Everybody, Always Book Summary By Bob Goff

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Everybody, Always (2018) is a book written by best-selling author Bob Goff, who explores and shares his hopeful message of love and compassion.

In the book, he talks about how we can stay true to ourselves in the midst of life's setbacks and challenges, finding courage when the going gets tough.

Goff encourages us to strive for an exemplary life of love that is inspired by Jesus’s message.

It isn't always an easy path but it is possible.

Through relatable stories and his own experiences, he brings this profound topic to life in Everybody, Always.

Everybody, Always Book

Book Name: Everybody, Always (Becoming Love in a World Full of Setbacks and Difficult People)

Author(s): Bob Goff

Rating: 4.5/5

Reading Time: 19 Minutes

Categories: Religion & Spirituality

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Author Bio

Bob Goff is an incredibly accomplished man who has done a great deal of work to help better the world.

He is the founder of Love Does, an international NGO that has been doing admirable work in war zones around the world for women and children, building schools and safe houses where necessary.

He's also a trained lawyer, and he holds the honorary position of consul for the Republic of Uganda in the United States.

Additionally, he is also a celebrated writer whose book Love Does made it to The New York Times best seller list!

Learn How To Live A Life Of Love With Bob Goff’s ‘Everybody, Always’

Bob Goff’s

Bringing the Bible into your everyday life can make a huge different to how you view and interact with others.

Bob Goff’s book, “Everybody, Always”, gives practical advice on how we can follow Jesus’ example and be more loving towards everyone from those closest to us to strangers.

Goff begins by emphasizing Martin Luther King’s sentiment that darkness cannot put out darkness; only light can do that – a reminder that love needs to come first in order for us to make the world a better place.

He then explains that although it is difficult because of the setbacks and difficult people in our lives, mastering love takes practice just like any other skill.

The book culminates with personal anecdotes and experiences showing us how we can use integrative approaches such as skydiving to enhance our faith, why competing over being ‘good’ isn’t helpful, and ultimately how forgiveness is instrumental in positively impacting the world around us.

It challenges us to consider bringing the Bible into every aspect of our day-to-day lives in order for love to truly prevail – which may very well be possible with Everybody, Always!

The Power Of Love: Jesus Shows Us How To Welcome Everyone In Our “Neighborhood”

We all know that Jesus taught his followers to love others, but He goes even further than that; we should love everyone, including those we may disapprove of or dislike.

As God created the world as a single neighborhood, he expects us to treat everyone as if they were Him.

However, this can be easier said than done – meaning people will need strength and courage to do it.

A great example of this is Goff’s friend Walter – he understands how important it is to welcome refugees at the airport with open arms and a welcoming smile.

This involves building a kingdom rather than creating a castle – don’t build high walls to keep others out!

Working together towards creating a world in which everyone is included is essential if you want to lead a more loving life.

Faith In God Helps Us Embrace Adversity And Trust In The Unknown

Karl, a friend of Goff’s illustrates the power of placing faith in God, even when facing adversity.

Karl was paralyzed from the neck and down after a swimming accident, but he chose to take comfort in Jesus’s message and focused on the striking similarity between them; words were Jesus’s tool for spreading love, and mouth operated by Karl with a special straw became his tool to achieve this goal as well.

He knew that despite his condition, God was there for him and that He will help him navigate his life.

By faith in God under these tough circumstances, Karl eventually found strength as well as courage which enabled him to make an incredible journey.

Today, he works in the attorney general’s office where he fights against injustice and is making a real difference to society.

This story further supports our belief that if we put our faith in God then He will reward us with strength and courage regardless of any challenge we are facing.

It proves that no matter what happens – be it physical or emotional – faith can still bring hope and inspire us to keep doing more with all we have.

Skydiving Teaches Us About How To Live Our Lives Wisely And Compassionately


Skydiving might seem like a strange way to learn how to love others, but Bob Goff’s experience with learning the sport has shown that it can indeed be an effective way.

Through the safety lessons and instructions his instructor taught him, Goff came to realize that many of these same ideas could be applied to our everyday lives.

For example, while skydiving you only have to obey your instructor for 30 seconds to receive your license – this same concept applies when trying to better understand Jesus’s messages and teachings.

We sometimes struggle to keep up with all that he asks us, so instead let’s focus on obeying just for thirty seconds in a time of difficulty.

This is going make it easier for us to open our hearts and start understanding Jesus’s message even more!

