

She even went so far as to commit to having sex every day for a month!

The result? A vibrant and passionate sex life that goes far beyond what she ever imagined possible – a true testament of the power of taking action versus settling for mediocrity.

So why not follow suit – challenge yourself this month and see what new heights your intimate activities take when it comes finding pleasure in each other’s company.

Embrace Chaos: Laugh At It, Say Yes To Offers Of Help, And Let Go Of The Need To Control

Nobody ever said taking care of your home and family life was easy.

In fact, the chaos of it all can be overwhelming!

That’s why it’s so important to remember that you can’t control everything – only yourself.

Rather than trying to control the chaos, just embrace it!

When faced with chaos, you may find yourself despairing or even beating yourself up over it.

But don’t go there – learn how to laugh at it instead!

The author recalled a funny story about being interviewed by a social worker for fostering when her son revealed something that her husband had said in the middle of the night.

Though she thought it might cost them their chances of foster parenting, nothing bad happened in the end.

This taught her that life’s hard moments could actually be made into humorous ones too.

Another great way to cope with all that chaos is to say “Yes” to any offers of help.

It could come from big sources like your mother-in-law offering to visit for a week, or from small sources like your spouse offering to help fold towels.

Either way, take advantage of these opportunities and lighten your load whenever possible!

Remember: You can’t control the chaos around you, so make sure you embrace it instead!

Love Your Body, Respect Your Health: Two Tips For Achieving Healthy Weight Loss

In an aspirational, social-media-obsessed society, it can be hard not to struggle with health and body image.

However, Girl, Wash Your Face warns us not to let our weight define us.

Rather, we should focus on improving ourselves so that we can love ourselves the way a Creator loves us – unconditionally.

So while perfection is neither necessary nor achievable, activity and healthy eating do need to be part of your daily routine in order to show loving self-care.

The best way you can do this is by editing your social media presence and incorporating meal planning and preparation into your lifestyle.

By letting go of ideals that aren’t obtainable or sustainable for us all, we’re teaching ourselves how to take better care of our bodies as well as our mental health.

You don’t have to be size zero or look super hot in a bikini – exercising enough and consuming fewer calories than what you burn each day is more than enough.

When we learn to craft healthier habits, we empower ourselves with independence from the pressure society puts on physical appearance standards.

The Importance Of Stepping Out Of Your Comfort Zone To Find Meaningful Communities

Comfort Zone

In her book, Girl, Wash Your Face the author conveys an important lesson – that in order to have a richer, more interesting and productive life you must embrace diversity.

Growing up in a sheltered environment filled with white people who shared her conservative religion didn’t leave very much room for exploration of different cultures or perspectives.

Her trip to Disneyland changed all that for her as she saw people of different races, gender identities and beliefs living harmoniously together.

The author also shares how making friends from diverse backgrounds has played an integral role in stretching your character and learning to accept these differences without judgement.

After taking this step out of her comfort zone she has been able to process her lifelong unconscious biases with a little uncomfortable at times but ultimately it has been extremely rewarding experience.

She continues by encouraging readers to break out of their own personal bubbles and challenge themselves by embracing something different than they are used to.

This can be done through joining clubs or organizations, changing churches, traveling abroad or reading books written by authors whose lives may differ greatly from yours own.

It’s true that when we open our minds, we learn more about others and we also learn more about ourselves.

When we do this we create richer relationships which adds depth and vibrancy in our own lives!

Everyone should take this advice to heart and start looking outside their circles for ways to expand the richness of their daily lives!

Turning Dreams Into Goals: How Visualization And Specifics Keep You On Track

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when you have a goal of becoming successful.

But if you take the time to visualize your dreams and fantasies, it makes it easier to focus on what you want and keeps you motivated to keep going.

This is something that the author of Girl, Wash Your Face was able to do when she was starting out in business.

At the time, she was dreaming of owning a Louis Vuitton bag – something that would represent glamor, style and success.

She made herself a promise: when her first consulting fee hit $10,000, she would buy the bag.

Having this specific goal kept her focused on what she wanted out of life.

Every time she attended a meeting or presented a business proposal, the thought of buying the luxury purse gave her the drive and motivation to keep moving forward – even amidst tough circumstances.

So if you have a dream or fantasy that you’re working towards achieving – make it as tangible as possible by visualizing it in detail and turning it into achievable steps (like setting yourself a specific fee).

Doing this will help guide you towards your goals and make sure that your journey remains enjoyable rather than overwhelming.

Wrap Up

The final message of Girl, Wash Your Face is that you have to take charge of your life and not compare yourself to others.

Life passes by quickly, and if you want to make the most of it, then you need to take action.

Stop allowing yourself to settle for less than you deserve.

Focus on what makes you happy – stop worrying about other people’s choices.

Live life in a way that helps you achieve the person that was always within you.

Take control of your life and be proud of yourself for every step taken no matter how small.

It’s only by doing this that we can become the best versions of ourselves.

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