Forward Book Summary By David Jeremiah

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Forward (2020) is a powerful, inspiring book by Bible teacher David Jeremiah that explores the invaluable and timeless wisdom of the Word that can profoundly change our lives.

Through forward-thinking exploration of the Bible and its teachings, this book will help you discover God in your life right now.

At its core, the book provides readers with several practical methods for living an intentional, purposeful life full of focus and personal accomplishment.

Readers will be encouraged to take away insight on issues such as accepting God's authority over their lives, finding joy, walking in faith and holiness, knowing their destiny, having reverential fear of God, expecting Judgment Day and maintaining hope in Christ.

Forward Book

Book Name: Forward (Discovering God’s Presence and Purpose in Your Tomorrow)

Author(s): David Jeremiah

Rating: 4.7/5

Reading Time: 21 Minutes

Categories: Personal Development

Author Bio

David Jeremiah is the author of the Forward book summary.

He's a leading evangelical preacher, who founded Turning Point Radio and Television Ministries, through which his sermons are broadcast.

Moreover, he serves as senior pastor at Shadow Mountain Community Church, a Southern Baptist megachurch located in El Cajon, California.

Furthermore, President Trump appointed him to serve on his evangelical advisory board.

With such accomplishments under his belt, it provides credibility for what David Jeremiah has to say about the Forward book summary.

Discover How To Live A Purpose-Filled Life With Easy Lessons From The Bible


Do you want to bring Christianity into your life and take control of your future? Knowing about God’s wisdom can make a huge difference in how your life turns out.

In these sections, you’ll find insight from the Bible that is applicable to everyday life.

You’ll hear contemporary accounts of people using God’s vision to effectively guide their lives towards their dreams, better prioritize their tasks, and increase their financial well being.

Most importantly, with God’s wisdom comes an understanding of finding purpose in one’s life.

Here you’ll learn how individuals such as Pavarotti, Manny Pacqiuao, and King David have held on to a fulfilling and purposeful vision for their lives guided by God even during times of hardships.

Shape your future with God’s wisdom so that you may embark on a journey with meaning and satisfaction knowing that God will be there every step of the way.

The Bible Teaches Us To Hold On To Our Dreams And Adapt When Things Change

The Bible is full of examples of God encouraging us to hold onto our dreams, no matter the obstacles that stand in our way.

Just look at the story of King David who dreamed of a temple atop Mount Moriah.

This was no abstract dream either; he was able to envision it in all its details, right down to the panels on its walls and its bulwarks.

But his request was denied.

Even so, he refused to fall into despair and defeat – instead, he found a new path forward, resolving to help his son Solomon build the temple instead.

It’s an important reminder that life isn’t always as easy as we plan it — but if you hold onto your dreams and are willing to adapt, you can still reach success.

Steve Jobs had this same quality; being able to imagine what technology people needed before they knew they wanted it.

So next time you encounter a challenge in reaching your dream remember what the Bible teaches us: hold onto your dreams no matter how hard they may seem!

Prayer Can Make The Impossible Possible: The Story Of Nehemiah And King Artaxerxes

When we have our sights set on something that feels far out of reach, prayer can help show us the way forward.

This is particularly evident when looking at the Biblical story of Nehemiah.

Nehemiah wanted to return to the ruins of Jerusalem, to rebuild its walls and restore its honor.

But with Artaxerxes ruling over Susa, he knew his dream was an unlikely one.

Yet, he kept praying – fervently – and eventually God heard him.

When Nehemiah was serving wine to the King, Artaxerxes noticed he looked very sad and could have sentenced him to death for disobeying his rules – however miraculously, instead he listened to Nehemiah’s request!

Prayer had showed Nehemiah a way forward in this very tense situation and God granted him permission to go back home and start work on rebuilding Jerusalem’s walls.

We can learn from this story that when you’re searching for an answer or assistance in life you should do as it says in Psalm 25:4: “Show me Your ways O Lord; teach me Your paths.” That’s because through prayer we ask God for the resources or courage we need to move forward and put dreams into motion; if our requests sincere then He will provide us with the answers needed.

So if you’re ever feeling stuck – look no further than what’s right inside you by turning to prayer!

Prioritizing Our Love For God, Others, And Ourselves: How To Say No To Distractions In Life

Distractions In Life

God has always taught that we should keep our priorities in view.

This means focusing on what is most important and not getting distracted by the “stuff of the world”.

Warren Buffet, one of the greatest investors of all time, agrees with this principle when he suggests creating a list of 25 things we’d like to accomplish over the next few years and then picking just five which are most important.

Jesus also teaches us this through His parable of the sower.

He says that if we allow ourselves to be caught up in the busy-ness of life then it can choke out God’s Word from our lives and make them unfruitful.

The key message here is: God Instructs us to always keep our priorities in focus – loving Him first and foremost, loving others, and taking care of ourselves for the sake of our spiritual walk.

Taking care of ourselves should include protecting our mental health as well as physical health which requires learning when it is okay to say no to distractions so that we can focus on what truly matters.

