Girl, Stop Apologizing Book Summary By Rachel Hollis

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Rachel Hollis' Girl, Stop Apologizing is an inspiring book telling the story of her journey to success.

It's an empowering guide for any woman who wants to pursue their dreams and strive for more out of life, without any sense of shame or guilt.

In this book, Rachel offers guidance and advice that she has picked up along her own path while chasing her goals.

This valuable resource can help you on your own journey towards personal growth, no matter how big or small your dreams may be!

Girl, Stop Apologizing Book

Book Name: Girl, Stop Apologizing (A Shame-Free Plan For Embracing and Achieving Your Goals)

Author(s): Rachel Hollis

Rating: 4.3/5

Reading Time: 22 Minutes

Categories: Career & Success

Author Bio

Rachel Hollis is an inspiring figure and a woman of many talents.

She's a sought after motivational speaker, author, podcast host, TV personality, and founder and COO of The Hollis Company.

Her mission is to help empower women by providing them with the tools for personal growth, change and success.

Her best-selling nonfiction book Girl, Wash Your Face (2018) was widely praised and she has since followed it up with her well-received title Girl, Stop Apologizing.

Whether you plan on reading her books or following her journey through media & communication, Rachel Hollis will be sure to motivate you to take control of your life and pursue your dreams!

How To Stop Apologizing And Start Embracing Your Unique Desires In Life


If you want to realize your dreams and make them come true, Rachel Hollis encourages women to learn the skills and behaviors that can turn them into dynamic achievers.

These skills don’t come naturally for some women, who were conditioned by patriarchal society to rely on male authority figures and always try to fit in with their peers.

So if you dream of having a successful career or achieving something big like writing a book, creating an application or running a marathon, Rachel offers empowering advice to help you break free from the need for approval and focus on those goals.

The “10-10-1 exercise” is one example of how she encourages women to stay focused and motivated.

In addition, she provides tips on how five hours per week can put anyone on the right path towards success.

It’s time for women everywhere to stop apologizing and start working towards their ambitions!

Stop Making Excuses And Start Fearlessly Pursuing Your Dreams: How Women Can Break Free Of Self-Doubts And Societal Expectations

Many women find themselves neglecting their dreams and giving up on what they truly want in life.

There are a variety of reasons for why this happens.

For one, we often desperately seek attention from others.

Growing up, children learn that certain behaviors get them the attention and care that they need, and over time these behaviors become habitual.

This can lead to behavior like becoming a hypochondriac or an obsessive overachiever as adults.

Additionally, young girls are often raised with the idea that being a successful wife or mother is their greatest source of value – meaning that women tend to develop patterns of behavior focused more around pleasing other people than achieving personal goals.

In order to break free from these expectations imposed by society, it’s important to prioritize your own ambitions instead of obsessing over how others will respond.

Women must learn to recognize their individual values and embrace the fact their dreams may look different than anyone else’s dream – no matter how outrageous they might seem at first.

Unfortunately, far too many women make excuses as an easy way out of pursuing their true passions and desires.

This simply reinforces deeply-rooted barriers that stand between what they want most in life and what they’re willing to settle for instead.

So if you find yourself making excuses as an out, take a moment to think about why you are really doing so – is it because someone else’s opinion matters more than yours? It is essential for women everywhere to realize that their destiny lies within themselves – not in someone else’s hands.

Stop Making Excuses And Stop Comparing Yourself To Other Women: You Are In Control Of Your Destiny

It’s ok to break away from the mold.

There’s no shame in not wanting to be like everyone else; after all, being different and taking on new challenges can lead to greater satisfaction and personal growth.

The truth is, it’s not bad to be different from other women – and even better, to become a goal-oriented person.

The idea that women shouldn’t pursue goals outside of simply raising their family has gotten old; it’s time for a change.

Sure, it takes dedication and self-discipline to be goal-oriented.

But those things can be learned if you’re motivated enough!

It starts with self-reflection, learning more about your own values and needs, and setting achievable goals based on them.

From there, you’ll need a plan that sets out small steps towards achieving those goals–but don’t worry: planning is a skill just like any other, so you can learn this too!

So don’t be afraid to stand up for yourself– you don’t need other people telling you what your worth or purpose is.

Break out of the routine by pursuing the dreams that make your feel fulfilled, set achievable goals for yourself and take pride in the fact that you are challenging yourself instead of following popular opinion or those around you!

Stop Making Excuses And Make Time For Your Goals

Making Excuses

Making time for your goals is essential if you want to get closer to achieving them.

You may need to sacrifice or make some unpleasant changes like giving up TV during workweeks, but it will be worth it in the long run.

It all comes down to taking ownership of your life and being responsible for your own time and schedule.

To achieve this, create a plan that lists out how you spend every hour of the week and commit at least five hours towards actively pursuing your goal.

It’s even better if these allotted hours are during times when you’re at your best.

With such dedication, there can be no excuse not to make progress!

If you find yourself getting in the way of reaching your goal due to insecurity and lack of confidence, remember that everyone learns in different ways.

If you’re willing and eager to learn, then take the time to find out what works best for you – if classroom studying isn’t your jam, then try online tutorials instead!

These methods of personal growth can help equip you with the skills that are necessary for success.

Don’T Let Fear Of Failure Or The Judgement Of Others Keep You From Achieving Your Goals

We’ve all been there–when fear of failure or the opinion of others stands in the way of doing something that we want to do.

But Girl, Stop Apologizing author Rachel Hollis encourages us to throw caution to the wind and just go for it!

