Get Momentum Book Summary By Jason W. Womack and Jodi Womack

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Get Momentum (2016) is a must-read book for anyone looking to up their game when it comes to goal setting and achievement.

It provides practical advice on how to work efficiently, effectively, and sustainably towards your professional or personal goals.

The book covers topics such as time management, monitoring progress, making modifications to your approaches, and rewarding yourself after milestones have been achieved.

It offers key insights on what motivates you as well as strategies on gaining momentum over time in order to stay focused on your objectives.

Get Momentum Book

Book Name: Get Momentum (How to Start When You’re Stuck)

Author(s): Jason W. Womack and Jodi Womack

Rating: 3.9/5

Reading Time: 12 Minutes

Categories: Career & Success

Author Bio

The book 'Get Momentum' is written by a dynamic duo: Jason and Jodi Womack.

This husband-and-wife team have been in the business consultancy industry for over two decades now, through their company, The Jason Womack Company.

Jason is an expert in time management and motivation, leadership and personal/professional development.

He coaches individuals to help them achieve success.

Jodi on the other hand is an advocate for women entrepreneurs, being the founder of the women’s business network No More Nylons.

They are both passionate about helping others grow through knowledge and mentorship.

Together they wrote Get Momentum to help individuals unlock their full potential in order to reach maximum success!

Learn The Noble Art Of Regaining Momentum With The 90/90 Rule And More

Regaining Momentum

Do you ever feel like your life is stuck in a rut and nothing you do can get it moving forward? We’ve all been there, so don’t feel bad!

But the good news is that there are some useful and efficient strategies to help you get unstuck and back on track.

At Get Momentum, we’ll teach you how to examine your true motivations, track your progress, and find mentors who can help you reach your goals.

And we’ll even show you why champagne has something to do with gaining momentum (you read that right).

Finally, our 90/90 rule will help keep the ball rolling long after the motivation wears off.

The time to take action is now!

Get unstuck and get going with the tips and advice from Get Momentum.

How Reputation And Progress Tracking Can Motivate You To Reach Your Goals

For Jodi, discovering the kind of person she wanted to be known as – someone who empowers her female peers – was the motivation she needed to kickstart a new project.

She went on to found No More Nylons, a social and professional network for women where they could connect and collaborate.

But getting that initial motivation was only half the battle; it was important for Jodi to stay determined and focused.

To do this, she used an effective tool: tracking her progress.

Every meeting, she jotted down the number of women attending No More Nylons, which gave her a sense of how quickly it was growing.

Seeing in prominent figures how more and more female professionals were coming together through this platform kept Jodi motivated.

If you have lofty goals that you want to achieve, it’s important to decide what kind of person you want to be known as and start tracking your progress toward that goal.

Celebrate every milestone so that your morale stays high; from launching your product to finding loyal customers, it should all be celebrated with a bottle of champagne for some added fun!

Finding And Connecting With A Mentor In Your Field For Career Growth And Development

If you want to achieve your big goals in life, having the right role models and mentors can make all the difference.

By observing and learning from those who have done what you hope to do, you can get ideas on how to get there yourself.

Jason was inspired by Benjamin Franklin and devoured books about his life and work.

Franklin’s legacy is not only as a brilliant inventor and scientist but also as a founding father of the United States.

Through his self-improvement journeys and rules for living, he taught Jason valuable lessons that are still remembered today.

You don’t need to know famous figures in order to find mentors or role models – conferences, smaller meet-ups, networking events like Jodi’s No More Nylons or even online connections can be useful for finding potential guides.

When seeking advice from prominent figures outside your network, always remember that dedication matter most when requesting guidance.

It also helps if you focus your questions on specific issues rather than just general words of wisdom.

So go ahead and seek out support from those who inspire you – it’ll give you the motivation and actionable advice needed to reach your goals!

The 30/30 And 90/90 Rules Help You Celebrate The Little Goals On Your Way To Big Success

Big Success

If you want to succeed at a long-term project, it’s important that you break it down into smaller, manageable chunks.

By setting regular milestones along the way, you can stay on top of your progress and keep your motivation levels high.

One approach is to divide your project into 90-day work cycles with three key milestones for each cycle.

For example, when working on a product launch, create the final design in 30 days, create a prototype in another 30 days and test it in the remaining 30 days.

Then move onto the second 90-day cycle, striving for three more milestones by the end of it.

The other two techniques that can help you stay motivated during bigger projects are 30/30 rule and 90/90 rule.

The former means working with undivided attention for 30 minutes every day – short bursts of regular productivity will bring much needed headway and keep your overall morale high.

With the latter technique on the other hand, designate time at the beginning of each month to look ahead for whatever tasks may lie ahead 90 days from then – this way you’re always prepared even if something did come up in between.

Divide big goals into manageable projects with regular milestones along the way so that success is always within reach!

Monitor Your Progress And Avoid Alarmingly Close Deadlines By Tracking The Right Indicators

If you want to avoid unwelcome surprises with regards to projects, it’s important to monitor your progress and track key indicators.

This way, you can catch any potential crises before they become too big of a problem.

With Natures Nutrition‘s Get Momentum book summary, monitoring progress is essential in order to reach the desired milestone on time.

As an example, if you are training for a marathon, tracking indicators such as miles per run, days per run followed by sleep and eating habits will provide useful information about your progress.

In order to track these indicators effectively and visually map out progress made over time, use posters or whiteboards.

This will help keep an eye on variables influencing productivity and stay ahead of potential issues that may arise.

However, be mindful not to overload yourself with too much monitoring of minute details as this may be counter productive.

Research which indicators provide the most insight into how your project is going and focus on those accordingly.

By doing this regularly, you’ll be able to significantly reduce the chances of unexpected or late-coming issues negatively impacting your project timeline in the long run!

Embrace Modification As A Key Part Of Your Motivational Toolkit

Motivational Toolkit

When it comes to achieving goals, it’s important to remember that sometimes life throws us a curveball and we don’t always progress as quickly as we hoped.

Rather than giving up in the face of adversity, we should try to modify our approach in order to keep going.

In the Get Momentum book, author Steven Colletta reminds us that when you’re facing obstacles or running into problems with your projects, it can be tempting to simply give up and move on.

But by learning how to modify instead of quitting altogether, you’ll be able to find new routes towards your objectives that you never imagined possible.

Take for example if you have ambitions of running a marathon.

If after attempting to run ten miles once a week as part of your training and only managing 7.5 miles at best, rather than pushing your body past its limit or giving up on the whole idea completely, why not opt for a marathon taking place in two months instead? By modifying your plan and giving yourself a bit more time allows you stay on track towards the same goal – running a marathon – but without sacrificing valuable momentum.

However, be aware of making too many changes all at once; when it comes to modifying your strategy or timeline, less is often more!

Start by making one small change and then monitor the results over time before deciding whether or not any further modifications are necessary.

As long as you remember that changes in plan don’t necessarily mean failure – they could just help you maintain momentum while ultimately moving closer towards success – there’s no reason why your dreams can’t come true!

Wrap Up

In Get Momentum, it is proposed that by pursuing a positive reputation and seeking inspiration, managing our time, assessing progress and modifying strategies accordingly, we can create and sustain momentum to see our projects through to completion.

A key factor in getting to this stage is showing appreciation; when someone you are working with succeeds, be sure to praise them.

Not only will this encourage collaboration between both parties, but recognizing successes of others can also motivate us further.

This will lead both yourself and the team towards the building up of momentum.

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