Fast This Way Book Summary By Dave Asprey

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Fast This Way (2021) is a must-read for anyone looking to fast in a healthy and sustainable way.

Author John Schrank uses his years of experience and the latest scientific research to outline exactly how to go about fasting safely.

The book covers all the basics — how fat burning works, the benefits of fasting, and specific methods to extend your fasts while getting more out of them.

With this comprehensive guide at your fingertips, you'll have all the tools necessary to truly enjoy the amazing benefits that fasting can provide.

Fast This Way Book

Book Name: Fast This Way (Burn Fat, Heal Inflammation, and Eat Like the High-Performing Human You Were Meant to Be)

Author(s): Dave Asprey

Rating: 4.6/5

Reading Time: 20 Minutes

Categories: Health & Nutrition

Author Bio

Dave Asprey is one of the leading minds in the world of biohacking and healthy lifestyle practices.

He’s a former tech entrepreneur, as well as the founder of Bulletproof Coffee, renowned author and public speaker.

His multiple New York Times best-sellers include The Bulletproof Diet and Headstrong.

With his latest book “Fast This Way” Dave takes readers through an evidence-based look at how to create balanced diets that help people lose weight without compromising on overall health.

How To Harness The Power Of Fasting For Better Health And Mental Clarity

Better Health

If you want to get the most out of fasting, you can’t just focus on denying yourself food; you need to turn it into a mentality.

Fast This Way by Natures Nutrition outlines how to do that.

Through their guidelines and advice, you’ll be able to break the anxious thought-patterns that come with skipping meals and understand why it can be so important for your body.

You’ll learn about the best strategies for a beginner’s fast, find ways to improve your sleep hygiene, and discover how these principles apply across other areas of your life.

All in all, this book will help you develop a healthy mental attitude that will enable you to better leverage fasting as a tool for achieving physical and mental clarity.

So don’t deprive yourself of its benefits – read up on Fast This Way to make fasting an effective part of your lifestyle!

Fasting: How Taking A Time-Out From Your Cravings Can Lead To Self-Control And Joy

Fasting isn’t a diet, it’s not about deprivation—it’s about knowing what you need and taking control of it.

We’re all familiar with hunger, but cravings are different—they’re a psychological need.

The junk food industry preys on this sensation and has put a lot of effort into convincing us that they can satisfy our cravings.

But by fasting, you can break the cycle of consumption and take control over your impulses.

Fasting gives you the opportunity to reflect on how important any food craving or social media scrolling truly is; do we really need that? By going without something, like Instagram or oxygen even, fasting becomes more than simply an act of self-discipline—it becomes a joyous experience because the sense of power and control that comes from saying no brings its own satisfaction.

How Intermittent Fasting Can Help Us Overcome Anxiety And Start New Habits

For most people, the concept of giving up all food or social media for a period of time can be quite intimidating.

But intermittent fasting offers a way to ease into the process and begin building habits that are beneficial physically and mentally.

Intermittent fasting is a great place to start when you’re new to fasting and ready to step out of your comfort zone.

One popular plan is called the “16:8” fast in which you only restrict your eating window for eight hours by setting a designated time frame such as 10:00am – 6:00pm.

This kind of fasting has many advantages, including regulating insulin levels and triggering autophagy – a process that slows aging and lowers inflammation in your body without relying on processed foods or adding more toxins inside us.

Fasting helps us fight chronic inflammation.

It can lead major health issues like heart disease, diabetes, asthma and more if left untreated.

Finally, if worries of hanger set in during the morning just remember that you can always start with a Bulletproof Coffee!

Black coffee with grass-fed butter and C8 MCT oil will help provide the energy necessary to power through until lunch!

Mix Up Your Fasting Routine To Get The Most Benefits Of Intermittent Fasting


In Fast This Way Book Summary, the author stresses that developing an inconsistent fasting routine is the key to helping your body thrive.

While intermittent fasting is helpful in reducing insulin levels, reducing inflammation, and activating autophagy, it’s easy to get stuck in a routine of calorie-restricting diets or always doing OMAD (one meal a day).

The author suggests mixing things up by varying the length of fasts as well as introducing high-protein and high-fat meals into some of these days.

By adopting this kind of inconsistency, you can make sure your body isn’t getting too accustomed to one type of diet and ensure that you’re getting all the benefits from each type of fasting – lower triglyceride levels, higher HDL cholesterol levels, and improved sleep.

Additionally, done in moderation this approach can help stave off the potential side effects from too much fasting such as decreased sex hormones and thinning hair.

Overall, varying your fasting routine will be a great way to best get all the benefits that come with intermittent fasting.

