Get Smart! Book Summary By Brian Tracy

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Get Smart!

(2016) is a book that seeks to help us maximize our potential and live an overall happier and more successful life.

It does this by offering practical tips for how we can tap into our unused brainpower, both big and small changes we can make to reach better results in any area of our lives.

Additionally, it highlights the importance of maintaining a long-term optimistic outlook and using challenges as meaningful opportunities instead of letting them inhibits our growth in life.

Through an engaging read, Get Smart!

provides readers with the guidance they need to make these positive changes in their lives.

Get Smart

Book Name: Get Smart! (How to Think and Act Like the Most Successful and Highest-Paid People in Every Field)

Author(s): Brian Tracy

Rating: 4.2/5

Reading Time: 26 Minutes

Categories: Management & Leadership

Author Bio

Brian Tracy is a highly accomplished individual.

He is not only an international number one best-selling author of over a dozen books on business, philosophy and economics, but also the CEO of Brian Tracy International - an incredible organization that helps people better themselves and their organisations.

His vast portfolio contains books such as No Excuses!: The Power of Self-Discipline and The Psychology of Selling which offer valuable insights into how to live better lives successfully.

Brian Tracy certainly knows what he's talking about!

The Keys To Unlocking Your Brain Potential: Learn From Self-Development Guru Brian Tracy

Brian Tracy

Do you want to be more successful and increase your brainpower? Then Brian Tracy’s innovative ideas in his book “Get Smart!” can help you achieve those goals.

In these sections, Tracy will show you how to maximize your potential by using simple rules to stimulate your brain and tap into the power of extra neurons.

By taking advantage of what you can learn from others who have succeeded, as well as recognizing and changing any negative thinking patterns that could hold you back, you can start to increase both your success and your brainpower.

From why you should covet your neighbor’s shiny new car to how slowly thinking positively can help shift toward success, Tracy will give you the tips and tricks for reaping the full rewards of utilizing a greater portion of your mental capacity.

Unlock Your Brain’S Hidden Potential By Broadening Your Perspective

Our brains are capable of storing an immense amount of knowledge and potential – yet, the average person utilizes only about 2 percent of their total mental capacity.

Think about it this way: That’s like having a bank account with a balance of one million dollars, but being limited to accessing only $20,000!

It’s clear we must tap into our unused brainpower – but how?

The answer lies in perspective.

If you want to unlock your brain’s full potential, the first step is to get a different view of the world around you.

Consider the well-known Buddhist story of the six blind men describing an elephant – each based their description off what they individually touched, missing out on the full picture due to their limited understanding.

We don’t have to make that same mistake – by taking a more holistic approach to problem-solving and exploration, we can make better connections and deepen our appreciation for life itself.

Shifting your perspective is not only necessary when it comes to unlocking your highest levels of mental prowess; it can also help hone in on opportunities and provide insight into the ever-changingsocietal landscape.

Optimism versus pessimism will always dictate how we each interpret those crucial life events – so why not choose optimism and learn from setbacks rather than be overwhelmed by them?

Tapping into our maximum potential begins with shifting perspectives.

By changing how we think about our lives and the world around us– we can open up limitless possibilities for success!

Long-Term Thinking Is The Key To Success And Financial Freedom

The key to success is long-term thinking.

According to a Harvard professor, the people who money are those that think years or decades ahead.

Think about what it is you want in the future and how immediate actions can help get there.

This is important for building wealth and financial independence, but it’s also true when it comes to enjoying a comfortable retirement or achieving personal goals.

The combination of long-term thinking and immediate action makes future goals possible.

It’s not enough just to formulate a great plan – you need to put it into motion!

Take stock of your work and personal life, as well as your health and financial independence, and start making decisions based on that information.

For example, set up a savings account immediately and start depositing 10 to 15 percent of your income each month – even small investments made at a young age can make all the difference by the time you reach retirement age!

Don’t ignore the power of long-term planning – it will be essential for achieving all your future goals!

Slow Down And Think Carefully Before Making Important Long-Term Decisions

Long-Term Decisions

Making the right decisions when planning important long-term goals requires us to use the slower and more rational process of thinking.

This slower method of thinking helps us weigh all the options and make considered decisions rather than simply reacting based on impulsive thoughts.

Fortunately, it is actually quite easy to slow down our thinking in order to get the best decision.

For example, taking 72 hours before making an important decision gives your brain plenty of time to think over all options without getting rushed or stressed into a rushed choice.

Additionally, spending some quiet time alone with no distractions can help your mind generate new ideas and solutions for whatever problem you are trying to solve.

Finally, utilizing the GOSPA process (Goals, Objectives, Strategies, Priorities and Actions) can help get your thinking moving in the right direction by allowing you to contemplate each part carefully.

By slowing down our thought process and giving our brains more space to make thoughtful decisions we become more successful, not only in generating better results but also in reducing our feelings of stress and anxiety.

So if you want to make better decisions for yourself or your business then remember – slow down your thinking!

How Changing Perspectives Can Help Businesses Succeed Through Honest Feedback And Research

Knowing the key to success in business is of great importance, and Get Smart!

shows us that one of the vital components of success is intensive research.

Without it, you won’t be able to get ahead and create a product or service that appeals to your customer base.

To ensure that your product or service fits with your potential market, you must ask the right questions and gain guidance from experts in your field.

Google searches can also provide insight into what people have discovered already, which could be valuable when considering how to improve upon their idea.

Additionally, obtaining feedback directly from prospective customers can enable you determine whether they would actually purchase what you’re offering and if it stands out amongst its competition.

Success does not come without failures so being honest when analysing data is essential for progress; this means overcoming confirmation bias to really seek out any information that may suggest flaws in your product or services as well as positives.

