Finding My Virginity Book Summary By Richard Branson

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Finding My Virginity is the highly anticipated follow-up to Richard Branson's first autobiography, Losing My Virginity.

This book begins at the turn of the century, when the digital marketplace was becoming more and more prevalent--and with it came a host of new opportunities for businesses, such as Branson's own venture: an ambitious endeavor to take people into space!

The story follows the ups and downs of his journey as he pursues his ambition, written in an honest, anecdotal style that will both entertain and inform.

Finding My Virginity invites readers to join Branson on his captivating journey--illustrating how determination, passion and tenacity can lead to success.

Finding My Virginity Book

Book Name: Finding My Virginity (The New Autobiography)

Author(s): Richard Branson

Rating: 4.6/5

Reading Time: 29 Minutes

Categories: Book Summaries

Author Bio

Richard Branson, a renowned entrepreneur and founder of the Virgin Group, is the author of Finding My Virginity.

His resume includes success stories from businesses in travel, entertainment, health and fitness, media, and communications.

Over the years he has earned his title as one of the most renowned business leaders in the world.

His incredible success fuels his motivation to share his wisdom with others through his book, as well as through public speaking engagements.

He imparts advice about achievement and leading with sound principles for businesses and personal lives.

Those who read his book are sure to be inspired by Branson’s own journey and learn how to live life smarter and fuller.

Unlocking The Secrets Of Richard Branson: How Fun, Cheeky Marketing, A Paper Napkin And His Mom Helped Create An Empire

Richard Branson

Sir Richard Branson, the modern day business legend at the head of the ever expanding Virgin business empire is back again with a follow-up to his classic 1998 biography, Losing My Virginity.

In Finding My Virginity Branson dives into the events of the last 20 years that have shaped him and Virgin, from their epic battle with British Airways to disrupting the cellphone market with Virgin Mobile and his highly personal mission to take people into space with Virgin Galactic.

Through this book you’ll get a better understanding of what makes a truly great entrepreneur and how to keep your business thriving – especially in a constantly changing world.

You’ll also learn fun marketing techniques and innovative ideas that have allowed Branson to reach new heights in his success.

Plus, the unique role his mother had in helping him become who he is today.

Tune in to Sir Richard’s journey over these last 20 years and get insight into what it takes to stand out amongst your competition as an unstoppable leader by reading Finding my Virginity by Richard Branson!

Richard Branson Proves That Cheeky Humor And Great Service Are The Keys To Competitiveness

Richard Branson’s Virgin Atlantic has always been a force to be reckoned with, and its long-standing battle with British Airways is a classic example of the brilliant businessman’s resourcefulness.

From the very beginning, Branson had intended for his airline to offer better food, entertainment, and service than its rivals.

But this wasn’t enough for British Airways who tried their hardest to squeeze them out of the competition by using ‘dirty tricks’, such as libelous remarks about the company.

Though they did succeed in getting Branson awarded damages in court, he was determined not to let that win be the final victory.

Instead, he pushed forward with even better services and cheeky tactics like offering massages (complete with a sign at Heathrow that read “BA Don’t Give a Shiatsu”), and hiring blimps displaying messages like “BA CAN’T GET IT UP” in response to BA’s huge sponsorship of London Eye.

Ultimately Richard Branson proved that when it comes to competition his personality, resourcefulness and determination will never back down.

Richard Branson’S Mobile Phone Empire: Born From An Expensive Phone Bill

When Richard Branson and Will Whitehorn had the idea to offer a phone plan with a pay-as-you-go approach, they disrupted the cellphone market and turned it on its head.

In 1998, cell phone carriers were making a killing off of customers that were locked into expensive contracts, so Branson thought he would challenge the system by offering people more freedom.

He partnered with Deutsche Telekom in order to use their pre-existing network and then founded Virgin Mobile.

By November 2000, Virgin Mobile UK already had 500,000 subscribers due to this innovative approach, and was even estimated as having a value of £1.36 billion!

It also won a Network of the Year Award that same year.

Not only that but soon after that success in UK, Virgin Mobile spread around Australia, the United States and Asia too.

The pay-as-you-go plan was especially appealing to young people who wanted their own phone without big bills or confusing contracts.

With their 381 Virgin Megastores at the time being perfect locations to sell Virgin Mobile phones, it’s no surprise that it became the fastest growing mobile startup in UK history – reaching a billion revenue in only three and a half years!

Howfires And Enthusiastic Staff Saved Virgin Active’s Disastrous Launch

Disastrous Launch

When the team behind the Virgin Active concept was looking for a location to launch their revolutionary gym idea, they picked Preston, Lancashire – with its cutting-edge demographics.

But what should have been a triumphant opening in August 1999 turned into a nightmare when the flagship gym caught fire and caused serious damage.

This big setback didn’t curb their enthusiasm however.

Richard Branson himself had approved the idea of an affordable gym that would offer something different from the overpriced competitors such as LivingWell Gym where members were required to pay £300 just to join!

