Get Out of Your Head Book Summary By Jennie Allen

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Jennie Allen's "Get Out of Your Head" (2020) is a book designed to help readers break free of negative thoughts and lead lives filled with positive thoughts instead.

It isn’t just about spending time in quiet reflection and meditating: Allen goes beyond that by teaching us how to submit ourselves and our minds to the embrace of Christ and God’s love.

According to the author, it is only by doing so that we can truly break free from the negativity in our lives and live more meaningful, fulfilled lives.

If you have ever struggled with your own mind, then this book is definitely worth checking out.

Get Out of Your Head Book

Book Name: Get Out of Your Head (Stopping the Spiral of Toxic Thoughts)

Author(s): Jennie Allen

Rating: 4/5

Reading Time: 18 Minutes

Categories: Religion & Spirituality

Author Bio

Jennie Allen is an author and speaker best known for founding IF:Gathering, which is a well-known organization dedicated to helping women spread the word of God.

She has written several books including "Restless" and "Nothing to Prove", and is also a regular contributor on podcasts and events.

Her latest book, "Get Out of Your Head", has become popular with readers interested in exploring the power of prayer.

In the book, she tackles difficult topics such as anxiety and perfectionism while offering advice on how to move forward by getting out of your mental space and surrendering to faith.

Jennie Allen's unique perspective on topics that are often deeply personal ensures her work will be remembered for generations to come.

Jennie Allen’s Christian Approach On How To Overcome Negative Thought Spirals

Jennie Allen's

Negative thoughts can consume us and drag us into tough spirals of negativity.

But it doesn’t have to stay that way if we embrace our faith in God.

Jennie Allen’s book, “Get Out of Your Head”, teaches us how to interrupt those toxic thought spirals and start taking our lives onto a happier, godly course.

This book delves into when to take time with yourself and God, as well as when community is needed.

We also discover the importance of humility and gratitude, even if not content with the situation we are in; and lastly, how putting other people before ourselves can set us free from negative thought patterns.

By following the advice in this book, turning more towards our faith in God and Jesus can give immense hope to anyone battling their inner demons created by harmful thinking processes – allowing them to break free from the vicious cycle and move forward on a brighter path.

Breaking Free From Negative Thought Spirals With Jennie Allen’S Alternative Strategy

Jennie Allen, the author of Get Out of Your Head, knows all too well what it’s like to experience negative thought spirals and fear that one’s faith is slipping away.

For a year and a half after a particularly scary incident in her home town of Little Rock, Arkansas, she woke every night at 3 am to dark and fearful thoughts.

How could she possibly break free from this vicious pattern?

Luckily for Jennie (and for us), she eventually realized that we all have the power of choice.

Even if there are dark forces at work in our lives, we can choose not to succumb to negative thinking patterns.

Just by recognizing and interrupting our thoughts with one simple alternative thought – “You have a choice” – we can take control over our spiraling minds and choose positive godly thinking instead.

Ultimately, it’s possible for us to overcome our negative thought spirals and make godly choices – no matter how difficult they may seem at first.

So next time you’re feeling weighed down by worry or fear or just plain tiredness, remember that you have a choice: break out of the negativity spiral and follow the path towards positivity!

Embracing Silence: Finding The Strength To Listen To Yourself And Rely On God

The power of silence is something that shouldn’t be overlooked or overlooked.

And in Jennie Allen’s book “Get Out of Your Head,” she encourages us to embrace it and learn to listen to our thoughts so that we can turn them into something positive.

Silence and stillness are necessary in life if we want to truly experience peace.

That’s because most times God has the answers that other people cannot provide, which is why the author advises her friend (and you!) to spend some time alone with GOD.

Meditation and prayer actively rewire your brain in a positive way by focusing on God, but it can also be easy to fear the stillness because it brings up our innermost thoughts about ourselves.

It’s important to try not to focus on negative ones; instead we should choose something positive and active like: thank God for our opportunities or think about His kindness when things aren’t going well.

The power of silence is something that should be embraced as an opportunity for spiritual growth and making proactive decisions about prevailing in faith with God.

So don’t shy away from embracing silence – it may just give us the answers, hope and peace we’ve been looking for!

Embrace The Power Of Community To Overcome Your Fears And Make Strong Friendships

Strong Friendships

We all need human connection, and it’s important to recognize that we can’t do life alone.

That’s why you need to immerse yourself in a community – seek out people who love Jesus and want to follow Him too, just like the apostle Paul said in the Bible.

In a world where being independent is often seen as a success, it can be harder than ever to reach out and create meaningful relationships.

