Game Changers Book Summary By Dave Asprey

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Game Changers (2018) is an inspiring book with a wealth of information to help readers reach their full potential.

It brings together the wisdom of 450 of the world's leading business people, scientists, athletes, authors, artists and journalists at the top of their respective fields.

This book also combines that knowledge with an in-depth understanding of human biology and psychology to provide practical advice on how to achieve success.

It features actionable steps as well as inspirational stories from some of the most successful people across all industries.

Whether you're looking for ways to fulfill your personal or professional goals, Game Changers has something for everyone!

Game Changers

Book Name: Game Changers (What Leaders, Innovators, and Mavericks Do to Win at Life)

Author(s): Dave Asprey

Rating: 4.3/5

Reading Time: 30 Minutes

Categories: Personal Development

Author Bio

Dave Asprey is a well-known name in the world of health, nutrition and technology.

He's an entrepreneur, founder of Bulletproof Coffee, Bulletproof Nutrition and Bulletproof 360, Inc., as well as a New York Times best-selling author.

His writings include Head Strong and The Bulletproof Diet, both popular books on health and wellness.

Additionally, he hosts the Webby Award-winning podcast 'Bulletproof Radio'.

With his vast array of knowledge, it's no wonder that people turn to Dave's advice regarding diet and lifestyle changes.

Discover How To Take Control Of Your Body And Mind With Biohacking


In Game Changers, you’ll learn the secrets of biohacking: how you can use science and technology to unlock your potential.

This practice takes into account both the physical and mental aspects of a person’s biology and can be used to bring one’s body and mind into better harmony.

Dave Asprey has interviewed 450 highly successful individuals in various fields for this book, from business to sports, science, and the arts.

With their combined wisdom in mind, he provides simple but effective tricks for overcoming fear and increasing hunger in a healthy way.

He also explains why eating like our grandparents did might actually benefit us now!

The knowledge from this book will provide people with the tools they need to understand how their bodies work so they can better control them.

All of these techniques come together to represent an exciting new way to enhance one’s life!

Why You Should Consider Biohacking: Take Control Of Your Urges And Upgrade Your Operating System

Biohacking is all about understanding and upgrading your body and mind’s operating system so that it better equips you to live in the modern world.

It may seem daunting, but biohacking gives us a chance to break free from the instinctual thought patterns of our primitive ancestors, which were based on survival rather than achieving higher goals.

For instance, the Three Fs – Fear, Food, and Fornication – used to guide behavior in our evolutionary past.

Even today we can find traces of these drives in many of our everyday behaviors – for money for security, physical attractiveness for mating opportunities, etc.

However these can be limiting if left unchecked.

This is where biohacking comes in – by using strategies such as meditation and diet optimization, you can ‘hack’ your current biological system to better align with your personal goals.

Rather than being reactionary and following instinctual behaviors or automatic thoughts, you have the power to focus your energies with mindfulness towards what matters most to you.

Biohacking enables you to update and adjust your mental and physical operating system so that it better serves your life.

Discover Your True Passions And Distinguish Between Your Means And End Goals To Maximize The Benefits Of Biohacking

If you want to be a successful biohacker, it’s important that you start by knowing exactly what your goals are.

With such a wide range of possibilities and so many tools available, it would be easy to get lost or overwhelmed if you don’t have a clear picture of where you want to go.

The first step is to identify your true passions in life, what excites you and gets you up in the morning even after just four hours of sleep.

It could be learning something new, activities like sports or art, or spending time with friends and family—whatever it is, those are the things that will keep you driven towards success.

Once your passions are identified, the next step is distinguishing between a means goal and an end goal.

A means goal is something that helps you achieve a higher purpose – let’s say someone wants to get married as a means of feeling connected with someone else.

On the other hand, an end goal is something that bring satisfaction and fulfillment in itself – like the feeling of connection that comes from getting married.

Finally, when planning out your day-to-day activities it’s very important to prioritize end goals over means goals—remember why we do certain things at all!

We don’t always have to focus on making dollar – challenge yourself to make experiences meaningful instead.

Focus on growth opportunities for yourself and contribute back to society through projects that can help make everyone’s lives better.

At the end of the day, if we forget our end goals then all the benefits from biohacking vanish immediately..

How Automating Everyday Decisions Can Help Avoid Decision Fatigue

Everyday Decisions

Biohacking is a great way to help you achieve your goals, but in order to make it work for you, you need to prioritize and guard against decision fatigue.

That’s because the process of making decisions is mentally taxing – not just big ones but also small daily choices.

For instance, deciding which socks to wear or what meal to have can drain precious mental resources by the end of the day.

