Everything is Figureoutable Book Summary By Marie Forleo

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Everything is Figureoutable, by Marie Forleo (2019), is a book about taking control of your life and achieving your dreams.

It explains that no matter how hard life gets, with the right attitude you can figure out a way to succeed.

The book provides an optimistic, yet realistic method for self-empowerment.

It acknowledges the obstacles we will inevitably face in our journey, but more importantly it focuses on how to work through those obstacles and develop mental resilience.

Armed with tips on combating self-limiting beliefs, fear and indecisiveness, readers will acquire the confidence they need in order to take charge of their lives and hit their goals.

Everything is Figureoutable Book Summary

Book Name: Everything is Figureoutable (A pragmatic philosophy of self-empowerment)

Author(s): Marie Forleo

Rating: 4.6/5

Reading Time: 24 Minutes

Categories: Motivation & Inspiration

Author Bio

Marie Forleo is widely-regarded as one of the top thought leaders in today's business world, and for good reason.

She has extensive experience in all aspects of life, from her former career as a life coach and dance instructor to hosting The Marie Forleo Podcast and web television show MarieTV.

She is also the founder of an online business training program, called B-School, as well as being named by Oprah Winfrey to the SuperSoul 100 list.

With such a wide range of knowledge and influence, it's no wonder that her book "Everything is Figureoutable" has received such widespread acclaim.

The Life-Changing Power Of The Mantra “Everything Is Figureoutable”

Power Of The Mantra

If you are looking for a philosophy that will help you achieve self-empowerment, then “Everything is figureoutable” by Marie Forleo is the right choice.

This book provides a pragmatic approach to life and introduces readers to an empowering mindset of overcoming challenges and problem-solving.

At its core, “Everything is figureoutable” encourages us to believe that if we can put in the effort and hard work, any challenge or obstacle we encounter can be solved.

By taking an upbeat attitude and enlivening our inner strength, we have the capability to accomplish anything that we set our mind to.

The key teachings of this book will teach you how to navigate & manage difficult tasks with confidence & remain optimistic during times of hardship.

It’s only when you realize that everything is indeed “figureoutable” that your journey down the path of self-empowerment truly begins.

The Philosophy Of “Everything Is Figureoutable”: Overcoming Challenges To Turn Ideas Into Realities

Marie Forleo’s life story serves as an example of just how powerful the idea that “everything can be figured out” can be.

After college, she struggled to find a career that would bring her joy, and a chance encounter with an article about life coaching gave her a newfound purpose.

She was instantly drawn to it and decided to forgo a promotion at Vogue to pursue her dream of helping other people reach their personal and professional goals.

Despite the courage and determination displayed in this decision, Marie still found herself facing many difficulties on her road to success: self-doubt, financial hardship and having to take on extra shifts as a bartender were only some of the issues she encountered.

These struggles didn’t deter her from going after what she wanted, however; by taking on different jobs such as waitressing and cleaning toilets so that she could put together a website for her business, Marie eventually established herself as an expert life coach.

From Marie’s story it is easy to see why “Everything is Figureoutable” resonates so strongly with people–her philosophy speaks both to the inspiring possibilities of taking risks in pursuit of personal dreams and also acknowledges the tough realities that we all have to face along our journey.

Beliefs Become Self-Fulfilling Prophecies: Why You Should Challenge Your Self-Limiting Beliefs

Our beliefs play a huge role in determining whether or not we can achieve our goals.

If we don’t believe something is possible, then chances are that we won’t even bother trying to accomplish it.

This means that our self-limiting beliefs can end up becoming self-fulfilling prophecies.

On the other hand, if we believe that something is possible, then we will be more likely to try and make it happen.

For example, if you want to get a promotion but don’t think you can do it without extra help, believing that you can do it anyway will motivate you to take the necessary steps and prove yourself wrong.

In Marie’s case with her dream of becoming a dance instructor, she started out feeling like a fish out of water.

But by believing in herself and putting in the work, she ended up proving her naysayers wrong – ultimately increasing her confidence as well as her teaching skills along the way.

The takeaway? Our beliefs can either stifle us and prevent us from achieving our goals or they can empower us and provide us with the motivation to keep pushing forward until eventually accomplishing what once seemed impossible!

“Everything Is Figureoutable”: A Universal Antidote To Self-Limiting Beliefs

Self-Limiting Beliefs

Many of us have self-limiting beliefs about our abilities and the world around us.

Luckily, there’s a solution that helps combat these negative thoughts: the belief that “everything is figureoutable.” This belief has proven to be an effective, universal antidote to self-limiting beliefs by serving as an instant-encouragement tool, spurring people on to proactive problem-solving, and helping them minimize giving up on things unnecessarily.

A strong example of this in action was when Marie was at the airport ready to board her flight only to find out she missed the cutoff time for checking her luggage.

Instead of settling into a state of despair, she reminded herself that “everything is figureoutable” and started looking for alternative solutions.

Eventually, she found one in the airport travel shop which allowed her access to carry on bags so she could continue with her journey.

In any situation where we are faced with a challenge or adversity and feel like its insurmountable, adopting the belief that “everything is figureoutable” can help you break through your self-limiting beliefs and find creative ways forward.

How Self-Limiting Beliefs Are Often Just Excuses We Make For Not Taking Action

At the root of it, a lot of our self-limiting beliefs are really just excuses for why we don’t want to do something.

We have the tendency to make ourselves feel better by telling ourselves that we simply can’t do something, when in most cases we could if we actually put effort into it.

But if we take a step back and think honestly about our self-limiting beliefs, they often amount to nothing more than an excuse – whether that’s because we’re too scared, don’t want it badly enough, or believe it would be too much work.