It can seem daunting, especially if you don’t know many people in your area or are naturally an introvert.

You may have even had negative experiences with friendships in the past that scare you off from trying again.

It’s important to remember that despite any fear or discomfort you might feel, taking the leap and putting yourself out there is worth it.

Ask for coffee when someone invites you, say yes to new experiences, and be open about your emotions and true thoughts with those closest to you – after all, it could be what saves your marriage!

All of us need strong friends around us who echo our beliefs, who love God and understand our pain – we’re all stronger together.

So open yourself up, let others into your life – because we all need to be seen and loved.

Finding Awe In God’S Creation: Breaking Free From Negative Thoughts Through Beauty And Generosity

One way to get out of your head and break free from negative thoughts is to surrender those fears to God.

In the Bible, Paul tells us that we should take every thought captive to obey Christ.

This can be done by writing down a troublesome thought and really thinking about it – asking if it’s true and what God thinks about it, for example.

Once you’ve done this, you can decide whether or not you want to let this thought keep bothering you or break free from it.

By trusting that God can help make those thoughts disappear, you can replace them with more positive ones.

One way to do this is to look around us at the beauty of the world and delight in this goodness.

Studies have shown that experiencing awe helps us move away from being self-focused as we become more interested in others and generous as well.

It also helps fight cynicism which often arises when we lack trust in God’s plan – instead of focusing on what might be wrong with the world, focus on His goodness!

Ultimately, surrendering our fears to God and choosing to delight in His goodness over our negative thoughts is a great way to get out of our heads and find freedom again.

The Power Of Gratitude And Humility In Adversity

No matter what life throws at you, it’s important to remember that you should always choose to be humble and grateful.

This was the lesson Jennie’s friends had to learn – one was frustrated that she couldn’t pursue a more promising career, while the other was diagnosed with ALS.

Both of them ended up finding a way to stay humble and grateful regardless of their circumstances.

They remembered that even in adversity Paul expressed his gratitude, something Jennie’s first friend used as motivation to make her current job work for her.

Meanwhile, the second friend chose to see God’s plan as an opportunity – and stayed devoted to the path even after her husband passed away.

Jennie reminds us that we don’t have to like everything that happens in our lives.

But we do have to accept it and learn from it with humility and gratitude.

This will ultimately help us escape negative thought spirals and find peace in every situation – no matter how difficult or challenging it might seem.

The Joy Of Serving Others: Reject Complacency And Find Contentment By Helping Others In Honor Of God


One of the main messages in the book Get Out of Your Head is to reject complacency and put other people first.

Jesus’s life was largely devoted to service and charity, and this too should be our goal.

We can do all sorts of good work, such as helping our children out, or doing something with no expectation of thanks or praise.

Not only does it make others’ lives better, but it also provides an internal reward for us.

When we serve others, our brains are rewarded in a very special way.

It might not come naturally to us.

We may be tempted by the comforts of modern life like spending time on the sofa with a phone.

But if you feel that ‘niggling feeling’ after some time, then you know what you need to do – go out and put other people first!

Choose to reject complacency and devote your life to service instead – just like Jesus did!

Don’t forget that even though it won’t always seem rewarding at first, giving will bring more blessings than receiving ever could.

You Are Just Ten Minutes Away From Changing Your Negative Thoughts To Positive Ones

It can be hard to get out of your own head, with negative thoughts that seem to come from nowhere and spiral into a deep and dark hole.

But Jennie was able to break away from that downward spiral by turning her focus to Jesus, who always holds the answer for what we need.

She chose to give her mind over to Him, replacing the thoughts of doubts and insecurities with positive growth, leading up to writing the book “Get Out of Your Head.”

The key is making the conscious choice to turn your focus on God.

Doing so means really understanding yourself and surrendering your fears, using supportive friends around you as a sounding board; talking out loud can help uncover hidden emotions.

If all this seems too daunting or difficult, science backs up that it doesn’t have to feel so intimidating.

Each neuron in our brains is linked together by microtubules and rewiring them takes no time at all – only ten minutes!

This makes it possible for anyone at any moment in life can start fresh and make a new beginning by just committing their minds over to God.

Wrap Up

The key message readers should take away from Get Out of Your Head by Jennie Allen is to focus on trusting in God’s plans for them.

When you find yourself overcome with negative thoughts, capture one and write it down.

Then ask yourself: what does God think about this? From there, you can make the positive choice to trust in His plans for your life, and begin a spiral of positivity that can get you out of your head.

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