Game Changer Book Summary By Michael Solomon and Rishon Blumberg

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Game Changer (2020) is a comprehensive overview of the modern economy and how to attract, identify, and manage top talent.

In this book, author Clay Christensen offers readers an insightful exploration into the dynamics of hiring and nurturing superstar talent, giving them key strategies to stay competitive in today's ever-changing landscape.

With an in-depth examination of recruitment and retention techniques, readers can gain invaluable insights into the power of human capital, exploring ideas from both sides of the employer/employee equation.

Additionally, practical advice is included on how to identify underrated talents who can have a positive impact on business results.

In short, Game Changer is an essential guide for those looking to make their firm stand out.

Game Changer Book

Book Name: Game Changer (How to Be 10x in the Talent Economy)

Author(s): Michael Solomon and Rishon Blumberg

Rating: 4.3/5

Reading Time: 19 Minutes

Categories: Career & Success

Author Bio

Michael Solomon and Rishon Blumberg are the authors of "Game Changer", an inspiring book about their unique approach to talent management.

They both have strong backgrounds in the music industry, having represented talented musicians such as John Mayer and Vanessa Carlton.

But it was when they expanded into the tech world that their real passion and expertise shined through.

In 2012, they established 10x Management - a talent management company that aims to revolutionize how top programmers find work.

Michael and Rishon's years of experience in the management business, combined with their deep understanding of technology, make them experts in a field where few have ventured before.

All this expertise comes together beautifully in their book "Game Changer", which will be sure to motivate even the most experienced manager.

How To Attract, Manage, And Retain Top Talent In The New Talent Economy

Talent Economy

Attracting, managing and retaining the elite talent that will take your company to the next level is no longer an impossible task.

Game Changer provides practical advice on how to find, hire and manage top performers in today’s new talent economy.

This book will help managers gain insight on how to tap into the best talent available to ensure success of their business.

You’ll learn why being different can be a blessing, what having a “success impulse” means, and how to locate individuals who will sing their praises.

Game Changer gives you access and knowledge on how to acquire the talented people needed so you can elevate your organization by helping it reach its full potential.

Get your copy today and get ready to make your business soar!

The Power Of 10Xers: How Having The Right Talent Can Transform Any Organization

10xers are an incredible asset to any organization, so it’s important to understand why.

They possess a unique combination of skills and motivations that make them stand out from the pack.

First off, 10xers have both high IQ and EQ – or emotional intelligence – which sets them apart from others in the same field.

They’re smart, creative, passionate and motivated to learn more.

You’ll often see them contributing to open-source coding projects as they aim to truly master their craft and give back to the coding community at large.

In addition, 10xers are deeply motivated by the actual work they do, rather than external rewards like money or recognition (although those things can be nice too!).

In fact, their productivity is so great that companies using teams of 36 employees before may only need 3 after adding one 10xer!

That’s how valuable these skilled individuals can be.

At the end of the day, 10xers provide far more value than standard employees due to their combination of skillset and motivation.

If you’re able to acquire a few on your team you’re sure to experience exceptional results.

Give 10Xers Space And Flexibility To Reach Their Full Potential

If you want to get the most out of your 10xers, you have to do more than just put them to work.

You have to give them space and flexibility in order for them to truly thrive.

The modern workplace has changed a lot over the past few years.

Teams have become smaller and more flexible, and the need for employees in fixed locations with traditional 9-5 hours is diminishing.

Instead, technology allows us to do our work from anywhere at any time.

Providing remote working options such as flexible hours can benefit not only 10xers but also businesses alike.

For example, Ryan was hired by a cybersecurity start-up because they were willing to let him work remotely with flexible hours.

Not only did this bring Ryan’s talent onto their team but it also enabled him to find a great solution for an unrelated data science challenge that presented itself during his employment period!

By giving 10xers space and flexibility to work on their own terms, companies will be able to reap the rewards of their hard work and dedication.

After all, if these talented individuals enter into “flow state” without distractions, then businesses are surefire winners!

Modern Managers Must Understand What Drives 10Xers To Get Peak Performance

Peak Performance

When it comes to managing at peak performance, one of the most important things a manager can do is to take the time to understand what motivates each of their 10xers.

Taking the initiative to discover what drives employees will form tighter bonds between them and the company, resulting in improved work.

No two 10xers are exactly alike – they come from different backgrounds, have unique interests and motivations, and possess varied skillsets.

So a manager should approach every individual worker with an open mind and be willing to adjust their management style according to each employee’s needs.