We usually know deep down what is stopping us from achieving our vision.

That’s why Marie Kondosolo and her Everything Is Figureoutable book talk about how “where there’s a will, there’s a way”.

In her own life story, she was desperate to attend a retreat in South America but did not have the money for it initially.

However, instead of wallowing in self-pity and accepting defeat as many of us would have done; she took on 3 additional side jobs as well as negotiated a special payment plan with the retreat organizers.

Through her unwillingness to accept her perceived fate and creative solutions for what other people may have seen as insurmountable obstacles, she achieved her dream of going to the retreat.

This goes to show that at bottom level, most of our self-limiting beliefs are really just nothing more than excuses hiding behind a veil of false reasoning – all that stands between us and success is us getting off our couch and doing something about it!

Excuses Are Just Illusions: You Already Have The Time, Money, And Knowledge To Pursue Your Goals

We all make excuses when it comes to achieving our goals, and the three that many of us lean on are not having enough time, money or know-how.

But it’s time to reconsider these excuses.

Let’s start with the excuse of not having enough time.

The reality is, if faced with an ultimatum of death, we would be able to figure out how to increase our available hours in a day by cutting out unessential activities like watching too much TV and spending too much time on social media.

30 minutes of reclaiming our “dead” time could generate up to 22 eight-hour workdays per year that could then be spent on developing new skills and competencies or pursuing projects we’re passionate about.

Even an hour a day can equate upwards of 45 8-hour workdays a year – more than enough time to become an entrepreneur, write a book or develop those steel abs you’ve always dreamed off!

And what about money? Money is important for some things, but often isn’t necessary.

For example, there are plenty of free resources online for learning almost any skill imaginable.

And even if you do need money, from grants and scholarships to side jobs and selling items online such as eBay – the opportunities are out there; they just need to be tapped into!

Finally, don’t tell yourself that you don’t know how or where to start something; with today’s remarkable accessibility it is easy enough to consult different sources such as classes and YouTube videos which provide useful information in figuring out how it is done step by step.

When pushed up against the wall of logic, none of these excuses hold up – once you realize this you will also see how easily achievable your dreams truly are!

Harnessing Fear To Reach Our Dreams And Achieve Our Goals

Reach Our Dreams

Fear is not our enemy and we don’t have to let it hold us back.

In fact, it can even be used to our advantage!

That’s something that we can learn from the Everything is Figureoutable book.

When we feel scared or intimidated by something new, such as starting a business or learning how to ride a motorcycle, it may be because we care so much about the task at hand.

The physical sensations of fear like sweaty palms, a faster heartbeat and a pit in your stomach are all clues that this is something you want badly enough that you’re willing to push yourself out of your comfort zone and into unfamiliar waters.

Rather than interpreting this fear as an enemy that needs to be vanquished before you do anything, look at it instead as fuel for motivation.

Think about Bruce Springsteen who interprets those same physical symptoms of fear as exciting signals telling him “’I’m pumped up and ready to go!’

Take Action To Gain Clarity And Overcome Indecisiveness

The core message of Everything is Figureoutable is simple: to gain clarity and make important decisions, we need to take action.

Too often, we can be paralysed by indecisiveness and spend years or lifetimes thinking about whether something is a good idea, striving for absolute certainty before taking the plunge.

But Marie has seen time and again that indecision is the biggest obstacle in the way of achieving our goals, so it’s essential that we act rather than just overthink things.

But taking action doesn’t have to mean making a huge commitment right away – small steps forward can often yield invaluable insights.

For instance, if you’re hesitating about moving to a new country, visit first and see if you like it; if your relationship‘s at an impasse, spend some time apart for a day or two; if your business plan is incomplete…break down each step into smaller tasks and take one at a time!

These small steps will give you the confidence of having taken action towards finding clarity and finally drive you to make an informed decision without fear of failure.

That’s exactly what Marie did when she stepped into a dance class for the first time – it was this initial experience that helped her determine whether dancing was something she wanted to pursue or not.

And she found success!

So let’s break free of indecision by taking action – it just might turn out better than we expect!

The Power Of Taking Immediate Action: Learn How To Start Before You’Re Ready

Immediate Action

If you’re someone who is waiting until they feel 100% ready before taking action towards their goals, then you need to rethink that strategy.

The truth is, the only way to become fully equipped with all the skills, knowledge and confidence is by actually doing the things that are required in order to get there!

This means starting now and making progress step by step.

Take the example of exercise: if you wait until you’re totally motivated to embark on a workout routine, then you’ll probably stay put for a long time.

But once you start getting into it, it will be easier to stay on track as your motivation gradually increases.

You’ll see that taking action has its own rewards and by going through the motions you will gain more drive and desire wanting to continue pursuing your goals.

Rather than waiting til “someday” when you feel “ready”, take the initiative today.

Identify a small task, something manageable and concrete, related to one of your goals – such as signing up for classes or talking with a mentor – that will get the ball rolling and make measurable progress.

Rome wasn’t built in one day and it’s important not to forget this!

Wrap Up

Marina Forhoui’s book, Everything is Figureoutable: A Mindset for Solving Problems and Pursuing Your Dreams is a journey of self-discovery.

From challenging the self-limiting beliefs we hold about ourselves to taking action on the things that matter most, the lessons in this book are invaluable for anyone looking to reach their goals and create meaningful change in their lives.

Forhoui reminds us that everything we fear or think is impossible is actually figureoutable if we have the right attitude and mindset to make it happen.

Self-doubt, indecisiveness and procrastination are all issues which can be overcome with enough motivation and effort.

She also stresses the importance of embracing our individual gifts in order to make the world a better place.

In other words, it pays to believe in yourself – you won’t regret it!

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