To avoid decision fatigue, Natures Nutrition’s Game Changers Book Summary advises that you automate as many tasks as possible – especially those that don’t directly contribute to your goals.

For example, having a capsule wardrobe with clothing basics that go together easily can eliminate the need for daily outfit decision making.

Similarly, creating a capsule diet where you cycle through healthy meals eliminates the need for frequent meal planning decisions.

By applying these principles of automation and simplifying certain tasks in our lives, we can save time and energy for more important areas like working on our end goals.

So if you want to achieve success and importance in life with biohacking then it’s worth spending some extra effort at first by eliminating all trivialities so that your mental energy can be focused on your key ambitions!

Understanding The Problem Of Emotional Eating And Taking Control Of Your Diet For Peak Performance

If you want to take charge of your diet and become a game changer, then you need to be aware of the powerful role that emotional eating can have in undermining your progress.

Put simply, emotional eating is when we eat food as a coping strategy for dealing with negative emotions such as sadness, stress, anger or boredom.

It can also be triggered by positive emotions such as joy.

The problem is that this provides only short-term relief and does nothing to address the underlying psychological need that lies at the root of our hunger.

To truly overcome emotional eating and take control of our diet requires us to recognize it for what it is: a substitute for the kind of nourishment our bodies (and minds) really crave.

We may think we’re hungry but often it’s because we are lacking something else from our lives – like love or connection – and instead seek to fill it with food.

Understanding this can help us break free from the grip of emotional eating by providing us with the insight we need to recognize why we’re actually feeling hungry, address that underlying need and make healthier choices about what (and how much) we’re eating.

By learning to identify and confront our real hunger, rather than illusory one created by emotions, we can start taking charge of our diets on a whole new level!

How To Recalibrate Your Hunger Barometer And Eat Like Your Grandma

Are you struggling with your diet and wondering how to take control of it? Many of us look for quick and easy solutions, but the truth is that lasting success comes from identifying our emotional eating triggers and focusing on healthy eating habits.

In his book Game Changers, author Steven Kotler makes the case for revising our traditional approach to food consumption in favor of a more mindful approach.

He suggests we start by identifying the false signals our hunger barometer sends us.

When feeling hungry, we should ask ourselves if it’s actually physical hunger or if there’s another emotion — such as boredom, stress or loneliness — that’s driving us to eat.

This can help us stay aware of when and why we are eating so that we can make better decisions about how much or often to eat.

We can also turn to models like grandma’s diet for guidance on what kinds of foods are healthier for our bodies.

Eating plenty of vegetables, protein-rich foods, and a daily tablespoon of fish oil provides polyphenol compounds for cell energy, amino acids and proteins for strong muscles, and omega-3 fatty acids that provide building blocks for anti-inflammatory hormones.

Furthermore, by eating moderately and infrequently we‘re not providing excessive calories nor additional strain on our digestive processes.

By following this advice from Game Changers on recalibrating your hunger barometer through careful observation and adopting grandma’s dietary habits — So you get back in touch with true feelings of hunger — you’ll soon find a healthier approach to food!

Embrace Your Chronotype To Unlock Optimal Energy And Productivity


If you want to be awake, alert, and productive each day, getting a good night’s sleep is essential.

One key to getting that restful sleep is recognizing your natural sleep pattern, or chronotype.

This pattern is set by your body’s circadian rhythm which can present itself in one of four different Chronotypes– Lions, Wolves, Bears, and Dolphins.

Lions are those who gain energy before the sun has even risen and then taper off in the evening.

Wolves have two peaks of energy; one around noon to 2:00 PM and another beginning after sunset.

Bears naturally sleep according to the rise and fall of the sun while Dolphins perform best in midmorning to early afternoon.

Understanding which type of Chronotype you possess will help you identify when it’s best to go to bed in order for you to achieve a good night’s sleep.

Your Chronotype is determined genetically- it’s no use fighting against it!

Even if popular opinion says “the early bird gets the worm” if you’re too tired from lack of restful slumber then all that resourcefulness goes out the window!

Making an effort to adjust your sleep schedule accordingly will boost alertness as well as overall productivity and performance, just like what the author experienced himself after trying many years trying unsuccessfully to conform his Schema into something it wasn’t- usually with disastrous results leading him feeling foggy minded from fatigue.

As long as you take the time during a holiday or vacation week for some discovery about yourself so that you can adapt your sleeping habits accordingly, everything should turn out right!

Avoid The Damaging Effects Of Exercise – Move Your Body The Right Way

The Game Changers book summary highlights the importance of counteracting various shortcomings and drawbacks of exercise to experience its full benefits.