This way, all angles have been looked at before investing resources and time in an unviable endeavour.

Set Your Goals To Rise Above The Hectic Pace Of Modern Life

We live in a busy and rapidly changing world.

With technology changing at lightning speed, finding our place and staying ahead of the competition isn’t easy.

The hectic pace can be overwhelming, leaving us feeling like we’re treading water with no idea how to get ahead.

But there is an answer: Goals.

Those that have clear, written goals are better able to discern what’s important and ignore the noise that comes with a constantly shifting environment.

It also helps them adapt quickly when things inevitably change.

Unfortunately, according to the author, just three percent of people actually have specific written goals to help guide them through life.

If you’re one of those other 97%, it’s time to make some changes!

Start by writing down ten realistic goals that you’d like to achieve within the next year or so.

Put each goal down using positive language in a present tense; for example “I am a healthy eater” instead of “stop eating junk food”.

Then pick one stand-out goal and create a checklist of twenty different smaller goals that will lead you there in due time; such as enrolling in classes or researching potential editors if your goal is to write a novel!

Keep this checklist handy, check something off every single day – with perseverance even seemingly impossible dreams are achievable!

From creating your list of goals down to tackling tasks on a daily basis, following set goals will help keep you on track in an ever-changing chaotic world.

The Danger Of Falling Into The Trap Of Play At Work: How To Be Productive With The “Law Of Three”


In today’s working world, it is essential to make the most of every minute you spend at work.

This means selecting tasks that focus on getting the most important tasks done first, paying attention to those three tasks that have the potential to produce the greatest result.

To get the most out of your time at work, ignore any temptation to procrastinate or play.

While some may argue that interactions with colleagues build relationships which can help in building a career, studies prove that too much time spent socializing results in less productivity and less earning potential.

Additionally, aimlessly browsing online for too long can also overload your brain, making concentration more difficult and slow down progress.

Focus on your chosen three tasks and keep distractions away by turning off notifications for emails and social media during work hours.

Setting smaller goals and knowing how long specific projects will take will also help you prioritize better and stay focused on what is important.

By utilizing this strategy, you can maximize your productivity levels – and therefore increase earning potential – by simply reducing wasted time playing or procrastinating at work.

Develop Flexible Thinking Through Zero-Based Thinking To Succeed In A Rapidly Changing World

Success in today’s environment requires a flexible mind that is always learning.

We are living in one of the most tumultuous times in human history, as technology rapidly advances and disruption happens across virtually all industries – from Kindle and iPad revolutionizing the print industry, to continual changes in lifestyle habits due to the pandemic.

To avoid being left behind, it is essential to keep up with these changes and understand their implications for each individual.

Flexible thinking allows us to react quickly and adapt when change occurs, as opposed to those who get caught unawares with outdated skillset or attitude.

Zone-based thinking helps us develop this flexibility by questioning the value of our existing activities continuously – what decisions would we make if we started over again? It can be uncomfortable to do this kind of assessment on ourselves, but it will ultimately lead towards greater success since you can let go of activities that no longer provide reward, thereby freeing up time and energy.

The pain of accepting losses will dissipate with time as you benefit more from adopting flexible thinking.

After all, success in today’s world needs constant evolution!

Learn How To Think Creatively By Taking Chances And Learning From Mistakes

When it comes to succeeding in any endeavor, creative thinking is the key.

Mechanical thinkers often fall into a pattern of extreme success or complete failure, without any room for anything in between.

They may reject novel ideas due to fear of failure and being ridiculed by others.

This fear can lead to them getting stuck with old solutions they are too afraid to change.

Creative thinkers, on the other hand, have the best chance of success because they have an open mind and look for creative solutions.

When facing a problem, instead of fixating on what might be going wrong, they should focus on finding solutions that work.

To start thinking creatively yourself you must first identify the real problem underlying whatever challenge you face – breaking it down until you uncover its root causes.

Then you can start brainstorming solutions and narrowing them down until you find the one that will work best for your particular situation.

Be sure to assign parameters to measure the success of your chosen solution and appoint someone to take charge throughout the process so you stay on track toward achieving your goal.

Creative problem solving requires taking chances but don’t be discouraged if your solutions don’t always work out as planned – having back-up plans ready allows you to pivot quickly when necessary.

Avoid mechanical thinking by opening yourself up to creative possibilities – take chances and learn from both your successes and failures!

The Secret Of Wealth: How To Think Like A Rich Person And Succeed


Becoming wealthy starts with the right kind of thinking.

This is based on the Law of Correspondence, which states that what we think internally is reflected externally.

If you perceive yourself as worthy, hardworking and an asset to world, then you will find yourself succeeding.

The author’s experience was proof that this works – he had seen someone in his evening class driving a beautiful Mercedes, and wanted one himself.

So he started thinking like a rich person by researching billionaires and looking at their habits and characteristics.

He also changed his job and worked harder so that he could earn enough money to buy his own Mercedes.

It’s clear that having the right kind of mindset can help us become more successful financially.

To make it happen, we need to analyze what successful people do and try to incorporate those same elements into our lives.

Habits are likely the most important part as they determine 95 percent of what we do, so it is worth focusing on developing strong habits bit-by-bit until they become second nature to us.

Finally, staying open and looking for new opportunities for growth is key for becoming truly wealthy.

Wrap Up

The bottom line of Get Smart!

is to make the best use of your brain in order to be successful.

To do this, you need to stay focused, think flexibly, write down your goals and keep an open mind.

Above all, don’t let your negative preconceptions hold you back.

Instead, be inquisitive, adaptable and innovative – see opportunity in every challenge and always look for ways to improve yourself.

Finally, take on the mentality of the rich – focus on long-term success rather than short-term gains and you’ll be sure to succeed in whatever endeavor you pursue.

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