In her book, she explains that if you’re thinking about giving up on something due to mommy guilt or uncertainty about what other people may think, don’t.

We must be selfish in order to follow our passions and accomplish our individual goals.

Her father reminded her of something his professor said when he started his PhD studies: “Be selfish.” The idea being that family and friends would likely try to talk him out of his studies if he weren’t diligent in prioritizing himself over others.

Rachel also recounts an instance from her own life where a big effort aimed at getting one of her books onto the New York Times bestseller list failed – despite 850,000 people hashtagging it!

Rather than let this failure stop her in her tracks, Rachel recognised it as an important lesson-learning moment – one which only made subsequent successes even sweeter.

At the end of the day, we can’t waste time worrying about what others may think.

Chances are they’re thinking far less about you than you suspect!

Taking risks, embracing failures, and not allowing other’s judgement stand in your Way are courageous acts that will empower us on our journey toward realizing personal success and satisfaction.

Embrace Your Ambition And Put The 10-10-1 Plan Into Action For Success

In her book Girl, Stop Apologizing, author Rachel Hollis emphasizes the importance of adopting useful behaviors when trying to reach your goals.

She believes that instead of simply asking for permission or spreading yourself too thin by working on multiple projects at once, you should focus your energy and attention on one dream at a time.

Not only will this increase the chances of success, but it will also keep you motivated and determined to follow your dreams.

To help you stay the course, Hollis suggests a 10-10-1 plan: imagine what your future life could look like in ten years; then list out ten dreams which are relevant to making that future a reality; finally, decide on one specific goal which can be measured and trackable – such as saving $10,000 in a savings account.

Writing down your ten dreams every day helps instill these goals into your mind – and make them come true!

You can also adopt other useful behaviors such as asking people around you for help – even if they’re strangers – as everyone has something unique to offer when it comes to reaching success.

An extra pair of hands often makes quicker work!

Building A Solid Foundation For Success: How To Create Habits And Empowering Behaviors That Lead To Achievement

Empowering Behaviors

If you want to be successful, you need a solid foundation on which to build.

That’s why in Girl, Stop Apologizing, author Rachel Hollis highlights the various steps to building that solid foundation for real success.

The first step is to adopt healthy lifestyle practices.

Drinking lots of water and getting up early are two crucial habits that will help you build this kind of foundational success.

It’s also important to spend a few minutes each day exercising – your body was made for movement, not sitting!

In addition, it’s essential to build an empowering community around yourself – people who will push you further and make sure that you don’t become stagnant in life.

Hollis also stresses the importance of creating a good morning routine.

This should start by waking up early (5:00 am) and spending this time to meditate and do some journaling before your kids get up.

You might then have breakfast together as a family and plan out what activities they’ll be doing during the day while sipping on a smoothie or other great breakfast drink.

Finally, learn how to say ‘no’.

The author points out that if something isn’t an obvious ‘yes’ it shouldn’t take much thought; just be honest and say ‘no’.

Being able to say no allows us more control over our own lives and can also help us focus on more important tasks we’d like to accomplish instead of wasting time unnecessarily.

By following these steps laid out by Hollis in Girl, Stop Apologizing, you can create a strong base upon which you can aspire towards real success!

It Takes Skill And Confidence To Achieve Your Goals: A Guide To Reaching Success

When it comes to achieving real, lasting success, possessing certain skills and strategies can help you reach your goals.

In Girl, Stop Apologizing, the author outlines some key skills that anyone can use to get ahead in life.

From planning to confidence and persistence to positivity, equipping yourself with these tools will set you up for success.

The first skill she discusses is planning.

To make sure you’re reaching your goal in an efficient manner, brainstorming tactics on how to get there will be helpful.

Think of what major milestones need to be reached to eventually land at the finish line.

Then craft small goals that act as stepping stones towards that main goal.

This strategy is also great if you feel like you’re always getting off track or struggling to stay organized.

You’ll also need plenty of confidence for sustainable success.

Taking risks and jumping into things without being completely prepared can be a positive thing even though it may not seem like it at first!

It’s important not to self-Defeat by doubting yourself or feeling unqualified for the task at hand – gaining work experience in different areas could be really beneficial here too!

Persistence and effectiveness are other vital qualities that lead towards sustaining successful results.

Make sure your goals are always specific so they have a greater chance of getting done; instead of saying “work on my book” say “write 2000 words.” And don’t forget that education never stops – if something doesn’t go according to plan, take learning opportunities out of each expertience instead of using it as fuel for giving up altogether!

Lastly, remember that having a positive attitude is just as important as leading others professionally.

Even when things become tough and complicated, this is precisely when you must summon your inner strength and choose positivity over apologetic behavior or hopelessness because this will keep you focused and in control regardless of external variables throwing rocks into your already bumpy journey..

What better way than taking leadership through actions over words? You’re capable enough and bright enough; let those around behold its full impact!

Wrap Up

The Girl, Stop Apologizing book written by Rachel Hollis offers a clear and actionable message to women everywhere: that they should never apologize for having their own dreams and ambitions in life, even if it doesn’t fit into what society typically expects of them.

In this book, readers will find advice on how to focus better, build a foundation for success and know when to say no.

The author also stresses the importance of developing skills such as planning, persistence and positivity – all of which are important in helping you achieve your goals.

The main takeaway from this book is to not be afraid to go after something just because someone else is already doing it.

Instead, focus on yourself and work on improving your skillset.

Many successful people had failed first attempts before becoming who they are today – so let that be an encouragement for you!

If your goal is something great, don’t stop yourself before giving it a chance.

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