Get Your Sh*t Together Book Summary By Sarah Knight

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'Get Your Sh*t Together' delivers a message to readers that is both relatable and energizing.

This book provides straightforward advice in order to help you manage your life more effectively.

Rather than focusing on complex theories, this book focuses on practical steps and actionable items, making it easy to put the advice into practice.

From handling anxiety and building healthy habits, to exploring relationships and pursuing career ambitions - this book provides a comprehensive guide to getting your life in order.

Through frank, honest discussions and real-life examples, 'Get Your Sh*t Together' offers guidance on how to make meaningful changes positively impacting multiple areas of your life.

Get Your Sh*t Together Book Summary By Sarah Knight

Book Name: Get Your Sh*t Together (A No F*cks Given Guide)

Author(s): Sarah Knight

Rating: 4/5

Reading Time: 14 Minutes

Categories: Personal Development

Author Bio

Sarah Knight is a remarkable author who has been in the publishing industry for 15 years.

During her successful career, she has edited several bestselling authors like Gillian Flynn and Chris Cleave.

Her fame got even more widespread with her popular TEDx Talk "The Magic of Not Giving A F***" which was viewed by over two million people!

This inspiring writer recently released her book “Get Your Sh*t Together”, which is sure to help change the lives of many readers.

How To Achieve Your Goals While Harnessing The Power Of Negative Thinking And Doing Nothing In A Crisis

Achieve Your Goals

Do you ever feel like your life is in a rut and you need to do something about it? Do you have ambitions and goals that you’re struggling to keep up with? It’s time to get your sh*t together and make some positive changes.

The Get Your Sh*t Together book provides insight on how to turn things around.

Learn how strategic thinking, focus, and commitment can help propel you toward achieving your weight-loss goals and career aspirations.

Discover the power of negative thinking and which conversations with your boss are critical for advancing your career.

Follow through with the promises you make to yourself.

With a respectful warning that this book contains obscenities, uncover the secrets behind getting your life on track today!

How To Get Your Shit Together: Set Realistic Goals And Create A Better Relationship With Time

One of the most important steps to getting your shit together is allocating time to achieve realistic goals.

Too often, we set ourselves up for failure by setting impractical targets.

It’s alright to have ambition and strive for excellence, however if your goals are not achievable then you won’t have the motivation to pursue them.

In other words, don’t try to reach for a goal that’s out of reach.

For example, if you want to get in better shape and lose some weight, don’t aim to look like someone like Kate Upton who is likely born with the physique she has achieved.

Instead, aim at achieving rock solid realistic progress that will make a difference in your life, such as losing 5lbs in two months or 10lbs in four months – doable and realistic progress.

It’s also essential that you create an effective relationship with time if you hope to get your shit together.

Take inventory of how you spend your day; whether it’s 15 minutes spent scrolling mindlessly on social media or 2 hours working out at the gym – know where these chunks of time are going so you can manage them more effectively and allocate adequate time for the tasks that help move towards fulfilling goals.

That way you’ll be able to properly structure your week and plan ahead while still finding time for those extra activities like learning a new language or baking bread.

With proper timing and realistic goals, getting your shit together can become something well within reach of even the most hapless person!

Compete To Be The Most Loving Person In Your Relationship For Effective Relationship Maintenance

Building and maintaining a healthy romantic relationship with your significant other can be incredibly challenging.

But what if you could make it easier by bringing a little competition into the mix?

That’s the idea behind Get Your Sh*t Together’s book summary – introducing a strategy of loving competition to underpin your relationship.

The goal here is not to win or lose, but to compete with the intent of being the most thoughtful and loving partner in the relationship.

That might mean competing for who gives the best present on Valentines Day or laboriously going out of your way to make surprising romantic gestures.

But don’t forget about all those little things as well!

It’s super important that you take time to list out all those small yet meaningful things that will help build up your relationship points.

Everything from keeping the freezer stocked with ice cream to planning annual trips abroad can be part of this strategy – provided you have the resources!

You don’t have to give huge expensive gifts in order for it matter either, regular small expressions will ensure that your partner knows they are always on your mind too – which is arguably worth more than any amount of money.

So if you’re looking for ways to maintain and strengthen your romantic relationships through tactical love competitions, then Get Your Sh*t Together could be just what you need!