Remembering these principles will lead to fulfilling God’s purpose while being able to love those around us in a meaningful way.

Focus On The Present And Choose Your “One Chair” To Get Ahead In Life

Sometimes it can be hard to figure out what you are meant to do in life.

We all want to make the most of our lives and find success, but it can feel like there are too many options and too many choices.

That’s why the words of Paul the Apostle are so important.

He said: “one thing I do, forgetting those things which are behind and reaching forward to those things which are ahead.”

This message suggests that we should focus on a single goal or dream – the one thing we can achieve above all others.

Luciano Pavarotti understood this point when he was trying to decide between a career in singing or teaching.

His father wisely told him: “Luciano, if you try to sit on two chairs, you will fall between them.

For life, you must choose one chair.”

The same lesson applies to looking back at our pasts.

Roger Bannister and John Landy were two of the fastest one-mile runners in the 1950s and when they raced against each other, Landy looked back and saw where Bannister was, something that costed him the race in their 1954 British Empire game match-up.

This reminds us that by paying too much attention to what has come before us, we risk tripping over ourselves while pursuing our goals.

If you want to maximize your potential and get the most out of life, pick the one chair that best aligns with who you are and commit yourself fully towards it – not letting anything stand between achieving your dreams!

Risk-Taking Is At The Heart Of Living An Enthusiastic Life In Bible And Beyond

The Bible clearly encourages us to take risks.

After all, look at the examples of Moses and David – both faced huge obstacles, but braved them anyway.

And Paul urges believers to face their fears head-on: “For God has not given us a spirit of fear and timidity, but of power, love and self-discipline.”

Geena Davis’ example serves as an inspiration for us all.

At the age of 41, she decided to take up archery, something most people would view as impossible.

Yet with hard work and determination, she almost made it to the US Olympic archery team – despite incredible odds.

Her story proves that with faith in God and a bit of risk-taking you can achieve anything in life.

At its core, risk-taking is about passion and determination.

The early Christians exemplified this – they were so filled with fervor that enthusiasm was invented in their name; en-theos-ism literally translates to ‘in God’.

It’s this same spirit which enables humans to explore new realms and reach great heights – paved by those who take risks to get there.

The Bible teaches us that taking risks is essential for growth – it opens up a world full of possibilities.

We must have faith that if our hearts burn with enough passion and drive, we can be successful no matter how daunting the task might appear.

To Find True Purpose In Life, Look Outwards And Put Yourself In God’s Hands

God's Hands

No matter who you are, we all can relate to the feeling of emptiness when our enthusiasm for life is suddenly gone.

So how do we find a true sense of purpose? The answer lies in looking outward.

We can’t find satisfaction or drive from fame, money, or pride in our achievements; these things are simply not enough to make us genuinely happy.

The key to maintaining our purpose in life is to turn outside ourselves–there’s only one genuine source of meaningful purpose: accepting what God has planned for us and using that plan to effect positive change on others.

Take Manny Pacquiao, a boxing legend whose rising fame led him down a path of hedonism and gambling.

Though he had unlimited riches at his disposal, it was only after he implored help from God that he began to feel a new purpose inside himself.

He soon started involving himself more deeply with political issues, donating masks and buses for vulnerable people during the coronavirus outbreak.

The lesson here is clear: Focusing solely on ourselves will lead us down a road of futility and emptiness, but if we put ourselves in the hands of God, He will show us the way to true purpose in life.

To hold on to purpose in life, look outwards!

Invest In Your Earthly And Eternal Assets For A Joyous Life Today And In Eternity

The Bible teaches us that we need to invest in both the earthly and the eternal.

On Earth, it’s important to take care of our finances and use God’s resources responsibly.

That means avoiding wasteful spending and staying out of debt, while saving and investing prudently.

We can learn about this from Proverbs 13:11 which states “Whoever gathers money little by little makes it grow”.

In addition to managing your finances wisely, the Bible also tells us to invest in our spiritual lives.

We should set aside five minutes a day to read God’s word – marking those verses that strike a chord with you – instead of wasting time drifting through social media.

Sharing the scriptures is another great way to invest in eternity as we never know what kind of impact an act of kindness can have on others.

Finally, don’t forget that investing in God’s work on Earth is paramount for both lives.

You can dedicate some of your time or skills for charitable works or becoming a volunteer at your local food bank or even trying to educate others on how to handle their taxes responsibly!

Showing kindness spreads love throughout this life and beyond!

Wrap Up

The final summary of Forward is that we should never give up on our dreams, no matter how challenging they may seem.

We need to remember what matters most, learning from God’s wisdom and doing good works in the present.

It’s also essential to invest our resources and time wisely, both for this life and the afterlife.

Ultimately, the Bible reminds us that with God on our side, it’s never too late to start something new.

So even if you think it’s too late to make your dream a reality, take action!

Whether you want to write a screenplay, learn astrophysics or become an expert on wild birds – don’t wait another moment – start making progress today!

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