Healthy Sleep And Healthy Fasting Reinforce Each Other To Improve Well-Being

Maintaining healthy habits such as sleep and a regular fasting routine can have a positive impact on your overall health.

It is important to understand that these two processes actually work in unity with each other, so having a balance between the two is key.

When it comes to getting restful sleep, if you eat too late into the day, it can interfere with your circadian rhythm because you are still digesting when you go to bed.

You may find yourself waking up periodically during the night and feeling groggy the next day due to high levels of glucose and insulin in your system.

Therefore, having an eating window of around three hours before bedtime can significantly reduce these levels of blood sugar and promote more restful sleep.

To ensure this happens, you should aim to finish eating by 8:00 p.m.

and be asleep after 11:00 p.m., for example – this gives your body time to digest without interfering with your circadian rhythm.

Harnessing The Power Of Metabolic Flexibility To Achieve Physical Goals

When it comes to hitting the gym and fasting, many people may think it’s an impossible combination.

But NONE of that is true!

In fact, by incorporating intermittent fasting into your lifestyle and learning to switch between using sugar and fat for energy, you’re actually helping train your body to be metabolically flexible.

This essentially means that even when you haven’t had food for a few hours or longer, you’re still able to power through your gym session thanks to this metabolic flexibility.

It’s also important to note how exercising on an empty stomach and relying on fat instead of glucose for energy can actually help you lose weight more effectively than consuming sugary drinks before or after a workout session.

In addition, good fats are anti-inflammatory which can help with exercise-related aches and pains and are even hydrating!

You should also remember that once it’s time to break your fast – feel free to eat carbs as part of a healthy diet.

If done correctly, it’ll help maintain your metabolic flexibility!

As well as intermittent fasting and switching up your nutrition sources, hot/cold therapy is another amazing way of boosting cardiolipin production which helps in improving moods and immunity systems as well as aiding with weight loss.

Lastly – always prioritize taking care of yourself properly with good food, exercise and sleep rather than aiming for unrealistic images portrayed on television!

Women Need To Tailor Their Fasting Plans To Avoid “Famine Stress”

Famine Stress

When it comes to fasting, women need to be extra mindful and cautious.

That’s because their reproductive capabilities make them particularly sensitive to fasting, and too much can cause a stress response in the body that restricts hormones to maintain energy reserves.

Women who overdo it can even experience sleep problems, hair loss, irregular periods, and temporary infertility.

It’s important for women to come up with a personalized fasting plan tailored specifically to their needs.

Examples of such practices include reducing intermittent fasting sessions to every other day or limiting intensity days to non-fasting days.

Incorporating healthier options like Bulletproof Coffee into one’s diet can relieve some of the stress associated with fasting too.

Additionally, adding Himalayan salt and grass-fed butter could help appease cravings if they become too intense.

Women should also remember that iron is important; low levels of this nutrient can lead to fatigue and disrupt menstrual cycles.

Lastly, consulting one’s doctor before starting any type of fasting is recommended—this is especially important if any kind of fertility issues are present or suspected.

In conclusion, while women may benefit from fasting just as much as men do, they need an individualized approach that takes into account their unique dietary and physiological requirements.

Discover Yourself Beyond Flesh And Blood With Fasting And Joyful Self-Discipline

When you embark on the journey of fasting, it will introduce you to things beyond just physical changes.

You may become more aware of cravings that come from stress and discover that hunger is only a feeling.

Not only are your senses heightened but colors can appear vibrant as well.

Fasting has been part of every religion in one form or another, as it’s a way for greater communion with the world around us and to gain discipline over ourselves.

It’s about discovering yourself beyond mere flesh and blood- what makes you unique, what defines you and even how you should interact with those in your life.

This is why fasting can be seen as meditating on a physical level while also enjoying yourself throughout the process.

Both men and women will experience increased pleasure during an extended fast, however men should not deplete themselves by ejaculating so frequently while freeing women to climax both freely and fully.

Most importantly, we should remind ourselves to avoid self-judgment if we veer off our path; if all else fails, remember that fasting has exposed any spiritual toxins or issues like perfectionism or rigidity that may stand in our way.

Wrap Up

The final summary of the Fast This Way book is that fasting isn’t just about starvation or suffering.

Instead, it’s more to do with self-discipline and learning what you really need.

Through fasting regularly, you can also reduce biological noise on a cellular level and consciousness level.

As an actionable advice, readers are encouraged to try spending one day without directing any hateful thoughts at anyone.

This will make them aware of all the negativity in the world or on social media and allowing them to replace those negative feelings with some positivity towards the target of their hate.

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