For example, promising media mogul Jesse Lee has experienced great success by treating his employees like people rather than cogs in a machine; he gives employees creative freedom on projects that motivate them, offers valuable advice on work/life balance topics and regularly holds workshops for younger staff so that personal connections are maintained.

With an understanding of why people do what they do, companies will be able to create effective strategies and get the best out of their 10xers.

How To Identify Potential 10Xers And Unlock Their Business Success Impulses

The key to finding potential 10xers lies in being able to identify what they call a “success impulse”.

This refers to a natural desire for self-improvement and growth.

Those with great potential are often the ones who strive for excellence, no matter the circumstances.

They are confident, curious, driven, and enthusiastic – all traits that distinguish them from those without such impulses.

Recruiters can use this knowledge by looking for these qualities in an interview.

One way of doing so is by getting creative: Scott Goldsmith, President of an Advertising Company, likes to ask applicants how weird they are on a scale of 1-10.

While tens might be too weird and 5’s or below may be too bland, candidates with success impulses will typically say something like 7 – 9 and confidently explain why they scored themselves that way.

Ultimately, these 10xers tend to possess an inner drive that sets them apart from others – and it’s these sorts of people you should be looking out for when attempting to find candidates with high potential!

The Right Recipe For Building Successful Relationships With 10Xers: Open And Honest Communication And Putting Others Before Yourself

Managers who want to build trust with 10xers must put honest communication first.

It’s not enough to speak hypotheticals and promises that can’t be achieved–trust requires concrete goals and expectations.

In the long run, it’s this honest communication that creates trust in relationships.

Moreover, managers should also check their egos when establishing trust.

In some cases, people may attempt to make expensive promises in an effort to prove themselves, even if they don’t have the capacity to keep their word in the end.

One example of this happened with a medical tech start-up–they wanted to impress investors but made pledges that ended up damaging their reputation and breaking the trust of their customers.

The key takeaway is that while building trust takes time and energy, maintaining it requires checking your ego and sacrificing what’s right for someone else.

To cite FBI behavior analyst Robin Dreeke: “putting your ego aside and putting others first” can do wonders for mutual trust between managers and 10xers.

As an example, Solomon & Blumberg advised one client to take a less lucrative deal since it was a better fit for them personally – even though they would make lower commission because of it – proving they were focused on happiness rather than money.

The Power Of Having A Third Party Advocate When Negotiating Your Value

Your Value

It can be difficult to convince other people of your value when negotiating.

After all, it’s hard to come across as convincing when promoting yourself.

To really get the best results, you should enlist a third party to speak on your behalf.

The benefit of having a third party do your negotiating for you is clear: the person won’t be emotionally invested in the process and can make a stronger case for you.

As a result, they don’t need to worry about being hurt by criticism or rejection from a negotiation.

Plus, their endorsement will be seen as more credible and trustworthy—they can ask for what you’re worth without any notions of “shame” or “fear.”

It’s important to choose the right third-party spokesperson though; someone who knows both you and your sector will be better equipped to accurately convey relevant facts and put things in context.

You should also look for someone who is personally invested in your success—so that you know they have genuine interest in looking out for you.

A book agent is often an ideal fit here since they not only understand the industry, but look out for the interests of the author.

Ultimately, using a third-party spokesperson in negotiations will make it easier to convince others of your value and ensure that everybody gets what they deserve during negotiations.

The Key To Success In Today’S Workforce Is Understanding The Relationship Between Manager And Talent

The modern workforce requires a certain level of balance between management and talent in order to be successful.

Managers need to understand what their talent needs, while talent needs to understand how they can help managers achieve their goals.

It’s not enough to just be good at one side of the equation; having a holistic understanding of both management and talent is essential.

For example, all those rock stars out there who go on tour need to act as managers for their entourage!

And if they can’t manage, it will affect their entire career.

A manager also needs the support of others around them, along with specific skills in order to stay current and improve.

Jason Rubenstein is an excellent example as he gets hired based on his abilities in both roles – being able to serve as both managment and talent makes you twice as valuable!

Whether you’re an individual looking for self-improvement or a manager wanting to move the company forward, connecting talent and management is critical and should be done with assistance from experts when necessary.

Wrap Up

The Game Changer Book Summary can be summed up in two key points; firstly, any company hoping to succeed needs to know how to attract and support 10xers in order to help them flourish.

Old-school management techniques simply won’t get it done.

Secondly, an effective way of identifying 10x workers and their desired success impulse is by asking them about their experiences with learning and reflections on failures.

This summary emphasizes the importance of being flexible when it comes to managing and interacting with top-talent workers, as well as the need for honest self-reflection among leaders and employees alike.

In order for any organization to reach its goals, these practices must be nurtured and practiced regularly.

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