Finding Your Element Book Summary By Ken Robinson

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Finding Your Element is a must-read book for those seeking clarity and direction in life.

Written wit the intent of inspiring its readers, the book offers valuable insight on how to discover hidden talents and passions that will bring more joy in your life.

The book includes engaging advice on how to realign your life around these newfound gifts, enabling you to make more meaningful connections with yourself and others.

With humor and wisdom, Finding Your Element encourages its readers to step away from their current wellness confines and into a journey of self discovery that could lead to increased productivity and overall quality of life that have been waiting for them all along.

Finding Your Element Book

Book Name: Finding Your Element (How to Discover Your Talents and Passions and Transform Your Life)

Author(s): Ken Robinson

Rating: 4.3/5

Reading Time: 22 Minutes

Categories: Motivation & Inspiration

Author Bio

Sir Ken Robinson is an inspiring educator and scholar.

His work has been globally acclaimed and his books, as well as his TED talks, discuss the importance of creativity in our lives and in our world.

He encourages people to unlock their creative potential in order to better themselves and create a more just society for all of us.

His book Finding Your Element: How to Discover Your Talents and Passions, is a great guide for helping you find your purpose in life by following your passions and understanding your talents.

Be sure to check out this inspiring book if you're looking to learn more about yourself!

Appreciate Your Uniqueness: Realize That Your Exact Experience Will Never Happen Again


We all know that each person is special and one-of-a-kind in their own way.

But when you really think about it, the extent of this uniqueness is remarkable.

From having a combination of genes that will never be repeated to being born with an entirely unique set of environments and experiences – you are truly one-of-a-kind.

The genes we carry are so distinct that they vary even between identical twins, making you the only person to ever have your exact genetic makeup throughout human evolution.

Our environment also shapes us significantly; not only have you grown up in a certain time period in history, but the groups, communities and people you have encountered have also greatly contributed to what makes you unique today.

In other words, no other person on earth has experienced life quite like yours before or will again; this makes your existence truly special and remarkable!

Appreciate your uniqueness – for you are the first person to ever have your exact genes and experiences.

Don’T Let The Fear Of The Unknown Stop You From Achieving Greatness

We’re often told to live our lives in a certain way — graduate high school at 18, enter university, become a professional and get married.

While this path may work for some people, the truth is that planning our entire lives when we are so young doesn’t leave much room for new opportunities or allowing us to follow our passions.

Plus, life is full of the unexpected.

This is why Ken Robinson encourages us to forget about long-term plans and accept that we can’t predict or control the future.

Doing this will open many doors of opportunity to achieve your goals.

After all, Robinson’s own life demonstrates this well — theatre and stage direction as a child, then drama education and education reform later on, followed by writing and public speaking in his middle age.

Accepting unpredictable situations in life can lead to amazing things you never expected!

Discovering And Developing Your Aptitudes: Overcome Cultural Boundaries, Create Opportunities And Push Yourself Into The Unknown

Everyone has unique talents and skills that might remain hidden without giving ourselves the chance to discover them.

Growing up in a certain environment or culture, we may not even be aware of the full range of possible aptitudes we possess, let alone chances to explore them.

This is why it’s essential to be open-minded and take every opportunity that comes our way to expand our horizons and find out what we’re truly capable of.

For example, some kids in Venezuela have been able to excel at classical music when they had access to the El Sistema school– something they weren’t able to do before due to the lack of resources around them.

Or even if you do have easy access to resources, our society’s ingrained values about gender roles, race or religion can stifle our potentials for growth.

So no matter what, don’t limit yourself by accepting these social pressures – feel free to travel or take new courses or meet people from different backgrounds who could ultimately give you an enriching experience .

At the end of the day it all comes down to creating more opportunities for yourself which will make it much easier for you uncover your true passions and capabilities!

Our Schools Discourage The Exploration Of Different Intelligences And Learning Styles, Limiting Our Ability To Flourish

Learning Styles

It can be easy to assume that we’re not good at something just because our grades in that subject aren’t good.

However, many times this is simply because our institutional education system doesn’t support us in the same way it supports certain “standardized” types of intelligence.

Logical reasoning is often the only type of intelligence valued by schools, so if your skills don’t fit into that category, you may do poorly – even if you are actually very capable in a different way!

Additionally, schools prioritize only certain learning styles and discourage children from exploring challenging subjects by penalizing them for making mistakes.

This conditioning leads us to become more afraid of taking risks and opens us up to a much higher chance of failure.