The next concept was that if any single string of the parachute is out of place, we should cut the parachute and use the backup – this symbolizes how important it is for our faith journey to remain perfect or else everything becomes unbalanced.

Finally, we must always remember one key thing – when people have fallen hard and hit the ground, you need others around you who can catch them on their bounce back up.

This could be providing love and care after someone has hit a rough patch in life – as small as it may seem at first, such care can make all the difference one needs in order recover from difficult times.

In conclusion, skydiving has taught Bob Goff some powerful lessons on how to love others which ties perfectly into the message of Jesus Christ!

We all go through tough times in our lives – if we follow these key principles in loving those around us with kindness and warmth then maybe we too will learn something from this extreme sport.

Love Like God: How To Be A Better Parent By Taking God’S Example

In “Everybody, Always” author Bob Goff shows that God loves his children on earth just like a parent.

We can please Him by extending the same love towards our own children.

That means more than telling them what to do – it requires us to tell them who they are becoming and give them the opportunity to find their true path in life.

Just like God tells Moses he is a leader and Noah he is a sailor without having to tell them everything that this entails.

At the end of the day, it’s about showing your kids you truly care for them in a way that words alone can’t express.

Like when Goff gets news of something good his kids have done and it puts a smile on his face.

It’s moments like those that let children know they are loved and appreciated by their parents, just as God loves His children too.

True Selflessness Leads To The Expression Of True Love

We often get caught up in earning recognition through our good works, forgetting the real purpose and importance of being loving and kind.

Goff experienced this firsthand when he took his kids to a pizza parlor with games that rewarded you with tickets that could be saved up for prizes – by the end they had close to a thousand tickets but all their hard work only got them one sad pencil!

This shows us how futile it is to chase after brownie points; when it comes down to it, the biggest reward we can receive is God’s unconditional love.

Living with this principle in mind, we become capable of truly expressing our love as he intended – selflessly and without expectation of return.

Helping others isn’t about keeping track of what we’ve done, rather it’s about giving gracefully and allowing people to live out their stories.

Loving others should come from within not for any reward or recognition, because when you practice pure love it is its own reward.

It’s Not What We Say, But What We Do That Counts


If you want to show love to others, don’t just talk about it—put your money where your mouth is.

This is a lesson that Goff learned in Bob Goff’s book Everybody, Always.

He tells the story of Ananias and Sapphira in the Bible, which drives home this point.

They decided to sell their land but then lied about how much they had donated to the needy.

God struck them both down as punishment—a reminder that actions have consequence when it comes to faith.

Goff also talks about his own experience with lying in order to impress his wife.

He said he would hike up a hill five times, even though he didn’t do so, and found himself cheating himself out of better health as a result.

The Transformative Power Of Forgiveness: How A Child Sacrifice Witch Doctor Came To See The Error Of His Ways

Bob Goff’s story in Uganda serves as an inspiring example of what happens when you have faith and courage, and are willing to forgive even your worst enemies.

It started with a terrible crime – the kidnapping and hurt of children by witch doctors who used their blood, head and genitals for magical properties.

Despite such an evil practice, Bob Goff was determined to bring these shamans to justice.

One story resonated with him especially – the miraculous survival of a boy named Charlie who managed to identify his assailant, Kabi.

Bob helped bring Kabi to trial, where he was found guilty for his crime.

It gave hope for many families in Uganda that such justice is possible.

But it didn’t end there.

After bringing Kabi to court, Bob realized that spreading love in the world requires forgiving one’s worst enemies – so he visited Kabi in prison.

Even though Kabi had done unthinkable things, Bob forgave him and taught him how to find love and make peace through Jesus’ message.

With the help of Bob’s work in the school he founded for former witch doctors (to teach them how to read, write and spread love), two gradutes were able to find enough courage to save another child!

Wrap Up

Bob Goff’s Everybody, Always is an inspirational book about learning to live and lead according to Jesus’ message of love.

As Bob admits, mastering this message isn’t easy, but life can be full of unexpected moments where you can start becoming a better person and showing more love for everybody.

The key takeaway here is that it starts with small steps.

Rather than trying to do too much at once, taking the slow approach will get you further in the long run.

By gradually adding moral lessons into your life each day, rather than trying to take on everything at once, you will become closer to fulfilling Jesus’ message of loving everybody, always.

This book has helped many people learn to embrace those moments in their lives and grow spiritually, so why not give it a try yourself?

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