But the staff at Virgin Active kept promoting this new concept despite the delay, and so when it did eventually open people were waiting eagerly.

The attraction? No outrageous fees and no long-term contracts – plus, it promised showers better than anything customers had at home and other small details such as freshly laundered towels!

So even though it faced a disastrous start, Virgin Active was able to carry out its mission of improving people’s experience in overpriced gyms.

Richard Branson’S Vision To Improve Britain’S Rail System Transformed The Nation

When the UK’s Department of Transportation decided to privatize British Rail, Virgin Trains saw an incredible opportunity and they were ready to make their mark.

Working to improve the system meant that investing in new infrastructure was necessary, but it still paid off.

In no time at all, Virgin Trains made significant transit improvements, most notably a 15 minute faster travel-time between London and Manchester.

Additionally, passenger numbers nearly tripled as a result and cancellations decreased dramatically.

By demonstrating how privatization can bring tremendous benefits to public transportation in the UK, Virgin Trains has proven itself to be an invaluable asset.

Coupled with advances like 65 brand new Azuma trains being introduced soon and other ongoing efforts for improvement, it’s clear that there are many positives to come from Virgin Trains.

Working Together To Create Lasting Change: The Inspiring Legacy Of Virgin Unite’S Elders

Through Virgin Unite, Richard Branson was able to bring together some of the world’s most impressive minds and humanitarians with a mission to make the world a better place.

Led by Branson’s dearest friend, Nelson Mandela, he was able to create an incredible group of people including UN Secretary Kofi Annan, former US president Jimmy Carter, Nobel Peace Prize winner Muhammad Yunus, and former Irish President Mary Robinson.

This incredible team was referred to as “The Elders,” all of whom had knowledge and experience that made them perfect for such an initiative.

The Elders had no definite goals other than making the world a better place and responding quicker than bureaucratic organizations like the UN are usually able to.

With this very dedicated and passionate collective of people from all corners of the globe, Branson was able to send them on various missions throughout the world, tackling human rights issues and crises in some of the most sensitive locations such as Darfur, Somalia, Palestine, North Korea and Russia.

Virgin Unite has been so successful in its mission because it brought together amazing minds who could offer diverse perspectives on how best to tackle global issues that require quick yet efficient responses — something they’ve been doing incredibly well!

Richard Branson’s Heartbreaking Sacrifice Of The Beloved Virgin America Brand

Virgin America Brand

When Richard Branson set out to bring the Virgin brand to the US, he knew it wouldn’t be an easy task.

Despite doubts from business experts, he saw an opportunity for the Virgin America airline to make a mark in the airline industry by offering customers an enjoyable experience.

In order to get his dream off the ground, he fought hard with petitions and enough people at US Department of Transportation in order to finally get approval for take-off.

It ended up being worth it as Virgin America became one of the most popular airlines around, earning recognition from Condé Nast as the best domestic airline for ten years running!

However, due to legal restrictions regarding Branson’s ownership levels, Virgin America had to be made public in 2014 and other airlines quickly began bidding on it.

In 2016 it was bought by Alaska Airlines for $2.6 billion and despite only ruling over it for 18 months they had no interest in keeping alive the Virgin spirit that Branson created – instead planning on retiring the brand entirely!

It was heartbreaking for those who recognized what a great airline Virgin America was and how hard Branson fought against all odds to achieve success with it – now this success is nothing more than a distant memory.

Richard Branson Faced A Daunting Challenge But Successfully Transformed Ntl Into Virgin Media

Virgin Media was a major breakthrough for the Virgin brand, providing people with access to cable, internet and phone services through one package.

CEO Simon Duffy had proposed the idea of a “Quad Play” or “Four Play” package and Richard Branson accepted, as it offered both convenience and security for customers.

The key was to ensure that Virgin Media had the best customer service possible.

Branson immediately tore up the scripts that NTL had previously used and replaced them with natural conversation between staff and customers.

The response was overwhelmingly positive; soon, Virgin Media became the number one broadband provider in United Kingdom and second biggest pay-TV and home-phone provider – all thanks to only one package.

Rupert Murdoch’s company Sky TV was not so thrilled though; he bought up a stake worth £940 million in British commercial station ITV just to block Virgin Media from merging with it.

Despite this attempt, it didn’t go his way and Sky ended up having to sell over 10 percent at a £348 million loss.

People responded very well to this move by Branson, making Virgin Media truly successful in bringing their brand into people’s homes like never before!

Sir Richard Branson’S Virgin Money Transforms Banking With Lounges And Community Spots

Since 1997, Richard Branson has seen Virgin Money as a great and natural addition to the Virgin Group.

It all started with the idea that customers wouldn’t trust banks, but they would trust and be drawn to the Virgin brand.

This prompted him to offer credit cards, savings and investment services which then grew into full banking services, including mortgages.

When the global financial crisis of 2007-2008 shook the United Kingdom, Virgin Money stepped in by spending £1.25 billion to save Northern Rock from bankruptcy, and cementing their position in the UK as an invaluable financial institution.