So next time you get a bad grade or don’t do well on an assignment, ask yourself: Am I really not good at this? Or could it be because the educational system wasn’t set up to recognize my strengths? Because as Hans Zimmer’s story shows us, sometimes traditional education isn’t enough to unlock our full potential – but exploring curious new avenues certainly can help!

To Unlock Our Potential, We Need To Overcome The Pessimistic Attitudes And Fixed Mindsets Imposed By Society And Learn To Embrace Personal Growth Through Assessment Tests Such As Mbti

Don’t let your attitude stand in the way of achieving your full potential.

Often our environment puts up barriers, but sometimes we’re guilty of limiting ourselves with our own thinking.

In society, there’s a tendency to compare ourselves against others and in this process, give up on certain skills or abilities because we feel like we can never be as good as someone else.

This is where it’s important to understand if you have a fixed mindset or a growth mindset.

Having a fixed mindset means you think your capabilities are set i n stone and any attempt to improve them will be futile.

But with a growth mindset, you accept that no matter what level of ability you have now, practice and dedication will help you get better.

Society tends to sway us into having a fixed mindset due to concepts such as IQ being seen as an unalterable measurement – which isn’t true!

With devotion and hard work, everyone has the power to grow their abilities across the board.

It could also be useful for self-exploration to take some personality tests.

The Myers-Briggs test (MBTI) is popular among people looking for clues about themselves they feel they can’t find anywhere else.

These test results don’t define who you are outright but they may provide cues and hihglights aspects that allow us to make more informed decisions about our lives and aspirations.

Discover Your Passions To Live A Happier And Healthier Life

When it comes to feeling fulfilled and healthy, nothing is more important than discovering and indulging in your passions.

Through theHarvard Study of Adult Development, numerous positive benefits have been proven when you experience positive emotions associated with these passions.

They can reduce stress and chronic pain, improve sleep and concentration, as well as help to reduce addictions.

Our passions are an intrinsic part of who we are as people, so it’s essential that we take time to try and enjoy them.

Without actively seeking out opportunities to uncover our interests, we may never learn about our true selves and the things that bring us joy.

To get started on this journey of self-discovery, we should explore various aspects of life such as learning something new (by taking classes or joining discussion groups), participating in physical activity like sports or creating art with our hands.

There is a world of potential possibilities out there – so don’t let another day go by without striving to find what your passions might be!

It’S Time To Reject The Misguided Notions Of Success And Happiness We Are Given By Society


There is a lot of pressure from society to find happiness through wealth or immediate gratification, but this isn’t the only way.

It’s important to remember that happiness is personal and different things work for different people – don’t be derailed by what society says you should do.

Forget the established preconceptions about what constitutes happiness and take the time to explore what it means to you.

Money can certainly be useful, but it isn’t the key to contentment.

Likewise, there are more lasting sources of satisfaction than nights out or taking trips away.

Think of long-term projects or hobbies that will help you stay motivated over time, like writing stories or building furniture.

Additionally, consider how helping other people could make you feel fulfilled in life; something greater than short-term pleasure could be waiting for you on the other side.

Overall, don’t be confined by societal norms and expectations when it comes to finding true contentment and purpose in life.

Take control and start exploring what truly makes YOU happy!

Working Together In A Group To Achieve Your Goals Is Necessary For Success

Finding a community of people who share your passions can be incredibly helpful when it comes to realizing your goals.

Whether it’s a group of DIY enthusiasts within the “Maker” magazine reader-base, a group of chefs sharing traditional Nordic cuisine recipes, or a network of like-minded individuals in any field; working with others can open up new opportunities and ideas that you would not have explored otherwise.

These groups can teach you new relevant skills, help advance your knowledge and expertise, allow you to share your own expertise and advice with them, plus help ensure that larger tasks are accomplished efficiently.

We have seen this time and time again with successes such as The New Nordic Cuisine Movement – an initiative which could never have been achieved without collaboration amongst participating chefs and restaurants.

Ultimately, finding a community of people who share your passions will help exponentially improve your odds at realizing whatever goal you may have set for yourself.

Wrap Up

The main message of Finding Your Element is that everyone already has untapped potential to make their lives better, and taking the time as well as effort to explore our natural talents and passions is essential in allowing us to achieve inner satisfaction.

In order to do so, we must look back to areas we had difficulties with in school learning.

Don’t let those perceived weaknesses hold you back – they may be where our true strength lies.

Additionally, it is important not to fear unpredictability and instead use it as an advantage when exploring various avenues of life.

With this advice in mind, readers can discover hidden opportunities that would lead them one step closer towards finding their element, and unleashing their maximum potential in life.

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