How To Get Your Professional Shit Together And Take Control Of Your Career Path

Career Path

If you want to get your professional life together, it’s essential that you exude confidence and ask the right questions.

To do this, emulate your colleagues who ooze confidence and have their shit together.

This could include small things like having a cheerful demeanor and wearing clean clothes without any stains or wrinkles.

It’s also important to take initiative and ask your boss what you need to do to reach your professional goals.

For instance, if you’re interested in becoming a director at work, make sure to ask your boss what they’d need from you in order for them to consider you for a promotion.

Don’t be afraid of getting turned down or being told “no” – it’s always better to know for certain than to keep guessing about how you can demonstrate that you’re ready for more responsibility.

By projecting confidence in the workplace, understanding what is required of you to reach your professional goals and being willing to ask questions when necessary, getting your professional sh*t together will become much more possible!

Using Negativity To Get Your Physical Health In Order And Find Sustainable Fitness Goals

Getting your physical health on track doesn’t have to take an extreme effort.

You don’t need to force yourself through punishing exercise regimes or weigh the merits of one form of cardio over the other.

You can achieve your health goals by harnessing the power of negative thinking, and prioritizing accordingly.

In fact, if you hate how your body looks right now and that negative feeling is stronger than any aversion to exercising, then it’s time to get moving.

Breaking a sweat in the gym will be more pleasant than a lifetime of despising your own body, so use that thought as a powerful motivation tool.

Now while you may be eager to set ambitious fitness goals and completely transform your life, sometimes those little everyday efforts make all the difference too.

As the author found out when she grew older, just incorporating light stretching into her daily lifestyle was enough for her to feel like she had gotten her shit together.

It was an achievable goal that fit with her changing priorities – being limber without spending copious amounts of time in the gym was much preferable for her mature lifestyle compared to brutal workouts from when she was younger.

So if you’re trying to get your physical fitness on track, focus on small changes instead of drastic measures, prioritize yourself and your mental wellbeing, and then use the power of negative thinking as incentive for taking action.

With these steps in place, getting your shit together should become much easier!

Two Simple Strategies For Dealing With Anxiety: Face It Or Ignore It

When it comes to dealing with anxiety, Natures Nutrition’s Get Your Sh*t Together book suggests taking either a proactive or passive approach.

The first strategy recommends facing the situation head-on and ripping off the proverbial ‘anxiety band-aid’.

This is best for situations where you can’t move forward without being active – like having to move out from a house share and telling your housemate.

On the other hand, there is also a sensible strategy of doing nothing when working on anxiety issues.

Some people see this as irresponsible but it can actually be helpful in some cases.

For instance, if you get an ambiguous email from your boss that raises your anxiety levels, don’t instantly reply or go to their office and ask if you’re going to be fired.

Instead, try sleeping on it; with a good night’s rest what seemed worrisome before may actually turn out to not be that bad after all.

How To Get Your Housekeeping Shit Together: A Step-By-Step Guide


If you want to get your house cleaning in order and make it more presentable, the best way to do so is by breaking your chores up into small 20-minute sessions.

That way, you don’t feel overwhelmed with having to finish a huge pile of work all at once.

In order to get started, make sure you spend some time doing a one-off declutter session so that your home won’t be embarrassing if neighbors come over.

After that, divide all your chores into categories–such as folding laundry, taking out the bins, vacuuming and putting away children’s toys–separating each one into its own individual task.

Then make yourself a pledge to do one or two of these categories every other day, using only 20 minutes of your time for each session.

This will help break up the workload and ensure that you stay on top of keeping your house clean.

Plus, it will be easier (and more efficient) than trying to cram 9 hours’ worth of chores into a single day!

Getting house proud doesn’t have to be an exhausting task – just divide your chores into manageable 20-minute chunks and watch as the tidying magic happens!

Wrap Up

The final message of “Get Your Sh*t Together” is this: it doesn’t have to be difficult or complicated to make lasting changes in your life.

All it takes is setting reasonable goals for yourself and breaking them down into manageable tasks that you can take on a little bit at a time.

One way you could apply this advice is with weight loss: instead of extreme diets, simply aim to reduce your daily calorie intake by 500 per day, which will result in one pound of weight loss per week.

If you stay consistent, gradual progress towards your goal can still be achieved.

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