Branson is particularly proud of his implementation of so-called “Virgin Money Lounges” around Britain – spots where members can take a break from their hectic day for some refreshments or just peace and quiet.

These lounges have proven wildly successful since branches with a lounge attract 300% more business than those without!

Could Richard Branson And Virgin Galactic Survive The Tragic Loss Of Spaceshiptwo?

Richard Branson

Virgin Galactic is a project that Richard Branson had worked on tirelessly for over 12 years, with the goal of making his dream of space travel and exploration a reality.

This was an ambitious dream, but with the help of aerospace engineer Burt Rutan, and Paul Allen from Microsoft chipping in $25 million to build the first spacecraft, he was able to make it happen.

However, things nearly came undone when tragedy befell one of their test flights in 2014.

The mothership released SpaceShipTwo and due to human error, a lever was pulled too soon which caused massive force to break apart the structure leading to the death of one pilot and serious injuries to another.

This sent shockwaves through both the press and Virgin Galactic, who were painted in an unfair light by numerous reports covering inaccurate headlines.

Investigation revealed the cause, though it still prompted difficult questions about whether Virgin Galactic could survive this tragedy.

Honoring Loss And Exploring New Frontiers: Virgin Galactic’S Quest To Reach Space

The goal of Virgin Galactic, the space project created by entrepreneur Sir Richard Branson, is not to reach Mars, but rather to take people into space and beyond.

This idea has become reality as customers have already begun making reservations for trips into spacethat will begin soon.

With the help of a new SpaceShipTwo and numerous tests that resumed in 2016, it’s safe to say that these commercial flights are within reach.

Yet even after such a significant achievement, Branson did not see it as an opportunity to revel in his own glory.

Instead he questioned himself, especially after the 2014 crash had caused many to criticize him for valuing his ego above safety protocols.

Thankfully he was proved right: it was just false reporting – and this setback hasn’t diminished his goal or enthusiasm in any way.

Branson’s desire to take flight customers into uncharted territory has been fueled by an altruistic cause: exploring the limits of our universe with the help of forward-thinking pioneers like SpaceX’s Elon Musk.

Much like Hawking said on being offered a ticket, Branson seeks no personal gain from this endeavor – only “the true wonder of space”.

Richard Branson Uses His Global Empire To Help Entrepreneurs And Bring Internet Access To Everyone

Sir Richard Branson is passionate about helping innovative people get their ideas off the ground with his project, Virgin StartUp.

With the help of this scheme, he has been able to provide over 1,000 loans amounting to £10 million in funding and mentoring.

In addition to this program, he is equally excited about a venture called OneWeb which aims to provide broadband internet access to the entire world, including those in poverty.

This project works very well with Vision Galactic since WhiteKnightTwo houses LauncherOne, an efficient launching system that can easily send 500-pound satellites into orbit than any conventional land-based method.

At present, Branson is targeting for OneWeb’s activation in 2019 which could result in a communications network unlike anything that we have ever seen before!

He is determined to create opportunities for everyone and make sure anyone who dreams big be given the means necessary for them to do so.

Richard Branson’S Passion Is Fueled By His Efforts To Combat Climate Change, Hiv/Aids, And Drug Abuse


Richard Branson is a passionate and outspoken advocate on political issues, and is willing to speak up even when it could potentially lead to retaliatory actions.

He has firsthand experience of the dire consequences of inaction when it comes to topics such as HIV/AIDS prevention and access to medication, climate change, prison reform, and drug policy reform.

For example, he was angered in 2014 upon hearing South African health minister publicly claiming that a mixture of beetroot, potatoes, garlic and lemon was an adequate treatment for HIV/AIDS.

Despite his warning – calling it a genocidal crime – President Thabo Mbeki’s government failed to take action until too late.

His other areas of focus include replacing fossil fuels with renewable energy sources as part of Virgin Group’s efforts against climate change; placing more emphasis on treating addiction as a public health issue instead of punishing users through incarceration; and the efficacy (or lack thereof) of the War on Drugs in curbing supply.

He has looked towards the successful decriminalization model implemented in Portugal as an example of how these issues can be addressed differently for more effective outcomes

Wrap Up

The final takeaway from Richard Branson’s book, Finding My Virginity, is that it is important to practice taking notes.

Branson is adamant that taking notes is one of the most effective ways to stay productive and make progress on ideas.

He argues that executives who take notes tend to be more successful than those who do not, due to the fact that they are able to recall those moments of brilliance when a great plan or idea came to their mind.

While this may be true in business and entrepreneurship, Branson also encourages his readers to take notes in order to help others build a better life.

Through his charity organization Virgin Unite, he works tirelessly towards making the world a better place through initiatives such as prison and drug law reform, reducing carbon emissions, and fighting HIV/AIDS in Africa.

This book should inspire people everywhere to become involved in whatever way they can and share ideas on how we can continue to make small changes for huge advancements in our society.

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