Our sedentary lifestyles, high-risk sports and aerobic exercises such as running can all reduce the effectiveness of exercise if not utilised in the right way.

For one, prolonged sitting can negate the effects of a one-hour workout regardless of how much you move in between.

Secondly, an incorrect approach to physical activity can reduce its benefits as well as increase risk for injury.

Finally, aerobic exercise triggers stress hormones which can cause inflammation and aging, making it harder to reap its rewards.

Fortunately, these potential pitfalls have simple solutions like investing in a standing desk or training with a functional movement coach to help optimize movement quality.

Additionally, supplementing aerobic activities with strength training will produce anabolic hormones that counteract oxidation while also helping us build muscle mass and improve our overall physical capacity.

Furthermore, adding antioxidants and probiotics to your diet may provide additional protection against oxidation-triggered aging processes.

Maximizing Life Energy And Sublimating Sexual Desire For Greater Success

Having an active and healthy sex life can be beneficial in many ways, but it also comes with a cost.

As your energy is a finite resource, any energy you put into sex is energy that could have instead been used toward other pursuits such as creative projects or advancing in your career.

It has even been suggested that one way boxers and entire World Cup teams prepare for a match is to abstain from sex beforehand.

For men specifically, their bodies’ production of the hormone prolactin after ejaculation makes them tired and can lead to feelings of depression if too much energy is devoted to sex.

On the other hand, women have beneficial biochemical effects after having orgasms- cortisol levels decrease and serotonin, oxytocin, and estrogen are all increased.

In order to make the most out of the limited energy we possess, those looking to preserve more of their strength for higher pursuits should limit themselves when it comes to sex- according to the Game Changers Book Summary, men should keep their orgasms no more than once per week in order to have more energy available for other endeavors while women should strive for two orgasms per week or even more as they receive less impact on fatigue when compared with men.

Those who have followed this advice reported having fantastic results- some finally launched long-hoped or desired creative projects or even landed huge raises!

Fear Can Hold Us Back From Success Unless We Take Steps To Overcome It


Fear is one of the biggest obstacles to success.

It affects our performance and decision-making in a lot of ways, but primarily we can understand it as a reaction that evolved in response to prehistoric conditions.

For our ancestors, fear had very practical utility – it served as an emotional signal to avoid danger and stay alive.

In modern times, however, fear is far less useful.

It saps energy and focus away from more important tasks; it has us looking into the future and forgetting about what we’re currently doing; it stops us from taking risks necessary for success; and ultimately renders us unable to reach any level of achievement.

Fear takes away motivation and courage, two key factors for success.

We must therefore seek out ways to recognize when fear arises before it has the chance take full effect over our lives so that we can reject its influence and continue on living life with courage and determination.

Only then will you be able to take control of your outcomes, achieve what you set out to do, and make true progress in life!

Using Safety Cues To Overcome Fear: How To Trick Your Subconscious Into Thinking You’Re Safe

It’s no secret that fear can be paralyzing and difficult to deal with.

But one concept in the book “Game Changers” by UJ Ramdas outlines a helpful approach to managing fear.

It suggests offering yourself safety cues in order to battle back against fear.

The idea is that in order for our brains to let go of anxiety, we need confirmation of safety.

We do this by recognizing peaceful and safe cues around us – listening to calm voices, music, and even speaking kind words to ourselves can help with managing fear.

Additionally, guided meditations are a great way of fighting the worries that come with being afraid as these types of exercises bring your mind into the moment instead of letting it wander towards worrisome thoughts about the future.

We can also create visualizations for our subconscious minds by picturing ourselves in a secure environment where we’re relaxed and comfortable – think an indoor bat cave!

Lastly, putting effort into cultivating a sense of gratitude for all the people, experiences or things in your life helps tell your brain that everything is ok and it has nothing to worry about.

You can practice this every morning or evening by writing down 3 things for which you’re grateful–doing this regularly will help program your mind so you don’t feel overwhelmed by fear anymore.

Wrap Up

The main takeaway from the book Game Changers is this: our bodies and minds have the potential to be limited by unhelpful patterns of thoughts and behaviors, but we can break these patterns if we take proactive steps towards empowering ourselves.

To do so, it’s important that we understand how our minds work, set realistic goals for ourselves, and develop the necessary skills and resources to accomplish them.

Additionally, a key part of this process is avoiding using the word “can’t” when speaking to yourself—as it may cause your subconscious to interpret an obstacle as a barrier that can never be overcome—and should instead provide alternative solutions or strategies on how to navigate an obstacle.

Ultimately, by following these steps you will put yourself in an optimal position in order to succeed.

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